Kind Hearts are the Gardens….

Kind Hearts are the Gardens….

Hello there!
Happy Leap Year Monday!
Thank you for popping in.
Monday’s Blog is trees and flowers, so how about a very simple card, showcasing one of our best garden stampsets?
Very trying morning at the office.
So before I do my 400 plates a day –
it’s best to retreat into my little Clarity den 
and have half an hour of art. 
Clears the mind and flushes out all the crud.
Here’s a 7″ x 7″ ink pad scrap from my background stash
Cut it into two pieces.
Stamp the Birdhouse onto the larger piece using 
Potting Soil Archival Ink. Coffee is good too.
There’s a really lovely saying which comes with the Garden Heart, another lovely stamp set.
Stamp the saying onto the smaller panel.
Trim them both so that they are the same width.

Lay on the Clarity Blending mat, and go round the edges with Antique Linen and a mini Blending Tool.

Mount both pieces on a neutral brown piece of card.
I think I want to stamp across the panels now, 
so I have stuck an off cut in the gap.

Blotted the tip of the Hollyhocks and then stamped them across the gap. Perfect.

I think a little more faded Hollyhock is required…..

How about a couple of the birds from the set?
By stamping one little fella below the birdhouse, 
we automatically push the birdhouse into the background.

All done.
We are celebrating today too,
because Quaver, our Maria’s little canary,
who badly broke his wing a little while ago, 
was back in flight today!
Brilliant. The magic of nature.
Maria was told he’d never fly again.

So there we are.
A very simple splatty piece of art.
No bling, no glitter, nothing fancy.

Just like we like it.
Right. Break’s over.
Back to cleaning plates. 
Love & Hugs,

80 thoughts on “Kind Hearts are the Gardens….

  1. oooo came in to check something and turns out I might be first to comment! Greta demo, love this stamp set one of my all time favourites…………but then I say that about so many! XX

    Great news about Quaver XX

    1. Hi Donna your on the ball today first on the blog hope you have had a good day and craft tonight I've been crafting today so a good day my craft boxes are comming tomorrow so craft room will be sorted then yippee xxx

    2. Hi Donna, I think you can have a gold star for being first today! Hope tomorrow's wet playtime isn't too bad for you. Make sure you have something crafty lined up for the evening xx

  2. One of my favourite srt of stamps too. Hadn't seen the saying before but how lovely. How wonderful that Quaver the canary is now flying again. Dare I ask is it because he is the colour of a Quaver or does he quaver when he sings?

  3. This is definitely one of my favourite stamp sets too. It is so versatile. I love your card.
    It is good to hear such good news about Maria's little birdie xx

  4. Beautiful card. Sometimes the clean and simple ones are the best. Looks like you have to add to your wonderful Clarity team so you won't have to clean 400 plates a day. Your talents could so be used better elsewhere. Am sure you have a ton of things to do to get ready for the shows this weekend. Do try to find a little Barbara time this week. It is so important to take the time for yourself and have a bit of a breather. Glad to hear the little wing is now better and the sweet little thing is taking flight.

  5. Good afternoon Donna, Sheila, Gilly, Brenda and all the rest of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen).
    I wouldn't give in yesterday after ruining a card, using this months stencil, landscape mask and wee trees and foliage. So redid it. Not perfect but I know my daughter will love it for her birthday on Wednesday.
    I hope you are all having a good day xx
    I hope

    1. Hi Sheila! Hope that you are having a good day – sorry I was on the 'missing list' yesterday! Had done too much the day before- will I ever learn?? Special double hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi gilly yes we never learn do we I do try but it's hard to not finishing something I've started especially my crafting ,I've been crafting this afternoon but only part done but a good afternoon sending lots of hugs don't be tough on yourself dear blog friend xxx

  6. Beautiful piece of art. This is a really pretty stamp set. See Crafters Companion are moving to Hochanda. I just hope that Hochanda don't follow create and craft by flooding our screens with a select few companies. I really enjoy the variety of suppliers they promote at the moment.

  7. Afternoon, boy so glad to be home…. just driven from Kent to home 250 + miles having made a mad dash this weekend to see Mum.

    So very pleased I have as the stroke she has had has left her very frail, and in need of "I think full term care". She has a carer at the moment until the 23rd but nothing in place after as "she can cope without" quote !!!! So I hope seeing her and talking talking and talking something may have sunk in.

    Acceptance, powerless, and love have to go hand in hand.

    So I have just caught up with all the fantastic posts and now feel refreshed and inspired.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. So very frustrating for you especially with the distance. You can only try to do what you can. I know there used to be a facility for people to have an advocate to speak for them and support in such situations. It might be worth looking into as we all know who have experienced the system – if you don't ask you definitely won't get!
      Best wishes hope all turns out as you would want xx

    2. Evening Pen, bet you're shattered after your long drive, but bet you feel better for having seen her. I expect by the 23rd your Mum will realise she won't be able to manage on her own. At least I hope so for your sake. Time to relax now. Sending a hug, love Pam xx

    3. Hi Pen! I went through this same situation a few years ago with my Mum – it was a similar distance for me to travel too! You have done as much as you can – and the hard part is that you just have to wait and hope that it has sunk in! Hugs Gilly x

  8. Lovely! Simple (by that I mean no bling etc.) is almost always best in my book. Sorry to hear that you had a trying morning – it doesn't show.
    Tonbridge Sue

  9. Hello Barbara a beautiful card I have both these sets they are brilliant .how many days have you got to do 400 for happy packing big hugs to help you through xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, glad you managed some craft today, bet you're getting excited now your craft room is almost complete. Have a lovely relaxed evening. Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. Hi Sheila how are you today not over doing it I hope are you finding wee forgotten crafty stash I try to have a clear out often but end up putting it all back well you never no might come in handy …Hugs.. Dot x

  10. I have just had this set out to catalogue it so I know just where to find it. A really lovely set with all those wee remountables as well. Don't work too hard, Barbara and Dave. We can wait a little longer for our lovely plates. We would rather have you two fit and healthy. xxx Maggie

  11. Hi Barbara
    The simplicity of this card is so beautiful,love it.
    Glad to hear Quaver is back in flight,isn't nature fantastic.
    Can I ask are you still doing a show weekend or has Crafter's Companion taken over the whole week on Hochanda for there Big move over to Hochanda?

  12. Lovely card as always. Even if I don't have the stamps or stencils in the demo I still get inspiration for colours, layouts or techniques.
    As long as you don't go Greek at the Towers and start throwing plates!!
    Hope you get to the bottom of the stack soon xx

  13. Oooh this is lovely. Funny how those little scraps of card can look so awesome isn't it. Great news about Quaver bird too – bless him. Don't do too much plate cleaning both of you – leave some for Wurka and Hollick!! xx

  14. Lovely one today, I love little Romeo in this set. Great news about Quaver! A good start to the week. I even ordered an Open Day tickets – two in fact, hubby said he'd come as well! X

  15. Sorry to hear you had a trying morning, hope you felt more relaxed after you made this lovely card with one of my favourite stamp sets. Just watched your 2nd show again, the one with the Cockeral and hen jigsaw and the Artist verse set, both brilliant. Have relaxing evening if you can. Xx

    1. Hi Pam
      Didn't manage to craft toda, did a bit of tidying and had a walk and a chat to my neighbor in the sunshine – it's going to rain tomorrow so I will have a play then. Hope oh are ok xxxx

  16. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, thanks for sharing. Your tip about putting the bird below to make the birdhouse go to the background is brilliant, I've put that one with lots of highlighter over it in my head! I've always loved that stamp set, but somehow never got round to buying it, defo need to make a list!

    When I saw your scrap piece, at first I thought – I would never think to keep scrap like that, note to self. Then after a brief moment I had to retract that statement – if you saw a piece that went in my scrap box after that spritzing session! Yours is very arty, mine, well, I think I take the prize for worst piece of scrap kept ever!!!

    Well Barbara, what I would like to know is did you take advantage of this being the 29th and told Dave when and where your wedding is going to be? 😉 You've still got time!!!! 😉

    I've hatched a plan of a way I may be able to watch and record Hochanda without all the hassle of having to keep moving the recorder to the building site living room. Probably too late now for Sunday. Fingers crossed it will work.

    Hope you don't have many days left of 400 plates to clean and pack
    love Brenda xx
    p.s. glad to hear God felt Quaver deserved a wee miracle

    1. Evening oor Brenda oh anither one no impressed wi her scrappy bits mind you Brenda half my cards end up as scrappy bits but hey ho I enjoy havin a wee go.
      Wonder if your wee leap year cupid bit worked seems like a guid catch that Dave.
      Best o luck wi yir recorder plan ma wee techy pal. cuddle fir yi..Dot.X

    2. Hello my lovely Brenda, haha are you trying to play Cupid? I did wonder if the 29th would bring some news!! Have you heard HOCHANDA have now got catch up on their website , I don't know if that will help you. We don't want you hurting yourself lugging the recorder in and out of your lounge. Sending you and Daisy a hug xxx

    3. Brenda, hang on to that scrap piece. One day, even the most apparently rubbish bit turns into the.most perfect backing for what you are doing. I love the idea of highlighter on tips stored in your mind, a perfect description. xxx Maggie

    4. Thanks everyone 🙂 xx
      Dot, now you've had some techy lessons with your internet, learning to record Barbara's shows will be a doddle! Are you up for it yet? xx
      Diane I daren't tell you what plan A was/is, being so ill just now is helping to keep that one on the shelf, for now anyway!!! I'm needing to record Barbara's shows because I'm not managing to watch it all, or to take stuff in enough just now. It seems they're not putting the one day special shows on catch up. But recording on my laptop from the catch up shows they do could be plan D, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks. xx
      Maggie, if you saw that piece I think you'd be telling me there's no hope for it being used!!!! But I'll hang on to it, just in case! xx

  17. Must be the day for stress at work. Feeling exhausted! Sweet card and a great avian tribute to Little Quaver Bird. Hope the rest of your day was less intense. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  18. Hi Barbara hopefully you have managed your 400 and now in the jammies with a cuppa that's if you can find the kettle among the groovi plates.
    lovely card but wish my wee wee ink pad scraps looked as good as yours I even try and make wee swipes and strokes on them when I'm cleaning the brushes to make them look interesting enough to keep mad as a box o frogs me.
    Remember the bus is still on standby 400 plates each not a problem.
    Fly high wee Quaver…xx

    1. Hi Dot, I've had a good day thanks, did some cleaning so I can have some play time tomorrow, think I might get a bit groovi. I'm glad you've got the bus ready for us all to come down and help Barbara, I'll pack the tea bags and a lemon drizzle cake, can you pick me up on the way past! I'm sure Barbara will let you have a rummage for some backing sheets if we do 400 plates each don't you! Take care xxxx

  19. Must be that Monday morning thing that is meant to try us. After a trying morning took the dog a walk along the river, sun shining and that wonderful winter crispness. And the world tipped a little and everything back in its proper perspective. Remembered why I take the dog to the office, to make sure I get out at lunchtime, it all feels so much better afterwards. Love the artwork and these stamps. So excited today, plates ordered by husband for Mother's Day arrived, itching to open but will have to wait until Sunday. Have a good one. Much hugs Karen xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear you've had a trying morning, polishing 400 plates a day doesn't help, wish I lived nearer, I would pop round to help ( how about sending them out to home workers?). It's great news about little Quaver, Maria must be over the moon. Today's artwork is lovely, I like the little tip of putting the bird below to put the bird table into the background, very clever. I haven't got this set of stamps – yet- I like the look of it every time you use it.
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow, make sure you get some me time.
    Love Diane xxxx
    Ps great news about Crafters companion joining HOCHANDA xxx

  21. The stamps look great on that blue background and the sentiment is a beauty Barbara. It shows how worthwhile it is saving odd bits of paper with old inkings on as they will come in useful some day, but I swear my inky bits don't seem to look anything like as good as yours. x

  22. Hi Barb, this is really beautiful, there is so much on my wish list now. The sentiment is fantastic. Good news about Quaver, what a fabulous name for a canary. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  23. Lovely! I must have been psychic, as I was using this set for my mother's day cards when your blog was posted. Off to post the cards and gifts now via Tesco as the fridge is empty…Susan x

  24. Just been catching up on your blog after a few days away. Came out of hospital last night after an op last week and your blog was just what I needed for some positive thinking and creative inspiration so thank you! Topped off with that clip of "Happy" I'm definitely heading in the right direction for my mental recovery & hopefully the physical recovery will be following closely along with it.
    Thank you x

  25. Hi Barb. Another lovely blog – I really appreciate it when you give us inspiration using stamps we might already have………I'm off to my craftroom to have a go at this one straight away! Thanks x

  26. Hi Batb,
    Great blog. Love both of these stamp sets and have used them loads. I think the sentiment is lovely. Hope you got through your 400 plates relatively early and had some " me" time. Good news about Quaver, Maria must be chuffed to bits. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

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