A Birthday Girl and a Sale Newsflash

A Birthday Girl and a Sale Newsflash

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Thought I would just wish you a great May Day Weekend
and give you the heads up on a couple of importants things:
firstly, our Rosie – aka Rossella – is on TV tomorrow.
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
7am 11am and 3pm.
7am ! Poor woman! 
That means she has to be there at stupid o’clock to get ready.
Pergamano Essentials at dawn!
Then Groovi Essentials at eleven,
and finally, Claritystamping Essentials at 3pm.
She’s got some lovely multi grids, celebration Groovi plates and elegant stamps with her, and she will be showing you loads of tricks and tips on these How-to shows.
Rosie has a wealth of arty craft knowledge, 
and a real gift for explaining things.
7am though. How’s that for dedication?
She’s the real deal alright.
Tomorrow also happens to be her birthday.
Yep. She was quite happy to go on the TV on her birthday. 
So sing to her, give her a virtual hug, cheer her on.
She blimming deserves it!
And she’s had her hair cut!
Tina has too! Right up to her ears, she told me this afternoon!
So that’s 3 of us all set for summer.
Also, we are having a MAY DAY stencil sale all weekend. 
Actually, it has already kicked in. 
(offer ends midnight Tuesday)

Time to go home.
Lucky man – last one tonight! 
Have really enjoyed that series!
Love & Hugs,

29 thoughts on “A Birthday Girl and a Sale Newsflash

  1. Happy Birthday to Rosie what a wonder woman! 7 am I will still be in bed, well it is the weekend, usually up at 6.30 during the week. Will have to catch her later. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, took me quite a bit of working out to decipher Lucky Man is a TV series… I was wondering who the lucky man was, Dave?, and why he'd be feeling lucky at something being the last one!!!! Welcome to my Asperger's world!!!!! At least I can laugh about it, well most of the time anyway. I then had to go google Lucky Man, Sky TV, that explains it, I just have freeview. I do like James Nesbitt as an actor, and I think he's very good. Hope you enjoy.

    7am tomorrow, my thoughts too for poor Rosie, and then when I saw it was Pergamano grids, at that time of the morning! Even if I'm awake my head truly couldn't follow, take in what Rosie is showing us. Defo not be sending me back to sleep,that hour!!!! I think I'll just rely on my recorder and watch later, really sorry Rosie. Now if it was 2am, yay, my brain could handle that nae bother!!!! Birthdays are nothing special where I come from, but all you guys here seem to celebrate in a huge way for at least a week! So, you'll just have to start your birthday week on Sunday Rosie. I'm sure your family and friends will make up for tomorrow. And it's Hochanda, they'll be good to you. Good luck with all your shows, especially the 7am one!

    Didn't know there was a sale on Barbara. 🤗🤗🤗 Was thinking of having a wee crafty treat spend to myself. Been trying to work out where to start, so many new things, and in all the chaos of the last wee while, me no been writing down what I want! So that's made it easier, stencils it is, and I remember the ruler stuff, I need that, what else…. At least I've got until Tuesday!!! Thank you for your amazing generosity. And for making my dilemma a wee bit easier!!!!

    No managed the quiz either, and head on strike now… But I did answer the questions in my head, so I have joined in that way. That's the main thing.

    Didn't realise this was a bank holiday weekend. Hope you and Dave can have the long weekend off, and some quality time together.
    Love Brenda xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness that's dedication for you, 7am and on your birthday too!!! Happy birthday Rosella, I'm sure they will spoil you at hochanda and it will be fun doing something you love on your birthday. Enjoy your long weekend Barbara and the last programme in your series, what a treat for a Friday nigh. Thank you for the heads up on the stencil sale too.have fun.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to Rosie aka Rosella. Not sure I will be up at the crack of a etc. Wishing everyone a happy bank holiday. Circus over for the week. Hooray. Now time to craft and do the husband's VAT Returns!
    Love Anne (Reading)xx

  5. Fantastic that's my morning sorted as I can't go anywhere due to new gas and electric meters being fitted, oh and a new car windscreen!
    Happy early Birthday wishes to Rosella xx

  6. Evening wow good day for Tv tomorrow then be there watching quietday as Katiehad a sickness bug todayso slept a lot so think tomorrow will be a quiet day so watching clarity on Tv sounds brilliant xxx

  7. Just about to go on my hols, but I might have to have a sneaky peak so I have a little parcel waiting for me when I get back! Don't say a word to my other half….x

  8. What a great lady Rosella is, what with that early start and on her birthday too. Don't think I will be tuning in at 7am but will definitely be watching later in the day and will do a catchup on whatever I miss. Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend Barbara. x

  9. I will go and set the recorder now as we have a wedding tomorrow, it will be something to catch up on for the wet Sunday that is forecast. Happy birthday to Rosella, love the new hairdo. Not really into stencils but I might be tempted. xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Have already set recorder for Rosella's shows. Mind you 7am on your birthday is very dedicated I must say! Sending her love and hugs for her birthday tomorrow – as Diane says, I bet she'll be spoilt rotten. Hope you and Dave have a lovely long weekend too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the long weekend. Well had to go to hospital today ( not because I'd fallen over again!) because I managed to break my brace! Lovely man in plaster room gave me a new one thankfully. Dave surprised me this morning – he gave me an envelope containing a booking confirmation for a holiday to Norfolk next week! He thought it would be a good idea to get away now as don't know when the next time will be ( all depending what happens at hospital on 9th. I thought that was really sweet of him – I'm a very lucky lady! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  11. Off the subject today, but Barb, be glad you left New Mexico when you did…it's snowing like crazy in Santa Fe today, and cold rain in Albuquerque. Below freezing for two nights. Spring has sprung back into winter here.

  12. Won't be TV-ing at 07:00 but have set the recorder so can catch up later in the day – my lovely word plates (ODS) arrived today so guess what I'll be playing with this weekend…after the ironing that is – lol! Have a great weekend one and all! xxx

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