Day out in Leeds. Leeds Castle that is!

Day out in Leeds. Leeds Castle that is!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Bit murky darn sarf today, I can tell you!
And now it appears that Storm Barbara is heading our way.
Dave reckons that’s quite worrying….
Nonetheless, the 3 musketeers stepped out into the elements, 
in search of – wait for it – A  C A S T L E .
And did we find one? We must have driven past 4 on the way to the jewel of Kent that is Leeds Castle. 
Last time I was here was with my Dad at an Elton John concert.
That was awesome. 

This time it was lovely too. 
The Christmas Market there starts tomorrow,
which to be frank, we weren’t that fussed about.
But it meant that the castle was really quiet today. 

It was great just to stroll around and take in the history, 
the AGE of everything. 
Especially with Nick. He, being American, just could not get his head round how old everything was. And when you are with somebody who is blown away by 1,000 year old walls and turrets,
it makes you look at them differently too.
We are spoiled in this wonderful country of ours, 
steeped in history and beautiful architecture. 
Even the pub on the way home dated back to 1500 and something!
The kids are off to Londinium for the day tomorrow.
Oh boy! Is he in for a treat. 
So what if it was a bit overcast?!
So what if it rained?!
It was perfect.
Just like this beautiful card, kindly given to us by another friend 
and member of our wonderful Clarity Team,
Carol Panksztelo.
Isn’t this just beautiful?

The banner really does look as though you could lift it off the page, like a ribbon.

Just take a moment to enjoy the little details, 
the berries, the snowflakes… 

right down to the little heart on the banner,
and the snow piling up on the letters.
Look at the O of Our.

Thank you Carole. Your work is indeed superb.
Time to chillax a bit. 
All this having fun is tiring!!!
Love & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “Day out in Leeds. Leeds Castle that is!

  1. Fantastic card with amazing details.
    I love trailing around castles with the kids. We have Historic Scotland membership and we certainly get our value for money!
    I am going crafting tonight with a couple of friends which will be nice and relaxing with mince pies to munch on!

  2. Fantastic card with amazing details.
    I love trailing around castles with the kids. We have Historic Scotland membership and we certainly get our value for money!
    I am going crafting tonight with a couple of friends which will be nice and relaxing with mince pies to munch on!

  3. That is a very beautiful card, so much detail. I have at last finished one for my family here, not good enough to show. Lovely photos so nice to have days sightseeing' especially with your daughter. Enjoying being with mine. My brother used to live in Tonbridge, but never got to see that lovely castle. Xx
    Wishing everyone on here a very happy Christmas xxx

  4. Beautiful castle – last time I was there was around 8 years ago when my aunt and cousin were over from NZ – and you are right – you look at it differently when someone else can't quite get the age of things – sometimes being a tourist in our own country is fun
    London in the lead up to Christmas – very brave! LOL

    Kim x

  5. Oh that lucky American . We traveled to Croatia and the Dalmatian coast and countries ne we just love all that history and the mythology of greece and Olympia , Mycenae etc . Have a great time . Joy now Jan

  6. Hi Barbara, A beautifully festive card, I love all the detail that Carol has created, a very beautiful card.
    You all seem to be having a fantastic time, I can understand Nick being fascinated, we have a gorgeous country steeped in history.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous card, and great pics of brits braving the murk thus having Leeds Castle all to yourselves. Thanks for sharing. Just realised anew how amazing it is to be able to 'develop' and get the pictures out to people virtually instantly, and take as many as we want with gay abandon. Childhood hols memories of films with 8 exposures, 3 days at the chemist and then see what worked! Love the history of these places ( often in st. Andrews admiring it) and love the modern conveniences too ( the photo stuff above, not public loos! Tho can be good and definitely useful). Have a lovely day tomorrow, and s*d any 'not absolutely essentials' on the to do list. xx

  8. Amazing card so much attention to detail. So pleased your having quality time together making more special memories.we have got such amazing places to visit xxx

  9. We live just a 10 minutes or so down the road from Leeds Castle and have visited a few times but not recently. Lovely memories. When something is on the doorstep you do tend to go past it for sights further afield. Glad you had such a nice day.
    The card is lovely -so neatly executed and all the attention to detail. You must be so pleased to receive such a beauty.

  10. Not been to Leeds castle yet, perhaps on our next trip down south. It is lovely that you are able to share our history with Nick. That is an amazing card from Carole so beautiful. Very clever lady. Let's hope that storm Barbara is feeling not too grumpy when she arrives as I would hate to think that anyone has storm damage just before Christmas or any time really. xx

  11. Aw Barbara you look like you're having such special time, I can feel the love/bond between you and Grace from your photos. Must be a nice feeling to have people you love that much and who love you back just as much. Yes, we do have a remarkable country, glad you're getting to see some of it and enjoy it as if you were seeing it for the first time. Aye, we're in for the worst of storm Barbara up here, gales up to 90mph, probably north west, here is predicted to only reach 70mph! Dreading it.

    Love your card Carole. What did you use to colour in?

    Enjoy your rest Barbara, at least it's happy and content tiredness, I hope.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda – thank you 🙂
      I used watercolour pencils to colour the robins & banner, and used a Micron pen for the writing, topped off with a white Signo pen for the snow.
      Hope you enjoy Christmas, take care, Carole x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Never been to Leeds Castle but will get there one day. I love history, so am in my element exploring castles etc. Top of my list at the moment is to visit every medieval cathedral in the country although I am spoilt by having my favourite Durham just a few miles from here. Hope you aren't affected by the storm too much down in Kent. Today's card by Carole is simply stunning – got a traditional and vintage feel to it. I really do love it. Well done Carole. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you all stay safe and warm when Barbara hits. I've had a lovely day today with my sister up in Newcastle. We don't get to do this as often as we used to as she is forever off to their apartment in Switzerland or visiting Madeira! Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

  13. What a beautiful card with such fine attention to detail. I remember visiting Leeds Castle 30 yrs ago – it was summer and much more crowded . b6ut a very interesting place nonetheless. I'm not surprised that Nick was fascinated by it all. I'm afraid that my handmade cards have been abandoned as I'm too poorly to get them finished and in the post in time for Christmas. It's great to see you all so happy. Merry Christmas xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Just sat here listening to Barbara blowing a hooly outside but snug and warm inside. Leeds castle looks interesting, we will have to visit it next time we are your way. Emma arrived safe and sound ready for Christmas, it's been a long 4 months but the cuddles were worth it. Today's card us stunning, such attention to detail, wow. Thank you for sharing your cards with us.
    Love Diane G xxxx

  15. Lovely pictures of you all and beautiful card. Busy day here making a 22" long by 6" picture for one of our doors at work – actually to keep the magistrates from looking at us at lunch!! I have never done anything so large – all clarity – woodpecker and branch, kingfisher, geese, frog and fish. Not a masterpiece but will cheer up the dull old rest room. Leaving the mess until tomorrow night. Think of me – 2 heavy court days – the "bussies" or "fuzz" will be piling them in before Christmas. Then a rest and a big rethink of 2017 and work. Oh to be in Kent – I would work my socks off for Barbara and the gang at Clarity, even just sweeping the floors would be less stressful.
    Happy weekend for everyone out there. Thank you for all your heartwarming comments when I sounded off now and then.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Leeds Castle is a lovely and interesting place – it was on the telly a few weeks back but I was lucky enough to visit it when my brother and SIL lived in Ashford – they went to the Elton John concert too! Would love to go back someday, never say never. Another great card – great inspiration… for next year – lol xx

  17. Leeds Castle is beautiful and a gem as you say Barbara and we went there many years ago. Wonderful photos of you all too. I think Carol's card is a gem too and full of such wonderfully clever touches. x

  18. Hi Barb, ooh Leeds castle looks brilliant, another addition to my PTS list. Great photos of a fab day. Carol's card is fabulous, a real work of art. Take care all. Bx

  19. Beautiful work by Carole – I'm really enjoying seeing some of the DT samples up close to see all the detail. You just get a quick flash by on TV, so this is a perfect showcase.

  20. Hello Barb,
    Glad you are having a wonderful time with Grace and her Beau, new eyes always make things fresh in old eyes.
    This card is beautiful Carole.
    Take it easy with the beans Barbara, it's getting mighty windy up here!!!!
    Maureen xx

  21. Hi Barbara – that was a surprise to see my card showcased! 🙂 So glad you liked it, and it was my pleasure to make it for you.
    Carry on having fun with Grace, her man & Mark while they're home with you – a special time of year to share with them.
    I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have over the next few days as we're away, so I'll take this opportunity to say I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones, and enjoy every minute. Merry Christmas! 🙂
    Love & hugs, Carole xxx

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