Mother and Child Eternal…

Mother and Child Eternal…

Hi there.
Hope your Tuesday is going well?
Mine is flying by!
We are going to the flicks this evening, 
to see ‘Lady in a Van’ with Maggie Smith.
(Funny English language!
I’m not going with Maggie Smith at all!
I’m actually going with Dave and my brother Steve!)

It has had fantastic reviews, but then would you expect anything else with the wonderful Dame Margaret Nathalie Smith 
behind the wheel?
But before I go, I want to blog 
about the Line Sentiment Groovi Borders.
They are so useful !
Check out the different borders here, 
Just using the patterns and elements 
on the borders, you can build brilliant frames.
Paul built these on his last show.
Isn’t is effective?

See how the Line Sentiments themselves sit inside the nests?

So here’s one using hearts from one of the borders…

I want to fill it with the new Mother and Child plate.
By the way,
if you ever want to just have one of the plates instead of both,
just call our office and order the individual plates on the phone.
It’s not a problem at all.
Slot the Mother and Child Plate in the Groovi Mate,
decide where you want to see them inside the frame,
and attach the parchment to the Mate.
Wipe with a Tumble Dryer sheet and emboss 
with your No. 1 tool from the Starter Kit,
staying inside the box.

How lovely is that?!

I want to spend more time on this piece, 
now that I have done the line art…

Maybe tomorrow,
it being mindful Wednesday and all, 
I can take myself off to a quiet place with this picture, 
and get lost in it for an hour or so.
I hope you can join me….

Love and Peace,

64 thoughts on “Mother and Child Eternal…

  1. Enjoy the film, I loved it! I also love these 2 plates. Great to know we can order them individually and not as a pair. Wish I'd know before. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the card too. Lots of love. XX

  2. Loving the groovi and I've not got mine yet! Have a lovely evening at the flicks, we are off out to see one of the granddaughters singing with the Scottish youth choir . She's only 9 so it's a big event for her . X

    1. Hi Isobel, I bet you are so proud of her and I am sure all the singing will be wonderful. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her singing tonight and I don't even know you but I do have several grandchildren Regards Ann

  3. I love how clean and sharp the patterns look and so many alternatives. Every one I know who has seen the film has really enjoyed it so hope you have a great evening.

  4. Stunning ways to use those plates Barb. Must try being a bit more inventive with mine. Enjoy the film – it does sound like a good one. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, oh Alan Bennett, I read that book years ago, brilliant book, and yes with Maggie Smith as lead role, what better combination could there be! I’m an Alan Bennett fan. Can I come too please 😉 Love those frames, brilliant idea, looks like my need list has just grown again! I didn’t know you could order the plates on their own, I’ve been wanting some but they were in a duo with ones I didn’t think I’d use so much so couldn’t justify buying them. Brilliant, need list defo grown bigger!!!! Phoning in though, hmmm, that really scares me, and with the current situation and all the problems that are landing on my doormat that I got to try deal with myself, I think I need to leave thinking about phoning Clarity for a while.

    I’ll join you tomorrow, I’m in need of some serious destressing. On top of everything else the social worker was having a meeting today with a senior manager from the support service about the abuse complaint. She wanted to have it here with me involved but I totally freaked, proper panic, so she’s done it on her own. I haven’t heard anything, but I’m assuming it’s not going to go the way we need it and it should go – he’ll be let off, I’ll somehow be blamed and he’ll feel even more empowered to do it even worse to others and I’ll feel even more like dirt and nothing, so I’m dreading it.

    My Christmas card marathon, well been at it all afternoon, still no completed cards but just got to cut the backing paper and then it’s just sticking everything on. I think I’m going to be up most if not all night at this rate though 🙁

    Hope you all really enjoy the film
    love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda if you can pluck up courage to phone, you will not find a more helpful team than at Clarity. It is because I phoned that I found out I could order just the heart nesting plate, which is what I most wanted. Even with all the chaos last week, the lady I spoke to (Debbie) was so helpful, I did not even have the codes for what I wanted and when ordering one item, told me of a better option for what I wanted. They were also so helpful when dingbat that I am, I ordered two of the same plates at different times, returning the extra plate was no problem and they processed it all most efficiently. So if an disorganised idiot like me can get ordered what I want, think about how much better you are going to get on. You know what is lovely too, when I said who I was, they knew me, they see the blog, so they will know who you are and will be extra gentle too, it's like speaking with Barbara herself, she employs people who are like minded and you love speaking with Barbara. You are so lovely too, I reckon once you pick the phone up and get through it will help make you feel so special and sounds like you need it. You are not dirt and not nothing, you are a special person, deserving of respect and if he whoever he is, does not know it, well that's his problem and he is much worse of for not knowing you. We all think you are one special, funny lady, very empathic here in blog land. I know you do not think you pick up on these signals because of your Aspergers but I find the opposite is true here. So good luck with card marathon, off to my own later, plus all the rest I need to finish this week. At least I finished my clock today! Love always Karen xxx

    2. Brenda, a few minutes taking to one of Barbara' s wonderful and so patient team will make you feel like a star. I hope you can find the courage to bring up and order what you want. Just throw those cushions down to land on and go for it. I love reading your posts. There is always a gem of lovely humour in there, no matter how bad a day you have had. xxxx Maggie

    3. Brenda once you ring your order in you will wonder why you stressed over it clarity towers staff are so helpful and very understanding.give it a go
      Sending big hugs to help you along xxx

    4. Brenda my lovely lady, you know you can do it, be brave and pick up the phone but put those cushions down first. I'm sure the social worker and manager will fight your corner for you, you said there had been other complaints about him so you are not alone. Now don't forget you are a lovely person, so kind and funny and you have so many friends on this blog so no putting yourself down. Lots of love and a big hug xxxxxxx

    5. Hi Brenda will have to look for that Alan Bennet book keep me going till the dvd comes out. Take it easy my friend and ditto what Donna says. Just do what Xmas crafting you can theirs still 3 weeks yet andand Im sure your wee gardning man would come back to post them….take care…xx

    6. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and all your lovely words to and about me. Very kind of you all. I'll wait to see if I get a voucher from my brother first because that would need phoned in too. I did have to phone once when there was a problem with my order to do with the delivery company and I had no one to help me, something bad was going on then too. And yes the lady couldn't have been nicer and more helpful and understanding, I was struggling to get my words out that day. I've always been scared of the phone from when we first got one as a kid, and most of the time me attempting to sort out a problem by phone goes so badly, so it's only worked like aversion therapy, especially in the past 2 years when I was pretty much forced to do it myself, the bad high up person from the old service. Diane, I'm the only one to have reported him, the managers thought he was their best worker! But I've been told they are taking it very seriously, but as with everything it's my word against his and clearly he's not going to admit to it, although it's thought he did admit to his bad behaviour and that I'd done nothing wrong the week before so if that's right logically that should help but your world is rarely logical.

      Yay, happy dance!!!!! Cards finished and it's not even bed time yet, well my topsy turvy bed time anyway, 4-5am very common these days, aye proper not coping! Just to write them now, that shouldn't take very long. But first I need to go play with Daisy, she's been doing everything she can think of to get me to play with her for hours, poor wee soul, I just had to throw a toy every so often and tell her I'll play loads with her tomorrow. she's gone in the huff though and I feel so guilty, so a wee play is in order to keep her going until it's proper day today.

      I cooked my roast parsnips and carrots with the honey on today too. Not as good as Nicola's were but then hers weren't big muckle all shapes and sizes ones, like a bomb went off in the veg drawer!!!!! Still tasty though.

      Glad you really enjoyed the film Barbara. What's your book going to be about? Can I put my name down top of the list for a signed copy please

      Thank you everyone love Brenda xx

  6. Ooooh I ordered these sentiment plates over the weekend, but will have to wait til Christmas as they are a Christmas present. Will it be rude to disappear on Christmas afternoon to make sure they work!!
    The film is excellent saw it last week! Maggie Smith is so good you can almost smell her! Enjoy! Xx

  7. Love the Mother and Child plate and now I know they can be bought separately it is on my wish list along with a couple of others! I've been to see the film this afternoon with my husband and my mum (who is 90 and hasn't been to the pictures for years!!) We all enjoyed it so hope you all do too. Maggie Smith is, of course, brilliant. Mx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Got these plates last week and the borders are superb – I was so impressed when Paul showcased them on tv. You must have read my mind because I was wondering if you could buy some of the plates as singles, so thank you for answering that one. Myself and two friends were due to go and see Lady in the van last week but one of them couldn't make it. My other friend and I still went to the cinema though and we actually saw Suffraggette. What a good film , if a bit harrowing in places – very brave women that we have a lot to thank them for. We actually saw lady in the van on to a few years ago – I think it must have been in a series of Alan Bennett plays or something and I'm sure Maggie Smith was in that too. I love her!! Anyway, enjoy yourselves yourselves tonight. Love Alison xx

  9. Enjoy your film, love Maggie Smith, always great value for money. I am Mrs smug today as ordered these plates in sale last weekend so can't wait to get them. Although happy to wait as know you have one or two orders to fill! Your wonderful staff told me over the phone I could order plates separately, as I really wanted nested hearts, brilliant, shows what good customer service is all about. Enjoy yourself, look forward to tomorrow's installment. Hugs Karen xxx

  10. I saw the film a couple of weeks ago it is brilliant. If Maggie Smith doesn't get multi awards there is no justice. Another good film to see is The Dressmaker, it will make you laugh and cry. I am looking forward to my new groovi plates coming soon. I will be patient tho as I know there are a lot of orders in front of mine !!

  11. We have just got in from watching The Lady in the Van at our local cinema. Really enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

    Love the artwork and can't wait to see once you have worked your magic with it.

  12. We were going last week to see film but had to take grandson for a hospital appointment at last minute. I am hoping we will still go but I know hubby is not keen so going to have to keep nagging now. I am sure it is a brilliant film. Fantastic that we can order just one of the groovi plates, I do not always want both. Thank-you. Enjoy your evening. xx

  13. Hi Barbara enjoy the film Maggie smith is a fantastic actress ,I cannot do pictures now so will wait for it to come on sale in DVD .
    Wonderful we can order groovi plates in ones .

    1. Evening Donna are you starting to feel any brighter? Missing you on here hugs xxx
      Evening Diane
      Evening Dorothy
      Evening pam
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

  14. You have got that little spy camera switched on in my living room again, Barbara. I have spent the last week playing with the Mother and Child and another of the nested sets. They are great, and I like making them as simple as possible in style. Simple is good right now with panic starting to set in and needing to pull lots of late nights to get everything finished in time. Theoretically, I was well ahead, having most of my cards already done, but then I decided to make a lot of Christmas presents. Note to self – start earlier next time. Make sure you all at Clarity build in plenty of breaks so that you can all enjoy your own family Christmasses. xxxx Maggie

  15. The film is brilliant, Barbara. So cleverly crafted and Maggie Smith is excellent. I saw it yesterday. Very poignant but humorous too.
    I hope you all enjoy it. Ruth

  16. I have read that Alan Bennett book too and I'm sure the film with the likes of Maggie Smith will be fantastic so have a good time Barbara. The last time we decided to go to the cinema we read the listings wrong and got there to find another film was on instead which was a bit frustrating considering it was the first film for years we felt like going to see, I think it was 'A Walk in the Woods' based on the Bill Bryson book so I suppose we will just have to wait for the DVD. I love the way you put all the different plates together and come out with something fantastic and all the designs mix and match so well! x

  17. Finally back feeling better, well apart from a cough that sounds like I smoke 60 a day and a deaf right ear! Anyway, thank you for all the well wishes over the last few days, I did read them and the blog in the rare moments I was lucid! I for one will be ordering on Sunday as those wee trees look great. Enjoy your film. Xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Enjoy the film, oh wouldn't it be good to sit and watch it with Maggie Smith!!! I'm waiting to see it as friends say it is wonderful. Love today's Groovi artwork and it's lovely to know we can buy individual plates, I hadn't realised that. Oh I'm looking forward to seeing how this artwork progresses.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxxx

  19. Loved Paul's demos with adding different patterns to the borders, looks so effective and makes the border plates even more versatile.

    Enjoy your evening, I fancy watching that film too, love Dame Maggie 🙂 x

  20. Lovely groovi image. Really looking forward to getting my starter kit which I ordered during the mayhem of Friday.
    Enjoy your evening at the pictures. I am going to catch up on Dr Who that I missed on Saturday as I was at a celidh (hubbie's band was playing), dancing the night away!

  21. Hi Barbara when I saw a clip of that film on tv I thought it looked good couldnt sit for long at the flicks but hope it wont be long on dvd.
    Just love the mother and baby groovi plate so its in my sale order so looking forwards to it arriving when you all get a chance to do the avalanche that must be clarity towers just now… take care…xx

  22. The Mother and Child plate is beautiful. Looking forward to your show on Sunday, although I did enjoy Paul's show very much. He's such natural, just as he was at the NEC, loved he way he said "I haven't got that far yet I'm still learning".

  23. What a film! And what an actress she is!! Those eyes!!! As has been said, if she and the film don't receive multiple awards, there's something wrong with the system. Absolutely enthralled, I was. Some very powerful one liners to mull over now. The time is coming for me to write my book….

  24. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like a wonderful time. Glad to hear that sets of plates can be ordered individually. However, it is difficult to call into Clarity from Canada to place my orders and so I do it online. Is there a way to do it without calling into the office? There are a couple I would like to add to my order.

  25. So glad you enjoyed the film Barbara, I want to go as I love Maggie Smith. Really pleased that we can just order one groovi plate as I wouldn't use some of them, even though they are amazing, some just don't suit my style. I managed to order the storage system over the weekend so am looking forward to getting more organised. Will be watching on Sunday, have a brilliant one xx

  26. Hello Barbara

    Hope you enjoyed yourselves at the cinema. This is on my list of 'to see' films.

    Love the Groovi borders. Mine came this week but no time to play at the moment. Didn't know it is possible to order just one of any pair – I will have to start a new order list.


  27. Hi Barbara, I hope the film was great.. I do love Maggie Smith she embraces the roles she plays so well … one of my favs is Tea with Musalinni, and of course both Hotel Marigolds!
    Plates are fab! just can't keep up with you! LOL
    As ever
    Much love

  28. Hello Barb, Hope you enjoyed the film, we are planning on going out to see it one evening. Love the image with the Mother and Child Groovi plate, looking forward to seeing what else you do with it. Take care all. Bx

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