Once Upon a Time there was a Mother and her Child….

Once Upon a Time there was a Mother and her Child….

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s Blog is something blue?
Not this week.
I decided to finish that mother and child parchment this evening,
and for some reason thought that warm reds and yellows would be better.
Also, I have been prepping the demos for Sunday’s TV show, 
and blue has been the preferred couleur all day!
Nice though….
So here’s a very simple colouring exercise, 
using the Distress Markers.

Mother & Child Plate
Square Nest Plate
Line Sentiment – Weddings.
4 for the price of 3 offer,
but if you just want one border, 
no problem –
just call the office!

So come on,
let’s get creative. 

Once upon a time, far away in a foreign land,
a young woman gave birth to a boy.
A beautiful boy.

They were very happy, and all was well.

But one day, another woman came to the village,
an unpleasant woman, 
and took the child for her own, 
telling the villagers it was her boy.

The young mother was very distraught 
and ran to fetch the Elder of the village.

He came, looked at the two women, and said,
“We shall see who is the real Mother.”

With that he drew a chalk circle on the ground
 and placed the child in the circle.

He told the women to stand at either side of the child, 
outside the circle. Each was to take one of the boy’s hands,
 and at his behest (good word),
to pull the child towards them.
“She who gets the child out of the circle is the real mother”, 
he said.

This they did.
Both took a little hand, and at the Elder’s command,
each started to pull the child towards them.

The child cried out in pain,
because the women were pulling him in opposite directions,
and stretching his little arms. 

The young mother let go immediately,
because she could not bear to hurt her baby.

So the stranger pulled the child out of the chalk circle
and cradled it in her arms.

The Elder took the child from the woman,

and handed him to the other woman.

“This is the real mother. 
She who would rather lose the child than see it suffer.”

With that, he banished the false woman,
and went back to his crossword.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

No, not his crossword.
His what?
Come on! Help me out! 

With that he banished the false woman and went back to?
Answers below please! xxxxx

love and hugs,

This is my very loose take on Bertolt Brecht’s play:
The Caucasian Chalk Circle.
Great parable.

69 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time there was a Mother and her Child….

    1. Hi Pam and Donna hope you are both ok – is the cough getting better Donna? Not sure what part of the country you're in Pam, we are down south so it's not often we get snow – our daughter is at university in Scotland so we have started to get excited text messages and face time sessions with snow but not so much as they've had around Edinburgh ! Hope you are both warm and snug xxxxx

    2. Live near Bristol Diane only rain forecasted for here, very heavy though earlier tonight. The young ones like the snow, not good for us though trying to get around in it. Lovely when you can stay in and watch, magical.

    3. Hi Donna glad your cough is easing, hope your hearing improves soon, haven't had much sleep myself since Monday with this awful streaming cold and tickly cough , but not feeling too bad in myself. Hugs to you all.

      Hi Dot, are you in Fife. Have family up that way?

  1. he went back to writing "Fear and Dread of the Third Reich" – whatever! Even as an English graduate, sorry I do not like Brecht. Call me a philistine.
    On a brighter note – what a beautiful, artistic piece on the blog. I have had a baptism of fire and brimstone at a Satellite Court which Sir John B said should have been bombed! Not very particularly correct to comment given today's world. However if he were here, I could not agree more. This is my Thursday moan about the so called Justice System. Enough or maybe big brother will be watching. I do not care any more – I am off to de-stress big time with my groovi and Barbara in my ear – gently round the circle.
    Lots of love – maybe raise an eyebrow with my comment or even a giggle. Trying to get rid of Worka and Holic! until tomorrow. Roll on Sunday and fun day with you.
    Anne (Reading) Ain't life hard when your having fun looking at the blog xx

    1. Oh Anne I do feel for you, you put up with so much in the justice system and your 'customers'! I too have Barbara's voice in my head as I Groovi – long stroke, short stroke!!! Xxxx

  2. Gosh; that story took me back to when I played Grusche in der kaukasische Kreidekreis at university! He went back to … building his wife a craft shed, so that the family could eat at the dining room table again! Wonderful colours – can't wait for Sunday!

  3. Hi Barbara, it's the male of the species, so it's got to be he went back to his sport on the telly!!!!
    Your artwork is beautiful, I love the colours you've used, just perfect. Thank you for sharing. Are you winning with your prep for Sunday? I do hope so.

    It's been heavy snow non stop here since tea time. Where did that come from, was it forecasted? Fortunately my shopping came this afternoon, as it's looking more and more like I have been abandoned by everyone for some reason! I've worked out what I'm going to do for the handmade presents, back to basics and keep it simple – wee cross stitch pictures. Got the patterns sorted out, found perfect ones for most, just got to make up my own for one. Feels a bit of a cheat using patterns as is, normally I'd be altering /using bits to make up my own thing etc. I've just ordered the frames too. So if I can get up out of bed at a decent time and stick at it with the sewing I could have them finished for Christmas, maybe. Nicola wanted our favourite photo from our last day out as her thank you. We're both putting the same photo up on our walls so when we look at it we think of each other looking at our own one. Been struggling to find the kind of frame I wanted, and that didn't cost silly money, done loads of internet searching without any luck, only to discover the ideal frame was right under my nose! So they're ordered too. Now how on earth do I work out what is Nicola's favourite photo? I'm even struggling to work out which is my favourite!!! I was going to make her something too, but I think that's going to be artwork /canvas so that's definitely on hold for now!

    big hugs and love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda I hope you are warm and snug indoors – snow is lovely to look at but not good for travelling about in. They showed a photo on the weather tonight of the snow in Scotland, I think there's a bit more on the way! Your present ideas sound good, patterns will be the best way to go at this late stage. That's quite a lot of sewing to do! Keep warm xxxxx

    2. Sit and watch the snow falling, I love doing that. A calm stillness seems to come when it snows, until the following day when cars start driving around! Stay snug and warm. Xx

    3. Snow gone here this side of the forth now just heavy heavy rain and cauld. Sounding a bit cheered up there Brenda looks like youve got a wee plan going there …keep warm remember eat.and take care…xx

    4. Hi Brenda, your plan sounds good, try to make easy ones as that's a lot of sewing and you don't want to be rushing. Whatever photo you choose I'm sure Nicola will love it because it'll remind her of your day out together. Stay warm and cosy, love and hugs.

  4. Hi Barbara
    This parchment is beautiful, love the colours you have used too. Hmm I was going to say his Groovi plate but it could be his adult colouring book! I hear this story recently, can't remember where but it really makes you think. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday .
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Dot she was sat talking to us tonight wearing a Christmas jumper and an elf bobble hat, pj trousers and 3 pairs of socks! So attractive! I love my hot water bottle 🙂 xxxx

  5. this is freely drawn from the Old testament. it is King Solomon's story and instead of the circle and pulling he would have spit the child in 2 with his sword. that is the version i know, hugs x

  6. The mother and baby plate is really beautifully drawn and your added artwork just makes ot more beutifull.
    what a lovely story and im sure there is no mother alive who wouldn't have done the same.
    I think he went back to the lav with his newspaper! What is it with men and reading on the throne beats me..lol..tame care..xx

    1. Well done Sheila, I'm hoping to do some groovi tomorrow. Sorting and cutting articles from my scrapbook magazines tonight ready for the recycling tomorrow. Surprising how these magazines and jobs mount up.

  7. Beautiful colouring, love the shading and dots, just brings it to life. I think that he went back to his throne … you decide whether he was a king or on the toilet… he is a man after all!!! Apologies to any men out there. Looking forward to the show. The recorder is set because I'll be at Maria's Preston class. So lots of crafting fun on Sunday for me.
    Have a good Friday and safe journey to the studio., Hugs & love Jeanette xxx

  8. Gosh, that brings back memories. I remember a similar story from my childhood The Judgement of Solomon I think. The Elder went back to his Philosophy studies.
    Your Mother and Child is a beautifully sensitive piece. Thank you.
    Tonbridge Sue

  9. Barbara this is beautiful. I love the colourful groovi pieces best of all for some reason. I haven't done that much lately as madly crochet-ing gifts for presents. It seemed like a good idea at the start!" might have to speak to Santa about the distress markers.

  10. I think he went back to carving his totem pole!!
    Lovely image, colouring is beautiful. I done loads of parchment Christmas cards, and have coloured a few with my Distress markers. So quick and easy, but you can do shading if you want too x

  11. Beautiful expressions on those faces. She surely is the mother. I too first came across this story as Solomon, with the violent solution.
    I think the Elder went back to his flower(s)

  12. Beautiful colours you have used here Barbara and also the dots have added that little arty touch which you are so good at. l think the Elder went back to his game of chess. x

  13. Hello Barb, this image is beautiful and the colours you have used are stunning and really show it off very effectively. Thanking you for your story, I think the Elder went back to his council. Have a great day all, looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Bx

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