Trip of a lifetime without the Internet?

Trip of a lifetime without the Internet?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Busy day, manic day!
Bobbed between picking and packing,
so look out for little messages when I saw a name I knew!
I was sitting here this evening, 
looking out over the fields at work,
thinking about the blog today.
Here’s the Art wall in our design room…..
Yep, every one of those Pizza boxes is filled 
with beautiful artwork by our oh so clever Clarity Design Team.
Enough to fill the National gallery!
And then I got to thinking about when we go on holiday.
One thing I can assure you, 
I am not taking my crafting stash with me!
Not that I don’t love art!
B u t   I   d o   n e e d   a   b r e a k!
The blog is a different thing.
I know that this is where so many of us hang out.
This is like a coffee shop, 
where you check in with each other every day,
and there’s no way I am going to put a closed sign up for weeks!
But I also know that where we’re going on our hols, 
internet is not guaranteed.
So I have got a plan.
I am going to lean on my arty friends here;
I am sure they won’t mind….
I have spent a pleasant couple of hours
picking pizza boxes off the shelves,
selecting a couple of lovely art samples and taking photos. 
Now I’m going to drop them into the holiday blog days,
and write a little around them.
That way, even if we are in the middle of a pineapple plantation 
or halfway up a mountain,
Paul can still post a little gallery blog on my behalf. 
So I shall take lots of pics, 
And when we get home,
I will write a mega blog 
about where we went and what we did.
I want to switch off.
From Clarity. From Groovi. From everything.
Just for a couple of weeks.
I want to have some time NOT thinking about work.
I want to think about something else,
for the first time in many, many years. 
I hope you understand. 
I KNOW you do.
In fact, let’s have a practice run this evening!
Here, for example, are a couple of wonderful pieces made 
Thursday’s Blog is always BLUE,
so here’s a blue one by Linda.

Linda Spencer

Check out the shrink plastic fairies!!
How cool are they?!

This one is beautiful.
Julie has a very gentle style.
The stamps come with a mask, 
which makes adding clouds in the background so much easier.
Julie Owens

This one by Maria is beautiful.
I love the way she has used Clarity Stencil Brush
to catch the whimsy aura.

Maria Simms
And this one made me smile;
Fairy housing estate!
Honestly, all that land and they pack them in so tightly, 
you can hear your neighbour sing in the shower!

Jane Telford

So yes.
This is the plan.
After Bristol,
Dave, Brother Steve and I are off on our annual adventure.
Have I told you where we are going this year?
Hawaii and California Highway No. 1
all the way from LA to San Francisco.
Trip of a lifetime.
And I don’t want to be worrying about whether or not 
there is an internet signal !
I really must go pack.
Well, check my shorts still fit me actually …
(ever the optimist!)
Love and hugs

158 thoughts on “Trip of a lifetime without the Internet?

  1. I think you are right everyone needs a break,you will have a wonderful time , the three of you , just wish I could tag along, will look forward to seeing the pictures. Thankyou for sorting out my discount after getting it wrong when I placed my order .xx

  2. So pleased you are taking of and having a complete break you so deserve it you go switch if have fun sleep all day if you want do what ever you all want but just enjoy your break yes will miss you but you will feel so much better for it go go girl have some fun with your lovely fellow are Dave and brother Steve have you packet yet lots love and hugs Joy and Katie xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, I know what you mean when you work as hard as you do, not forgetting Dave and everybody at Clarity. I am sure they do not mind as I am sure all of us on this blog. Have a wonderful time the elves will look after the ranch while you are away, recharge the batteries and come back refreshed. Have a great time hugs to you all. Lynn x x 😎

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time & totally relax. Can I just thank you & all the team for working so hard? I was amazed to receive my weekend order this morning, I was expecting go receive it next week at the earliest. The postman was even more amazed to have my husband answer the door wearing only his boxer shorts! Amazing service! Now I have a complaint (shock, horror & gasp)! Tomorrow is my day off and as part of my new fitness regime which started this week I was going swimming in the morning. That is now cancelled as I have new toys to play with! My shorts will absolutely not fit again this year xx

  5. What a wonderful vacation you have planned. Have travelled through California and Hawaii so know it will be amazing. Think the idea of using some of the brilliant artwork from the design team is a great one. I have this particular stamp which I haven't used yet. No excuses now after seeing these lovely samples. Have a wonderful vacation and leave everything behind. What doesn't get done will be there when you get back. You deserve this break. Have a wonderful time.

  6. Really Really pleased you are going to switch off. You all deserve a well earned break from EVERYTHING.

    I hope you have a busy Bristol followed by a fantastic holiday.xx

  7. Oh Barbara why wouldn't you think your wonderful clarity blog family you have created here not want you to have a holiday of a lifetime, the brilliant clarity design team samples will keep us enthralled and clarity towers will cope just have a rest with Dave and Steve make some wonderful memories we can soak up when you come back .now go girl get packed xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag Julia sue57 pen and all the wonderful clarity family hugs to you all and hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I've been crafting today had a restful time with my groovi -ing Finnished a card too so a happy bunny done too much so in bed now with a red card from Tom bless him ,
      I got a super parcel today from clarity my baby groovi folders they are fabulous so cute so my baby plates are put away all together because I ordered two I've got one empty at present hope you have all had a good day 😊 Xxxx

    2. Hi Sheila! Glad that you have been enjoying your Groovi time today, it's SO easy to do too much, isn't it? Bless Tom – he is no doubt looking after you well! Glad that you have had your order, and created some order!! Restful hugs for you coming over now, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, glad you're having a rest, hope your pains aren't back. Exciting getting your clarity parcel. Hope you found it better with your new light? Take care Sheila. Love and hugs Pam xx

    4. Hi Morag my pain is still controlled which is so good but I've just pushed myself too much so my CFS has kicked in so rest now xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, it's great getting parcels. I'm slowly getting the furniture back into the bedroom, I slept so much better last night. Whilst I haven't been crafting because of the decorating I have had lots of ideas so hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to put some ideas onto paper.

    6. Hi Sheila,
      Glad to hear you've been crafting but sorry you've done too much – you've now to got to find that happy medium! I got my Groovi baby folders too and I've filed one and am on the way to filling the second! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  8. Lay on the floor, Breath in, and stick the hanger hook in the Zipper – get Dave to pull the hanger and you pull on the shorts and you should get them on OK, that's how my and my Sisters used to get our Jeans on anyway. If that doesn't work, I'll have those ones!!!! Have a lovely time Barbara, Dave and Steve. Xxx and Be Good! OK kidding. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara, I can total understand about not having to think about anything except yourself and Dave while your on holiday. I'm sure Paul and the rest at clarity house can chat to us each day while your away? So all you have to do now is get into those shorts, pack your case and away you all go, we will still be here when you get back and we will all get a cuppa ready for your first blog to find out how the holiday went. xx

  10. A complete break will do you the world of good Barbara. You totally deserve it. It sounds like a fabulous adventure for the three of you. I will look forward to hearing and seeing all about it when you return. You are such an angel to sort the blog out for us for while you are away. Your design team certainly do you proud. You will be missed but I'll take pleasure in the fact that you will be having so much fun enjoying new places and experiences. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Donna I've been looking for your challenge card but can't find it on my phone. I'll have to have a look on the PC. I've been making some cards that I'm quite pleased with, using the Butterfly and Spring stamps from the Club. I made some inked and bokeh backgrounds. Then stamped and heat embossed(in white) the butterflies onto vellum. I stamped one of the wee fairies and the star sprinkles on the top of the background card then dotted the butterflies underneath. I stamped Spring in the bottom left hand corner. And added bits of colour onto the butterfly wings using promarkers. I made three the same but different if you know what I mean!
      I bet you wished ylou'd never asked now! Haha! Hugs xxx

    2. Forgot to say I cut the butterflies out!
      Hi Gilly Pam and Sheila It took me so long to write on this phone that I didn't realise you'd all posted.hahaha. Hugs to you all xxx

    3. Hi Donna and Sheila, I've just found your gorgeous cards. Hmmm!! Me entering the challenge!!! Give me a few days and I'll see what I can come up

    4. Give it a go Morag! As the saint goes "You've got to be in it to win it." Completely random choice for the winner too as its chosen by a computer picking a number. I bet your cards are super! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, not done any craft today, had nice weather so pottered around the garden tidying up a few bushes etc. Hope you've had,a good day. Live and hugs,Pam xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Spent part of yesterday reorganising my Groovi plates seeing as my new folders arrived. Only problem is, I think I need some more! Decided to only put one plate per opening ( if that makes sense) as when I had two in ,it made the folder very heavy and I did split one of the openings! Your entry for the challenge is lovely – well done. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Sounds like a good plan to me! Just go off and enjoy yourself, we'll all be here when you get back! My shorts still fit me so hope yours do too! With all that work, stress etc. I'm sure you've worked off the extra calories, not sure what my luck was !

    We will look forward to seeing all the other artwork while you're away! Loving the treehouse, I know I don't have that one!

    Hey, we should have had a limerick today – world/national limerick day I woke up to this morning and immediately thought of you.

    Just all of you have a lovely time x x x

    1. Pleased for you, that your shorts fit! Not going to try mine on yet – need to get more mobile and hopefully lose a few pounds first! Still resting! xxx

    2. I would need loose a few stone before I could get anywhere near a pair of shorts. I did stop eating bread a week ago but yesterday hubby asked me to make a bramble pie. I had to keep him company eating it, it was only polite!!! xxx

    3. Know what you mean Morag, mine asked for a crumble so I had to join him the other day! I had to stop using the bread maker as we ate it as soon as it came out! LOL ! X

    4. My bread maker's relegated to the cupboard for the same reason! When I retired I treated myself to an ice-cream make! After only about 6 months and one and a half stones later that had to be put away too, it only comes out for birthdays and Christmas now!!! xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, ham-strings straining at the moment, walking around as if on stilts! Down at the beach for a couple of miles walk, today. Treat tomorrow, another walk along the Ythan estuary with all the wildlife – over a thousand pairs of eider ducks and at least seven nesting herons. Fab! Hope you are enjoying your new light panel. I'll need to get down to some serious stuff soon. ;~}

  12. Have the best holiday Barbara, Dave and Steve. By the time you get back it will just about time for us to leave NZ and head to your neck of the woods. Looking forward to it. Have fun (how could you not when Steve is involved) xxx

  13. Really pleased that you are going to do what you keep telling us to do and take time out and recharge. You will no doubt feel a wee bit out of control at first, but I am sure you will soon get used to being just about you and family around you. I loved Hawawi when I was there when I was sixteen while on the around the word trip with my family. I remember the thought provoking moments on the Arizonia memorial with all the Japanise throwing roses into to water, as well as seeing the pineapple fields and the time on the beach. We certainly had a memorable two days before going to New Zealand and landing in a winter wonderland of snow!
    I hope your trip will bring as many happy memories as I have from all those years ago.

  14. Wow, what a year it's been for you! Anxiety over Dave, fabulous new product, fabulous new Clarity team mate (Paul) and a new TV home. You are certainly due a deep breath and a wonderful holiday. Have a great time. Carol

  15. Completely understand your need to have a complete break without the worry of blogging relying on whether you can get internet access etc. You all work so hard. Good for you very sensible. It'll be great for us seeing more of the design teams beautiful cards as well. We will miss you lots but you need this. We can look forward to seeing all the lovely photos you will take. Have a wonderful holiday with your Dave and Steve, holiday of a lifetime as you said. Bon voyage, have a safe journey and just enjoy. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hi Sheila and Gilly, thank you for your kind thoughts. Did a little cutting back a few bushes in the garden this afternoon as the weather was good. Back not much better I'm afraid, phoned up Physio yesterday got an appointment for end of the month. Xxx Left a message further up for you Sheila. Hope you are still resting Gilly, also that you feel better for your little break. Love and hugs,Pam xx

    2. Thank you very much Morag and Gilly, if it doesn't get better soon I'll go back to the doctors as the exercises haven't helped at all. All sent to try us.xx

    3. Pam you shouldn't have to suffer the pain it's been a long haul for you see what physio says then as you say see what dr says sending lots of cosy hugs xxx

  16. We all need time out even from the things we love doing. I'm sure the 3 of you will have a fab time, with lots of fun and laughter. Enjoy! I'm sure the Clarity crew will hold the fort admirably.

  17. Everybody is entitled to a holiday where they can totally shut off from work and I'm so pleased to hear that that is your intention. A total recharge of your batteries. It will be lovely to get inspiration from the design team while you are away so thank you for thinking of us again…and if I get a little note from you in my Clarity order, then you just might hear me squeal in Hawaii! Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  18. That is a brilliant idea to make it a complete break, even from the blog. It will do you all a power of good, and it will be fun for us to see all that lovely artwork. You have built a fantastic and talented team at Clarity, so now is the time to trust them to carry on while you have fun. I love those fairy castles. I wish I could get down to Bristol but it is the old story that it is too far for a day. Have a good show and then concentrate on that holiday of a lifetime. xxx Maggie

  19. A trip to the States will soon start
    With Dave, Steve and Barb taking part.
    Highway number 1;
    New things to be done,
    Relaxation for the mind and the heart.

    Wow, what a trip!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy 😀

  20. Hi Barbara – so pleased to hear that you are going to have a complete break from everything, a very wise decision! You will gain so much from it, and will come back brimming with ideas I am sure. I can just imagine you doing little sketches of things that appeal to your imagination – to be used as stamp, stencils or Groovi, in the future! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to prepare the blogs in advance, obviously we will miss you – but we will be more pleased to know that you are having a holiday of a lifetime with people who you love! Enjoy every moment – looking forward to seeing the 'Mega Blog' & Photos! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends – hope that you have all had an enjoyable time today! I have still been resting in bed again today – just getting up for meals etc. I can honestly say that I am feeling the benefit of it now! I didn't share with you that Hubby made an appointment at the doctors for me yesterday – without telling me! Anyway, the doctor was a bit puzzled with my current difficulties and even phoned the hospital to check if he needed to do anything more. They decided that I need an early appointment with a neurologist and I have the date for my MRI scan in a couple of weeks time. So meantime I am seeing the need for behaving and doing as I am told – gosh!! Hoping to do a little bit of craft tomorrow – hugs to you all Gilly xxx

    2. Gilly you can craft with your groovi in bed best place to be till you get your MRI scan and see the neurologist thinking of you and sending lots of restful hugs xxx

    3. Hope everything goes well Gilly, yes take notice of hubby and continue with your rest. Glad you did a bit of craft, keep your spirits up. Take care love and hugs,Pam xx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased you're feeling a bit better with the rest you're getting. Hope MRI goes well too. Just think of the Groovi work you can do while in bed! Love and hugs Alison xx

  21. Of course your shorts will fit you. Beautiful tree houses. Wish I was a fairy to get in your luggage and come on the trip! Very envious as I shall be working for the old circus of an MOJ – pity the hard-working civil or not so civil servants! Have a wonderful time = you all deserve it and shall look forward to the blogs and your return.
    Lots of love from one very tired, over-worked, under paid and over here! Only joking. Nearly the weekend and down to the veg patch.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  22. Have a great time, have fun and relax all of you. Will look forward to seeing your pics and hearing all about your trip on your return. Hope to get to Bristol on sunday for the parchment show. Jx

  23. Another lovely blog ,, have a wonderful holiday ,we all have to switch of now and then ,,. It will do you the world of good , just go away relax and have fun,,.
    Take care love Annie ,,,xxxx

  24. Brilliant, you need a holiday just like everyone else. Recharge your batteries and enjoy the scenery. Will be lovely to see all the other artwork and you know your team will look after the shop. xx

  25. Hi Diane, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Alison and Sue57, hope you've all had a good day and that the weather has been good to you. Ours has been good today especially after the last few days. Managed to get out in the garden cutting back a few things. No craft today, hoping to do a little tomorrow towards my Cockeral and hen canvas. Love and hugs to you and all on the

    1. Hi Pam, lovely day yesterday but cloudy and definitely colder today. Spent part of day yesterday gardening and part reorganising my Groovi folders. Love and hugs Alison xx

  26. You have a brilliant holiday. You need complete rest away from day to day and you have a brilliant team left behind. So you can forget all about it for 2 weeks…..have fun X X X

  27. Have an absolutely fantastic time. You deserve a break. you leave your blog in very capable hands (though we will miss you) I am sure the team will continue to keep up the good clarity work. And anyway, as a former primary school teacher I know holidays were times I never switched off from looking for/finding resources. You will come back newly inspired from things you have done or seen and I for one am very much looking forward to that! Have a fantastic time and rest xx

  28. Have the best holiday ever! You'll feel so much better for it if you switch off completely!
    I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Safe journey!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  29. Have the best holiday ever! You'll feel so much better for it if you switch off completely!
    I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Safe journey!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  30. I think you've come up with an excellent way to keep us happy and to enable you to switch off your washing machine head. I hope the three of yo have a brilliant time.

  31. Wishing the 3 of you the most wonderful vacation! Everyone needs to recharge and with the year you've had you more than deserve this time. I will enjoy seeing all the design team members work! Will look forward to your return! Safe travels and relaxing moments with special memories each day!

  32. Sounds wonderful and sure your head will be just bursting with ideas and inspiration for when you return. YOU switch off! Can't believe you will manage it completely x

  33. Hope you all have a fabulous well earned, Internet free, holiday. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures on your return. Am sure you have left Clarity Towers in very capable hands and look forward to Pauls blogs! Safe trip! Xx

  34. Enjoy your break Barbara as few weeks away will do you the power of good & I'm sure I'm not the only one who is already looking forward to the Groovi & stamp/stencils goodies that will be inspired by your trip!!
    ….On a totally random note could any of you lovely ladies tell me where I can get a piece of punchinella(sic) I've seen it on Amazon but I really don't want a metre of the stuff as I presume its reusable. Ideas anyone please????

    1. Hi Pamela, I got a bit from Hobbycraft in a bag of mixed bits but I think you can get it on its own. Of course if you want to buy the new town stencil from Clarity it comes with a strip of punchinella free! 😀

    2. Sorry meant to say it is reusable. When you get some cut off the solid edge down the sides as it gives a much better effect if you ink or paint through it. Xx

  35. Love your idea and it sounds like time you shut ( I'm glad I checked out this word shut because originally there was an I instead of a u ) off the work,and blog voices in your head . Lol . Have a great time , I will miss you . Love these cards . Will have to wait for another sale , the last one did me in . Xoxo jan

  36. We'll miss you and look forward to hearing about your exciting travels when you return. Have a wonderful, relaxing and fun packed holiday – you've definitely earned a rest! xx

  37. I'm so pleased you are going to relax and switch off on your holiday. Just what the doctor ordered! Also, I'm really looking forward to getting a proper close up look at some more of those lovely samples on your blog rather than just having a fleeting glimpse on the TV. Have a great time, and if the shorts don't fit just wear the stretchy swimsuit! x

  38. I've been to Hawaii and San Fran – both are amazing places but in totally different ways.
    I'd love to go back to Hawaii so I don't blame you for being excited
    I hope you have all have a fantastic time

  39. This sounds wonderful Barbara and you derserve a complete break so just switch off and have a great time. We will all look forward to hearing about it when you get back and it will be good to see some of the beautiful artwork from your DT. x

  40. Forget about work, forget about the blog, forget about us (we'll still be here) and HAVE FUN. And I bet, by the time you come back, creative ideas will be bouncing off you like frogs on a trampoline! 🙂 Kay x

  41. As it's National Limerick Day

    There was a young lady named Gray
    Who had plans for going away
    But her shorts were too small
    To wear them at all
    "They've shrunk!" is all she would say!!

    Have a fabulous holiday and I look forward to reading all about it when you get home xx

  42. Sounds like the best Barbara plan ever, time for yourself and fantastic trip just chill and enjoy we will all be here when you get back cant wait to hear all about it and your pics with the your grass skirt and lei Hula Hula have a ball…Xx

  43. Have a wonderful holiday Barbara. You are right to switch off and concentrate on recharging your batteries. We will be here when you get back and it will be great to hear about your adventures.

  44. Have a wonderful holiday Barbara. You are right to switch off and concentrate on recharging your batteries. We will be here when you get back and it will be great to hear about your adventures.

  45. Good on you Barbara. You're doing the right thing👍 You've been working so hard. You need to get aeay from it all and switch off! Your trip sounds fab. Never been to Hawaii but did California Highway 1, LA, San Francisco. Just love San Francisco! Have a WONDERFUL time and of course, Dave too . Relacx and enjoy . Looking forward to seeing you at your Open Dax on 18th June. Xx

  46. Complete switch off is absolutely what the dr ordered – so you,Dave and Steve must go and enjoy the wonderful sights and smells of that fab holiday – Paul will cope admirably without a doubt. We all need a break from the daily 'grind' no matter what it is – be that being a full time housewife/retired/unemployed/full time/part-time – be work be something you love or just a means to an end – we all need a break – so you go and have fun and relaxation in the warmth of the sun – come back refreshed and raring to go – I have no doubt you will see things that will inspire you – and we will welcome them. I for one know I desperately need a holiday – my job is so demanding – the daily 80 mile commute draining – have a week off coming up soon and then early July a monday to friday break in the forest in a cabin with a hot tub – not quite the holiday you are having but equally needed and will be time to switch off xx
    Much love to the three of you xxx

    1. Hi Kim , you really sound as if you are ready for a bit of quality time. Now a days work can be very demanding. Have a good time when you go . Lynn x

  47. Hi barb, you so deserve the break, and spending time with Dave and brother Steve, and what a fab idea to use some of the mountain of artwork from talented people to blog with. Looking forward to seeing what you have chosen, and if the samples above are anything to go by, we are in for a real treat. Take care and enjoy. Bx

  48. Dear Barb,
    Missing you already, but looking forward to the picture/descripture blogs.
    If you get to Bristol, you might see my crafty friend Betty from Richmond (North Yorkshire) who has been in hospital lately, so please give her a cheery wave!
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  49. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting, but better late than never!
    I for one am so pleased that you are having a complete break from crafting, Clarity etc. You have had a very hectic year and deserve the rest. I think it's very thoughtful of you to have sorted out blog things ( thank you) and am sure Paul will fill in well whilst you're away. I hope you have a fabulous time with Dave and Steve. Love and hugs Alison xxx
    Ps my baby folders came today along with new Groovi album – super service, thank you xx

  50. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely blog, it's good to see some of this amazing artwork close up and to get your funny comments with them (high rise fairies singing in the shower – what a thought!!). I think it's a brilliant idea for you all to switch off and not worry about work, it's so hard when you live breath and sleep it. You will have an amazing time, lots of laughter and the shorts will fit a treat – in fact, spoil yourself and go and by a new pair to go with them!!
    Lots of love
    Diane xxx

  51. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, in great company and enjoy a complete break away from daily routines and pressures. You've made lovely plans for us to carry on enjoying your blog while you are away. So we all have lots of good things to look forward to. Wishing you all the best.

  52. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, in great company and enjoy a complete break away from daily routines and pressures. You've made lovely plans for us to carry on enjoying your blog while you are away. So we all have lots of good things to look forward to. Wishing you all the best.

  53. Dear Barbara, Dave & Steve, have a fabulous holiday and chill out. You have all been so busy its not just work, it is your life and you all need a well deserved rest!! Thanks for sorting the blog, I do love reading it every day even if I don't comment. The team are amazing and will hold the fort while you are away. Enjoy xxx

  54. Hope you have a lovely time, and we all understand and appreciate that you need to switch off now and then. I think this is a fab idea to showcase some samples, will give us all much needed inspiration and I may just have to add to my clarity stash.

  55. Dear Barbara. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, sounds like fun. I make a trip to California usually, once a year as my youngest son Michael, daughter in law Karen, and three grandchildren, Ellie, Cameron and Olivia live in Danville, a lovely place. My trips lately have been at Christmas. Have a lovely time, and enjoy the rest. Xxxxx

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