A Groovi Tree-t….

A Groovi Tree-t….

Hi there!
Windy, innit!!
We’ve got a few trees down around this area.
So Storm Katie is definitely blustery!
Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, 
so nothing more appropriate today, 
than our new Groovi Baby Trees, 
Designed by our lovely Melanie. 
These are so delightful to use, 
I thought I’d do a little step by step for you this morning,
while the wind is howling round this little upstairs artroom  
and the trees are swaying to the music……
I need the Groovi Numbers Inset
(the collar which comes with a Tags Baby Plate)
to clamp the Baby Plate in the Large Groovi Plate Mate.
If you’re in the Groovi Club, you receive a smaller Baby Plate mate to frame all the Baby Plates too.
So: either Large Mate (in Starter Kit) + Inset
or Join the Groovi Club! 
(£5 a Month is all. You get a Baby Plate & projects every month)
I love the shape of these little trees.
But how about adding some leaves?
Just trace out some of the branches,
and add leaves from the Basic Border
 How pretty is that?
Let’s add a different inner to the outline of the Leaf-shaped tree.

Now they belong together!

Square nested Plate to frame the trees.

Gate and a Picket Fence from one of the Houses Baby Plates….

Let’s add a lovely house, 
set back behind one of the trees….

Landscape Plate from the Starter Kit to add the path and garden.

Birds and a sun from the same plate.
And let’s add a little texture with the new diagonal Grid 
and the No. 2 tool.

So where are we now?
That’ll do.
Now. Looks at watch. 
Has she got time to do the whitework as well as the proposal for the Ally Pally live TV hour?
Maybe. Maybe not.

But I do love this look. 
When the leaves are white.
And you can’t have a white Picket fence that isn’t white, 
now can you???

I had a friend once, 
who had a beautiful house 
with a little white picket fence all around it.
Was I envious? No, not envious, but I did dream of living in a beautiful house with a perfect little white picket fence. 
She was a very unhappy woman, 
and took meds to alleviate her unhappiness.
But the meds made her really whoozy and dizzy,
and one day she fell over her little picket fence 
and smashed herself up quite badly. 
And every time I see a white picket fence I think of her.
Because I learned way back then, 
that wealth and trappings don’t make you happy.
And meds didn’t make her happy either;
they just blurred her vision, if you know what I mean. 

Time to add a little yellow to the back with a Clarity Brush.
These Brushes certainly do the trick!
Very light and dreamy.

Have you seen our new corner punches?
There are 4 of them.
I want to use the corners as little clips to hold the artwork in place. 
So I have cut a piece of white card exactly the same size as the parchment artwork, and then I can slot the 2 layers into the outer hole. 

There. Nice Spring scene.
I highlighted the sun, frame, windows and lawn with a Squeezed Lemonade Distress Marker; that’s why they are darker. 

I do enjoy doing Groovi Parchment.
It calms my racing mind. 
Now let’s have a bloggy sale!
The set of Baby Trees. Let’s make them £14.99 instead of £19.99
The set of Clarity Brushes £14.99 instead of £19.99
CLICK HERE for the Offers
end midnight tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of Easter Monday!

119 thoughts on “A Groovi Tree-t….

  1. Beautiful art work Barbara yes you can have all the wealth in the world but if you don't have good health it doesn't help only that you can make your life easier having the things that make your life more comfy crafting hugs for Easter Monday
    I so much enjoyed Paul's shows from yesterday I watched them today I've just been crafting with the cypress tree I have got the set they are stunning to stamp with xxx

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam morag gilly Alison sue55 and to all the lovley blog friends on here hope your all having a nice day what ever you doing .
      I have done some crafting today so resting up now crafting hugs to you all xxx

    2. Afternoon Sheila, just finished doing another puzzle, (feel a slight obsession starting!) Sitting with a cup of tea and watching the last hour of Paul from yesterday that I recorded. Great demos so I'm picking up tips. Sending hugs. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila, glad to hear that you have been able to do some crafting today (so did I!) and that you are resting now – I'm keeping you company there. Many hugs from Gilly xxx

    4. Hello Sheila good to hear it's been another good day. We've been doing some sorting in the study, a shelf has now been cleared for my clarity folders, hubby kept tidying them away on top of the book cases so I couldn't reach them (I know!!!!!!). Take care xxx

  2. Lovely art work, great to see the progression with new punches and the grids. Loved Paul's demo s yesterday too and looking forward to yours next weekend although I shall be fielding 3 small grandchildren as its their Easter with us next weekend, double Easter eggs to collect, can t be bad if you re 6 and 4! Just managed to buy train ticket from Malvern to London for £12 return! How cool is that, so I can come to Ally Pally, very exciting. X X X.

  3. This is lovely! The leaf-shaped tree really looks like it is being blown in the wind.

    Hi Sheila, did a bit of crafting this morning too. Tried out the Bursts through the stencils as demonstrated by Paul yesterday – a nice effect. Best wishes to all, Sue

    1. Hi Gilly, having a quiet day. Mum is asleep! I am glad your Groovi stuff has arrived and you have been having a go. I enjoyed making small squares/circles and filling them with abstract shapes and little bits from different plates when I started. These baby trees are super. Have a good day, best wishes, Sue

    2. Hi Sue. I'm so glad you're having the chance of a quiet day. What a good starting idea for Gilly, you've got my mind working too! Thank you! Hugs xx

    3. Sue – I am pleased that you are having a quiet day and thank you for your good advice! I had been thinking of dividing the sheet up into areas, and maybe putting in some kind of different patterns. So I will definitely try that. Hugs Gilly xx

  4. Oh this is stunning! Love the groovi work with just the lines, then I loved it with the white work, then it looked great with the added colour. Any step would be beautiful. I really love the Ally Pally show, been a couple of times great atmosphere. Xx

    1. Hi Donna. Winds haven't been too bad here at all…touch wood! You're definitely convincing me that the jigsaws should be on my list!! Bug Hugs xxx

    2. Hello Donna it was pretty scary last night, lots of bangs and crashes, in daylight they were our Wheely bins flying around the garden ( much less scary in daylight isn't it!). A climbing Rose has come down but at least I can reach it to prune it now! Good to hear you are ok xxx

    3. I like your thinking Diane. I say that about my climbers that I can't yet tie to the fence because I'm still waiting on the painting being finished!!! I've got a very unusual jasmine – starting to look like one of them tangle balls!!! xx

    4. There is an advert on the radio at the moment……….can't remember what for…….anyway the man says if your fence blows down put a couple of garden chairs on it and the neighbours will think you have new decking! There are a few people where I live that could try that out! Xx

  5. Yet another stunning piece of artwork Barbara. How light and sunny it all looks, like a scene right out of Anne of Green Gables – used to love that programme.

  6. I love the way the trees slot into that picket fence. I do have a picket fence but it is not white and it is too tall to fill over, thank goodness. It is there to stop my two dogs from eating all the soft fruit before I can get to it. I am having a lovely peaceful afternoon playing with some of my Groovi plates. Bliss! The Groovi Club is worth every penny just for that lovely baby Groovi plate mate. Perfect for the lettering and numbers, small enough to fit well on to smaller cards. I think I need to do myself a catalogue for all my Groovis, something along the lines of the way you draw the artwork to show on the tv. I reckon that would work, don't you? Love Maggie. xxx

  7. Hi Barbara – I love this piece of artwork, glad that you managed to make the time to do all of the stages. Mind you – there you go again, encouraging me to join the Groovi Club – despite it only being day 2 of my Groovi journey! Gilly x

    1. Tell hubby £5 a month wouldn't even make a dent in his Harley haha!
      Hi Gilly. well done in doing a bit more crafting today. I hope you're taking it easy now. Big Hugs xxx

    2. Ha ha Morog – I LOVE that comment about his Harley! I have been resting in bed this afternoon, hugs Gilly xx
      Don't worry Sheila – it will be fine, hugs Gilly xx

    3. Hi Gilly, pleased that youve taken to the wonder that is Groovi! I would say if you can afford it, then go for the club, well worth the money, hugs,Alison xxx

  8. Simply Stunning Barbara and the yellow really makes the scene "pop". It was bad here during the early hours of the morning, we have sun but gosh it is cold.
    Linda xxx

  9. Lovely artwork just amazing how you use elements from all the different plates to make a wonderful picture. I enjoyed the shows yesterday and liked how everyone was catered for during the day no matter what their favourite Clarity craft is. I love them all

  10. Hi Morag, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie and all of the Clarity blog family! I hope that you are all having a good day, and have escaped any storm damage. We were ok – despite the weather forecast saying differently yesterday!!
    Well Day 2 of my Groovi journey, and I have learnt a valuable lesson – when planning the boxes for the letters, plan the size of the letters to put into each box! I ended up with only just enough space for the 'G' and acres of space for the I. At least I shall know for next time!
    Right everyone – tell me what I should do. Barbara is tempting me to join the Groovi Club, so that I get the inner plate mate – should I do this so soon?? Here was I saying that I wouldn't do that yet awhile! Mind you – who was I kidding? Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Meaning to reply to you now! If you do what I did and find something you can do without you won't feel so guilty. I used to buy 2 or 3 magazines a month – gardening, crafting, cooking etc. Now I buy the clubs every month instead xx

    2. Hi Gilly..again. Great advice from Chris. I got rid of Sky Movies and the lottery, so was able to join the Diamond Club..and still have £14 a month left! xx

    3. Gilly, the baby platemate you get when you join the groovi club does not fit into the original plate mate, it is A5 in size and has a mini alphabet on it. The 'collar' that fits into the original plate mate is the square one on the website with the tags baby plate. You can then either use the original platemate with the collar and baby plate or the baby platemate and baby plate. I had no intention of getting into groovi but I succumbed. I don't smoke, I don't drink much, I don't go out very often, I suffer from a washing machine head, so is it worth it – you bet. You can't think about much when you are concentrating groovi-ing.

    4. Hi gilly i fell for the stamp club it was a birthday gift then when the stencil came out joined both then the groovi so became a diamond oh yes I'm a CCA club member too .
      If your unsure buy the inset to make your starter kit fit the baby plates then you can tell hubby before you join the groovi club you gave it a lot of thought .i always have a excuse it's my birthday it's Easter it's Mother's Day it Christmas oh yes the day you need a boost toms always say you have got enough to craft with but its so nice to get a parcel each month I've been good this month as not needed my wool cushions yet😇 that might be I've already got them hugs dear blog friend xxx

    5. Thank you all for your replies – much appreciated! Really the main problem is that I do have a LOT of dies etc to use with my Die-Cutting Machine!! At the moment I am not able to get everything out to do this, as I don't have a craft room, to just leave it all out for when I can next have a go. Hence giving Groovi a try – because as you all well know, you don't need to get out very many things to do this, and I have proved that I can do it on my lap tray.
      So Julia – regarding this groovi club baby platemate, would I be right in thinking that this would be ideal for making the smaller cards, ie 6" x 6", 5" x 5" and 6" x 4"? I do tend to make a lot of those sizes.
      Plus I would be getting a folder to store the plates in and monthly step by step instructions, to help me with my Groovi journey.
      So really £5 per month is nothing, is it for all of these benefits, and I DO love to get parcels. That would have to be good for me I think. Sounds as though I'm convinced doesn't it? He he – hugs to you all Gilly xxx

    6. Evening gilly the baby plate mate is far easier to handle too as its small and neat you deserve it what can you get for £5 nowadays that gives as much pleasure as the groovi baby mate the folder is cute too plus the step by steps too .
      I might be getting my wool cushions out as I like one of the punches and a large groovi plate Paul showed on the show but come in a duo on the website so will have to ring up lots of hugs dear blog friend xxx

    7. Bless you Sheila – it's great that you understand my difficulties, and I do like the fact that the baby plate mate is easier to handle. Which plate are you going to buy? I must admit that I thought they were all nice! Will you let me know when I can borrow your cushions, as my mind is made up and I will phone up tomorrow afternoon to join. I have an appointment for blood tests to be done in the morning. Many grateful hugs, Special blog friend xxx

    8. Oh that will be so good for you Billy. Not least the excitement of waiting for your package each month. I make a lot of 5 x 5 cards for overseas and it is ideal for that. xxx

    9. Hi Morag – I forgive you for calling me Billy, by the way!! Ha ha! Do you know, I think that it will be good for me too and as I said I DO enjoy getting parcels! It's great to hear that it will be good for 5 x 5 cards too! Gilly xxx

    10. Hi gilly I've put my order in via clarity web site as the punches come separately I ordered number 3 the one paul used to make the boarder and the ornate panel one as its got so many elements to use and you can buy it on its own did you hear my wool cushions baa in to actions your very welcome to use my cushions you need a soft landing xxx

    11. Hi Sheila! That is a lovely one, and I know just what you mean about it having so many different elements to use. Don't blame you for getting another punch either. Thought that I heard something, it must have been those cushions of yours! Thank you for agreeing to loan them to me tomorrow! Grateful hugs, Gilly xxx

    12. Gilly, the maximum size of card I use is 6 x 6 so it was when it was revealed that the groovi club plates were babies I had to have them. You can easily make a little image 4 x 4 or a panel for across the middle of a card. This evening I have been playing with the wee houses and I did an image for a 6 x 6 card with three houses in a row. What I really like about the plates, normal and baby is that you can pick out bits to make any size of image. I'm a stamper at heart but I think you can tell I'm hooked.

    13. No Julia – really, you hooked? You hide it so well!! Ha ha! I have been a big fan of my cutting dies – but I rather like stencils too. The fact that Groovi requires much less equipment appeals to me, because of health difficulties. Also, the losing yourself in it – mindfulness would be so good for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. xx

    14. Gilly, i replied to your comment above but i would just do it. The club baby plate mate is so cute. I bought the inset one too but i actually prefer the club one, i took it to hospital the other day and was playing nicely while Dave had his appointment. I was using it resting on a Cuttlebug plate ( just the right size) and using the tan mat from the Cuttlebug to do my embossing -worked a treat (& they all fitted into my handbag!) Hugs Alison xx

    15. Haven't you got a clarity felt bag they are sooooooooooo nice think get loads in I've got 5 now a groovi one a stamp one a stencil one a canvas one and one for my clarity card ect night Brenda night Donna night Barbara and night to all still up and reading sleepy hugs xxx

    16. Morning Alison, Donna, Brenda and Sheila – I love all of your comments so much! If I still had any doubts (which I don't, by the way), you have made such a strong case and made me laugh so much – it would be rude of me not to join the Groovi Club and get this cute 'club baby plate mate' ! As for you Sheila – how many bags??? I LOVE it!!!! Hugs to you all Gilly xxx

  11. Had a mental block then and posted a reply to Gillyflower instead of a new comment sorry Gilly!
    We've had visitors for a few days so have been catching up on blogs and TV when I can. Some lovely samples this week and what a good idea today to put leaves on the trees! I loved Paul's Groovi show (the others too) and must get the netting and swirls duo. I have the stencil and the stamp and can see so much potential! Hope you have had a bit of a rest this weekend xx

  12. Hi Barbara, I love the little trees!, They will go perfectly with the little houses I've already got. so thank you for this great offer! Your demo shows them off beautifully. Paul's shows were fantastic, so many great tips. You must have been proud of him. xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, beautiful sunny art piece, thank you for sharing. And thank you for another extremely generous bloggy offer. Well, told you I needed to be renamed Zebedee for these 2 weeks is all I'm saying!!!! But apart from expanding my craft stash even more, this bloggy sale of yours has also helped me to start getting my head round different styles, that everything doesn't need to look as it is in real life. That's massive for my Asperger's brain. And also that I can use different styles and still alter them a bit to make them more like my thing if I want to. Hopefully I'll be able to have a go at something before my head loses this wee tentative step! So a big thank you for that too.

    I have a picket fence, but not white. low railings at the front, pain to paint, and couldn't waste the support time, so my solution – touch them up in the winter. works well. Picket fence at the back on top of a very low wall. had been very neglected, but that painting job is stalled, again, nae support to do it! My fence has a wavy top, so a posh one!!!!! And just as well it's there/is high because I would be falling over the wee wall, and at one end it's quite a drop!!!!

    I know exactly what you are saying about your friend, poor soul.

    I think I'm really struggling just now to keep myself from heading down the path to total unhappiness. I don't think I'd be able to fight myself back from that one. But boy is God, fate or whatever making it so hard to find things each day to smile, laugh, feel ok about. Especially as I'm now also fearing so much that my chance of finally having a bit of a quality of life has /is about to be snatched from me, if my own social worker decides to not come back to work. 8 weeks she's been off work now, and they seem to have no idea at all on when she could return.

    And the boiler is still playing up but now it keeps changing it's mind about what problem it's going to display!!! 3 totally different ones so far!

    Hope you can still fit in some chill time today after you've written your proposal.

    love Brenda xx

    Thank you everyone for your lovely replies yesterday xx
    Dot, me and Daisy heard my egg hit the wall so I went out for a rummage in the bushes for it last night!!!!! Now it's time to raid Donna's stash, she's bound to have plenty to go round eh!!!! xx

    1. Hello Brenda Dear. Well done in starting to look at different styles for your crafting. I know from my Grandson how much of a huge step that is for you to do.
      Please try and stay a little positive, and keep looking for that little bit of joy each day! You know my friend, often when you are worrying about something, your imagination automatically looks at the worst scenario. How many times have you done this, then found that it didn't turn out as bad as you had feared? I love having lots of positive sayings around me, which helps when I need them. One of my many favourites is "Don't spoil today, for worrying about tomorrow" I know this is easy for me to say, and I am only very new to this blog, but it is so very obvious how many people here love and care about you. So you will never be on your own. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, keep looking for the little ray of sunshine everyday. We will all keep you from disappearing down that road so don't worry about that! Now who said I chocolate eggs…………… 😉 XX

    3. Brenda, I know nothing about Asperger's but I know what you mean about trying different styles, I try too hard to make things look realistic but I'm beginning to realise that doing things differently can make your work charming. You have positive/good things in your life, you have Daisy, crafting, this blog. You tell us things as they are which is a positive attribute. I wish I lived near you, may be I do, do you live near Inverness, because I think you are an interesting person and my husband is very handy and might be able to fix some of your problems.

    4. Dear Brenda when you feel your struggling just come here to this blog as we appreciate you very wise words and we miss you when your not here as you help us as I hope we are there for you too hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Aw thank you all so much for your lovely words and thoughts.

      Julia I live in Midlothian so too far away, but how very kind and thoughtful of you. Part of the problem just now is since moving here 5 years ago and it all just getting worse and worse from the support/help side of things, one of the huge positives in my life had been that at least my gardens are nice. At least I'm getting out once a week to tend to them and keep them nice. I hugely focused on that. And now I'm looking out my windows at my gardens coming back to life and feeling so sad that they are now going to deteriorate, all the work and effort I’ve put in undone, and I can't have my wee bit of fruit and veg I normally grow, and I can't buy seeds to grow plants for the gaps, all because I don't have any support. I don't even know how I'm going to get my grass kept cut. I can't get out to my gardens just now except for a couple of hours once a month, and that's no way going to be enough to even tide them over through this season. So a very sad bunny here

      Morag, I'm sure you know only too well, because of our different operating system – like we're on Mac whereas normal brains are on Windows, we’re built to worry and go what if, we do it even with things that are meant to be nothing but good!!! And I’m at the worst end of the scale unfortunately! I've been doing it since I was very young, before such thoughts should have even been in my head! I look at people in awe that they can go through most of life not worrying – I’ll deal with it if it happens, it will all work out. It’s a totally alien concept to me!!! Because I've had no support since October, and with so many big, random, problems and very bad stuff happened since then, I've ended up fearing worse than ever absolutely everything, and what's going to be next. And my wee strategies I'd learned, that sometimes helped me a bit, are obsolete now. But I am still trying to be thinking like nothing else is going to go wrong or be bad, clearly just not doing a very good job of it!!! I’ll keep trying. I think if I can get myself back into crafting and be making stuff to show for each day that could help because that’s actual, instead of trying to change bad thoughts in my head with thoughts. But sadly so far that’s been a losing battle too. I’m just useless at life! But I keep trying

      Thank you again everyone, you’re all good people xx

    6. I'm so sorry Brenda, I should have I known better than to give you CBT advice. It was a big part of my work and old habits die hard!! Considering your abysmal lack of support you still do very well with trying to stay positive. Love and big hugs xxx

    7. P.S. You are certainly NOT useless at anything. One of my other favourite quotes is 'You're never a failure if you don't succeed, you're a SUCCESS because you tried'….. and I'm not apologising for that one haha! Xxx

    8. Hello Brenda my lovely lady, you just pop your head in here each day if you can and we will do our best to cheer you up. Can you buy seeds on line? I would happily send you seeds if it would help, barbara could pop them in your Clarity parcel for us – now what a happy parcel that would be. I know how you love your garden so it's such a shame if that's been taken away from you as well. Keep your chin up and enjoy that choccie egg that you've managed to snaffle from Donna. I've got some little ones with honeycomb in the middle covered in gold, they are rather yummy, I will send a couple your way xxx

    9. Aw Morag, there's nothing to be sorry for. I didn't feel anything wrong/bad in what you said, you were giving me very good advice. I was given the gift of insight, rare for people like me. I feel I was given it for a reason, and that must be to try to help people understand what it's like to be autistic, to get the word out, so that people in the wider world can be more understanding and helping when they come across autistic/asperger people in their lives. You'll find I often explain stuff about it. I'm sorry if I said anything that sounded not nice, I didn't mean there to be at all. Your second quote, yeah something else that used to be my good workers mantra!!!! And struggling to even contemplate these days, but now you've reminded me I'll have another try at that too. Thank you my bloggy friend xx

      Thank you too my bloggy friend Diane. It's not getting the seeds that's the problem, I've worked out online sources, it's the time for sowing and planting outside. I've got a few things germinating on my windowsill just now, tomatoes for hanging baskets, because I can bring the stuff up to the back door and plant them out the day before my monthly garden visit. And a few sweetpeas and sunflowers too as they can be chucked in the ground quickly. I had the idea to germinate them in the cardboard tubes from loo rolls, cut down kitchen roll tubes would have been better but didn't think in time. The roots can grow through the cardboard and the cardboard will mulch into the ground, so hopefully the whole thing can just be quickly chucked in the ground, saving time! We'll see if it works. My veggies would be sown outside and takes time, time that I won't have for sure. I might still manage to scatter sow some watercress and rocket and maybe some beetroot in May/June if there's any time left, but I seriously doubt it. The amount of deadheading and pruning in a month is going to be hard going to fit in, so I might need to just let some hardier plants go in the hope I can salvage them next year with a hard prune and bit of tlc. Strawberries, some are needing netted, so I might lose them to the birds, my blueberry fruits later but again I'll lose fruit if not netted and if I can only get out to harvest it once a month. I need extending arms, it sits directly below my living room window, but too low for me to pick the fruit off!!! I've got to scatter sow some wild flowers, my neighbours are going to love me, not!!! I need to so I can collect seeds for next year, but I won't have the time for deadheading, so seeds are going to be blown everywhere else too! I can't blame that on the unkempt gardens round about, it will be clear where those came from eh!!! Well at least there'll be posh weeds in everyone's gardens next year!!!!
      Donna's hid her egg stash, haven't found out where yet!!! I'm intrigued by your wee eggs, not heard of them before. xx

      I've never ever had so many friends. just wish some of you lived near eh.

      And now I better go and try do a wee bit craft in bed, so at least I can say I've done something today

    10. Brenda, try to hold on tight to the positive things. You are so good at helping and supporting others. I have been watching you with admiration, encouraging others who are having difficult times. That is something to be very proud of. xx Maggie

    11. Brenda, yes you are a wee bit far away unfortunately. The good thing about gardens it that they recover well when they have been ignored. I hope that you will get things sorted out and you'll get your life and routine back and you'll get your garden back. You wrote 'I’m just useless at life! But I keep trying', I often feel like this and I know many others who do as well and we don't have your problems. I personally get overwhelmed with 'not good enough' and I have a very good friend who has depression who struggled with day to day living but on the face of it no one would realise it. Crafting helps me because I lose myself in what I do and I drown out my thoughts by concentrating on what I'm doing, I often have to force myself to craft. The one thing I would say is that when you are crafting you don't always have to achieve an end piece, you can just play and develop ideas or start a piece one day and finish it with more ideas another day. Is that something you can do with your Aspergers?

    12. Thank you Maggie, and Julia :-). So many very lovely people here, and saying such lovely and caring and helpful things to me. Thank you everyone xx
      Yes Julia, craft is the exception, I am comfortable at starting something and going back to it, I think because my first crafts as a young kid was knitting and embroidery/tapestry which logically can't be done in one go. I'm not good at the playing part, there needs to be an actual end result, an aim, and just to practise or learn isn't enough, I need a direction. I can sometimes get round it by playing if it can go in my scrap box, like with shaving foam, that I'll then try to make into something, or use as backgrounds. Thanks for the reassurance about my garden getting neglected this year, that helps xx

    13. Hi Brenda, so sorry you're going through a bad patch. Try to stay positive and as others have said, keep popping in here – you have lots of friends here. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  14. Lovely groovi piece today, and such sunny cheerful colours. I need to catch up with 2 of Paul's shows but I so enjoyed the one I did get to watch live. Susan x

  15. Hello Dot, Brenda, Diane, Pam and Alison. No crafting done today! But tomorrows another day! I hope you are all as well as can be. Bigs Hugs to you all, and to all of our blog friends. xxx

    1. Hi Morag, no crafting for me either. Stupidly i went up to the Arnison Centre and was nearly demented. Not only have the idiots dug up half of the carpark( really useful on a Bank Holiday ) but it took mr 45 minutes to get parked. I was not happy! You couldnt move it was just gridlocked. Love Alison xx

  16. I've already ordered a couple of times to take advantage of the bloggy sale & now think I'll be doing so again!. I'm wanting to stamp the big heart that comes with the garden verse but if possible use gilding flakes could someone tell me what I need to use so they'll stick. have ordered flitter glue but it won't be here in time.

  17. Hi Barbara, This is truly beautiful, I love the 'scene' and also how you have added the yellow colour, then 'married' up with the green dotty paper, it is truly stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Hi Barbara, This is truly beautiful, I love the 'scene' and also how you have added the yellow colour, then 'married' up with the green dotty paper, it is truly stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Love the groovi scene really need to have ago must get it out and play. We have our tickets ready for ally palley Katie is very excited will be early again Barbara I'm sure Katie will be straight to you xxx

  20. We have had a lovely day up here, no wind, mild and the sun has made an appearance. We had lunch out and went for a wonder and ice cream in Lossiemouth. There were kids in the sea – well it is Easter Monday. I love the groovi scene. I've started a collection of grovvi images. I have an idea, groovi it and put it in between the dictionary and the thesaurus to come back to when my next bit of inspiration comes.

  21. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely, I had forgotten the groovi houses, I have the stamps but think the groovi ones would be useful too. My friend has a small white picket fence, she lives along a country lane and it's how I recognise her house – I hope her husband doesn't paint it otherwise I will go sailing past!! Hope you've had a good day and you get a quieter night tonight – blooming windy wasn't it!!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane. You're right, the wee groovi houses are great, so useful with all the little extras on them. It's a lovely feeling when you've been tidying isn't it…….as long as you can still find everything!! Big Hugs xxx

    1. Barbara you created this wonderful blog we know we can come here and find so many thoughtful blog friends who keep us going each day anytime of the day and even if we are on a bad day we can still smile us CCA with our cushions and springs and camp fire songs but it's time for sleep now xxx

    2. got your owlet wings in the night you two, I'm impressed! xx
      Dot's letting the side down, she must be on early morning granny duties, or doing the nightshift. Or maybe she's just crashed from all the sugar high yesterday!!!

  22. Hi Barb,
    really do like these trees and wee houses and love what you've produced. Managed to catch up with Paul's shows today on the computer seeing as mine didnt record the right shows yesterday. He did really well. Love the corner punches too. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  23. Hello Barb, this piece of lovely artwork, is just gorgeous, very spring like, well we saw a bit of sunshine on the weekend, before Katie made her grand entrance. Love the new baby plates, so versatile, and great punches too. And have just read through some of the blog comments. What a laugh. Have a great Tuesday everyone. Bx

  24. Morning Barb, sorry I am late today, I so enjoy when you give the instructions on the Groovi's and you come up with all these inspirations, they are especially useful for us novices who are playing with the Groovi's. I absolutely love them by the way, I think I have almost everyone you have bought out and have ordered the new ones and the punches last week, wonderful, hurry up Mr Postie.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  25. Morning Sorry for being late in posting – lovely blog and wonderful words and thoughts by everyone. I had a bad day yesterday, it would have been my Dads birthday and the day was just so sad. And this morning I was awake at 2am and feel drained now. Looking forward to the blog today. Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Afternoon pen March is always a sad month for me with losses and birthdays of family that's passed but keep your special memories as I do feel it for you hope today you can just rest up or loose yourself in your crafting your blog cards & challengers are always beautiful sending lots of hugs your way xxx

  26. This is indeed a lovely caring community and although I don't participate much I do love to come and read what everybody has to say and see your wonderful work Barbara. I love the sunny yellow of your Groovi piece and the way you built it up into a gorgeous scene. Hope you are feeling much better now. x

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