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  1. So sorry I missed your Bristol show, we were up in Warwickshire looking after our grandchildren. I'm so glad it all went well again. Did manage to get an order in online last night though. Lovely photos.xxx

  2. I don't know how you kept going all day. I wilted big time after getting home, two hours later, I woke up with no idea how the film finished, and just crawled to bed. Great success for you and the team. xxx Maggie

    1. I think the Groovi plates developed wings and flew out of the building. The new glitters were gorgeous, and Linda Williams made it her very successful mission to sell every single bottle of the luscious Liquid Gold. That is just stunning, subtle or striking, just how you choose. You can use a mapping pen or the No 2 brush and it contains real gold. The snipping clinic was busy all day, as were the demos by Linda Williams and Tina Cox, while Barbara's make and take were sold out (they were free) all day. I am not sure when or if Dave and Paul ever got the chance to sit down. The tills were busy every time I looked. xxx Maggie

  3. Brilliant day. It was busy but that is good to see. Loved your workshop, just got to finish off my piece. Spent a lot so loads to play with and thank-you for the wonderful 25% discount on Groovi. X x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Late this morning sorry! Looks like everything went well at Bristol and I'm so pleased for you and all at Clarity as you all work so hard. Well done! Love and hugs Alison xx

  5. WOW looks like you had a fabulous day! I am hoping to get to the next parchment show! Fingers firmly crossed. I hope you had a wonderful good nights sleep.
    Linda xxx

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