Time to get in shape!

Time to get in shape!

Hi there
Thanks for stopping by
I hope you managed to catch the shows today.
It’s been a long but enjoyable Sunday.

I thought I would share the demo we did during the 2pm show

Take a selection of colours from the Artistry Ink range.
I went with Aqua Fusion, Golden Turmeric, Mellow Green and Cotton Candy.
Using a brayer, apply some colour to the 7×7 stencil card in a couple of areas.
When you are happy with the amount of colour on the 7×7 stencil card, spritz the blending mat with some water and mop up with the brayered background you have just created.
Use a heat gun to help the drying process
Take some household bleach and put into a pot. Using a stencil brush, apply to a piece of Cut n Dry felt to create your own ink pad with bleach! 
Take the solid diamond stamp, and stamp onto the bleachy Cut n Dry felt.
 Apply to the background you have created, holding in place to allow the bleach to sink in.
Allow the bleach to dry and then using the same stamp and the Golden Turmeric ink pad, stamp, blot, plot into bleached diamond
Repeat as above using the Cotton Candy
Again with the Aqua Fusion.
A really nice, mottled background, very arty.
Next take the diamond outline shaped stamp and ink up with a Black Archival and overstamp the diamond
This is one of the real benefits of our clear stamps!
Take the little star stamps from the Christmas Sprig set of unmounted stamps and stamp using a black archival ink pad
Now it is time to glaze the diamonds.
Dust your card with talc 

Before you glaze, paint the little stars with bleach, 
to really make them pop.
Use the Diamond stamp in a Versamark ink pad,
 and overstamp the diamonds.
Cover with Clear Embossing powder.
Tap of the excess and then use a heat gun to apply the heat from above
Can you see how dimpled it looks?
Reink with Veramark, apply the heat again, this time from underneath, to give you a much smoother finish.
Looks like glass.
Once you have done the other two diamonds, use the Christmas Word Chains to stamp your greeting, making sure that you keep them towards the bottom 2 diamonds
Trim off a piece from the left and then stick to the underside of the right hand side giving a nice contrast.
Cut a panel off the top.
Take a Sharpie pen and edge both pieces.
Then mount onto some Kraft Card.
Finally, mount the larger piece onto a white card blank.
You now have an elegant card and matching gift label ready for Christmas.
Night night!
Love and hugs

86 thoughts on “Time to get in shape!

  1. I've been waiting up for you. Lovely shows and you looked wide awake this afternoon! I looked at these stamps before the shows and thought not for me. Now I know they are definitely for me! Love the Groovi flowers too and looking forward to seeing more tomorrow. Sleep well xx

    1. Not too great, but many thanks for your concern, Sheila. However, on the plus side, moved to another ward today and all medication hopefully restored.
      So pleased you were able to enjoy the shows, as did I. Lots of new things to try!!! ;~}

  2. Great shows Barbara. You are still the one who makes me really inspired to get stuff out and play when I think I have lost my mojo. Your stamping always gets me in the creative heart

  3. Wow Barbara fantastic shows fantastic groovi well done Jayne stunning art work
    Can I say how wonderful it was to see you with the new presenter appoligies as didn't catch her name I was watching as you included her as though you was teaching her and how excited to receive your art work you gave her well done to her I was captivated watching you both .
    the groovi show was amazing congratulations on your sell outs .xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends goodnight hugs to you all catch up tomorrow to comment on you all xxx
      Happy birthday Dorothy big birthday hugs hope your having a wonderful holiday and Amy coped well xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I totally agree with you about watching Barbara with the lovely new presenter! I really enjoyed the shows yesterday and even managed to watch this morning before leaving for the hospital. Keep watching and resting, Sheila my lovely, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    I hope you are back at the hotel ready for bed and a poldark catchup. I caught the 2 o'clock show, what an inspiration and beautifully Clarity with the brayer and lovely inks. Great new stamps, lots of ideas whizzing around my head too, so a huge thank you from me. I hope the other shows went well, by the looks of Sheila's comment you've has sell outs. Looking forward to catch up and watching you tomorrow.
    Sleep well
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day watching Barbara. Got my ironing done whilst watching but have to make sure I don't get distracted and burn something! Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs and a special birthday hug for the lovely Dot – hope you've had a good day xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Glad you got the ironing done without burning anything! I have to watch something on to whilst ironing too, takes my mind off the horrible task I'm doing! Looking forward to shows today. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Hi Diane – glad you enjoyed the shows & got the ironing done too! I went to bed early & watched Poldark trying to guess which places they had used. Charlestown was 1st place I saw – just 1 mile from us. Hugs Gilly xxx

  5. Amazing shows! Fantastic products! Your demo's were so inspiring. I've never used a gelli plate but I shall be ordering one tomorrow. And the masks, and the stamps. And Jayne's artwork is breathtakingly beautiful. I've fallen in love with the agapanthus and the chrysanthemum. Can't wait for tomorrow's shows. Thank you so much. Helen xx

  6. Haven't seen the shows yet, have them recorded. Love this demo, I've been admiring the shape stamps since Sam Crowe used them at the Crowborough Open Day. And like seeing Christmas cards – I've been making them all year, Christmas is never out of season in our house!

  7. Hi Barbara, brilliant, shows, brilliant new products, brilliant demonstrator and demonstrations, what more can I say. It was so lovely to see, and feel, how happy, excited and enthusiastic you were, especially in your first show. The hard part is now trying to work out what to get, don't think I can justify buying everything!!! I love this card/tag too, thanks for sharing. I think I've thought of a way I could do this kind of thing without the bleach ☺

    Would it be possible to please show on here a close up photo of the reverse of the Groovi rose design, so I can sit with it and really work out the concept/rules of where to put the drop shadows? I was sitting willing you to do the rosebud that was pointing up! My psychic powers clearly not up to scratch today !!! I think it would help me with learning shading too if I could learn this concept as a first step. Thank you if you can.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shows. Hope you have a good sleep.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      The shows yesterday were great weren't they? I was carefully watching the dropped shadow part as well. The card was simply stunning. Looking forward to shows today. Love to you and Daisy, Alison xx

  8. Hi Barbara, well done on all your shows today. I've watch them all and still didn't have enough so I watched one that I recorded when Maria done the cube box, all so so brill. I regret I do have a complaint though and that is you are going to cost me so much money AGAIN when I see you at ally pally LOL xx keep up the good work my lovely

  9. Great show love stamping shows looking forward to show tomorrow have ordered Sams stamps direct from you so looking forward to playing with them hope you have a good night sleep hugs xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows and the amazing samples. I am so pleased to see Jayne's exquisite artwork and thank you for bringing it to us. Such a lovely lady and so talented. I have admired her for many years. I think the agapanthus is my favourite and my order will be placed shortly for the Groovi plates and the stamps too.
    Hugs from Chris X

  11. I dropped in and out of the shows but have them recorded ! This is a lovely project – I love shiny and simple lines too. I'm lucky enough to have the challenge voucher to think about spending – decisions, decisions! Xx

  12. Great show. Did you know that you went back to school today as I watched you on the interactive whiteboard in my class (yes I went in on a Sunday to finish getting my classroom ready) I hope you had a sellout Jeanette xxxxxxxxxx

  13. HI everyone, hope you've had a good day. We finished taking the stair carpet up and have put the sofa in the garage – managed it ourselves too without having to call on son for his muscles ! New sofa coming in the morning. We had to get a garden chair in with a cushion for Mikey as he's most put out the sofa disappeared! Didn't want him pinching our chairs either! The staircase replacement stars tomorrow so it's all go. Enjoyed then bits of the shows I managed to catch today and will look forward to thinking what I'm going to spend my Clarity voucher on. I'll have a think about that when I'm on holiday ! Hugs to all xxx

  14. Morning, great stamping shows yesterday lots of great techniques to try. The Groovi plates are beautiful, very nice samples from the DT. Will catch up on shows from today. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope today won't be too much of a shock to the system! I always used to say that as soon as I walked through the doors of school, it was like the holidays had never happened!! Love and hugsAlison xx

  15. Morning Barbara,
    Fantastic shows yesterday and the samples were simply stunning! I thought originally that the stamps weren't going to be useful but how wrong was I! Then I saw the beautiful plates and that was it, I HAD to have them so the stamps will have to wait. I think with Jayne's stamps I will have to get them at Leyburn as I will have got paid again by then! Hope today's shows go well ( if you've got any stock left!) love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Morning bloggy friends,
      Well, I feel onto cushions big style! Got the Groovi plates, which I couldn't resist. Will have to wait now until I get paid again before I can get anything else! Unless we live on bread and water!! Going to hospital with Dave today – nothing serious, just has to go to see haematologist to make sure his gout is still under control. Enjoy the shows today, love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  16. What a great idea those shape stamps are – well done to Sam! I wasn't sure how to use them but am now buzzing with ideas. Great Christmas cards on show yesterday. Mxx

  17. Great shows have them all recorded. Just placed my order thanks to my voucher for some of the artistery inks. Many thanks.

    Just playing with the Africa stamps at the moment 🙂

    Crafty hugs x

  18. Loved the demos with these very simple looking stamps…just shows how a little imagination (and bleach) goes a very long way to make something so beautiful!! Stamps added to my shopping list for Leyburn!

  19. Loved the demos with these very simple looking stamps…just shows how a little imagination (and bleach) goes a very long way to make something so beautiful!! Stamps added to my shopping list for Leyburn!

  20. Love the shapes, really unusual. Thanks for demoing the gelli plate, might get mine out of the package now or maybe after a few youtube visits!!! I am working with the ribbon 'Merry Christmas' right now. It was good to have a reminder of the colouring.

  21. Great shows and demos. I especially appreciated the gelli plate revisit, being one of the Retreaters who needed two shots at it and a lot of help from Paul! I also have the lovely Xmas stencil set, so very useful ideas.
    Your enthusiasm for the shapes stamps was infectious and you presented their versatility so well that I now want them, having being doubtful I needed them. I agree with Sheila's comment about your considerate handling of your 'handler'. Carol x

  22. Hi Barbara – truly fantastic shows! I love everything and really enjoyed you showing the white work and colouring techniques, this I need to learn!
    I fought your corner on FB yesterday, re the no new stamps comments! Just shows some people don't look at Clarity website! Hugs Gilly xxx

  23. Really like this simple but complex effect, if you know what I mean! My OH had rugby on the TV all day yesterday, so I'll have to watch the shows on catch up when I can. Just off to the airport to pick up mum and dad and am so excited to see them x

  24. Watched your show where you did this demo
    Fantastic artwork. Bit to advanced for me I still have not hot my gelli plate out f it's box. Lol
    Love the effects you can achieve with stamps I just need to have a go me thinks xxx

  25. Hello Barb, have not caught up with all the recorded shows yet, and it looks like I have plenty to look forward to. Love the idea and inspiration with your artwork today. Take care. Bx

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