The Clarity Calendar 2017 has landed!

The Clarity Calendar 2017 has landed!

The new calendars for next year have come back from the printers !
Am I excited? I’ll say !

They look soooo lovely this year.

Most of the artwork has been blogged 
by myself during the course of this year or last. 

Each month sports a seasonally appropriate piece of artwork,
with the step by step project overleaf.

For example, for February, 
I chose one of my favourite canvases from this year…

…and on the back of that month 
it shows you through photos and simple instructions
how the art was made.
Just like this β€˜ere blog actually!
Except it’s an A3, top quality calendar.
That may be interesting even for a non-crafter,
to see how something was constructed.
Last year I signed the first 100 copies sold.
Which went down well.
So I shall do the same thing again this time. 
Time to get signing after supper then !
I really have to concentrate though;
sometimes I slip into cheque signing mode, 
and you’d think I was impersonating a doctor 
signing a prescription!
(aka illegible!)
Hope you like it too.
Love & hugs

92 thoughts on “The Clarity Calendar 2017 has landed!

  1. Hi Barbara
    The calendar looks fantastic. I hope you will be taking a good supply to NEC. I am enjoying the Clarity Personal Space page. Thank you for organising it.
    Hugs from Chris X

  2. Oooh must get mine. So adore your artwork Barbara. I have the 2016 which you very kindly signed for me. Still in pristine condition. I have another that I mark in dates to remember….don't care if that one gets messed up lol!!!

  3. Hi Barbara, your calendar looks great. Hope you ordered enough from the printers this year πŸ˜‰. I remember your celebrity signing sessions last year, please please remember your neck and take it easy, you've got TV shows to get through this weekend. At least you'll get an extra hour in bed on Saturday night which I hope helps you. Assuming I'm right about the clocks going back this weekend. Love this month's diamond club offerings, and your stencil demos are Barbara wow ones 😊. Best crafty club by far. Hope you can sign along to something good on telly, or get Dave to play you some of his relaxing compositions. Love Brenda xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Order placed! I really love this year's which is still pristine as is Emma's. It has pride of place in my craft room ,so I am really looking forward to being a proud owner of next year's too. Thank you so much. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Mine is on the wall in front of me when I go on computer and I've used it well – all my social stuff and looking back to first part of year all hubby's hospital appointments marked off on it. It's definitely one to keep as a reminder of how the year started …. not saying anything else otherwise I'll have to cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder and goodness knows what else ! Xx

    1. Haha! I just peeped round the back of the website and noticed that Jackie ! Judging by the way these calendars are already going, I’d better go and get a-signing! xxx

  5. Does anyone else find it really hard to write on new calendars? Especially hard when it's full of such wonderful Clarityart. I'll be practising on scrap paper before I put those first January dates in!

  6. Loved last years calendar so glad you taking them to NEC will persuade one of my lovely daughters to buy me one again for Christmas. I remember them last year getting you to sign it while they thought I was not looking. Goodness how my list is growing for NEC. Too many beautiful things. xx

  7. I was wondering if you were going to produce a calendar for next year. I missed out this year. How positive am I, I have just ordered mine for next year! Love the look of this years. Hope your hand doesn't ache too much after all that signing.xx

  8. I was hoping there would be one for next year. Will you have them at the NEC and will you have time to sign them for us there, pretty please? Last year, I had one to use and one to cherish for ever and I would do the same this time. xxx Maggie

  9. Hello Barb,
    Calendar ordered and fingers, eyes, legs and everything crossed that I've made the 100!!
    I agree with you that calendars are for using, that's why I always get a cheap, chatty one to mark and will keep yours pristine ha ha.
    Maureen xx

  10. Wow Barbara the calendar looks amazing just placed my order, the one I use for my calendar challenges is on the craft room wall the other one is still in its wrapping as a keepsake as it was the one that had the card and voucher in the card is in a frame in my lounge wow dosent seem nearly a year ago .will you be doing the calendar challenge next year ?

    1. Forgot to say received my diamond club envelope on Saturday all 3 are amazing just started doing a little with the groovi one following the inspiration xxx

  11. Hi Barbara keep signing that's mine ordered looks great fingers crossed a made the top 100 as for writing on Barbara's calendar now that would be sacrilege they were all warned since it went up on the wall. Nip round the back can Yi see me.
    Love and keep signing…love Dot xx

  12. Aaaw, I'm absolutely gutted that I had to be out this evening, and have only just got back in. So I'm sure I'll have missed the 100. But the calendar will be a joy to have. I've never been stuck for inspiration from last years, so another year of the same…wonderful. Love and Hugs xxx

  13. Just back from the chinese restaurant celebrating Sarah's 18th and my sister is here. Earlier she was asking me what I want for Christmas so my request for a calendar has been photographed on her mobile phone. I haven't written on this year's calendar but it does sit on my craft table and is covered in ink and paint. I'm sure that has added to it's value, haha.

  14. Calendar looks beautiful, and has been duly added to the ever growing wish list. Tomorrow sees launch into Christmas cards as a piano pupil is keen to take me to local car boot sale to sell some! That wasn't planned! Hope all had good days xx

  15. Hello Barbara
    Hope you found something good to watch on tv and haven't got writers cramp. Mine from last year is still beautiful and untouched, it's too beautiful to use. I'm sure I must be outside the 100 by now so I will pop it on my Christmas list, or buy it myself if there are any left in the new year.
    Love Diane

  16. I've just got home too. Been out since just after nine this morning, Grandchildren slept over last night and been to Cardiff with us today, dropped them off and had tea with them. Shattered now, after a lovely day. Goodie Goodie Gumdrops thank you Barbara for making us another calendar, shame I've lost out on a signed one again, but will order tomorrow and hope for the best. I've got your signature on my book so what more could I

  17. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had an enjoyable day doing what you like best. Off to bed to try and catch up on some sleep as the last couple of nights I've not had much. Love and hugs to you

  18. Hi Barb, well that is one of my Christmas presents sorted then. It looks as fabulous as this years one, cannot wait to get it. Thank you for all the inspiration. Bx

  19. YAY….I was going to ask you about this at Richmond …. but I forgot (story of my life – ah well). I love my Calendar from last year, I've referred to it many times for techniques so I'm dead chuffed another is on it's way (but the old one will be carefully preserved, especially since it was a signed one. (No…it won't be going on e-bay)
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS I hope Dave checked out Earol, but please tell him it is just a cleaner – he'll still have to get his lugs checked!

  20. Very exciting! John did a photo calendar last March to sell at a charity craft fundraiser, and we have the last few 2017 copies left now – were planning on giving them as stocking fillers, but there may not be enough. Might have to have one for my craft room x

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