Onwards & Upwards with the New….

Onwards & Upwards with the New….

Thanks for dropping in on the first day of 2017.
Let’s put 2016 behind us, and move on, shall we?
No dwelling on the past, unless it serves to improve the NOW 
or the future, unless it helps gain insight. 
We all cherish memories, of course.
But living in them is no life.
Let’s believe that 2017 is full of promise and hope.
Let’s spread some love!
Random Acts of Kindness make the world a sweeter place.
I can only speak for myself, 
but I shall endeavour to keep on doing the best that I can.
If I strive to do the next right thing,
treat people as I would like to be treated,
then I can go through this chaotic, crazy world in the knowledge that I am keeping my side of the street clean. 
And that’s pretty much all I can do.
Let’s play a Groovi Distraction game.
let’s look at how I made the 2017 card yesterday…
Have you seen the new Open Number plates?
They are so useful and fun to use.
The 6 and the 9 are identical! Doh! Ah well. We like a logical set. 
How to position the numbers first.
Well, let’s start in the centre, with the 0.
Then wrap the other numbers around.
Simply slot them in the Starter Kit Plate Mate 
and move the parchment around  to suit. 

Piece of cake. 

Then I just started writng my message around the numbers, 

Always working backwards.
It is best to place a piece of tracing paper or scrap parchment over the numbers sheet, write out the words on parchment and then flip the parchment, so you can see what you are doing.
Did I do that? Did I heck. 
That’s why my spacing is all to cock!

Time to fill the numbers. This is the ingenious part.
I went with a really tight floral plate which has just been launched.
Saw Julie Owens use it in a 80th card and thought it was perfect for the job. I love it. Thanks Julie xxx
Floral Circle Plate
Parchment started curling because of my hot hands, but then I remembered the Groovi Guard – another clever little piece of kit.
lean on it and work through the apertures.

Double frame using the same ABC Plate.
I’ve had a request for a smaller version of this framer ABC, 
for smaller cards. I will see what can be done next week….

Filled the frame.

Picked a fab background from the new Northern Lights book of Designer Papers. In case you missed the news, we have printed
 4 brand new super background paper books,  
to be launched next week Sunday on Hochanda 2pm-4pm.

Used Distress markers to colour in. 
I think they are excellent on parchment. 
Here, if you look closely, you can see I have used the fine nib end to draw a drop shadow on all the words in the message. 
You have to just decide where the light is coming from, and then draw the shadow on the other side of every letter. 
It is the consistency, the always staying on the same side of EVERY letter or shape which adds to the impact.

I used them to create the drop shadows on the number too, but this time I used the flat edge of the brush nib, the other end of the pen. 

Time to trim the art back. I find lowtack masking tape helps immensely, to hold the piece in place whilst using a blade. 
The Crafters Companion Glue Pen is also excellent for attaching the parchment to the background paper,
especially behind the coloured areas. 

And now you know the rest of the story.
Many of you who have been following the Groovi Trail with us will have know exactly how this card was made.
But I know for sure that there are many newcomers, and those good people will appreciate the input for sure.
Nobody like turning the telly on halfway through a film, do they.

Anyway, time for lunch.
Dave and I are going to take a walk to the local restaurant,
although the weather is a little overcast. 
Nonetheless, it will be nice to get some fresh air,
and welcome in the New Year with my honey.
Let’s make it a good one, a year to remember.
Let’s make this year count. 
Wishing you good health, joy and sweet content.
And then some more good health – it’s the key.
I really do believe that. 
Love always,

100 thoughts on “Onwards & Upwards with the New….

  1. Super card might do one for next year
    Been grooviing this morning ready to post off it was lovely to chill out
    I did see the new year in and really looking forward to whats coming my way this year with clarity. Exciting times ahead I think hold onto your hats.
    Happy days xxx

  2. Thankyou for the step by step. The numbers are on my ever increasing want list!
    I always find it amazing how people react to you when you give them a random act of kindness. They are usually surprised and often get emotional as they are not used to people being extra nice to them or receiving a wee gift or card. Please let's do more this year.

  3. This is stunning Barbara, as always. I love the colours you have chosen and I can't wait for the launch of those stunning papers either – a definite must have on my list. Well, it is my birthday in January so I do have an excuse to buy, don't I?? Lol
    Enjoy your meal out and time spent with our loved ones is truly precious so enjoy that too. xxx

  4. Happy New Year Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity. Your card is beautiful and I love the Groovi system so much, I have now joined the club. Spoke to a lovely lady (Louise) who was very helpful and so friendly, exchanging ideas and tips. May your year be more successful, happier and healthier that the previous one!
    Lol Barbara W xx

  5. Happy New year to you Barbara and to Dave. Absolutely everything is shut here in France so we stay very quiet at home near a nice fire as it is still – 2° here.
    It is a very tutorial, thanks a lot. It is always nice to read how things are done, even if I know. You learn everyday.
    Have a nice lunch and a lovely day. xx

  6. Happy new year to one and all….. Hubby at work since 6.00 twelve hour day today ..So have done housework casserole ready .Dad on way over to watch football .Then maybe couple of hours sorting out craft room ..Ready for another year don't make resolutions but will try to do more for me ,have had a lifetime of putting everyone else first..

  7. Happy new year, enjoy your lunch! 2017 has started well with the news my neice got whisked off to Bruges for New Year where her boyfriend proposed at midnight. Sure beats my engagement which happened many years ago in Leicester fish market! Need to diet now before the wedding. Groovi plates out making a card for them both. Happy new year to everyone xxx

  8. Thank you Barbara. Happy New Year to you too. I agree with your thoughts. I'm also going to try hard to keep my RAK pledges going throughout this year, and to try to always do the next right thing too. I'm really, really bad for living in memories, and since the majority are bad… I don't know how to get out of it though as the situation I'm in, memories is about all I have left, and my overactive Asperger's mind is always working overtime, needing filled and then some. I do try to avoid thinking about the future, very scary, being in my bubble most of the time just now makes that one a lot easier. I would love so much to make this year a good one, one that counts, can't remember the last time I was allowed that opportunity. And definitely got to build on my hard work of last year in finding my craft mojo again, and my super healthy eating and wee bit of daily exercise to get/keep my sick body as healthy as it can be. Thank you for the step by step, drop shadows, definitely got to perfect those this year.

    Wishing you everything you wish for yourself this year and then a whole load more on top. Enjoy your walk and lunch with Dave. Wish I could join you on your walk, fresh air and brilliant company, up to pushing a wheelchair, I'm only wee?!!!!! Bright up here but very windy and cold

    Love Brenda xx
    Oh, I would really like a smaller version of the alphabet plate too, thank you

    1. Thanks Sheila, hope you have a better year xx

      How Barbara? I'm stuck, never ended trying to improve, anything in any way, but always getting nowhere, or more often than not everything getting worse instead. I'm clearly a total failure at this life thing! Where am I going wrong? Thank you xxx

    2. Well hen sorry aboot the late notice but due to rubbish wifi yir black bun should of hit yir back door hours ago hope wee Daisy heard it and yir wellies were handy awe the best hen ..and aye oor Barbs right jist go for it I am.
      love ..Dot..xx
      here's yir vauddle

  9. Enjoy your lunch and welcoming in the New Year Barb. You are a kind soul and it shines through your blogging. Wishing you good health and happiness and lots more creativity in 2017 xx

  10. Love this card and now must have the numbers set which I didn't think I wanted. But shall try to wait till the papers are available too since ordering from the states.
    Happy New Year Barb, Dave and the wonderful Clarity team! May 2017 be filled with health, happiness, and peace for each of you!

  11. Hi Barbara & team , wishing you all a full and brilliant new year.
    just love the step by step today beautiful.
    Just to say many thanks for all the step by stepstep you give us every day.
    My white work is getting better and my writing of letters is getting there. Looking forward to a great year of Groovi.
    Have a good lunch and walk.
    Best wishes, Lynn xx

  12. Wishing all a happy new year. May you receive all you deserve, plus maybe a little bit more for luck, plus a sprinkling, only a sprinkling mind you, of something a little sparkly once in a while. Xxx

  13. All the very best to you and yours. Clarity calendar now on display – yes I am so very lucky. Thank you always for all your positivity and inspiration. Look after yourselves – you are all so very special. xx

  14. Hi Barbara this tinternet stuff well it's got me beat (Auld folks and technology eh!!) but thanks to wee Ian ive got this 3g thingy naw dinae ask what thats awe about beats me just know that I can give you a big thank you for for this wee blog for taking your precious time to be here your fabulous step by steps and your very helpful words and wish you Dave and your family a Happy New years Day. ..x
    Take care love ..Dot..xx

    1. It sure is Dot! So lovely to have you here, and I would like to wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year – with lots and lots of visits to Clarity Blogland! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  15. Happy new year to everyone. Lovely card as always and the step by step is so useful. Love tgat drop shaddow on the numbers, can t wait for the papers to be revealed next weekend.
    The glimpses of them look amazing x

  16. Happy New Year to you and Dave. Totally agree with all your sentiments Barb. I'm really looking forward to 2017 – already got my 'retreat' booked, 2 days of lovely Clarity craftiness! Then in September I'm tying the knot, again, 3rd time lucky! Ha! Think he knows what he's taking on, we've been together 20 years! Lots of love xxx

  17. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing this step by step. The Card is beautiful, love it, the amount of work that has gone into it is astounding. Hope you had a nice lunch with Dave. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara – thank you for taking the time to do the step by step – it really is appreciated so much! I am looking forward to having a go with these plates and the new Floral Circle Plate is at the top of my wish list! Great news about a smaller version of Jayne's Frame plate too. I hope that your day has been a very good one for you and Dave – hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi to everyone – I hope that you have enjoyed the first day of 2017. Neill and I have been lucky to enjoy the warmth and sunshine here in Spain and we had brunch out on the terrace, and then went for a walk along by the sea. Met some friends out doing the same thing, sat down and had a long chat and then came home again. Can't think of a better way to start off the New Year. love and hugs Gilly xxxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Happy New Year to you and Dave. Thank you for doing this step by step. I think the card is lovely and thought I would do a little copy of it – then I though of a big problem. I haven't got the number plates!!! Guess what I'll be ordering this week?! I think a smaller version of Jayne's frame would be brilliant as you say for smaller cards. Hope you had a lovely walk and meal. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! Hope you've all had a good day. I decided to make a couple of New Year cards so eventually used one of the bells off a Groovi plate with a New Year banner from the extra plates from the Build a Wreath and words using Jayne's frame alphabet. I was really pleased with them . I coloured the bell in using gold and silver metallic pens and they do look good. Hope my sister and cousin like them tomorrow as we are meeting in Betty's at Northallerton which will be nice. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  20. Lovely day up here today, so we've had our first long country walk of the year already – cobwebs are surely banished! Happy New Year to all the blog followers and all at Clarity. Hoping for rain tomorrow so I can disappear to my craft room with my Christmas hamper! x

  21. Thanks for the step by step today. I am getting better at the drop shadow thing, with the emphasis on the "er". I've been sorting through all the goodies I bought before my "op" and reminding myself what I got. It's still uncomfortable to sit at my craft desk for too long so I am planning some armchair Groovi first now that the New Year is here – a chance to practise drop shadows and snipping!
    Best Wishes to you all xx

  22. Lovely step by step Barb. I'd like to crack this drop shadow effect, it makes such a difference. Happy, healthy, fun and laughter filled 2017 to you and your family, both personal and Clarity! xx

  23. Happy New Year to veryone on this blog . May you be blessed with all good things and may you be blessed with letting go of what serves no purpose so there is room for all your wishes come true Jan

  24. Happy new year our started with a lovely meal out as a family was lovely cause everyone could relax and enjoy . Looking forward to hopefully soon being able to craft again as my eye gets sorted xxx

  25. Hello Barbara, earlier today I posted on yesterdays blog as I have been laid out with a tummy bug. Thought I was on the road to recovery but took a little downward turn recently. Just a quickie to say how much I love these plates and what you have done with the. Also want to wish you, Dave, Grace and Mark and their partners would all at Clarity a very happy New Year. Will try to leave more tomorrow.xx

    1. Oh Susan, that's no good. Hope it isn't salmonella from the turkey? And hope you're getting over it now. Wishing you a better year, and that your chemo continues to help to allow you to have quality time, especially with your grandson xx

  26. Happy New Year from Down-under, Barb. I do pop in most days, certainly every week and enjoy your posts very much. Thank you for your artistry, chat, hard work and clever business.
    Thank you for good international service. My order arrived on Friday in timely fashion. What a treat – now I have time to create.
    Best wishes to you and the team,

  27. Hope you enjoyed your 1st day of the new year and your lunch and walk out with Dave. Thank you for the step by step Barbara, still trying to get to grips with the dropped shadow, it'll sink in eventually. I have the number plates but forgot the the background plate you used, have to put it at the top of my wish list. Had a lovely day today we were invited to my Nieces along with her in-laws for a beautiful roast dinner. Great dinner and wonderful company. Good start to the New Year.xx

  28. Hi to all my blog friends, hope you've enjoyed the 1st day of the New Year and are all well. Got my Clarity Calendars put up in pride of place today, one in my craftroom and one in the kitchen with all the Birthday and Anniversary dates entered on so I don't forget to make any of the cards. Love and hugs to you all, Pam xx

  29. Wishing everyone the best year ahead! Step by step is great, still not quite decided if I need the numerals but know I definitely do need that floral 'moon'! Xxx

  30. Happy New Year. Fab artwork and great tips which I will enjoy trying out as I love this composition. Hope you've had a lovely evening with Dave. We've had a lovely catch up with family and some friends today, great fun xx

  31. Hi Barbara
    Happy new year to you, Dave the family and all at Clarity. Love this parchment work, so pretty. I will master the art of the drop shadow one day!!
    Love Diane xxx

  32. I can see so many uses for these number plates, and the idea of a smaller version of Jayne's ABC border plate is just what I need. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, even thought I will have to watch on catch up. I will be glad if Virgin get Hochanda on their system so that I can just set it to record for future reference. I am trying very hard to leave the bad parts behind with 2016, but it is not always easy as many of us know. Still, I do have a lovely trip down to Tunbridge Wells to look forward to, and other great crafty sessions already booked with Maria. Lots to look forward to and never forget to live in the moment. PMA all the way for 2017. I hope you are making room in your schedule for lots of lovely walks with Dave in the woods or along the sea front. xxx Maggie

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