SUPER ABC SALE and a step-by-step

SUPER ABC SALE and a step-by-step

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Very windy here darn sarf!
Paul and I have been holed up above the garage in the studio
doing art prep, and it has been blowing a gale outside!
I quite like it though, when it’s raw outside and you’re indoors.
Not so nice if you’re a postman, or homeless….
Anyway, here’s a step-by-step I did a while back on TV,
using the Christmas Shape Stamps designed by our Jim.
(also available individually)
Jim created these shapes to match his Jumper Stampset from last year….
Let’s start by stamping the bauble onto white stencil card.
Cover up with the mask which is included.

Build a panel using copy paper and low-tack masking tape.

Load a Stencil brush with the Artistry ink pad Morning Dew,
and brush through the panel.

Dab Midnight Blue and Morning Dew onto a Blending mat, like so:

Dab the snowflake stamps which come with the bauble back and forth between the 2 colours and then stamp randomly into the panel.

Remove the masking tape.
This is the important part:
This is when we add shadow around the bauble 
with a make-up sponge and black ink….

When you’re happy with your shadow,
remove the Bauble mask.

Now use the outer bauble mask to cover up the area around the bauble.

Time to build a little landscape inside the bauble. 
I used the tinsel stamp from the tree shape set to create some branches for the bird to sit in.
Black Archival ink pad.

Tear a hill using the wavy side of the A4 Clarity Blending Mat.
Add a baby moon mask.
Load a brush and add the night sky.

Mask off the bird.
Aren’t we glad we don’t have to cut all these masks out?!

Add a few snowy hillocks behind the bird with the lighter ink 
and a make-up sponge.

And now for the pièce de résistance!
Jim also designed a delightful festive, sort of funky ABC stampset, 
which sits really well with these open stamp shapes.
Actually, it works for most things.
Start in the middle of the word for perfect positioning 
and spell out whatever it is you want to say.
Draw a little hook to attach the bauble to the A in Peace.

Black Sharpie pen round the outside,

before you mount to finish.

There we are ! All done.
Now let’s see.
How about a very special bloggy offer….

Was 19.99
Now Only £12.00

And if you’re in the club, so to speak, 
you can add your discount to that price too.


Here are a couple of very cool cards by 3 of my DT friends,
for inspiration….

Lynne Hammond.
Jo Rice
Maria Simms

Have a lovely evening!

Love & hugs,

43 thoughts on “SUPER ABC SALE and a step-by-step

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to get back to start again. Just sailing away from Tenerife on to Lanzarote in the morining. You'll be pleased to know it was 27 degrees here ! Just read about the winds. Keep safe everyone. Xxx

  2. I love these letters and have coveted them for a while now, but I am skint this month so will need to sit on my hands and not click the link to buy them quickly while Hubbie has popped out for ten mins! I shall not click the link……. I shall not click the link……. Well maybe I will….

  3. Beautiful artwork from everyone and especially yours Barb. I wish I had been wrapped up nice and warm in my craft room instead of at work. Boo. Glad you had a nice day both of you. Xx

  4. Love the simplicity of these stamps .I've been holed up for a few hours finishing some Christmas coasters….bit of peace and tranquility after looking after the grandchildren for a week…now for dinner then off to darts 😁😁

  5. Hi Barbara
    Love your scenes inside things, the bauble is great for this, it's a bit like the O in Noel. What a great set of stamps. Ooh a bloggy offer, I'm like Fiona, I must resist, have the letterbox kit, don't really need them but what a beautiful font. Well done Jim. Stay safe in the high winds and have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Been sticking some stamped images onto cards today, don't you love it when the tape runner goes funny and you end up covered in sticky and everything sticks to you! Sending hugs xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, love this card, my kind of thing, and my colours too. Thank you for sharing, and for another couple of wee tips I hadn't thought of before. Hope you enjoyed Paul's company while working on your art prep. Great design team samples too, more inspiration. Not noticed the wind here so can't be that bad today, we had it yesterday, although I think there's snow in the forecast for us. I'm scared of the wind, its violence, plus these days it makes me lose my balance!!! Well it wouldn't be a garden visit without me doing my Olga korbut impersonations!!! 😉

    Hope you can have a chilled out evening in front of the fire
    Love Brenda xx

  7. Very effective Barbara. My Christmas cards are all done so I will wait until next year. I've not been able to settle to creating this week as I have my pre op assessment tomorrow and am booked in for my new hip on 2nd December so am busy getting presents, wrapping and so on, plus trying to sort car insurance out before I go in.
    I certainly have plenty of new bits to play with afterwards plus a Clarity order I am expecting so that's good xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Strikes me that you and Paul were in the best place out of the winds etc. We're expecting snow tonight and tomorrow, brrr! Love these stamp sets, really cheerful and love your artwork. Really loving that font too – how have I missed that? Definitely one to have, thank you for the offer. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been a miserable day here, rain, sleet and cold. Got warmed up doing the ironing! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  9. Lovely, cheery blog. Just back from the trip you recommended. Alhambra, stunning and even more so Cordoba. Well worth the visit and managed it just before coming down with severe gastric flu!! Lying in bed, thinking of all the wonderful sights we have seen. Wonders of the world indeed. Big thank you for the information. I managed to follow the blog each day and they were well worth it.
    Happy days to you and all the bloggers out there. Here's hoping the bug will have b……. off! (apologies)
    Anne (Reading)

  10. Great ideas! Every time you do a card I change my mind about what one to try this year. I would definitely stay in the warm and dry if tomorrow is as wet and windy ad today. Xx

  11. Hope the art prep is going well Barbara, and I adore the bauble with the pretty scene which looks so 3D and the stockings, tree and star using the stamps from the sets are all beautiful too. Great inspiration! x

  12. Oh gawd, this reminds me, I've yet to do my Christmas cards!!!!!!!? I love the examples above, but I think a quick fix is going to happen. Thank goodness I've got your geli petites….an idea is coming……. Xx

  13. Great card – I love inky panels. It's freezing up here, and I woke to the sound of my neighbour scraping ice off his windowscreen and little Ritchie squealing with delight. Lots of sun and blue skies today so I think John and his camera will go in search of the final autumn colours and I will hole up in my craft room and finish my Christmas cards x

  14. I love this. At this time of year I'm always on the look out for inspiration for next years Christmas cards. I think that the gel petites may win though as they are quick, simple and effective. As Susan says it is white up here with frost, one of those beautiful frosty, sunny days. I'm off to scrape the car and go to work however but perhaps tomorrow I'll get this years Christmas cards finished.

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