Brayer, stamps, shiney card = Barbara

Brayer, stamps, shiney card = Barbara

How about a trad stamping scene 
using Jayne’s wonderful Winter Scene stamps?
Let’s use the coated Claritycard, A5.
Run lowtack tape around the edges for a frame 
and add a large moon mask.
Load your brayer with Blue Chase Artistry ink 
and roll the sky into place. 
Add some more Blue Chase Artistry ink to your blending mat
and ink up the stamp directly from the mat.
This will give you a more subtle image. Good idea, 
especially when working with a new ink pad. 

Stamp the scene to the bottom.
Clean the brayer, add Old parchment 
and roll up from the bottom to meet the blue. 
Here, I have already removed the moon mask and the masking tape,
and gone round the outside with a black Micron pen!
Oh! And I’ve even added 2 overhead cables!

Draw the little birds on the wire,
and stamp in Peace at Christmas with a Black Adirondack 

Using a ruler, draw a second outer line with the Micron pen 
and then dash around all four sides. 

Infill every other box in the frame. 

Colour in the gate with a promarker, 
add a little glitter to the trees and bushes.
I coloured in the trees etc with a Wink of Stellar 
and then sprinkled Glamour Dust over the wet ink.

All done.
The funky border really gives it a lift. 

Must dash.
I really must make a list of things to do 
before the kids arrive from the States at the weekend! 
E X C I T E D.
Love & hugs

45 thoughts on “Brayer, stamps, shiney card = Barbara

  1. Lovely card . Enjoy your time with Grace and Mark . We waiting to board a plane to see our son Todd for a few days and a dance performance that he choreographed for his students at university Canada at Montreal . Fun and more fun .

  2. Hi Barbara, I just love this must decided what I need to order next you do spoil us.
    looking forward to Marias shows tomorrow, just love the cats .
    Have a wonderful time with Grace & Mark plus all your family.
    Have a great time.
    Lynn xx

  3. Stunning I saw you do this on hochanda I'm sp pleased you have named the wink or Stella can you tell me who sells them please ? No wonder your excited make some lovely memories xxx

    1. Wink of Stella are made by Kuretake and their base in the UK is in my home town of Redditch, but you can buy them from lots of different outlets. They come in clear and several lovely colours. A definite must have in your craft kit. xxx Maggie

    2. Sheila, you can get Wink of Stella pens online from Hobbyart or from the Hobbycraft stores (in the art department).
      A lovely traditional card today, they never let us down.
      Hope you remember to put everything on the list. I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow for what I hope will be the last couple of pressies. Just need to make some boxes, and wrap the rest. Oh, the end is in sight, happy, happy me!!

  4. Love love love this Barbara. I do love your scenic cards. How fabulous that both Mark and Grace will be home for Christmas – makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? Have a fabulous time. Xxx

  5. Barbara, I love you. I have been trawling through all the rewinds to find where you mentioned using the Wink of Stella with added Glamour Dust. You have saved me hours. I have used both but never together so that is something I must try. You are going to have a great time with both Grace and Mark joining you all at this special time of year. Have fun with everyone, and thank you for all the pleasure and inspiration you have given us all this year. xxx Maggie

  6. Hi Barbara, lovely peaceful artwork, I would like to be there. Thank you for the step by step. The visual of the telly demos, and the written and photos here complement each other perfectly, covers all bases no matter which type of learner each of us are. Thank you also for taking the time to blog for us at this very busy time for you.

    Glad to read you've found some headspace to be getting excited about Grace and Mark coming home. I bet they'll be happy to put your decorations up at the weekend for you. I was going to say, hope your to do list isn't too long, but I think that's too much wishful thinking!!!😉 So instead I'll say I hope your list is filled with only good and enjoyable to dos.

    Hope you have a lovely evening. And everyone here too. I guess everyone is in Christmas mode, and Christmas is everywhere. I'm cut off from all that being stuck in here, and got a shock yesterday when I heard someone on telly say that Christmas is next week! I've lost a week somewhere! Ah well, going to have to decide who can have their handmade gifts for Christmas, and who is going to have to wait until January…

    Love Brenda xx

  7. Loving the stamps and groovi haven't got them yet but sure will fall in my basket. In new year at some point ready for next year. How exciting bet youcannot wait for them both to arrive can here your excitement from here big hugs xx

  8. Beautiful card – the stamps are so lovely. Got to put them in my basket.
    So pleased you are having the family for Christmas.
    Love to all the bloggers and some for you, Dave and the Team
    Anne (Reading)

  9. So exciting for you to have your lovely children home for Christmas. My parents arrive on Monday next week, so I have all the little projects ready to keep my dad busy whilst they're here! Love today's card, and the frame just sets it off beautifully. Happy list-making x

  10. This is a really lovely card ,must practice my brayering again soon. Rang Clarity towers today with a query spoke to Louise who was really helpful , you are really lucky with your lovely staff , but then I think that comes from having a good boss. Enjoy your children when they are home wishing you a very happy Christmas , really looking forward to see what you will bring us in the new year.xx

  11. Hello Barb,
    You had me hooked at the Title. Vintage, high class Barbara at your best. I love it.
    I can feel your excitement up here in Newcastle, and I don't blame you. Safe journey to Grace and Mark.
    Maureen xx

  12. How wonderful – a lovely typical Gray card. How exciting the kids home for the hols – no doubt a lot of ho ho ho to be had – decorating the tree on Christmas Eve and your Christmas eve meal. Lovely.

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, traditional Barbara and beautiful stamps with a bit of sparkle, what more do we want. The boarder is fab too. How exciting, only a few more sleeps until the kids arrive. Are you dashing between Heathrow and Gatwick again or have they co ordinated flights this time? I know the excited feeling, Emma finished her exams today so her Christmas can officially start, only a week until we see her, yeah.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you are all keeping on top of the Christmas stresses. Second batch of mince pies made today and groovi wreaths ready to colour so I'm almost there. Sending hugs xxx

  14. A lovely card Barbara. Feels very serene with the shades of blue.I know you have a very clever way of drawing the birds but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. Could you please blog some instructions or point me in the right direction of a previous blog. Many thanks. Very pleased for you that Mark and Grace are coming home this weekend. It must be so exciting for you just having them around. I remember last year them decorating the tree etc.xx

  15. This is beautiful and that blue is gorgeous and so Christmasy especially with the Wink Of Stellar with the Glamour Dust over the top. I can understand how excited you must be and that you want everything be ready so when they arrive you can spend lots of time with them. x

  16. Fab card, so cool and classy! Definitely got to get these stamps in the New Year! Good to know Grace and Mark will soon be with you to lend a hand decorating the tree etc. Xxx

  17. Love the card, especially the blue and the winky/glamour dust effect. I've started taking the emergency approach with my to do list. Various non-essentials now crossed out and relabelled as 'sod it'. Then, of course, I still get the satisfaction of crossing them off! Works for me anyway! Bet the kids are as excited as you and Dave are! xx

  18. Morning Barbara, Wow !! this is stunning, I love everything about it. I don't think I could 'draw' these birds though hahaha. I really need these winter scene stamps. I'm loving the funky border.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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