Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Was dark when I got into work.
Is dark outside again now.

But inside the sun has been shining all day!
We really have had a great day, making plans,
having meetings and just generally getting our ducks in a row for 

Remember last year, when our website crashed so spectacularly?
What a nightmare that was!!
The only comfort was that cyberspace took down the big boys too!
We were quite flattered to join the dizzy ranks 
of Amazon and John Lewis in the meltdown!

So this year, we are doing it differently.
You may well already have received our E-Shot, 
telling you about our new website.


It launches tonight at midnight.
That’ll give us (Us! What am I talking about??) 
a couple of days to iron out any creases…..

Gray Friday is our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR.
A third of all Clarity-Branded products.
So this week, in the run up to Friday,
I thought we’d have a cracking Blogsale on a few cool items 
which won’t be in the GRAY FRIDAY line-up.
You can get them on the old website from NOW
These Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils for example.
Ideal for colouring and parchment work.
There are 5 tins, available individually.
Usually £24.99 per tin.
40% off.

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74
Pretty keen prices, eh!
Well let’s go one step further, 
and imagine you were going to go for all 5 tins.
At £14.99 that would make £74.95.
Let’s have a party!
+ 10% Gold Club Member £53.96
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £50.96
And these items won’t be included in the Friday Sale
This is a 24 hour Blitz sale.
Offer ends midnight tomorrow, when another massive savings will be available on something else….
If you aren’t a member of the Clarity Design Clubs, 
now might be a very good time to join!!
These prices go back at midnight tomorrow.
Love & hugs,

67 thoughts on “24 HOUR BLITZ SALE !

  1. WOW great offer! I hope that you don't crash on Gray Friday, looking forward to seeing if I can manage to get a few things off my wish list. Enjoy your evening.
    Hugs to you both
    Linda xxx

  2. Golly gosh what a great offer, but what could I do with the Spectrum Noirs I've got. Don't answer that. Still tempting though. My Design club goodies came today, brilliant Barbara all three. Loved your newsletter as usual. Looking forward to hearing what the changes will be. You've not had the pleasure of my company for a week been sightseeing in London, was all morning catching up on your blog, didn't I ever miss it. You definitely need more me time, well you and Dave time. Love and hugs Pam xx

  3. Hi to all my lovely friends in blogland, missed you this last week. Hope you are all well, hasn't the weather changed for the worst. Not bad in London. Floods near here and all over the country, hope you are warm and dry where you are. Hope you are feeling better Diane, also you Sheila, hope you're up yo doing a little craft now. Love and hugs to you all.xxx

    1. Welcome home Pam, good to hear you had a lovely time in London. Weather has been very wet again today here but no flooding thank goodness. I'm feeling much better now thank you, cough is still there but sense of smell is finally returning. Sending hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, amazing offer. Very tempted as I have the not so good originals. Need to have a wee think. You are so, so generous, you as a person, and your company. Thank you so very much. I think I'll be tempted to 'need' a few more things this week!!!

    So relieved to hear you are feeling sunny inside today. And positive, things going your way for once. Can't say the same here, not inside, nor outside. Trying my baby gelli things for my christmas cards, but not getting it to look like what I want, and struggling to work out what I'm doing wrong. Feeling frustrated. And sad, that I can't be one of the fortunates to have had/have the option of ever attending workshops, open days, shows, to learn the knowledge so I could work out where I'm going wrong, could improve my skills. Guess I'll just have to go with what I've got.

    Got my Diamond club, great editions, particularly love the stamp this month. Got all upset again reading about Romeo, but glad he went in his sleep, best anything living can hope for when it's time eh. Worst part of life/being born, dying, in my opinion.

    Hope you stay sunny inside
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda. Keep practicing with the gelli plates! There are some great youtube videos which might help you – check on Pinterest too as lots of people post tutorials. Took me ages to get mine to look how I wanted them to look in my head x

  5. I was a happy bunny this morning, getting not only my club envelope but also my lovely order. Lots of fun to be had this week, I think. Mind you, I still have my painting from Matthew Palmer's workshop to finish off (it as a long but enjoyable day, just slightly spoiled by having to travel home in the dark) and two Hochanda Masterclasses to catch up with. I hope everyone at Clarity Towers is ready for the deluge of orders this week. Need to think what I really need this time. xxx Maggie

  6. You temptress Ms Grey!! Now got to try and rob Peter to pay Paul before payday Thursday!!!! Can't wait for Grey Friday as it was how I got all my grooving goodies last for my Christmas present and have already said can I do the same this year!!! It was where my crafting journey began and this has been a year of creative learning. Thank you all at Clarity x

  7. Wow good price temptation is going to be big time this week me trying to be good haha I never do very good at it. Had a great day groovi play Christmas cards finish tomorrow have a good evening love and hugs xxx

  8. Wow! Amazing offer. I love my original ones and I know that these are excellent pencils too.
    I know that I will need to hit my credit card on Friday as I don't get paid u til next week, but it will be my Christmas present to me as I have some overtime this month.

  9. Very tempting but I go on holiday tomorrow and must be good. Received my NDC envelope today, lovely things and will be taking my Groovi stuff with me as I will have time to play

  10. Hi Barb,
    Gosh I remember Gray Friday last year! Looking forward to the new website being up and running. Wow! What a brilliant offer on the spectrum Noir pencils. I'm almost tempted to buy another set but I can't really justify the money. No doubt there will be plenty of other offers that I will be tempted by. Got my club envelope today and I love all three. I think my favourite might just be the Groovi baby plate though. Thank you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all managed to stay safe, dry and warm today. Not very nice here since early afternoon. Had a shopping trip to Newcastle today and couldn't believe how busy it was & still weeks to go till Christmas! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  11. Once again you and Clarity come up trumps! Put in a large order this a.m as I was unaware of Gray Friday. Fortunately it for mainly non Clarity goodies like ink pads. BUT come Friday the Christmas prezzy wish list comes into it's own, having spent happy hours working out the order. Pity it'll go straight into brother's paws until the day, though i'm sure some of it will come as a surprise by then. Anyay THANK YOU so much for being such a lovely, friendly and nega generous company. And good luck to Tim! xx

  12. Hi Barbara, Wow !! what a fabulous offer, I am really, really, tempted to get them all !! My Design Club envelope came today and all three are fabulous.
    Thank you for this amazing offer.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Ha ha, my conscience says don't be silly you already have a cheap set of 72 oil based pencils, a set of 36 from W H Smith and a set of 60 polychromos…but it's not midnight yet!

    2. Lol – this reminds me of our conversation the other day! I'm still keeping to my new year's resolution about using stuff up – now have a small pile of empty storage boxes under my craft desk, and will have another clear out over the winter x

  13. Wow what an offer and what a dilemma, a bit like the old T.V show Take your pick. Do I open this box or do I wait and see what else is coming up cos I know I can't afford everything.

  14. Wow Barbara Will look forward to see the wonderful crafting items you tempt us with this week Will be thinking of you all at clarity towers .i spoke to Paul today to sort my order out for my friends birthday he is amazing
    I received my diamond envelope today all 3 are fantastic and thank you for all the inspiration the groovi is my favourite xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all you are always in my thoughts .
      I've been crafting today finishing of a few Christmas cards with my clarity handstamps .ive been in bed since 7pm but couldn't resist taking my groovi to bed with me and yes im naughty as I've done too much so an early night goodnight all xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a brilliant offer, what a shame I've got them though. I wonder what else is coming this week. I've got my Christmas list all ready for Friday, wonder if you will break the internet again. Lovely club goodies again this month, thank you. Difficult to choose between groovi and stamp as my favourite, they are both amazing.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, it's been wet and horrible here today. I went out for a short walk between showers to get some milk, coughed all the way there and back – lovely! Keep warm everyone. Sending hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barbara & ladies, just caught up with the blog as been busy for the last few days.
    The weather here today has been terrible and our posty was quite late but it was a great supprise to receive my monthly club parcel, that brightened my dull day.
    Fabulous items thank you for the lovely items.
    looking forward to all the new things you have install for us all.
    Glad you will try to get some quality time with Dave and family, we would not like you to not be well you are a brilliant business woman and a credit to business.
    take care Lynn x

    Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping dry and warm as it has been such a horrible day.
    Been busy the last few days, trying to organise tickets for my granddaughter to go to see Santa. A garden centre near us are putting on Frozen so should be good they always do such a good job.
    hope you are a fine hugs to all.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Diane, not on your life, I will clear the place in two seconds. But still looking forward to it then we come home and put the tree up lots of fun.
      Lynn xx 💖

  17. What a fantastic offer,although hubby did say are they the ones that got dropped at the NEC ! I received my stamp and stencil today they really are lovely looking forward to playing with them tomorrow evening after work.

  18. Wow, what a fantastic offer…now if you would except payment with buttons I would be laughing! Looking forward to playing with my new club goodies, again they are all beautiful. Xx

  19. Evening bloggy friends, went out this evening to see a film called 'A Street Cat Named Bob' really heart warming film. Had to drive home through some rather large, deep puddles. Hope everyone is staying dry! Xx

  20. What a fantastic offer! I have been coveting these pencils and I think I may have to put in an order. Thank you for my gold club goodies which arrived today. I love both the stamp and the Groovi.
    I have been out to a pantomime this evening. A charity group I belong to put one on every year and we give the proceeds to local charities. I usually take part but wasn't able to do it this year so I was in the audience instead. It was very funny, all original written by 3 of our members and lots of local references.
    It's raining cats and dogs here and the wind is howling. Hope you are all keeping warm and dry x

  21. Must remember to check out the website on Friday and do my Christmas shopping! Nothing like self gifting to get exactly what you want. Off to a conference today, so my final Christmas cards will have to wait until tomorrow to be finished – hope everyone stays dry and warm x

  22. I think it's official…Barbara Gray has finally lost her marbles!!! What an amazing offer!!! I wish I was a colourist, I would certainly grab this deal!! But I shall wait (im)patiently for Gray Friday, when I shall hotfoot it over to the Clarity store, with my pennies(credit card…) clutched tightly in my hot little hand! 🙂 I remember the chaos of last year….but I also remember how kind and patient all the Clarity team were in handling confused and frustrated customers. They were wonderful!!! Jo xx

  23. Hello Barb, wow what a super deal, I am sure Jim is just hanging his head :-)Sorry I missed this offer, but hey the day job has it's demands. Looking forward to what else you have. Bx

  24. What a wally put colour burst in basket and didn't check it out. I am rubbish on the internet on the phone will have to wait now as I am on holiday for a bit and not willing to pay outrageous internet prices on a cruise ship. Will check out the blog when I have connection at first port of call instead.

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