The old ones are the best ones….Stamps ahoy!

The old ones are the best ones….Stamps ahoy!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Just a quickie today, 
showing you a step by step of one of today’s TV demos.
Sometimes I worry that you may think that I am neglecting stamping, because of all the Grooviness going on!
To be honest, sometimes I worry the same thing!
It isn’t going to happen though.
Stamps are my passion.
Always have been. Always will be.
It’s just when you are launching a brand new concept and product, it gobbles up so much time, from R&D to design.
So today on the box,
I decided to take a trip down memory lane,
and create a little landscape using just one tree and a bit of torn paper. 
Just because I seldom do this, doesn’t mean I have forgotten how.
But if I were still doing nothing but this, 
would I really have been able to hold your attention?
I think not.
So to the little card..
We will tear a hill with the side of the Clarity Blending mat
Make a frame around the coated Claritycard with masking tape.

Add a Moon mask.
Load the Speedball brayer with Denim on the blending mat 
and roll in a sky.

Add the paper hill and brayer in more sky.

Roll the last of the blue down the bottom of the pic.

Buff the picture now with a paper cloth or tissue now. 
Glossy, or what?! And that’s what Claritycard is all about.
A professional artboard which buffs to a hi-gloss after ink has been applied and dried.
Stamp the larch tree from the NEW Wee Trees stamp set
using Black Archival.
(Check out the NEW Wee Foliage too!)
Position a hill with the paper,
turn the tree round, and  build a fence, 
paying attention to distance and depth.
(the further away, the closer together and shorter!)

Provided the fence posts are dry, you can add a little shadow 
with a brush or make-up sponge. 

So this is where we’re at now.

Add another hill in the distance to anchor the lone larch tree.
Torn paper and brush are best for the job.

Remove masking tape and love it.

Add the wire between the fence posts using a black Micron pen.

Add snow using the fine end of a Groovi tool and some SNOWFLAKE Acrylic paint. 
Dib dib dib…
Trim and frame on black.

Check out the gloss on that card!!

 Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday thus far.
Bear with us if we seem to neglect stamps sometimes;
we just can’t keep up with it all ! 
2016 promise to be a pretty phenomenal 
Clarity design year though.
Oh boy do we have some super stuff lined up!
So are you a Stamper ? 
A stenciller ?
A Groover?
Or all 3 ?!
Tell me below. I want to get an impression,
so that we get it right!
love and hugs,

171 thoughts on “The old ones are the best ones….Stamps ahoy!

  1. Thank you for today's post. I'm definitely a stamper and stenciller though not managing to do much at the moment with a husband in hospital and Christmas fast approaching. Hope all well with you and yours. Have yet to watch today's programme but am sure it will be good. Ruth

  2. Gorgeous as ever Barbara, look forward to seeing what you are going to bring out next year, I do stamping but only in bits due to pain in my hands and arms, I do use your groovi plates as I do a lot of parchment craft, they are just so easy to use and you get a nice clean crisp image every time.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Am I a stamper, stenciller or groover? I love all 3, manage to do some things better than others but will keep on trying to improve.
    Seasons Greetings to everyone at Clarity

  4. Hello, I am a german Stamper and Stenciller and and a groovinist. Everthing is wonderful , and this Christmas everybody of my Family and friends in US and Europe will get a groovi Card for the first time. There are sooo wonderful groovi plates and it Looks so fantastic i could not resist and made at least 30 Cards for all of them. thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas.
    Have a wonderful time before Christmas, all the best Gisela

  5. Loving the Groovi plates, just ordered the border ones as they look fantastic, would be good if you could do deco ones as well as that's my favourite period…………….also ordered the grasses stencils as they look fab as well ……….. so I guess you could say I'm into groovi and stencils. I would like to say I'm into stamping as well as I own quite a few but, my attempts leave a lot to be desired so think I will be practising this more after Christmas…take care and I can't wait to see what you have for us in 2016 xx

  6. Hi Barbara, love the design you have done today. I love all three – stamping, stencilling and not forgetting the brilliant groovi which seems to be taking over my life at the moment.
    Hope all at Clarity have a fantastic Christmas and looking forward to new things in the New Year.
    Chris Arnall

  7. Enjoyed watching your demos today on Hochanda. I do all three, maybe a bit less with stencils, but am trying to use them more, with the help of your step by steps and demos. Love the new stamps, stencils and groovi plates. Hope you're home safely and having a chill out.xx

  8. It was lovely to see you visiting an 'Old timer' today, Barbara. I tend to use my brayer with paint these days. I am a stamper and stenciller. Always Clarity, may I say, I love the quality. Looking forward to seeing more Clarity goodies in 2016! Xx

  9. Hi, Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a good weekend and your cushions were enough to protect you all. Be putting an order in at Clarity Hubby wants to buy me some for Christmas. Love and

    1. Yes sorry, not been feeling too good, somehow dine something to my back, on top of everything else. Hurts to sit down and murder to get up again. Read all the comments though just now and had a giggle, you are so funny and lovely.xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    It's lovely to go back to basics isn't it – this little tree is great. Haha one Christmas card done, how many more have you got left to do? ! I haven't seen today's show yet, got caught in a traffic queue – roadworks and then a shop queue- as I said to Julian if it was the Grand Prix we would have been home by now! You've been recorded so that's my treat tomorrow. Right, in answer to your question, I love stamping, I've just joined the stencil club too but only tend to use stencils on geli plate, I need to be more adventurous and oh yes I love my Groovi. I'm so looking forward to seeing what's in store for next year, you do spoil us.
    Have a lovely evening
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Hi Sheila, hi Brenda, hi Pam hi Dot hope you are all ok and have survived this awful weather – seeing all the flooding on TV is dreadful, I feel so sorry for everyone affected by it. I hope your cushions were comfy as you fell today ladies xxxxxxxx

    2. Evening Diane it's so sad to see all the floods like you my heart goes out to all effected
      I crafted a little today hope your nice and cosy and warm in home hugs xxx

  11. Loved the shows today, you and Charlie make a great pair. I would say I am a stamper and stenciler first but I am growing into a groover too. It was obviously stamping and brayering that I first saw and thought "oooooo I want to do that!". Have grown with you into stencils and now most of my cards are a mix of these two things. I think my groovi skills are improving so I look forward to how this will develop in 2016. Can't wait to see the new products next year from Clarity, (colouring book!!!!!!) And learn about the new club…………. CCA and proud! XX

    1. Oh Donna, I hope those cushions I left out were lovely and fluffy! I haven't had a look at the web site yet, might make a sneaky little pre Christmas purchase although I know there's a Christmas parcel on it's way that I can stroke but not peek. Hope you are ok and have survived this awful weather xxxxx

    2. Trying to hit a soft bit as I have fallen a lot lately! But there are worse ways to spend your money! Like I've said before when I'm on the streets my sign will be fabulous! Xx

  12. As far as I am concerned, I love a mix of stamps, stencils and Groovi. It just depends where I am and what mood I am in. Groovi is perfect to carry around, to use somewhere you need to be clean or while watching TV. You can put it down and come back to it without problems. I also love getting inky or painty. I love the way all three styles can be mixed in one piece of work. Let's face it, I am a Clarity addict. Great show today with great demos, fantastic art work and loads of tips and hints. Safe journey home and good luck adding all today's orders to those still in the pipeline. xxx Maggie

    1. Well Maggie have emailed that Branson guy but don't hold out much hope but if you've got a friend with a ps4 works a dream on big telly. Thank's for you're tip about the empty pillow a wee while ago thank's helped a lot my friend….take care

  13. Gorgeous piece of artwork! I have the shows recorded to watch tomorrow. Stamping is my first love but I enjoy stencilling very much too. I think it is cool that you have products that appeal to crafters with different interests – that's perfect! xxx

  14. Beautiful! Much as I am enjoying the hello journey and the Groovi plates, I can promise you that you will always have our attention for your beautiful brayered and stamped landscapes xx

  15. I have almost all of the Groovi collection of plates but find I haven used them at all!! I appreciate that it takes time to get to grips with a new technique and that Groovi will help me slow down and be more mindful – but with the busy life I lead – dont mock, I'm retired!! – I just dont have time to spend ages on it. I love stamps and stencils. I have a Gelli plate and loads – and I mean loads – of Fresco paints – but nothing beats the immediacy of stamping. However – this doesnt mean that I dont appreciate all the different skills and that I wont try them in future. Thanks for asking!!

    1. That is very true, Gillian. I wish I knew who the thief was. Monday and Friday both seem to follow each other with nothing in between. If you find your missing days, can you see if mine are with them, please. xxx Maggie

  16. I really enjoyed watching you do this card today. I enjoy all three techniques, love learning new things. The new products today were lovely, so I am going to have to spend again. Think 2016 might be year of planning for us as well, my eldest son proposed to his wonderful girlfriend today. So thrilled she said yes.xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Just about to watch the show that I recorded, but thought I'd do this first before I forget! I love what you have done with this piece of artwork – really loving the two new wee sets. In answer to your question, I love all three. You are the reason I got back into stamping as I was always disappointed with my attempts until I discovered Clarity and now have confidence to even use other stamps too ( although not often promise!) . I love the stencils especially with texture paste and canvasses. As for the Groovi – well it's fabulous! I've done half of my Christmas cards using this ( 60 of them) and am so p,eased with them. So all I can say is keep up the good work on all three! Love Alison xxx

  18. I have always loved stamping, stencilling and parching. But parchment work became increasingly difficult. Your Groovi system has been a joy for me, but perhaps not so much for my husband's wallet haha!
    I thoroughly enjoyed getting back to basics today. It was amazing the number of demos you managed to fit in.
    I'm thrilled today as I've finally figured out how to comment on your blog after reading it for I can't remember how long! x

  19. This is gorgeous Barb, the gloss is amazing. I am very much a stamper and mixed media fan. I will confess that the groovi tool although I think it is very clever indeed does not appeal to me, you wanted honesty didn't you.I love getting inky and messy with distress inks, paints and everything in between. I love your stamping work, you are so creative and I really enjoy seeing what you create. Looking forward to next year very much xx

  20. This is gorgeous Barb, the gloss is amazing. I am very much a stamper and mixed media fan. I will confess that the groovi tool although I think it is very clever indeed does not appeal to me, you wanted honesty didn't you.I love getting inky and messy with distress inks, paints and everything in between. I love your stamping work, you are so creative and I really enjoy seeing what you create. Looking forward to next year very much xx

  21. I like all 3 but if I had to choose 1 it would be stamping, then stencilling. I'm gutted because I thought I'd recorded your shows and I hadn't. Only caught the last 20 minutes. I have ordered the wee trees and grasses. Can't wait for them to arrive. I've just set the 3 repeats to record on my Sky box as well as the Wednesday shows.

  22. Definitely all three Barbara – am loving your Groove plates, brilliant innovation. Would you be able to do a blog post on the beautiful card shown on Hochanda today which had three baubles with landscapes? Looking forward to 2016 🙂

  23. Loved it , prefer stamping best . managed to watch it on tv and it recorded despite me breaking the transformar to my free sat box, Cost me £35 for new one this morning was all set to watch on laptop then hubby desided to go upstairs for a rest so had tv all to myself xxx

  24. I'm mostly a stamper with some stencilling. I'm not into Groovi and don't think it will be for me at all. I love the new trees and foliage stamps. I'm hope to catch up on today's show tomorrow (if that makes sense!)

  25. I'm definitely all three , tho you've captured my hubby with the groovi kit. I love having the variety of styles & possibilities of combining the three. I have to say you've brought the adventurous & experimental side of me out of hiding! Just not enough time or energy lately! Oh well. I shall craft myself silly after Christmas! Haven't seen your shows today yet but safely recorded for tomorrow. Hugs xxxx

  26. I mainly stamp but I like to incorporate a bit of stencilling and I've recently bought the groovi starter kit but I need to find time to get into that. I guess now though it will be next year before I have the time.
    Jackie x

  27. What a wonderful programme and you looked so lovely. I am all 3 thanks to you and enjoying every challenge and sometimes I am severely challenged. I have been trying to make a groovi rectangle from a square. yes I can do it but get my lines at an angle. Obviously something wrong with the eye/brain co-ordination. I do it on my allotment when drawing a string along a ridge for the veg!!! it drives me quite made. Anyway, I will keep trying and so enjoying your blog
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  28. None of the above, but would SO love to create work as beautiful as this with stencils, stamps and ink. Gelli plate prints also fascinate me.
    Tonbridge Sue

  29. First off I loved the show today lots of information but light hearted as well. I have followed your shows for a number of years and thought your landscapes and brayer techniques were brilliant and then along came the gelli plate as well. It is only in the last couple of years that I have actually bought any Clarity stuff and I am hooked on stencils, gelli plate printing and of course Clarity stamps. I do think that the Groovi kit and plates are brilliant and do hope to get into them eventually as I know I would enjoy using them.

  30. Really pleased to see the old stamping techniques being revisited – and, as you've said yourself on the tv shows, there'll always be someone tuning in for whom it's new! I'm looking forward to catching up with today's Hochanda show later tonight, and I do like the idea of "wee trees and foliage" – small is beautiful!
    So, yes, I'm a stamper first and foremost; starting to experiment with stencils, but haven't graduated to the groovi parchment work – it's very pretty but hasn't quite drawn me in (yet!) – I guess I just like getting inky!
    When I started, I preferred all the silhouette images, because I wasn't confident of colouring in, but I've kept trying various techniques (thanks for all the inspiration!) and now I find colouring quite therapeutic – so I'll be interested to see the Clarity Colouring Books in due course.
    Just to add another dimension, have you thought about Clarity die-cutting?!
    (PS: Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team for getting the orders out so quickly after the Gray Friday weekend – I was fully expecting it to take a few weeks, but my order arrived on Friday)

  31. I'm very much a stamper since attending the Clarity east workshops, but love stencils too. I have restrained from the Groovi for now, until I get a new job. Can't wait to watch the shows back later. Love the card above x

  32. Barbara what can I say…I have followed you since I first saw you demoing…I think it was probably port sunny and I was mesmerised with your stamps the braver and elastic bands…do you remember. ..I bet it is embedded in your brain! I have followed your journey ever since and you have taken me on a journey that I had never ever dreamt of. I always loved your stamps and still do. (Just bought some more from Maria today).. I love the Gelli plate and ACRYLIC PAINT ME !! NEVER would I have thought that. STENCILS ..OMG love those too and now the grooving system. I NEED everything on today's show. But alas I can't afford ..and still we have Maria's show to come followed by Paul'Smith. ..I think I need to come out of retirement and go back to work so that I can keep up with you lol..but seriously keep it all coming..I just live it all and am still patiently waiting for the colouring book.

  33. I'm all three Barbara. Brilliant show AGAIN. What wonderful artwork from everyone and it was lovely to see you bring out the brayer…..that is what brought me to you in the beginning and I use mine with ink and paint and I also use it to colour the back of my parchment – great blending.
    Hugs xxx

    1. Awww! Thank you very much Dorothy, very nice of you give me such a lovely compliment but did you not see Dee's, Susan, Sylivia's and Maria's work! I adored the A4 piece that Susan did. lol. Hugs my dear. xx

  34. Hi Barbara great shows today and managed to watch them on big telly, my wee grandson came along with his PS4 and said you can watch Barbara on this Gran on big TV and so we did..he's a wee star.
    I have a go at everything really since I saw you do something like todays blog on TV about 3 years ago and said wow She's good.. and have followed you ever since, you helped me through the worst time of my life which is 3 years ago this week…so to you and this blog and the people here Thank You….So Roll on 2016 I'm with you Barbara and Clarity even though I blether a lot of rubbish sometimes and my craft is never going to be anything like my friends on here I love trying and will be here as long as you are….Dot…P.S I like that Charlie nice lad…x
    Dot Thornton C.C.A…..xx

  35. I mostly stamp and use the groovi system, but those micropearls will tempt me into stenciling more. Just need the paste to arrive from backorder first, though. Thanks for a great year so far. Clarity is crafting, but also feels like extended family. Keep up the inspirational work 😃

  36. Hi Barabara,
    When I started paper crafting, must be over 12 years now, I discovered stamping. Over the years I've gone through lots of techniques including parchment craft but stamping has remained my first love (or should that be addiction). I am now venturing into mixed media/art journaling, but it will have to incorporate stamping.

  37. Hello Barbara thank you for blogging this card because of my CFS I forget what the clarity different cards do so good to have a re run
    Haven't watched the shows today but will catch up hopefully tomorrow but no rush as got on record
    Since starting collecting clarity I'm now all three some days I cannot stamp due to my fibromyalgia
    But then I can stencil or groovi if CFS is at its worse I can shop on your website I thank you for giving us different crafting products as depending on how I feel on each day I know I can craft something and that's means I feel I've achieved my goal each day .looking forward to 2016 and your new things to tempt me to fall of the wagon CCA and proud to be hugs to all on the blog xxx

  38. All 3 for me! I just love stamps and have literally hundreds but don't tend to do a lot with them to be truthful although 2016 I have promised myself to explore stamping more. I love stencil and have done since watching all your demos and realising that you can do so much more with them than just plain stencil (just got to think outside the box. I am also in love with groovi and have almost every plate, I am hooked, I've just ordered the new ones n can't wait for them to arrive. What can I say I love all things Clarity and always will
    Much love

  39. Hi Barbara,
    I´m a stamper and a stenciller.
    At the beginning Groovi didn´t interest me very much but I can see what results you and other crafters are able to do. So I have to say it interests me more and more. But to be honest I´m not into it at the moment, sorry.
    Rolf xxx

  40. Hi Barbara. Lovely show today thank you. In answer to your question – you hooked me with stamps through your classroom shows & I enjoy Stencil's too. My husband has bought me lots of Groovi goodies for Christmas so when they arrive my guess is I will be hooked on that too! Must say though it was so good to see the brayer back in action I've missed it!
    Enjoy you evening xx

  41. Am away this week so the shows are on record for me to look forward to. I'm mainly a stamper but sometimes use stencils with stamps and am now hooked on groovi! Currently having a try at combining stamps and groovi, the kingfisher stamp works well for me. I would love to see some stamp and groovi mixes in the demos then it would be the best of both worlds!

  42. Thanks, Barbara, another lovely demo. I've taped today's shows, so look forward to sitting watching them when I get a free hour this week. I thought I was a stamper, but I really like playing with stencils and ink – and grunge paste – I was convinced Groovi wasn't for me, but one day I thought Oh, go on, try it… and my bank balance is now poorer, but my creativity is definitely richer. I love it. So I say Yes to all three! The only thing I haven't had the courage to try is the Geli plate. Bought it, bought the paints, put them in a drawer… But I'm a big fat coward; I bottled it. Keep putting it off in case I make too big a mess. Maybe one day… 🙂

  43. Hi Barb, I love all 3, love the groovi for travelling as it takes up little space and is making me learn not to be so heavy handed. Love stamps so versatile, struggle a little bit with stencils, but then just look back through your stuff to help me with that.

  44. Definitely stamps and stencils Barb. I am sure the Groovy system is amazing to use but parchment has never been my thing! Love the new stamps – on my wish list! Di xx

  45. Lovely show Barbara, Hochanda improving all the time. Love Clarity products – my preference being for stamps, stencils,Gelli plate, inks etc. but afraid Groovi is not my thing! Looking forward to 2016 with Clarity products.

  46. Definitely a stamper, occasionally a stenciler and just bought the groove starter kit so we will see whether I get hooked on that when I get time to have a play (also retired with no enough days in the week!).

  47. Hi Barbara. I really enjoyed your two hour show today and Charlie is so enthusiastic and funny too. I love my stamps and inks and I do have a few stencils and a gelli plate which I use occasionally and more often I use the stencils dry embossed and inked up to make backgrounds. I have tried parchment craft in the past but didn't have the patience to do a lot. I can see the worth of the Groovi in that it is quicker to lay down the basic lines and the way the different plates can be interchanged and bits used to build up the design is so good for any level of parcher. I might at some time in the future give it a go but I have to be sensible with my craft spending and getting into a new area is something I have to think about carefully. That said I love seeing all the beautiful things that have been produced with the Groovi and you and your design team are fantastic. x

  48. Oh dear I love it all! Wasn't going to go down the Groovi path as I didn't think the traditional parchment was for me? Then I saw your take on the designs and also the wonderful art that you and your design team were creating I wanted to try it! I got the starter kit and was hooked but I still go back to the stamps, stencils, gelli and canvas. Xx

  49. Barbara, absolutely loved your shows today. I was looking forward to seeing them all week. You make everything look so effortless and fun to try. I started out as a stamper and then got into die cutting. Found your wonderful site and now I enjoy using the stencils as well. My life has been so busy for months now and really haven't had much of a chance to craft at all. However, that didn't stop me from collecting new stamps and stencils as well as the Groovi system. Think I might have become a Clarity hoarder. I have almost the total Groovi collection but have only had the chance to try it once. Have planned to Groovi all through January though. We will be away and already have all the Groovi packed in the new storage folders to be packed in the car to take away. Looking forward to some peace and quiet and down time to really experiment with this. Am so glad Clarity offers all mediums for us to work with. Want to order everything new from the show today but am still awaiting my Gray Day order and don't think another order placed now will arrive in time before I leave as I live in Canada. So will have to wait until February. Heaven knows what other goodies you will have available by then. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful talents with us.

  50. I'm definitely a stamper and stenciler, plus mixed media worker. Whilst I think the Groovi system is a brilliant invention, it's not really my thing I'm sorry to say. In a way I'm kind of glad because it would cost me a fortune as I would want everything! I can only just keep up with all the other things I want for my crafting as it is! Great show today by the way.

  51. Definitely a stamper, learning about masks and trying to get to grips with my gelli plate (not very successfully I have to add) but will keep trying.

  52. Well Barbara you know what they say….the old songs are the best! I love this artwork today and this is just the thing that got me intrigued with you and Claritystamp! Take a blank piece of shiny card and a brayer add a bit of ink and Barbara has created a magical piece again!
    I love my groovi plate and I love the stencils but my passion is for the stamping and I think it always will be. But the common factor in all of these is Claritystamp…. I'm clarity through and through! Xxxx

  53. Well Barbara you know what they say….the old songs are the best! I love this artwork today and this is just the thing that got me intrigued with you and Claritystamp! Take a blank piece of shiny card and a brayer add a bit of ink and Barbara has created a magical piece again!
    I love my groovi plate and I love the stencils but my passion is for the stamping and I think it always will be. But the common factor in all of these is Claritystamp…. I'm clarity through and through! Xxxx

  54. I love your Groovi Parchment. I have to buy everything. The only thing is I bought the Album and Traveller, then bought another Album to put the border dies in but I don't think I am going to have enough room to put all the Borders in. Could you make a holder just to put the borders in? I bought some light white cotton gloves to wear when using the parchment and the Groovi plates. I found I was getting horrible fingerprints on the parchment. I think everything Groovi is brilliant and bought the plates and borders last night. Your show was excellent today and it made want to use stencils. Keep up the good work,

  55. I love cards like these! Beautiful. I am mostly a stamper at the moment although still learning. Am gradually using stencils more as I get the hang of ink, really want to properly get to grips with my Gelli Plate this year! Am really excited about getting to grips with Groovi once my gray friday order arrives! There's just not enough time in the day!

  56. When I started card crafting about seven years ago, I had a go at most techniques, all costing money. Then dies proliferated – more money, and I was still trying everything. Really got into Clarity! Then the Gelli plate arrived and although I enjoyed watching what was achieved, I didn't 'buy in'. Now the Groovi system! Sorry – just too much to keep up with! Also your programmes seemed to be overwhelmed with parchment, so I stopped watching. Sorry Barbara! I haven't taken to Hochanda either! I still (mostly) follow your blog, and still love your stamps and stencils. Sorry if I sound too negative but you did ask!! Hugs. xx

  57. Hello Barbara

    Loved today's show. A little bit of everything. I am all three, stamper, groover and stenciller. In that order. As you have to establish your newest product, the Groovi system, I, personally, don't mind seei g a lot of it on the show. It is possible to learn something every time.

    Having said that, it was nice to go back to basics with the brayer and tree stamp as well.


  58. Beautiful card. Lovely to see Clarity card and masking tape again. I'm primarily a stamper, then stencils. I just have one Groovi border to experiment with. Maybe more Groovi if I ever move house!

  59. i was so glad that you revisited some stamping techniques today. my husband happened to be in the kitchen when you were making the above card and he commented what a nice card that was. he hardly ever notices anything like that on telly so when i heard him say that i payed a bit more attention. i am not a 'groovi' person. my passion is stamping followed by stencils, so i hope you have some lovely stamps lined up, hugs xx

  60. Thanks for blogging this one, I was hoping you would! With the amount of stamps I have I should say stamper but I've probably used the stencils more and, more recently, the Groovi plate of course. I would never have got into parchment without it and can't imagine being able to do it freehand at all !! Great show today x x

  61. Since I'm fairly new to stamping and and stated out with stampin -up and then found you and these wonderful little scenes that make mefeel sorta like and artist I love stamping with some stencils also .
    Don't think groovi will be for me . So glad you repeated this since I had the most difficult time watching online with my sons slow router here in New York . It's much better when I'm home in Virginia .

  62. I'd say I'm all three, although have been stamping for longest, and just getting into stencilling. I like combining them though, so don't necessarily think of them as completely discrete things.

    I haven't been following Clarity for that many years, so these brayered scenes aren't old hat to me, I still find them magical. I had a little go at one a few months ago, which I was really pleased with (although it took me all afternoon!) I must have another go now I have more ink colours and the brushes.

    I loved the new stencils today, they're what really caught my eye from the shows, well, and the wee trees and foliage. So much to choose from! And I loved the gilding flake technique – fortunately I already have what I need to try it! And some of the stencils waiting under the tree will work even better. Until I can treat myself to these new ones.

    You looked lovely by the way!

  63. Lovely card, must try it… I love all my Clarity stamps, have amassed loads of Clarity stencils which I am getting better with, gelli plate is fab and as for the Groovi system, well, it is fantastic. Didn't think it would be, resisted for a while (ok, a week or so) and am now addicted! Would really encourage everyone to give it a go, you will not regret it. So to be honest, Barbara, you will have to keep on designing for all the genres you have brought to us, there will never be enough! Love, Ruth

  64. Love this little card. You Can't beat the old'uns. Think the blending mat made all the difference to my skills with the brayer and I don't tire of the thrill when you remove a hill or moon mask after brayering and see the results. I definitely love all 3. Love stamping and stencils on card, canvas and Gelli. They are also the most exciting to watch you demo. However, the Groovi is fabulous for travelling, caravan, hotel etc but also on your lap as it's not messy. I also prefer it to be in a quiet place with no disruptions as it really switches you off to the stresses of the world. Hope you don't mind me saying but it's the least exciting to watch being demo'd on TV simply due to the nature of it being so calming to do. But once done it's addictive and rewarding. Looking forward to seeing what's new for 2016. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  65. Hi Baarbara
    Great shows today. I have ordered the border plates and the Wee trees and foliage. I am a stamper first. I love embossing powders and gilding flakes. I am now definitely a Groover too.
    X from Chris

  66. I am absolutely loving the Groovi system, it has taken over from anything else at the moment. If I'm honest, I stamp rarely, and only do a little with the stencils. But everything is getting Groovi, and I have to have it all. I still love to watch you demoing stamping and stenciling, it never gets old x

  67. I love all three and really enjoyed watching you on Hochanda yesterday. I met you at NEC this year for the first time.You are such a clever and lovely lady and was such a pleasure to meet you. I now read your blog every day and love all the demos and tips. xxx

  68. Stamping and stencilling all the way. Sorry, but parchment is not for me although I think it is a marvellous system for those who do enjoy it.
    It was lovely to go back to stamping basics on the show today and I am pleased it has not been forgotten.
    PS… have you remembered the mini stencils we talked about?
    Love V xxx

  69. Hello Barbara.
    Lovely stamped card today – you make it look so easy. I loved watching you on Hochanda and again I learnt so much. I like watching and hearing about the Groovi system but I couldn't afford to start anything new when there are just so many lovely stamps and stencils which are my passion.
    First and foremost I am a STAMPER then I also love STENCILS and when there are stamps and stencils that go together then that's bliss. I love Clarity Stamps and Stencils they are really lovely images and great quality. (Thank you for regularly reminding us what black inks to use with alcohol pens or watercolour – I can never remember it's so confusing).
    I would add though I like stamps that come with matching dies to make life so much easier, especially when I am rubbish and "fussy cutting".
    I wish everyone at Clarity a happy and peaceful Christmas.

  70. Barbara
    I wonder if I might ask please if you could blog the steps for the card you showed on Hochanda with the funky flower stencil and gilding flakes. I missed the first part of it. I fully appreciate you are very busy but the finished item was gorgeous and I have bought the stencil and wee trees stamps today.
    Thank you.

  71. Morning Barb, saw your show yesterday on Hochanda and boy was it a super duper show, I absolutely LOVE groovi and have ordered the new releases, I love the ladies and the cards that the design team have done are out of this world.

    So for me it is Groovi, Groovi, Groovi all the way.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  72. Hello Barb, still have to catch up on the recordings, but it seems from all the comments that it was just fantastic. Currently I am a stamper and stenciller, but may be a groover in the future. Love this card, the oldies are always good. Take care. Bx

  73. Stamps for me all the way Barbara and perhaps the occasional stencil. Get the urge to " parch" about every 18/12 but do it the old fashioned way and often trace a stamp with white pencil. Was really good to see you wielding the brayer yesterday albeit briefly as I had to go out.

  74. Morning Stamps every time ! I love stamping then stencilling. Haven t really got into groovi – more due health and restricted funding – but if I win the the lottery ! Hey ho was lovely to see ur stamps out again ! ! Xx

  75. Stamping first, I just love the way you can build up a scene with one stamp, an ink pad and brayer. I also remember the days of the brayer and rubber bands! I said I wasn't going to buy a gelli plate, stencils and inks but gave into that recently as I've watched so many of your you tube demos. I'm not into groovi at all as I used to do traditional parchment via Pergamano. If I was to go back to parching I'd do it the old fashioned way as I prefer the piercing and cut work.

  76. Hi Barbara, great demos today, loved watching you and thought you looked lovely. My hubby said I recognise that voice when he came in!!
    I didn't really get into brayering, just couldn't get the hang of it but have a few Clarity stamps, love stencilling and although I didn't think Groovi was for me I love the delicate look of it. Would still love to have a go at the gelli plate at some point but we live on a narrowboat so space is severely limited as you can imagine!! I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next. The wee foliage and trees will probably be my next purchase as they work so beautifully with the abstract stencils which I love. Keep up the great work ideas but take time too to smell the roses!! xx

  77. I have still to watch as I recorded yesterday. I am a stamper first, and I love stencils too but don't do enough with them. I bought the Geli plate and it took me a bit of time before I used it. Not so keen on using it with paint, I prefer inks. I'm not a parchment fan so I haven't ventured into the groovi but I can see it has a place for many people. I agree with a previous comment, that it is the least exciting to watch but probably the most relaxing to do. I loved the card you did on this blog as that is where I began my journey with you. I could not get my brayer to work and thought there was something wrong with it, so I took it to the SECC and got you to try it out. It worked perfectly for you and I still have the lively card to prove it. You gave me so many tips that day that I have now mastered it. I have had little or no time for crafting this year as caring for my 91 year old dad took over my life. He is now in a lovely home and so my sights are set on getting back into what I love. Look forward to seeing what you will bring in 2016…. Got my calander ready.
    Thanks for all you do Barbara. I miss you at the SECC, but I get why you don't come. I don't go myself anymore, I just watch you on the tv instead.

  78. Hi Barbara, I too am a Clarity addict! I'm a stamper and stenciller, just adore all my stamps and have gained so much arty inspiration since I discovered you and Clarity about 18 months ago. I'm also a stencil club member, but apart from using the stencils on the Gelli plates and with Grunge paste, don't really use them to their absolute capacity and really need more tuition and guidance as to how to use them properly. I love watching the Groovi goodies and may get into these one day, but want to master the stamping and stencilling first 🙂 Thank you so much for inspiring me; my art and craft room has grown considerably, filled with creativity that I just love to share. Love and best wishes. Alison.

  79. Hi Barbara, Im a stamper but a convert to Groovi. Ive never used a brayer (would love to but a bit chicken!!) but like the idea of backgrounds and then solid stamping. Groovi has taken over a bit but the card you did for the step by step is perfect for christmas cards to pop in the post (still have loads to do!!). Set the record button for yesterdays show but it only recorded the first hour…how disappointing!! Looked for repeats but didnt seem to be any on :-(. Am excited about new developments coming up!! xx

  80. Hi Barb
    I am a stamper first and formost, with stencils and dies fighting for second place. I am also getting to grips with the geliplate, although I must admit to using inkpads rather than acrylic paints.

    Margaret xxx

  81. Hi Barbara, I am all 3, I love stamping, creating a landscape or picture, I also love stencilling, but could do more of that. I am a seasoned parchment craft enthusiast and love the Groovi plates and want to do more in this area utilising my parchment craft skills. Looking forward to the new developments. Just eating my lunch and a bit of my back tooth has broken off…. its a shame I can't just stick it back on with – have lots of different adhesives, but I don't think they will work somehow….xx

  82. Stamper, stenciller and now quite keen on the Groovi despite my initial reservations. On the latter, it is the portability that I really like, was part of my hand-baggage to and from my recent Kuwait visits where I happily whiled away the flights with Plates, Mate and parchment. ;~}

    1. Would be interested to know if you had any problems taking tools on a flight? I want to take mine away in March but was worried tools might be confiscated? Xx

  83. Hi Barbara, Great show usual par excellence, you work very hard and certainly deserve the success. I like all three, but if I were to choose then it would be stamps and groovi. Happy Christmas to the Clarity team.

  84. Stamps for me every time. I have do have the geli plate for making lovely backgrounds onto which of course I can stamp and stencils too. I even went and got the groovie and have used it but I find I have to be 'in the mood' to do so as it's quite time consuming. So for me it's stamps, brayer & geli plate followed by stencils then groovi. Taped the show but still haven't had time to watch so am looking forward to it having read all the other comments (bring on the brayer I say).

  85. An oldie, but a goodie. Thank you for a fabulous 2 hours on Hochanda yesterday.
    As for me, mostly I'm a stamper, and getting braver after two retreats and nearly of a year of my periodic blogging. I have some stencils, and use them quite a bit, but not as much as my stamps.
    I love the Groovi system, but to date, I have made a conscious decision not to invest in a whole new system. The product is fabulous, great fun, and super relaxing, but I'm resisting for now.
    Stamps, now those I cannot resist 🙂
    Thanks for asking. Claire x

  86. Love grooving, love stencils. I'll give anything (craftwise) a go but a stamper at heart.
    Great show yesterday. Must try the stencil and gilding flakes.
    Thanks for keeping inspiring me.
    P.s. Christmas cards finished today, feeling smug ! All peace or Noel heat embossed.with suitable inserts in the big letters.

  87. Probably stamper first … me into it, now LOVE it all. Groovi waiting for me to have time to give to it after Christmas, I know I will love that too. Your lovely card today is beautiful. I am a sucker for anything you come up with so look forward to 2016….. X X X X

  88. I'm definitely a stamper, and seeing you create scenes like this on a blank piece of paper got me hooked on Clarity. I also love my gelliplate, so stencils are very useful too. Love to see people's groovi creations, but it's not for me, as I love my crochet for something to do in front of the TV!!! Great project today, Susan x

  89. I have never been able to get the hang of them there hills until this step by step tutorial….I got everything out i needed and just went for it – remembering your words in my head… (its only a piece of card – nice card though all shiny) and i did it 1st time.. i was so thrilled couldnt wait to show my friend who asked "how long have you been practising for??" thank you so much for the tutorial and the clever words…xx

  90. Hello; Newbie here, got a few questions? What do you use for the moon mask I tried card and i get a ring around it, which looks rubbish LOL, and what do you stick it down with, I tried stick and spray but then that stuck it fast to my design after a few mins, also I have your brayer speedball and I can't get a good coverage of ink onto it, mine just picks bits up here and there not smooth like your's? I'm having trouble with just about everything; I have just bought your wee folk but going to get the wee trees and foliage too, any help for a newbie would be appreciated thank you xx LJ

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