Hi there.
Thanks for popping in this fine Tuesday!
We are hopping around here at Clarity Towers, 
filling all the orders from the weekend TV shows.
Fortunately, I can come in my office and shut the door.
One of the latest perks of the job – my very own office at work !!!
I gave mine up years ago to the accounts department, 
and have been a floater ever since (so to speak…)
Not anymore !
 I have a quiet room with windows and a door –
so all is good. shhh…..
But today is also Official Launch Day for Jayne Nestorenko’s wonderful stampsets. 




Plus the made-to-measure  Box Frame….
We have plenty of flowerstamps, of course.
We LOVE flowers!
But these are very beautiful.
It’s the clever little additional elements 
which make these sets so delightful.
Oh. And the fact that Jayne drew them. 
That makes them special to me.
I had a look at the Clarity Flower Verses and Greetings 
which would sit well with these stamps,
and have put together these two little verse sets for you.

Now that’s what I call a baargin!!!!
Offer ends midnight Sunday.
So there we have it.
Beautiful brand new Groovi flower plates.
Beautiful brand new flower stamps.
Got to go.
Hope you like the flowerstamps.
What’s not to like ?


  1. Hello Barbara

    Oooh, temptation! Jayne is such a talented lady and also a lovely lady. I met her when she came to Colemans one Demo Day.

    I have started an order but can see me adding to it.


  2. Hello Barbara,
    the shows are so great and the new Groovies and Stamps are so beautiful … I've send my order in the morning to Clarity and I hope they are coming soon.
    Big thanks to Jayne, that she have design this beautiful flowers, and to all of you, that you have make the Stamps and the Groovies.
    Sunny greetings from Germany.

  3. These look amazing Barbara. Always been a big fan of Jaynes from the early days. Looking forward to hopefully being able to get some of these.
    Enjoy your peace and quiet.
    Amanda. Xx

  4. Just beautiful! Want everything as always but must wait a while. Hoping my Hochanda birthday Groovi plates arrive soon, such a long wait – will order from Clarity Towers next time! Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, I loooove these flower stamps, looking at Jayne's illustrated designs makes the good feeling, like some art/music does. I could never do them justice, but must add at least some to my stamp collection. Thank you Jayne, and Barbara for bringing such beautiful artwork to us.

    Thought you all may be a tad busy today!!!! 😉 Good to hear you've allowed yourself a proper office. Must have been so hard to focus on things you needed to do.

    Hope you can have some chill time this evening
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      They are all gorgeous but having just bought the plates I can't afford these yet unfortunately. The dahlia and the agapanthus are my favourites though. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Thanks everyone xx
      Bet I can Donna 😉
      I can't even decide which is my favourite! And that's just the stamps, not got to thinking about the Groovi versions yet!!! I've been wondering what would be easiest – to trace from Groovi to make lineart on card, or to trace from stamp image onto parchment! My thinking is probably stamps, as they will be smaller. That way I could have them all, over time. And with the alphabet, love that font. Hope Clarity bring it out as a wee stamp alphabet.
      I'm the same as you Sheila, the heat, and muggy weather make me a lot more ill too. But I feel cold so much of the time, that I have the good side to in being able to feel warm all over inside and out. And we don't get that many days like this up here. I bet, like me, you're glad you don't live down south!!! xx

  6. Hi Barbara – sounds like an excellent plan for you to have your own office again! Not surprised that you are all busy, fulfilling orders, after the stunning weekend shows. I did try to defend you on FB over the weekend, but didn't get very far, unfortunately. Not to worry – it's back to that well know saying, 'you can't pleased everyone, all of the time'! I am very pleased that I am on the Groovi journey – even though I haven't travelled very far yet! The journey is very rewarding – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – thank you for all of your lovely supportive comments yesterday, it does help so much! We have had a much better day today! Neill's medication worked really well, and although he is still having some problems – nowhere near as bad as yesterday! We were home 2 hours earlier today, and Neill is having a sleep now – I am going to cook tea this evening. Pork chops, apple sauce, roast potatoes and carrots! Right, I'm off to have a mini lie-down, before making a start on our meal! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Oh I am pleased you have had a better day and Neil feels more comfortable. Your dinner sounds lovely, think I will get the pork chops out the freezer for tomorrow. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, I know what you mean. I have been trying to get my cutting right, well with a little patience I am getting there and quite proud of how far I have come.
      So keep going you will get there
      There are a lot of lovley ladies who are there with help if you are in need of information.
      Lots of hugs
      Lynn xx

    4. Hi Gilly, I know what you mean. I have been trying to get my cutting right, well with a little patience I am getting there and quite proud of how far I have come.
      So keep going you will get there
      There are a lot of lovley ladies who are there with help if you are in need of information.
      Lots of hugs
      Lynn xx

  7. Oh dear, more offers. I'll need to check my stash as I think I have some of the sayings. Now that you have an office does that mean you will be doing office work now as well?

    1. Hi Donna, thought you might be buying the lot, having the voucher helps. Now remember, work life balance, just for one night try to get to your car before the little angels reach there's and zoom off home (carefully of course otherwise the parents will complain about reckless driving !) to make that phone call 😀 Sending hugs xxx

  8. Oooo Barbara….the flowers are fabulous and they will be used….a lot!!!! Thank you for bringing this beautiful artwork from Jayne to us!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  9. Oooo Barbara….the flowers are fabulous and they will be used….a lot!!!! Thank you for bringing this beautiful artwork from Jayne to us!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  10. These stamps are just gorgeous , will have to have them but I will have to wait a while , just had a birthday and had a few goodies ( Clarity of course) from hubby . Really enjoyed the shows on Sunday just love watching you demonstrating the gell plate you make it look so easy . Thankyou Barbara for all the continuing inspiration. x

  11. Hi Barbara
    These are just beautiful, well done Jayne and the Clarity team for bringing this collection to us. Think I will have to wait a while but they will be well worth the wait. How lovely to have your own office again, a little haven of tranquility in amongst the hustle and bustle. Perhaps you could offer a Clarity tour as a prize one day, be interesting to see behind the scenes. Hope you are managing to get some breaks and aren't all pulling the night shift to get the orders out.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, it's been muggy here but not much sunshine. Been playing with some Clarity stamps today that just needed an outing. Think the geliplate needs a trip out too as it hasn't been played with for ages. Sending hugs all round. Xxx

  12. Ooooo Barbara a new office for you to create some more beautiful clarity creations and for your clarity towers crew to knock and say have you got a moment our Barbara thanks for the offers but I've got the verses I think .i love Jaynes creations so much talent but I've gone for the groovi full set am looking forward to reading the letter you have enclosed and been able to keep them in there own packaging and if I cannot craft I can just look at them xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs 💞to you all thinking of you all .im having a very bad day been for my bloods was too poorly to go really but I cannot miss the weekly bloods I came back home to bed and went to sleep Tom woke me up for my medication got up for a while then back to bed I feel so ill so appoligies for not commenting on you all sending caring hugs sleep again for me now catch up tomorrow 😴💤

    2. Oh Sheila,
      So sorry to hear you feel so poorly. Hopefully with a good night you'll feel better tomorrow, even if it's only a little bit. Sending lots of love and very caring hugs, Alison xxx

    3. Bless you Sheila for thinking of me last night when you were so poorly yourself! So sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. I have brought your hugs with me to the hospital toda, greatly appreciated! It's very busy here in the waiting room today. Sending you some caring hugs to help you through today. Lots of love and hugs Gilly xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Well, about time the Boss had an office. Just think you can lock yourself away for a bit when you feel like it! These stamps are absolutely beautiful and I'm sure Jayne will be so pleased to see what you have done with her designs on Groovi and stamps. Simply exquisite! Unfortunately, as I bought the full set of Groovi, I can't afford the stamps – YET! I will be getting them though, hopefully you'll have them at Leyburn. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a really nice day today. Dave and I went up to Holy Island for the day and have just got back. Haven't been there for about 30 years! How it has changed! Last time I I went, it was so quiet and uncommercialises, the Priory was free to enter and I think the Castle might have been too. Now it is packed, admission prices for everything, but still nice to visit. I wanted to take some photos but my camera said that the SD card was faulty. I tried to buy a new one with no joy. 3 hours later whiles I was waiting for Dave ( he'd gone off to look at some birds( feathered variety!) I thought I'd have a look at the card, so I wiped it with my glasses cloth thinking I couldn't do it any harm, and lo and behold the flaming thing worked! By that time the light had gone flat, so no photos! Had a wander around Bamburgh on way back – gorgeous . Fish and chips at Seahouses so all in all a good day. Hope you all aren't in need of extra cushions! Love and hugs to everyone,Alison xxx

  14. They are all so lovely Barbara, want the groovy ones first, haven't used my fuchsia stamps yet, so may just have a couple to go on with. I've got 4 of the verses already, but brilliant offer for those that haven't got them. Nice that you have an office of your own

  15. Gorgeous stamps – again huge thanks to Jayne! Going to have to wait a while for these tho' as treated myself to the full set of Groovi plates at the weekend. Can't have everything all at once can I? 'Why not?' says the little voice from my left shoulder; but the voice from my right shoulder says 'No, you sometimes have to wait a while!' Hey ho, think I'll just let them fight it out between themselves – lol!

  16. LOVING these flower stamps!!! Especially the Agapanthus…..but thinking I might actually need them all 🙂
    Will try to be good & just get them one at a time or maybe two?

    we shall see…
    Liz M xx

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