What a Bust !

What a Bust !

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
Hahaha! Yeah I know what you thought when you read 
What a Bust! Got you looking though, eh…
Here’s a quick and simple Groovi parching project,
which i started but didn’t finish on yesterday’s TV show,
so thought i would go back over it a little more slowly!
Slowly being the operative word today.
I simply don’t ping back like I used to after a day at the studios. 
Using the lovely new Fashion Borders designed by clever Mel.
you can buy the bundle, or individually.
Used one of the very few dies I possess to make a little frame.
Parchment cuts like butter in an embossing machine.
Well, let me qualify that: my E-Bosser!
Used the nested square plate to create a frame around 3 sides, 
but not the base.

Decided which chick and where exactly, 
aligning the neckline on the frame line.
Make a little dot,

and bring in the frame to where the neck begins.
The borders sit inside the Art-Deco Border Plate Mate.
Beautiful font on that one…
Right. Trace out the hat, but only to the ribbon.

Swop out the plates and use the floral circle to add flowers to the hat.
Floral circle: great plate for fills.
Once you’ve added the flowers, you can finish the hat.
Using an eraser, remove the blue from the face and neck.
We can do this because the parchment is only flooded with colour on one side. 
Colour in with Distress Markers 
and bring out the flower with whitework .
No. 3 and No. 4 tool from the Starter Kit.
Later on this month, we will start looking at the Pergamano tools 
in more depth….
Looking good….
Make a simple pattern around the edge with the straight grid.

I found the little circles on the Starter Kit Mate.

Nearly there.

Layer up on a piece of our Designer papers from the Sweet Dreams Collection.
And then on the same coloured blue parchment.
Very nice.
Dies are great if you are still getting to grips with the picot cutting,
or you are pushed for time.
As am I this evening. 
So I will love you and leave you, as they say,
because I have to stop and rest the ol’ neck.
Love and hugs,
PS If you are wondering why my blog ranking has plummeted from No. 2 to No 7 in the space of a week, so am I!
But never mind. 
What’s more important? Hits to the blog and adverts?
Or a creative, safe community?
I’ll go with the latter.

97 thoughts on “What a Bust !

  1. Hi Barbara. The creative expression peeps were saying the same thing about blogs. Someone mentioned that the way of calculating visits had changed – can't quite remember how though.

  2. Hi, was catching up on my recordings today. Lovely work. I could say hahaha at least you are at No 7 I am on 229 !!! At the end of the day "does it matter" as you say a safe, friendly blog, is so important to us all.
    Having a go getting groovi today – trying for the new challenge. Hugs x

  3. Lovely demo! Think these plates are a must. Great shows too. I wonder what the blog dip is not that I would have known – where goes it tell you? Have a good evening we are at the theatre tonight for the Conmitments! Waiting to order a meal first! Xx

  4. I was feeling pretty haply at going up to 345 yesterday from my starting point of 503 a week ago when I got my first rating. I think they only count UK based visitors and update fairly frequently, so that could be something to do with it. You're my number one and the only blog I read daily. Great shows yesterday.

  5. This is stunning Barbara! Loved the shows and nice to see you finish this one. Love how you use a die on the parchment too. I feel a Clarity day of crafting coming on! Enjoy your evening and I hope your neck doesn't feel too sore.
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  6. Lovely. I like the idea of cutting with dies as I have so many! I loved the shows yesterday and had them on again in the background while I was tidying my craft table today. Still not got enough space to sit at it though, but heading the right direction. I am sure that once I sort out the not quite finished Christmas makes I will once again be able to craft at the table rather than on my knee while sitting on the couch and that will please my hubbie!

  7. I hope that everyone has had a nice day today, and those who are in pain have found a way to be comfortable!e for at !east a short time. It was nice having the house to myself for the first time in six weeks, as daughter is back at uni and son back at school. Son got prelim results today and he has passed them all! Really proud of him.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Well done to your son. Can't even see my craft table, there's that much on it, under it, round it – you get the picture! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Gorgeous, watched your shows yesterday and again today to catch all the hints and tips. As to you dropping to number 7 in the blog ratings- quality over quantity ( as in adverts etc). You always deliver in my opinion superb crafting as well as making me feel like I belong. Lol Lynne m xxx

  9. This is fabulous Barbara! Great idea and makes me want to have a rummage in my die box!!!
    The shows were great yesterday and loved the inspiration you gave us!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  10. I enjoyed the shows yesterday and wow, loved the background papers. They are so different from any other papers on the market at the moment. Well done to Dee and yourself for those great creations. It seems such a shame that many of them will end up in the background because they really were pieces of art in their own right. The ladies and their Groovi accoutrements were lovely too; can we hope for some manly ones next please? (I'm sure you can think of something more exciting than pipes and slippers to put on some borders). Have a great week x

  11. Really lovely parchment art, love the new border plates, definite must haves. You are my no.1. Blog, love reading it. Just going to catch up on the 5pm show as it managed the first 2 ( great by the way ) whilst I wash up, that is multi – tasking lol xx

  12. I really love this sample I am going to pinch my sister dies and make a few.
    Smashing show I like looking at all the different styles of cards
    Time to recharge the batteries Barbara.

  13. Sorry I haven't commented Barbara. We have had a terrific tragedy in our lives with losing our beloved son-in-law at the age of 36. Our daughter is now left to raise their two small boys, 4 and 2, by herself. Her youngest son has special needs as he has a very rare syndrome. Sad beyond belief but we are trying to help her through things. The funeral will be this Thursday. I decided to take a small break from reality and check in on my favourite blog. Sorry I missed the shows yesterday as I always look forward to watching you on the tv. I don't mean to bring anyone down with what is going on in my life at the moment but wanted you to know how important your blog is to so many people. A safe place as you always say.

    1. So sorry to hear what's going on in your life at the moment. You are right this a safe place to read and comment and escape for a while. I am thinking of you and sending a big hug.xx

  14. Brilliant! Love that die and what you've done with it. Fabulous shows yesterday, liked the new presenter as he really showed an interest and had to smile at Alex with the fibres. She just wanted to cuddle up to them lol. You need a breather now, but bet you are too busy x

    Come on Patricia – get die cutting lol

  15. I would not have known about the blog ratings had you not told us. Who cares? Clearly you do but this is the only one I read every day. Loved the weekend shows just wish I could afford to buy everything!!! Go get some quality sleep now & rest that neck. Nite, nite, God bless, & don't let the bed bugs bite !!! Xxx

    1. Susan just log on to Pinterest & type in Barbara Gray in the search bar. That should take you to Barbara's boards. Also try searching Groovi and Clarity Stamps for lots more artwork. Enjoy but be warned it is highly addictive!! Xx

  16. Hi Barbara, great shows picked up lovley tips.loved the new plates a must buy for up dated girl cards.
    Did like the die cutting of parchment will ask my neighbour to borrow hers to cut some quick frames .
    As you said you will be looking at the tools next month which I did ask a question last week with regard to the no 1 tool . Thanks for brilliant shows.
    Lynn xx

  17. I look forward to reading your blog everyday and am amazed how you manage to juggle your time, even on holiday, meeting your lovely family and friends. You make such good sense, you cheer me up, lift the mood and give me inspiration to get crafting. I on the other hand are guilty of not commentating! Loved the tv shows and the new fashion plates, you are our number one. Xx

  18. Cathie,
    My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. When my brother was taken from us as a victim of violent crime Barbara's blog was something I knew I could come to every day and,like you said, check out if reality for a few minutes and know there are good things going on in the world. I don't usually comment but I felt I needed to this evening after reading your comment.
    Take care,

  19. You say a design for the beginners but it is just lovely and sometimes simplicity is best. Would not know where to look for ratings on blog but I always read it. Hope you get some rest tonight. xx

  20. Hi Barbara, number one to me, both you and your blog, only blog I read. Love this card, beautiful. lots of ideas running off in all directions from this, thank you. Thank you for sharing and making the time to still blog for us. Much appreciated. That die is just perfect. Is that your next venture, some special dies to compliment our Groovi makes? Shhh, don't tell Dave… Love your bust designs! My first thought when I read your title, bust, as in broke, next option, bust as in statue, only ranking third was bust as in female bits!!!!! Hope you get a good rest and recover soon. love Brenda xx

  21. Hello Barbara

    Thank you for this. I read your blog every day but rarely comment now as would rather do it on the closed groups.

    I would like to say how much I enjoyed the new format on Hochanda yesterday. Hopefully it is less tiring and stressful for you.


  22. Hiya. Blog ranking……yew they have changed it, but surprised you would be affected, now me!!!! I missed two weeks and lost my ranking altogether, I was in the top 50!!!
    Now after missing so much can't even get a rating!
    It was brilliant to have you on the two hour show. Just got to highjack the TV from Alex and I can catch up with the rest…..wonder if I can get him to have an early night!!!

  23. I didn't know about blog ratings until now, perhaps because this is the only one I read. After a bit of a struggle with 'rewind' I managed to watch yesterdays shows on hochanda. I had a great time.

  24. I love this Barbara. Nice and simple Groovi to follow step by step. I hadn't noticed the blog rating before. Like others have said you are number 1 in my books. As you know I follow your blog avidly and the only others I go to are the members of your Design Team as we are all one happy family. Take care of your neck.xx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Love this and really like the die cut frame. I did have to look twice mind you as I know you're not a lover of die cutting. Will have to try it with my parchment. As for the blog ranking, I wouldn't worry about it as far as I'm concerned yours is still the best. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  26. Hi bloggy friends,
    Hope today has been good for you. Had a better night thankfully and some friends came round today so that was nice of them. Diane I did have a chuckle about the ink pad colours! By my reckoning there's black soot, seedless preserves, dusky concord, bundled sage ( little bit), Distress inks, then fine wine, dark garnett, black shadow -Artistry inks. Quite a combination eh!! I have a feeling there might be a bit of haystack soon! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Oh Alison that's brilliant, I can picture the distress inks but will have to look up the artistry ones 😀. Have you for any arnica to help bring the bruise out? Mind you it sounds like it's coming along nicely! Hope you get another good nights sleep tonight xxx

  27. Still the best blog by my reckoning. Could it be something to do with the way we view it ? Does it count if we go in via Facebook maybe? Just a thought not very well up on these things.

  28. Oh dearest Catherine, my heart goes out to you at this very very difficult time for you, your daughter and the children. Life can be so unfair, 36 years old, for your son in law, why he had so much to look forward to and your daughter is broken hearted and hope has been taken from her. You'll all pull together I know, but time won't help for a while just yet. God bless you all and give you inner peace one day xxx Yvonne

  29. This is a beautiful piece of work Barbara and I love the shape of the die cut and the dotty paper in the background goes perfectly. The papers are beautiful and go with the parchment so well. Have a lovely relaxing evening and give your neck a chance to recover. x

  30. Evening hopefully will. E crafting again soon never thought of using dies and parchment well I doing well was stable today in clinic so hopefully same next week after stopping some of meds of to bed night xxx

  31. Beautiful card today. Looks really great on the die cut parchment. Thank you for the step by step. Can't understand your rating going down, must be some mistake. You'll always be No.1 in my book though, also to most people on here. No worries there. Hope your neck eases when you've had a rest and a good nights sleep.xxx

  32. Hi Barbara
    I loved this bust when you showed her on tv. I do like the idea of die cutting the edges, would look much neater than my efforts at picot cutting ( looks like a mouse with bad dentures has been at it!). Wouldn't mind a hat like that next time I go to Ascot!! Hope you've had a relaxing evening. You are definately no 1 blog for me.
    Love Diane xxx

  33. Please do not worry about the rating. Yours is the only one I read and when I do I always feel so much calmer and it gets my life into perspective (I have a stressful job with long hours). Best wishes.

  34. Hello Barb,
    I loved this when you did it on TV, as for No 7 on the blog ranking, well then there's statistics and there's damn statistics. Looks to me as though someone who works this out doesn't know what they are doing!!!
    Maureen xx

  35. Evening bloggy friends hope you are all OK. Not looking forward to the weather this week, the weatherman just said we might get some of the white stuff! Make sure you all stay safe. Alison, you'd better stay indoors! Xx

  36. Love the artwork, as for blog hits I think it's simply because the link on the Clarity Home Page has moved to the opposite side and lower down, people are creatures of habit xx

  37. Hi Barb, love this art work, and all the detail, no wonder your neck was playing up after. You will always be one of the top craft stars, never mind the blog ratings. Having said that, quite a few of the more well known and loved Blogs, have said the same thing, something to do with the average worked out, and this being higher for newer blogs. Well we all visit our favourites anyway. Take care. Bx

  38. Morning Barbara thanks to a dodgy internet I just managed last night to see all the shows without the wee wheelie thing twirling every two minutes which was doing my head in enjoyed them all and was really happy you broke the great news about Clarity and Pergamano can't wait for the party gonna be great.
    Anyway you try and take it easy aye a know easy for me to say bet there's loads going on at Clarity towers just now but it will be worth it still chuffed and excited for you just love the paper pads to.

    1. Hello Dot, I've missed your cheery comments. My sympathies re the internet. I got a kindle for my birthday, and set it up yesterday, and I must confess to saying some bad words trying to get it connected up! Sending hugs x

  39. I really love this card Barbara – Clean, simple and achieveable for when you have less time to craft than you would like! Internet rankings are always a mystery to me, but I try not to worry too much about them. I don't choose to read your blog because of its ranking, but because of the inspiration and community you have created. Long may it continue x

  40. Morning Barbara, Wow !! I watched you create this, I absolutely love the finished card. I especially love how the lady's neck continues into the square frame, and the flowers on her hat look fabulous, and combined with the beautiful backing paper, a stunning card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  41. Just love these borders and the artwork you have created. So effective, just goes to show you can make beautiful art with a simple design.
    The funny thing is as I was drifting off to sleep the other night I was thinking about a card for my friend who loves shoes and I thought about creating an outline using my shoe stencil and decorating with the flower circle(which I don't have yet) and the phrase "if the shoe fits …). I must have been readings your mind! Spooky!
    By the way, yours is the only blog I read and my day is not complete until I have read it and all the comments. xx

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