Anyone seen my keys? A step by step stamping project xx

Anyone seen my keys? A step by step stamping project xx

Happy Saturday.
Thanks for popping in.

How about a simple step by step stamping project,
using that sexy boot stamp again?

Here’s the Stampset it comes from…

I went with one of the lovely background papers from 
The New England Fall Book this time:

Mount and stamp the boot in black Archival.
Mask off the boot with the mask which comes with the Stampset.
Add a touch of Fine Wine Artistry Ink from the mini set
with a make-up sponge.
Then a touch of the Golden Turmeric in the middle

Now for the fence, the one for keeping the sheep safe.
You need a little tree with a long trunk.
There’s a perfect one in the 
Tear a piece of paper, and then start building the fence.
Start with a long post at the front, and make them shorter and shorter as they stretch into the distance.
The last ones in the far back even second generation ink?
Ink, blot and then plot. 
Using a fine black pen, join them up along the baseline.

Now we need the rails in between.
Use copy paper to mask as you join each post.

That’ll do. The middle one went a bit wonky.
The sheep would definitely be able to get through that gap!!

Add the sheep from the Wee Farm animals Stampset
and the tree itself, and add a little colour to the heel.

Remove all the masking,
colour in the sheep with a white pencil,
and add highlights to the fence.
Remember the lifetime supply of 12 white pencils?
Oh. And a little dropshadow on the undercarriage of the boot,
to ground it. 
Harmony. Yes, I think that is the word for today.

Trim the piece back, and
let’s use a Mini Blending Tool around the edges, 
using the same Fine Wine and Golden Turmeric.

Black Sharpie pen around all 4 sides, then layer up on copy paper, using Punch No. 2.

I found an old sheet of burgundy card, so layered again,
and then onto white Hunkydory card.

A little white shading in the background here and there.
The patterns in the salty background 
are begging a little white highlight.
That’ll do.
Look at the background.
Imagine you are looking down on the world from an aeroplane.
See the canyon?
Fabulous nature.  

Here’s another aerial view…
I think the time has come to clear the decks and start again.
Lost my keys here too….
My workspace has been getting gradually smaller and smaller.
I had already made a decision to only use what was already on the deck, so as not to add to it!!
Hence the boot stamp from last week again!

Rugby or cleaning….
Ireland vs France
or music and a blitz….
See if you can guess what I decided to do…
Answers below please xxxx
Love & Hugs

53 thoughts on “Anyone seen my keys? A step by step stamping project xx

  1. Rugby I reckon ! Think I can spot the keys! Loving the boots such a lot of things to do with them I think. Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Back to snipping now. Have a good evening. X

  2. Definitely rugby. What if you put everything away only to find that you need it again straightaway? Well that's always my excuse for a messy desk! ❤️ and hugs and enjoy it whatever you decide to do xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    your keys are on the left side above the Groovi plate of the Picture and I guess you watch Rugby ;-))
    The card is beautiful…
    so have a nice weekend and a
    Happy "Helau" from Germany (if you know what I mean);-))
    Rolf xxx

  4. Love it! Keys on left between distress ink & Groovi plates. No go watch the game & chill. If you tidy up it will only get messy again tomorrow! Xx

  5. Oh flower of Scotland, when will we see yer likes again…. Get him, get him, yeeeeeeeah…. By yon bonby banks, and by yon bonny braes….. Yeeeeeeah…. I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…. Yeeeeeeeeah….
    Aye, guess what I've just been doing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Beautiful artwork, love it. Love yer papers too. Thank you for sharing. By the way yer keys are under the crackle paper.

    Of course it's rugby yer choosing😉

    Oh flower of Scotland…..
    Love ye Xxxxx

  6. Personally, it would be music and a quick blitz – then back to crafting along with the music – 'cos I don't understand rugby! Whatever you decided to do, hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and maybe it's time you went to specsavers, because just about everyone seems to have spotted the keys quite easily!!

  7. Hi Barbara, It would definitely be Rugby for me !! and you, I think !!
    Your desk looks very similar to mine hahaha. I love this technique with the boot, you have picked the exact paper background for this too, I love, love, love, this !!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Rugby of course! You can always tidy up tomorrow…. no wait, England are playing tomorrow. What a shame the blitz will have to wait! 🙂

    Love Gayle x

  9. Keys on left near blue ink pad great boot looking forward to shows tomorrow. No Rugby here just me and Katie film and stew cooking inslow cooker for later enjoy your evening xx

  10. I would like to say a big thank you barbara I received my diamond club envelope today stunning all 3 .
    Keys are near the distressed blue ink pad enjoy your rugby. Xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the how to, I'd forgotten how to do the fence with the trees so it's a great reminder. I do love these backgrounds, they work with everything. I'm sure the rugby won, it does here. Hope Mark is recovering well from his operation. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Rugby won I bet of course. Love the way we've all been looking for your keys for you – or is it more a case of 'what stash has Barb's got out?'! A bit like being sticky beak about the next person's trolley at the supermarket! Mea culpa of course. Have a lovely evening xxx (personally can't wait for Broadchurch on Monday telly).

  13. Rugby Barbara. You can tidy later, just a little at a time. You may need some of what's out again very soon. That is what I tell myself all the time. Have a lovely evening.
    X Chris

  14. Thank you for sharing that Barbara!
    Keys to the left by the distress inks! As for what you'd do….well a big box to the left of your table then arm sweep it all into that and go watch the rugby!!! You can sort out the box tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Looks just like my craft desk! I think mine might just win actually, at least you can see the table in places on yours!!! Love the step by steps and finished artwork. I reckon that you watched the rugby, at least that's what I did. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  16. looks pretty normal to me! Isn't there sport on the radio so you could listen while you work? Speaking of work…I've been stamping our street in wee houses and populating it with wee folk – but I need some cars please (parked, front and rear views etc.,) any chance please?
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS ain't it your birthday soon?

  17. Well……I reckon you watched the Rugby, bet you'll be watching it tomorrow too – Italy v England!
    I went to our local crafting show today, which occurs every year, it's called 'Make It' and it's held in Farnborough. One of the local craft shops were exhibiting there. They're called Art of Craft and they're based in Farnborough. They had a whole shed load of Groovi on display and Pergamano. Enjoy the rugby xxx

  18. Rugby of course. The clutter will still be there another day but not the rugby. Love the boot, my grandaughter would love those for real she really likes very unusual shoes and boots and wears them well. Will watch as many of the shows as I can but also got to celebrate our daughter's birthday. Xx

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