A Funky tree Row for your pleasure….

A Funky tree Row for your pleasure….

Hello !
Thanks for popping in.
Monday’s blog flowers and trees, right?
Well I was sitting in the clubroom at work, 
which sounds glam but isn’t.
In fact, I was surrounded by boxes of old New Design Club Chapters, stamps and stencils.
Then one of my faves caught my eye, and I thought to myself,
“Aha! today’s Blogtree!!”

I hope you share my enthusiasm with this lovely Tree Row stamp!
Here’s another take on it:
Mmm… So do you like the more traditional landscape art? 
With the shadows underneath the trees?
Or the funky creeper version?
Well, the good news is that all the old projects, past issues,
AND the stamps & stencils of course, are still available.
So this one, No. 92 from June 2014 can still be had.
When the past issue batch is gone however, it is gone. 
We just always do an overrun at the printers, to be safe. 
£6.50 for the unmounted stamp AND the double project sheet.
I think that’s pretty good. 
So if you are looking for inspiration, there are literally hundreds of Past Issues on the website.
For today though, I think I’ll dig out the instructions 
for the funky creeper version….
Forgive me if you already have it, but I really am scrambling to keep up at the moment, and just have got the time to start a project from scratch.
Mind you, the time it takes me to find the blinking photos and rightsize them, flip them,  etc etc, I might as well get going with a blank card!
Ready? The reason I want to show you this particular card 
is because although the trees are silhouettes,
you don’t have to settle for solid black trees!
See what I mean?
So how do we do this?
Well, we stamp the silhouette Tree Row with a very faint colour, like Juniper.
That gives us our guide for the trees.

 Use the same colouring pencils I have used to colour 
in the letters on the funky verse

to start adding light colour to the trees.
Yellow + blue = green, remember?

Add shade, or a drop shadow on each tree too.

Once you are happy with the colour of the trees, 
outline them with a Microfine black pen.

And the trunks…

And the hill, in fact.
So easy when you know how!

Let’s finish off the artwork, 
now you’ve got a black Micron pen in your hand!
Run a width of low-tack masking tape round the card, 
for orientation.
Draw two swirls up either side, 
using the masking tape as your ruling guide.
The Clean out a Corner Stamp is very cool, too.

 Add a few leaves, colour them in, 
and add a few dots & dashes for good measure.

All done.

So there you have it.
Want to get some back issues? Stamps, stencils and Project sheets?
Then CLICK HERE and type in Back Issue.
There are loads.
If you fancy a monthly dose of Clarity
Stamp, Stencil AND/OR Groovi,
then why not join our Clubs! 
For just £15 per month you can receive all 3.
Got to go.
Have a great day now!
Love & Hugs xxx

55 thoughts on “A Funky tree Row for your pleasure….

  1. Another stamp I need to dig out again. I love the leafy frame you have created and you have just given me another idea to extend something I have already tried before. Hope you are taking enough time to get out in this glorious sunshine and renew your inspiration out there. xx Maggie

    1. Afternoon Donna are you enjoying your crafting holiday ?
      Afternoon Dorothy are you still on grand children watch ?
      Afternoon Diane any crafting today ?
      Afternoon pam hope you on a pain free day
      Afternoon Brenda crafting hugs to you and daisy
      Afternoon gilly thinking of you
      Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, no crafting today, been making pasties. May do a bit of Groovi later if not too tired. Missed the postman today must be my new groovy plates already, must collect them tomorrow. More excitement. Hope you are pain free today or at least having less pain. Hope you have the sunshine too. Love Pam xx

    3. Hello Sheila hope your not snowed in up there! I've been sorting out my club folders today, what a coincidence! I've got most of my Clarity stamps organised and now need to start on these folders. Hope your comfortable today and have managed some crafting xxxx

    4. Evening my dear blog friends no crafting today had an emergency appointment at Drs oh yes the cyst has come back very inflamed so Drs has given me some more antibiotics and wrote an urgent message to the breast surgeon for me to be seen if gets worse he says to go to A&E not a place I really want to be going appoligies for sharing on here again at least I've got my March calendar challenge sorted and just ordered April's craft things as haven't got them .life eh hugs xxx

  2. More inspiration, thank you. I have bought myself a few back issues, but not this one, so it will go on my wish list, and if its still there treat myself when I next order which will be March, as I've ordered my quota for February.
    Well, thats what I keep telling myself!!

  3. Yet again Barbara, I love how you have done this – great idea using a pale ink pad and colouring in to produce a different effect! Thanks again for the inspiration – Gilly xxx

  4. Hi from a very sunny place, have even got the washing out on the line. Love this card you have made. Trees really are my thing… now do I go for more "stuff" …. may have to wait till next month not long to wait. I have a few back issues and they are JUST GREAT.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Donna, I've got all my projects filed and near to hand but haven't done any yet. Never seem to have enough time. That was one of my new years resolutions to do at least one a month and keep up with the new ones. Got a bit of catching up to do. Hope you've enjoyed a nice sunny day and have managed to do some craft. Love Pam xx

    2. Hi Donna hope you've managed some crafting today, the sunshine keeps tempting me to do some gardening but it's far too cold to be outside for long at the moment. I hall have to craft instead! Xxxx

    3. Yep, got my calendar challenge card finished and photo taken, now if only Gmail would work I could get it sent in! Grrr. I have border plates to sort into their new folder so that will keep me busy. XX

  5. I love your step by step demo Barbara. Although, for me, I would go with the traditional take on it. At least I would today, tomorrow my view may be different!

  6. Love both of these – I have very eclectic taste. It's good to know that you have all these Design Club back issues as I've only just begun with Clarity products and have a lot to learn. Shall take a look and see what takes my fancy.
    Tonbridge Sue

  7. Really like this one, must try it as I do have the stamps. Must admit not used them yet, a bit ashamed as there's a lot I haven't used yet, but as I say to hubby, ah but I've got them for when I will use them. No answer to that ha!Ha! Anyway thank you for the reminder. Hope you've got the sunshine Barbara.xxx

  8. Love the colours. The trees are very effective coloured that way. I think I will get this stamp out again. I am working today so tomorrow will be a crafting day. I am really enjoying having more time, but my bank balance isn't!

  9. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot hope you are OK and have had a nice sunny day. Have you managed to get any craft done? Hoping to have a go with the groovi tonight. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam oooh pasties. They sound yummy! It's been lovely and sunny today but quite cold. I've been looking at my club stamps today and catching up on filing. I must get them out and have a play! Hope you are ok xxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Love the colours you have used in this. I prefer the second design which is the one with the step by step instructions. The word stamp is one of my favourites too. The row of trees is a really useful stamp to have I think as well – I've used mine quite a lot. Like the idea of using the pale ink pad to then colour in- see I would never have thought of doing that! Thanks for the inspiration yet again, love Alison xxx

  11. Super projects Barbara. Love your ideas, they are always so inspiring – now if only I had the odd 70 hours extra per day to do everything I am inspired to try! Lol. I have a gap in my Design club so the back issues are always tempting – unfortunately you always bring out some lovely new stuff that I absolutely NEED so the back issues seem to get further and further away! hahaha. Don't work too hard – keep some time out for you and your lovely man. xx

  12. Will have to dig mine. Out hsve a play love the mini groovi plate mine arrived Saturday granddaughters were straight away on it living play thought was mine put got my turn later xxx

  13. This is great Barbara and I like the idea of the un-silhouette look and the freehand drawing round it. I do have this stamp so must give this idea a try. x

  14. That is really clever and another way to use our stamps. Will have to find the time to go and look at the back issues as I have only just joined the club. Thank you.

  15. I was a club member years ago but then I didn't craft for a few years so I don't have these trees but have always liked them. I've had a look at the other back issues so now I have yet another wish list. Like others I have so many stamps I haven't used yet but I will one day. My husband dare not say anything – you should see our garage!

  16. Hi Barbara
    It's hard to choose between these two designs, I think I'm more traditional but I do like the funky look too. Love the way you have coloured the trees in with pencils, this is lovely. It's lovely to have a reminder of the club stamps too, I have my favourites and need to step out of my comfort zone and try some of the other ones! Make sure you give yourself some me time in amongst the piles of work.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Good evening Barbara – love this one – since my move up to Peterborough I have loved the countryside – all through the late summer and autumn the changing scenery helped me pass the 40 mile journey to work and then 40 miles back. One of the things I have watched was a row of trees that look just like this stamp – every day I pass the trees I thought of you thinking it was a typical Gray picture scene! As you do x
    Sadly all through the winter months the scenery has been missing – my journey each way in total darkness – like driving through a never ending tunnel – but in the last 10 days or so the light is lengthening out and those trees are back – which lightens my journey for me – so thank you for reminding me that I own a stamp that depicts this!

    Much love

    Kim xx

  18. This is so clever . Love it . Have been out of town for two weeks on an adventure to Antartica. Amazing beyond description . Now for abit of catching up . Just waiting for our flight from Laguardia to Norfolk ,Virginia . Delays from snow . Where was the snow at Christmas ?

  19. I love this Barbara, the funky one is my favourite. I love how you did the trees, another idea for me to try.
    I hope all is well with you and yours. My mum has just put her house up for sale to come and move to the village where I live, I'm so looking forward to it. I hope to get her crafting more. Xx

  20. Hi Barb, love both cards, but the funky one is my favourite. I think I will be getting my folders out and have a little page through past projects. I then also end up re-reading some of the newsletters. Lovely idea I think. Have a great day. Bx

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