No extra! Not a penny!

No extra! Not a penny!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s blog is when we take a look at life 
and how it rolls out in front of us.

I have to be honest –
(and you may already have figured it out all by yourselves 
with no input from me at all) –
life has been overwhelming in Barbieland recently;
I have been doing my best to avoid stress additives
like caffeine, which just jangle my nerves even more, 
but the pressure has been too extreme, and getting to me. 
A kind of cloud has been following me around and I haven’t been able to shake it off…

But today I really think we turned a corner.
At long last I could see a faint light in the distance,
and provided it’s not some clown with a torch coming towards me with more work, I can actually see progress.

So what was different?
Well, Rosie joined us yesterday and today.
Most of you will know her as Rossella, 
but I think Rosie suits her so much better.
She is so switched on, very smart,
and I could see her mind clicking 
and literally lifting work off my desk by the hour.
Added to which she has a wicked sense of humour, 
and the buzz in the design room was brilliant.
Jim and Lisa were on form, too,
and we powered through projects and work. 

I stood outside with Dave briefly, and we looked at the old buildings, the converted pig shed and barns,
and we chuckled and held hands. 
Nobody would ever believe looking at the outside, 
the hive of activity and action going on inside. 

Proud moment for sure.

I was laughing and smiling pretty much all day, 
which had become a rarity recently.
As Dave always says:

“You don’t get paid any extra for being miserable, 
so you may as well have some fun along the way.”


I think that my frustrations and ensuing bad moods around work –
no matter how much justified they may be, 
or should I say how justified I may FEEL they may be,
are not fair. 
They bring the others around me down.
And because I am the boss as it were, 
I really should know better.

Note to self: park it at the door, leave it ouside the building.
And fake it to make it. 
Works every time. 

Love and Hugs,

51 thoughts on “No extra! Not a penny!

  1. Dearest Barbara !!!

    I am glade Rosie is helping – and hopefully you realize that you ARE an amazing women who is soothing other people that read/talk of yours – Do not let stress toss you in the ground – You DESERVE to have a little rest. Thank you EVER so much for ALL

    Warm regards from Copenhagen

  2. To be honest I'm not surprised after seeing 'Rosie' at the weekend. I've never met her nor apart from the cc utubes seen her but she was so in control, in an unassuming, professional way, brilliant teacher; she had it, was in control and knew how to deliver the message. I was impressed.

  3. That's good advice for us all Barbara!
    I think sometimes we get bogged down with nothing in particular and no matter what we do the outlook doesn't get any better. But then something happens that makes the light come on and the darkness goes away!
    May this trend for you continue… It's good and means that you will have more space in your head for creativity!
    Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs xxxxy

  4. I received my lovely catalogue this afternoon, what a great idea. Thanks for all the hard work you and the Clarity team have put into producing it. Rosella is certainly a great asset to your team, I have always admired her tv parchment demos.
    You need to learn to takes a step back and take time to smell the ��.x

  5. Barbara believe me when I say I have been there & done it (& got made redundant 25 years later with just a year's salary to show for it). You will survive, & one day you will look back & smile at all this. Trust me, I would much sooner be in your position, we moan at the time but will look back with great fondness & such happy memories….xxxx

  6. I have just managed to watch the weekend shows and commented how calm Rosella was. I can imagine her just being there took everything down a notch. She just has that air about her. Watching her cutting technique just made sense to me. Can't wait to try again but I have been droooling over my club goodies today too. Having a craftty day tomorrow and now can't decide what to do first!

  7. You have such a lot of talent in your team, so make the most of them all to share your workload. Keep sight of that chink of light, and plan some more days like today so that it will appear every month, just when you need it! I was looking at the albumns of challenge entries on facebook today, and just cannot believe how many beautiful entries there were – all inspired by you and your team. Be proud x

  8. Hi Barbara, I know all this to well.
    Some times we do have to change things to move forward.
    Well got my lovley catalogues today just did not know how many things I do have these will help me get the ones I do not have and gift voucher into the barging.
    look after yourself you will get there.
    Lot's of hugs
    Lynn xx

  9. I can remember so clearly that almost four years ago up in Nottingham the very first time I met you, that if you learn to take it, eventually you actually convince yourself. I worked very hard on that, and I think I have convinced a lot of other people round me. Not sure I have totally convinced myself, and doubt if I ever will, but if I can convince others, it does take the strain off us all. If I can get that far, I know you can do it. I also learned that if you pin a smile on your face, even if it is forced, it actually increase the level of feel good hormones in your body, and ends up making you feel genuinely better. Those smiles obviously make everyone around you feel better and they start to smile too. One smile, like one but, starts a positive avalanche of responding smiles and everyone starts to feel better. Let's all add to Brenda's lovely random acts of kindness, a smile for everyone you meet. xxx Maggie

    1. Barbara,I wish we could edit our comments. I have just read, too late, and realised I missed an important phrase. In Nottingham, those years ago that it was you who told me to take it to make it. xxx Maggie

    2. Maggie you are always ready to help others and never moan. Also full of very good advice. I know life must be tough at times but you do smile and get on with it. X x

  10. Hi Barbara, Great that you now have a strategy for parking the negatives outside of the office. You are such an amazing lady, you have made such strides over the years and major changes in the last couple of years with clarity and your team – a fabulous achievement! We are so lucky to be able to be so close to you and your team. Thank you for the wonderful products, demonstrations, blogs, clarity team, Facebook groups, etc, and encouraging us to push our boundaries! Take care. Big hugs and love ❤️ Marian Costello

  11. Dear barbara look back to where you started and look at what you achieved and where you are now you should be so proud clarity is a first class company. I watched rosella shows she was amazing looking forward to seeing more of her .she has tempted me into doing picot cutting just don't know which scissors to purchase or if I can even do it with my rhumotiod arthritis I've just placed my order including the whitening tool she showed only got one size to try at first .

    1. I suffer from arthritis (the osteo kind) and I find it necessitate limit myself to short periods of picot cutting. I have also invested in some lovely squishy pencil grips which seem to have stopped me gripping the tools so firmly. As far as which type of cutters, you really need to try them out for yourself to see what is most comfortable. Personally, I like the ringlock scissors, with their larger holes, but many other like the snips (I cannot control those). Which you choose, they have to be right for you, and so is the way you hold them. I hope you have a go and experience the satisfaction of success. xxx Maggie

    2. Hello my lovely Sheila, sending you a big hug. Xxx
      Maggie I was thinking of getting some pencil grips too, funny isn't it, bought them for my daughter several years ago when she was at primary school and now I'm buying them for myself! Xxx

    3. Thank you Maggie I have the squishy pencil grips for my groovi tools .its mostly my left wrist and left fingers that are all swollen and out of shape but my arms are so painful too .ive just started on some new medication but I can only have a small dose at present as the others damaged my liver I'm seeing the liver specialist a week Friday so she might put them up not having much relief at present but I so love my groovi and parchment it's good to know you can only do a little picot cutting I find it frustrating that I can only do a little each day thank you again crafting hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila,
      Hope you're ok. Rosella was great last weekend wasn't she. I have both of the soft shader tools and I really do like them. I find them easier to use to get a a smooth look than the ordinary ball tools. They really are lovely to use. I have the ring lock scissors which are the best ones for me. I found the ones that Barbara likes too small for my fingers and I couldn't get away with the snips although they don't take a lot of pressure to close them so they might be good for you. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, boy am I so relieved to read your writings today! I've been worrying more and more about you and feeling so helpless, not knowing what if anything I could say or do to help you. Thank you God for winding Barbara's and Rosie's paths across each others, and thank you Rosie for getting stuck in and relieving Barbara of some of her stresses and workload. Hopefully the start of a long great working relationship. There really is a reason for everything. You and Dave, Steve too, but especially you, should be so proud of what you have achieved, it's all down to your hard work, your highly intelligent and creative mind, and (mostly) surrounding yourself with the right people. Hope the rest of your week continues to be smiley and feeling relief. Love Brenda xx

  13. Rosella seems a very composed and clever person and I'm glad she has been such a help since joining your team. It is good to have someone who can take the heat off occasionally helping you to see the wood from the trees, and you have so many strengths Barbara that I'm sure things will improve and settle down soon. You have taken a lot of extra work on with your Pergamano acquisition and this is bound to make things more difficult at first. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved together. x

  14. Well third time lucky and I might get comment right. Not a good day here either, pretty rough actually. Think I need an early night. Anyway I could listen to Rossella for ages such a calming voice. I can understand you finding it tough at the moment so many balls to juggle. I have to say I have rarely seen you without a smile even when times have been tough. You are doing brilliantly. X

  15. So pleased you have Rossella know on team to take some of load from you have been worried about you for long time with all you do and carry. Your team from you down are amazing the atmosphere is brilliant because of your postitive attitude. And smile but we are all aloud a down day or to for others to carry and return favour for support you give to us all sending hugs xxx

  16. What a wise old owl Dave is and hurrah for Rosie ! They will help turn that frown upside down. it must be ver difficult to switch off but it sounds like you can back off (meant in a good way) if you felt work was being lifted from your desk/shoulders today. A light at the end of the tunnel sounds good too. You've had so much happen in such a short time. Xxx

  17. So true and I enjoyed reading today's post too. Rosie will be a fabulous asset to the team and such a fun person too. Finally getting over this dreaded lurgy I have had since the weekend and starting to feel like my normal self again.
    Hugs to you both
    Linda xxx

  18. I can't think of anything to say except to endorse what everyone else has said – Barb and the Clarity team, we all appreciate all you do in our world……thankyou x

  19. Reading your blog everyday you get a sense of things weighing heavy and all not being right. Let's hope that corner has been well and truly turned. Your blog usually helps me if I am down but I am unable to help you so fingers crossed Rosie can do it on behalf of all of us that care.

  20. Wish I lived up the road – I Would probably add to your stress!!! But I still wish I lived up the road. Xxx Do you know what I do to make myself feel part of the world? I dance around my kitchen and sing out loud whilst loading the dishwasher !!! Then when my phone rings for the umpteenth time I pretend it's Fred Astaire instead of the PPI Man !!!!! Xxx Keep Smiling Barb, what would we all be doing if you didn't do what you do? – no Pressure there then! Xx

  21. It doesn't surprise me that you are finding life a little too fast in the fast lane! You really put your heart and soul into everything you do and I expect you try and please everyone all to the time. No wonder you're stressed.
    Reading your blog, I think you should spend a bit more time in the garden, holding hands with Dave! Xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    I'm glad you have finally seen a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Rosella sounds like an Angel, lifting the workload and providing everyone with a good laugh too. Just what you need in your life at the moment. It will get easier I'm sure, just make sure you have those quiet moments with Dave, holding hands and smelling the fresh air, pop that smile on your face oh and perhaps some tennas for those uncontrollable laughter moments!!!! Sending you a big hug, I hope it helps.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, been a miserable wet day here today, perfect for crafting! Had a thought today, might make a cake box slice to fill with mini Easter eggs as Easter gifts this year so I had better make a start so my white work has tine to rest! Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Now they sound like my idea of Easter gifts – I love mini eggs!! Trouble is once I eat one, I have to have the packet ( usually the big bags!) and end up feeling sick!!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  23. Hi Barb,
    I do really feel for you. So much has been going on lately especially with taking on Pergamano that I'm not surprised that it must seem as though everything's getting on top of you. I know when I was working, the paperwork on my desk would mount up and I ended up shifting it from one pile to another! I would then have to stay at school late for a few nights to catch up. I felt great when it was done, but then it would mount up again!!Rosie ( I think that suits her too) sounds like she's been a godsend and I can imagine her being a bit of a tinker too!! I'm sure things will calm down for you soon. You have brilliant people looking out for you especially lovely Dave and Steve. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara.
    You have been so busy lately it's no wonder you have been overwhelmed. Your team are so dedicated and Rossella will be invaluable. A few quiet nights by the fire with Dave is what you need. You can't do it all on your own and you really don't have to.
    A big hug from Chris X

  25. Hi bloggy friends,
    Hope today has been good for you. Got to make a card today and started a Groovi birthday card. My new scalloped squares and circles plates, and Easter ones arrived this morning so I'm itching to play with them too. Went for a three mile walk today in the sun ( although the wind was cold especially if just standing while a certain person was birdwatching!) Dave took me to see the physio today to see if they could recommend some exercises for my knee but I was told that the consultant mustn't want me to do anything other than walk with the brace as my knee was so damaged. I must admit that after the walk I was tired so I'll just have to keep doing the upper body work. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  26. Dear Barbara. Sounds like you need a rest. You have a wonderful talent and a great company. Received my groove club plate on Saturday, And the catalogues today, too tempting. I do hope I get to meet you again sometime. Keep smiling best tonic. Xxxxxxxxxx

  27. Barbara, I can't help feeling that you are being a bit hard on yourself. Try as we may, we can't help the way we feel sometimes. And although I agree with leaving any negativity outside the workplace, it's easier said than done. We all have our ups and downs. I'm glad Rosie is helping you to feel more positive about things and has a calming and yet enthusiastic influence on everyone. Every workplace should have a Rosie xx

  28. Hello Barb, you have an amazing outlook on things, and really inspire me to do the same. I hope that you feel that the pressure is easing up. Thanks for the light relief with the pics, they are so funny, and what could be better than taking time out to hold hands with your love. Take care. Bx

  29. Don't beat yourself up. You have been through an emotional upheaval as well as a major business deal. We are all of us only human and the people who matter to you know you and love you. The rest can go hang! Well, as much as you can let them.

  30. Glad you're feeling brighter, Barb & that Rosie has helped alleviate your workload. But, I think you're being a little hard on yourself – you're one of the nicest people I know & it's not always easy being "in charge"…so, be kind to yourself – you are AMAZING, but you ain't Superwoman, girlie 🙂
    Like you've said before – the people that matter, don't mind & the people that mind, don't matter!
    take care & go easy on yourself,

    Liz M xxx

  31. Barbara you are an amazing woman with a great sense of humour and if I achieved only 10% of what you have achieved I would be very happy. You have to be a good boss to have such a great team and you deserve all the success that you have because you work so hard. I have nothing but admiration for you and Clarity.

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