Agapanthus Gel Print – a good starting place….

Agapanthus Gel Print – a good starting place….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Waiting for Paul and Dave to arrive, so we can go to the airport.
So rather than pace the kitchen or start cleaning,
I thought I’d chat to you for a while
and even get a blue blog out of the weekend’s archives!
The Gel Petites launch went so well!
I am really chuffed that it hit a chord with so many of you.
Seriously, such a simple product!
And when you combine it with a few Clarity ideas and extras – bingo.
Here’s the whole bundle, with all the petite stencils etc.
Click here. 
all available individually too, of course. xx
So let’s just go through the very first demo I did at launch time on telly.
To me, it established the game plan.
It showed you just how neat these little Gel Press Petites are. 

Spread a little ink onto the blending mat with your rubber roller aka brayer.

The ink I thought was PERFECT for the Agapanthus is 

Spread the ink lightly on the round Petite, 
which has been mounted on its Megamount.

Press the inky petite onto a sheet of our Clarity stencil card.
(it’s in the big bundle)

Lift Petite – Perfect round print.

Lay down the Petite Dotty Wave stencil like so:

Re-ink the round Petite with the brayer 
and place directly onto the stencil, like so:
Apply pressure to the mount and squish the Gel onto the stencil.

There’s still ink on the Gel Press though…
The opposite pattern! 

You see?
Three different circles.
That easy.
And using a plain, dye-based ink.
Jayne’s wonderful Agapanthus next in black Archival.
And a little Faith from one of our Word Chains…
Dust around the edge of the card with one of our Stencil brushes loaded with the same blue…
Colour in the flower.
I used pencils.

Make a box mask with Post-Its…

And now repeat the 3 different lovely pattern prints 
around the edge randomly,

until the entire outer is filled.

The wordstamp Agapanthus is included in the beautiful stampset.
Stamp around the edge randomly…

…and then join up with a black Micron pen and a C-thru Ruler.
Dash dot dot dot dash dot dot etc.

That’ll do.
You get the picture.
The only tip I would give you is 
get plenty of card and book a day of play for this one!!!!
Passport . Tick
Tickets. Tick
ESTA. Tick
Money. Tick
Walkers Crisps and Cadbury’s Chocolate for Grace. Tick
Thursday’s Blog. Tick
Gotta go!
Now I am excited!
See you on the flipside!!!
Love and hugs.

123 thoughts on “Agapanthus Gel Print – a good starting place….

  1. This was the wow card of your show, well one of them anyway. Want those beautiful stamps of Jaynes and the bundle. Hope you and Paul have a brilliant time in NY. Remember us to Grace. Safe journey both ways. Can't wait to see your

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends just got back in from the hospital been a long morning I'm very fatigued now Toms just cooking my lunch bless him I was given a steroid injection don't know if it will help but wait and see he is going to speak to the liver specialist to see if I can have a different DMARD I do hope so .im going to rest now sending heartfelt hugs to you all ❤️️Xxx

    2. Enjoy your lunch then have,a nice rest. Hope your steroid injection kicks in soon so that your pain will ease off. Sorry to be ignorant, but what is a DMARD Sheila? Hope he manages to get it changed for you. Sending you some caring

    3. Hello Sheila – thank you so much for your comments about Neill and myself, greatly appreciated. I shall keep my fingers crossed that the steroid injection will help you with the pain. Bless Tom for looking after you so very well. Sleep well, sending you love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hello Sheila I hope you are still tucked up in bed having a good rest after your lunch. I've got my fingers crossed for you that the steroid injection gives you relief from the pain. How wonderful the consultants will talk to each other to try and get you sorted. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, have a good rest after your injection and give it time to get working, I am sure you will feel a whole lot better very soon.
      Lots of hugs to you.hope your lunch.was loving.
      Lots of love. Lynn xx

    6. I just wanted to say goodnight to you Sheila – and thank you for your kind comment to me, further down. I hope that you sleep well tonight, God bless, extra special hugs – love Gilly xxx

  2. Hope you have a good flight Barbara and look forward to hearing how you are getting on. I love this demo by the way and that blue is beautiful. x

  3. Hi to all my blog friends, so much cooler today, think we'll be needing our winter willies. Hope you are all having a good day. Thought I'd better get on here now, as out for a meal with a friend later this afternoon, then meeting some other friends later still. Love Barbara's step by step today, may have to wait a bit for the ingredients though. On my Xmas list but hoping for it sooner. Can't wait to play. Must get the gelli plates out and get practising.

    1. Hi Pam – thank you for your supportive comments to me, it really does help. Not sure is you meant to put winter 'willies' – he he! I hope that you have a great time when meeting up with your friends. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Oh Pam that has given me a good laugh. Yes definately colder today. Have two lovely meet ups with your friends. I went out to lunch with a friend and didn't get home until 5, but it was good to catch up and have a good natter. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Oh girls, you've had me in fits, I'm crying. If only there was such a thing ha!ha!, Obviously the predictive text has been at it again. You know what it should have been Woolies of course.

    4. Hi pam hope you enjoyed your meal out dmard are tablets for rhumotiod arthritis they are a few you can have this will be my 2nd if I can have it as the side effects are damage to your liver which my first one did .
      You made me smile with your comment 😱😂

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – we are just sitting down having a cup of tea, after getting home from the hospital. Thank you all so much for your lovely, caring and helpful comments on my post from yesterday. Today has been a much better day, for us both. I negotiated with Neill about his food and made sure to get him something completely different, which he loved. Better still, it was food that he is allowed to have. Only 6 more to go now and still making sure to stay firmly in the day and not looking ahead at all. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly I left you a message this morning on yesterday's blog. I'm so pleased that you are both having a better day today. Look for a little joy each day and it really helps. Take care . Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly it's good to hear you are both having a better day. It's very sensible taking each day as it comes, it will make the celebration at the end even more special. Sending hugs to you both. Xxx

    4. Dear gilly so pleased today has been a better day for you both give Neil a hug be proud your nearly at the last treatment and look at the people who you have helped at the hospital that takes a special kind of person to help others when your going through so much yourself hugs xxx

    5. Good Morning Gilly, so glad Neill loved the food you prepared for him. I love that time when you get back from the hospital for another day and sit down together with a cup of tea (and quite often,cake!) knowing another treatment is done. I think Neill only has next week to go, doesn't he? Hope they are all good days.xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara, hope you arrived there safely. I don't know how long it takes to fly there, maybe you're still in the air and putting up with annoying neighbours!!! I'm so like you, I too would be pacing, cleaning, checking, checking, and then checking some more! Thanks for the step by step, going to need them, beautiful picture. I've got all your shows recorded too.

    That's Daisy been for her annual check and immunisation, all ok😊

    If you get the chance to go back to the park to see if Mary, (was that her name, the lady who is a real live angel) is still there, please tell her how amazing we all think she is, and give her our heartfelt love. Hope you all have a brilliant time. Hope you left a loooong list of jobs for Dave to do,to keep him out of mischief while you're away!!!😉 Love Brenda xx

    Thanks for the messages yesterday. Forgot to tell my garden guy he's got a hug from you Dot, but it's garden week next week so will do. Morag, nice to see you back, and on the mend. Sheila glad you got your steroid injection, positive thinking remember -it will work, keep saying that, and believing it xx

    I need a bit of advice please. Dog foulling, and the reporting of. Someone doesn't pick up after their dog. It's been ongoing, usually outside my back gate, or the path behind my garden, this time right outside my front gate. I found an online form to fill in to report it. What I need to know – is this ok for me to do, is it the right thing? I know there are loads and loads of weird rules in the normal world where right things are wrong to do, and wrong things are ok to do. I don't understand it all at all, never will, normally my support does all that kind of thing, makes those decisions. I don't want to be doing something that could cause more problems for me. Thanks

    1. Brenda, report it now! Absolutely! Why should you put up with that? I have a dog and would never leave a mess behind him, neither would any responsible person so it is completely right to report that. What if a toddler were to fall into it, or even pick it up, children are very inquisitive. Don't think it would cause problems for you, your name would almost certainly not be passed on. HOpe you get it sorted. Xx

    2. Hello Brenda. I was wondering if perhaps you could discuss it with your helpful gardener, and maybe he could report it for you, keeping you anonymous. That may remove some of your anxieties??
      Take care dear. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Thank you. Guess reporting it is the right thing to do then. I was thinking the same as you Ruth, not just for my health, but that there's lots of young families round here, and even if the wee tots are in buggies, it's still a risk to them. I didn't want to burden my garden volunteer, he's already trying to tackle social services. the trouble is I think the culprit lives only 2 doors up, and I know I've been told before things can't be done/reported because it puts me at risk of revenge stuff or whatever it is. And I already suspect the other troubles I have sine moving here is from there too.

      I've got another big problem, my blue disabled parking badge expires in a month. I got the letter and it was saying to reapply online (first time had that), or if not contact them for an alternative way. I had to wait until I got a photo, but my laptop being down meant I couldn't crop it. So I found a way without my graphics programme just now so thought I'd best do the form as time is running out. I've got in a right state, they want so much stuff sent to them and one is a certified copy of my birth certificate! And I don't know how to answer questions on the form either. It's never been like this before and I had support to do it for me too. What's the point of an online form when you have to send so much stuff to them anyway? And how do I get a certified copy of my birth certificate, the copy part is easy, my printer does that. And I don't know how to answer some of these questions. Got really scared and in a panic, aye Barbara's tight band across the chest she was talking about yesterday. I saved and exited the form mid way through, and now I'm in a state not knowing what to do. After everything I've been through in the last week or so I really didn't need this extra huge problem on top. Even if I could answer the questions, how on earth am I supposed to get my birth certificate certified, the world has abandoned me in this 'prison cell'. And now on top my head has seized up with system overload! And I feel my face burning/stinging so that's my eczema flaring up from the stress! I know I don't get allowed out of here, apart from my day out 2 weeks ago, and who knows when the next time might be, but I still need my blue badge in case of urgent/emergencies. This is one bite, one bite at a time, but if you can't do the one bite and no one to help, what do I do

    4. Oh Brenda I wish I could pop round and give you a hand. Now I used the form on our council website this year to report someone who walked past every day and didn't clear up the mess. I didn't hear from the council but it stopped happening. I know dog wardens go out around the area so I think it probably triggered a dog warden watch. I wish I could help with the blue badge problem. Can your doctor certify your birth certificate for you? From where I worked in a pensions department we would accept a solicitor or bank certification but would think a doctor or member of the clergy might work. Oh it's difficult isn't it. On a positive note it's good Daisy's check up went well. Sending you a big hug xxx

    5. I'm sorry if I offended you in some way Donna, it wasn't meant. I never said anyone here was irresponsible or anything, only, literally, that someone here is leaving dog mess outside my house on a regular basis, and I only said it as I need help to know what to do because my brain is unable to know what the right thing is in the normal world.

      Thanks Diane. I'll go fill in the form, as no one has said to not do it. I can't get out to anywhere, anyone, and a GP won't come here unless it's an absolute emergency. But thanks for the suggestions xx

    6. Hi Brenda – I'm sure that Donna is not offended, please try not to worry about that. I know that you don't want to bother your garden guy – but I'm sure that he would try to get the certified copy done for you. Sending you hugs, Gilly xx

    7. Hi Brenda, I know you don't know me, but I hope I can help you a wee bit about the dog mess. I'm sorry to hear about you having to put up with that near your house. That shouldn't be happening. I think it may either be a dog owner who knows their dog is making a mess and ignores it (which is wrong), or someone letting their dog out at night unaccompanied (some do though it's also wrong) and the dog is fouling in what it considers to be its own territory. As usual, it's not the poor dog's fault – but it's definitely the owner's, and it's awful that you have to put up with the mess! I wondered if, as well as filling in the form you mentioned, you could also try phoning your local dog warden for advice? Most councils have one. The one here in Bath is very helpful, though it took me a while to get through to her

      I think you live in Scotland (I'm in Bath). I googled Dog Wardens in Glasgow and got a number: 08452 701558. I hope that helps you. If you Google Dog Wardens in your own area (if it's not Glasgow), hopefully it'll give you other numbers for other areas Scotland, too. I'm sure they could give you advice. People shouldn't leave dog mess around and you are quite right to be cross about it. By the way – I don't know Donna either, but I think maybe all she meant was that dog owners shouldn't leave their dog's mess on the street and that she wouldn't dream of doing that. I think she was agreeing with you. 🙂

      I'm sorry I don't know how to help about your blue badge – all I could suggest is that if possible, you call them and ask for advice about the certified birth certificate, but I know that can be impossible sometimes, when they don't even answer the phone. I hope things get better for you, Brenda. Wish I lived nearer and I'd pop round to sort it out for you! 🙂 All the best, Kay x

    8. Aw thanks so much for taking the time to try to help me Kay, that's so kind 🙂 And you too Gilly. Saying Donna is agreeing with me, I recognise that, it's a problem I can have with the way things can be worded, with me thinking the person is bad at me for something when they are actually agreeing. Sorry Donna xx I've just filled in the form, that one I did manage on my own. I said it was ongoing, and where it most often occurs. I'll see if anything happens, and if not I can get my garden volunteer to try phoning the dog wardens when he's here. Yeah, I was thinking I might have to get brave and try phoning the blue badge people, see if I can get them to understand me, but then I thought they'll just tell me I need to send the stuff, which won't help the problem. And not sure they could help me with the answers either unless they went through the whole form and did it for me with me telling them, which is highly unlikely isn't it. Maybe with it being the blue disabled badge they will be trained for dealing with people who have problems communicating. But may be putting myself through all that fear and stress and upset for nothing. If I had known all this new stuff was going to be in it my garden guy could have been helping work it out while we were waiting on getting the photo, another huge ordeal as I hate getting my photo taken. There won't be time for him to have a look or do anything when he comes next week for my garden visit, then that's it for another month. Just wish something would be straight forward for once.

    9. Hi Brenda, wish I could help. The Blue Badge scheme is great when it works but they seem to have made it terribly complicated. I remember when my son was alive, I had to have a photo of him for the Badge and it had to be head and shoulders, eyes open etc. He was unable to hold his own head up, and the photo on his badge showed my hand round his neck (trying to hold him up, but it looked like he was being strangled!) and an unlikely amount of hair (me holding him on my knee but trying hard not to be seen in the photo…) happy days!! I dont know what the answer is, but I wonder if you could just send a copy of your birth certificate with a note attached to say that you are unable to leave the house to have it certified. Might be worth a try. If you can phone them that might be best, or can you email them? They might have a customer service email. Let us know how it goes, you know you have so many of us here who would like to help if we can. xxx

    10. Oh my dear Brenda my heart goes out to you too many things for you to cope with at once
      My blue badge has just come up for renewal I looked on the Internet thought this is to much for me so rang the council the lady was so helpful she said the Internet is very complicated to do so she booked me an appointment at the local library i had my last one done there they take your photo very easily as it's a camera on the computer she uses (I looked terrible but at least it is not on the front of the badge )( I'm very lucky as I have tom so I'm never alone ) if you ring your council I know you said your not good with phones but if you can ring explain your circumstances first so they can help you rather than they think everyone is capable of using a phone when I ring I always explain my cfs effects me processing information and they need to give me time I wish I could do it for you if you can e mail your gardener to see if he could help you then your not putting anything on him as he can answer the e.mail or tex in his own time .put the dog problem to one side till you can cope with dealing with it as it looks like they are not going to clean up the dog mess anytime soon as they don't care about others as they would clean up after the dog .
      Try for tonight to think of crafting or something nice like daisy I know I don't understand Asperger but I do understand cfs and how fearful that can be I can get so stressed and so upset over things like hospital today all appointments really .
      And I don't think you have upset Donna she is one of our blog family your our blog star ⭐️
      Sending the biggest cuddle for you and daisy. Xxx

    11. thanks Ruth and Sheila so much xx

      I had cropped a photo for it, but discovered it only saves as very low quality, so looks like I'm going to have to get my graphics programme copied back onto my laptop asap so I can crop it properly and to size. but yeah Sheila you're right, been at this and the dog stuff, after being at the vet with Daisy, hours and hours all in. I'll give up for tonight. maybe start my ATCs in bed for my garden volunteer to take next week. Still got my dishes to wash! I'll see if I can phone them tomorrow, hopefully get a helpful one like yours, but I won't be able to go to the library even though it's only along the road. But they may be able to do something. Good to know that even they say the online form is so complicated, makes me feel a wee bit better, doesnae solve the problem though eh!!! And at the least I'll have got some info for if I'm going to have to ask my garden guy if he can do yet another thing for me. I've got to get this blue badge sorted so I've got the new one before the 11th November, if I don't it will just be my luck that something happens where we need it for an emergency/urgent thing! Trying to do my – nothing going to happen after 11th positivity Barbara 🙂 Hope you have a better day tomorrow Sheila and manage a wee bit craft, even though you have yet another appointment. Do you not think you should just have your bed moved to your surgery and sleep there in between your appointments!!!! 😉 Save your precious energy xx

      I'm so sorry to hear about your son Ruth. And bureaucracy eh, they don't care that it's those most struggling who needs all these help things, just chuck impossible mountains to climb at us, to get the most basic, smallest of help to make life a tiny bit easier. You know that one too Sheila eh! There doesn't appear to be any email contact, just phone for the blue badge people xx

    12. Oh Brenda I so wish there was something I could do to help and make things easier for you. Well done you for remembering Mary Jones the Word Artist Angel in Central Park. I was reading the blog way back then (24 Oct 2014) and remember her well. I just revisted Barbara's blog for that day. Certainly restores your faith in people. Hope you get things sorted without to much anxiety.xx

    13. Aw thanks for thinking of me like that Susan, especially when you have huge problems of your own to deal with. I bet Mary has an amazing aura you can feel from her. Would be amazing to meet her, wouldn't it. I do believe she's a real live angel. When does your treatment start, do you need to be an inpatient or can you go home every day? I think of you and think how lucky I am that my health problems and Asperger's are non life threatening/limiting, and don't need medical intervention. You are so brave xx

    14. Good Morning Brenda, I only have 2 more sessions of chemotherapy left this time round, one next week and one the week after. Then I have a scan to see if the tumours have shrunk. I think the consultant said there was one more type of chemo I could try if this one hasn't worked. The side effects have been minimal, just a very sore mouth and throat but perfectly doable. So all positive. Hope you have a good day.

  5. This is just beautiful. I watched this live, but it's great to have this step-by-step. So many variations whirling around in my head. The Agapanthus is my favourite of Jayne's designs, but they are all lovely. Have a good flight and enjoy your visit with Grace.
    Tonbridge Sue

  6. I only just caught up with this one yesterday and absolutely loved it. I have now started on my Christmas List for Santa!! Have a great time. Safe journey. Hugs to you and Paul (not forgetting Dave back home) xxx

    1. Good Morning Morag, took myself off to bed around midnight so didn't finish my postings! I hope that with another day behind you, you are feeling a lot better and the others of your family to. Have a good day.xx

  7. Have a great trip, enjoy your time with Grace and looking forward to hearing all the news from you and Paul.

    Love this card, didn't quite get my head around the mini gellies but have done so now and they're duly added to the ever growing wish list (Jayne's stamps are also on but a little higher up the list – lol!)

    Hugs to all who need them, catch you tomorrow xx

  8. Lovely artwork, im looking forward to catching up with the shows. Slow Internet in Spain wouldn't permit to watch it even on catch up so Saturday evening will be spent catching up whilst cuddling my much missed pooches.
    Have a wonderful trip to New York xx
    P's. Great blog post yesterday, I swear you've read my mind sometimes 🙂

  9. Wishing you and Paul a safe journey and that all goes well for you both in New York. Thanks for thinking of us and today's beautiful blog, especially when you had so many other important things to think of this morning.

  10. Think the small shapes are brilliant and this looked quite an easy demo even for me. I am always amazed at how much colour comes off on the print. Thank you for the step by step. Wishing you a safe and happy trip.

  11. I loved this when you did the demo on TV. Will be giving it a try as my stamps have come. My list to play with is growing every day! Have a great time in the big apple! Xx

  12. Hello Barb,
    Whoever came up with these small gelli's were inspired. loved the demo on TV and will definitely be having a go. Enjoy NY and Grace, you and Paul have a wonderful time, Dave don't work too hard.
    Maureen xx

  13. Evening bloggy friends hope you have all had a good day. Chilly here but the sun was out. Had a lovely Clarity parcel when I got home with my flower stamps in so my playtime list is growing. Need to start my challenge cards too so if anyone can the weekend longer that would be great! Xx

    1. Hi Donna – glad to hear that you have got some more goodies to play with. Not too sure if the weekends can be made longer – I do remember having that feeling too! Hugs to you and Phoebe, Gilly xx

    2. Hi Donna I'm not at all jealous! If im really good Santa might bring me the stamps for Christmas. Almost time to get your thermals out for playground duty isn't it. Sending hugs xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, your blog today was great.
    I just love Jaynes flower Groovi plates they are on my Christmas list. The card looks beautiful.
    Have a good journey and have a wonderful time in NY.
    Take care both
    lots of good wishes.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hello Lynn. I have read your post from yesterday. I'm so happy for you that your life has turned around and that you are now having some much deserved happiness. Love and Hugs xxx

  15. Hello all my lovely friends. I was a little too early today and commented on yesterday's posts, thinking they were for today…head still not quite together! hahaha! 'What's new!' did I hear you say? hahaha! Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag – thank you so much for your comment to me, it does help a great deal. Today has been a much better day, apart from the fact that Neill's side effects have been really bad – and I would just like to be able to make it all better for him. I hope that you and yours are feeling a little better today – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Bon Voyage and don't work too hard. I am eagerly awaiting my mini gel plates and all the stencils etc to arrive. I am itching to get started.
    Hugs fron Chris X

  17. Hi Barbara
    Hope you gave arrived safe and sound. Have a wonderful time and I hope you and Paul get the chance for some down time in amongst work. Have a lovely time with Grace. I was watching this on rewind yesterday and loved it. The stamp is amazing on top of the gels images, what a great combination. Have fun and don't worry about Dave we will keep him entertained.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. I keep being interrupted tonight so it's taken me a couple of hours to get here. They were nice interruptions though, FaceTime with Emma for one. Sending hugs all round xxx

  19. I liked the card so much I kept the recording of the demo. Thanks for the blog, now I can free up some recording space for the next show.
    Have a wonderful time. Carol Sx

  20. Sorry missed your blog this morning cannot wait to play with it with this stamp my day did stay well as Bob work during early hours with chest followed with light headedness had this be fire his heart has gone out if reathom more ops docs would see him call 999 so trip to A/e for change his heart is runing to slow long story short home doing okay but how do you stop a man that cannot sit still and won't craft so know waiting for trip to papworth to see what happens next change meds or something else the waiting game. Anyway you have fantastic time hugging and loving your grace look forward to hearing of your adventures xxx

    1. Hope all goes well for bob at papworth and he is soon on a road to recovery crafting is a good way to help does he not like the groovi? hugs for you Katie hope they help you through xxx

    2. Does he like games on his phone or on an iPad that might make him sit down more, my Pete has a flight sim and it keeps him happy being sat flying his aeroplanes. My Kindle makes me sit a lot keeps me on this blog. Just a thought Joy. Hope they sort his problem out at Papworth. Thinking of you and

  21. Oooo, I've just watched one of the shows on catch and I really really 'need' the petites. They might be my Christmas present to myself, then again if I open a bottle of wine tomorrow night it might be Christmas sooner than I think. Well it's been a long week.

  22. Hi Barbara, I love the simplicity of this card and think once I have the petites it might be something I can achieve with the great step by step blog together with the recording of the excellent show. I went back to your blog on 24 October 2014 about Mary Jones the Word Artist after Brenda mentioned it. It certainly restores your faith in humanity when there are people like Mary around. Also there were some lovely pictures of her with you and Grace. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she was still in Central Park if you, Paul and Grace were passing through.xx

  23. Hi Barb, loved the petites and your demos, some beautiful arty work! Hope youand Paul have brill time in NY and much jollification with your daughter. Xxx

  24. Hello Barb, love this art work, the petites are great and I have promised them to myself, just not right now. Have a safe trip, and enjoy your time with Grace, don't let Paul led you astray in the big apple. Take care. Bx

  25. They look amazing fun, hope New York is too. Wondering why your blog isn't appearing on my fb page. Suddenly realised I hadn't seen it. 😨 X

  26. Wishing you and Paul a safe journey and that all goes well for you both in New York. Thanks for thinking of us and today's beautiful blog, especially when you had so many other important things to think of this morning.

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