HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxx

HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxx

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
What are you up to this evening?
Last night of this old year and all that jazz.
Are you seeing in the New Year with friends?
Or are you staying in the dry?
Or heaven forbid, has your life been tipped upside down 
and your home been destroyed by flooding?
It’s pouring down outside as I write, 
and all I think of when I hear the unrelenting rain is those poor souls in the disaster areas.
So I decided to make a card for you
using Color Bursts yet again,
because these pigment powders 
really capture not only the crazy weather but also 2015 for me.
It’s been a hell of a year, hasn’t it? 
A little bit raw in places,
where we’ve just had to fake it to make it,
and pretend everything was ok.
Until it was.
a little bit messy in places,
where we’ve just had to hang on and have faith that things 
would come good again.
And they did.
Some very stormy patches, 
where we’ve just had to sit tight and let the clouds pass.
But really amazing too!
Unbelievably exciting stuff!
Good and unexpected things happened,
 Team Clarity blossomed and grew,
 and everything was totally Groovi!
We went from 3 laser machines to 7 in 3 months.
We just basically worked our arses off all year, didn’t we ?!?!?
But then there was that epic US road trip with Dave and Steve.
Which was so brilliant,  
I’ve already booked next year’s vacation for us!
The worst part of this last year was when Dave got so very ill.
That was a show stopper for me.
The best part of this last year was when Dave got well again.
Which he did.
So back to this evening, 
Grace is off to a party with her best friend Lizzie 
and the Clarity gang.
Mark is off to a party in London with his old school friends.
Dave and I are staying in, and joining Jools Holland
to wave the Old Year adieu and wave the New Year in.
And you?
Whatever you are doing,
wherever you are and whoever you are with,
Dave and I would like to wish you a
and creative New Year.
And before I wrap it up,
I have one little test for you, 
to see how well you know me by now…
Let’s take a closer look at the card.
(By the way, these Wee Folk are joining me on the TV this weekend. Err, not October !)
Happy New Year.
Well, for those of you who have our Word Chains,
you will maybe know that whilst we have ‘Happy,’
the words ‘Year’ and ‘New’ have yet to be made.
Which means one of two things….
Hands up if you think I cobbled together the words I needed
by masking off letters from other Word Chain stamps.
Just write MASKED below.
Hands up if you think I actually cut up the Word Chain stamps to get the letters I needed to be able to write New and Year.
Just write CUT below. 
The truth will be revealed tomorrow xxxxx
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!

love and hugs,

160 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxx

  1. Happy new year Barb to all your family and the clarity team ,we are staying in take away Chinese . I think you have masked or just maybe new chain words in the making? Love the artwork.

  2. I would say CUT on the grounds that, as the boss, you can. As for tonight, I am actually spending the time on my own for the first time ever, but it does suit my mood at the moment. I also do need to keep the dogs company through the fireworks. I shall probably put on the box sets of Downton Abbey to keep us company. I would like to wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and Happy New Year. Love xxx Maggie

  3. Oh Barbara I love the artwork! And I reckon you CUT the word chains! Although maybe you nipped in the unit and made some bespoke words! Haha!

    Colin and I are also going to be staying in watching Jools Holland. It's always entertaining!
    All the best to you and Dave for the new year! Let's hope it'll be good to us all! Xxxx

  4. Oh Barbara I love the artwork! And I reckon you CUT the word chains! Although maybe you nipped in the unit and made some bespoke words! Haha!

    Colin and I are also going to be staying in watching Jools Holland. It's always entertaining!
    All the best to you and Dave for the new year! Let's hope it'll be good to us all! Xxxx

  5. I haven't any idea what you did with your stamps, I'll wait until tomorrow to find out. Staying in tonight by the fire, fairy lights on and watching the fireworks on the telly. May I wish you & Dave, all the Clarity team and all your blog readers a Happy and Healthy New Year

  6. Happy New year …… With crafty hugs and love to Barbara Dave clarity team and fellow bloggers. We will be with jools Holland too

    And I think Masked….

    With love Pen x

    1. Evening Donna I had a special day today I got the card in the calendar from Barbara signed what a wonderful end to this year and yes i cried thank you for all your surport through this past year xxx

    2. Hi Donna Sheila and Dot
      Happy New Year to my lovely blog friends, may we all have large cushions in 2016 that forever stay plumped! Sheila what a lovely gift for you from Barbara, I'm sure it will have pride of place xxxxxx

    3. Hi Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year and long may we be blog friends, it's been great to chat and see your banter for the last few months. God Bless you, love and New Year hugs to you all.xxxxx

  7. I guess CUT, on basis of when I mask letters I still manage to get a ghost from the other letters! We too are staying in with Jools, hubby enjoyed it last year so he voted for it again. We'll be turning the volume right up because our greyhound Star hates fireworks so we'll try and drown them out and keep her company until she stops shaking. Happy New Year to all. Karen xxx.

  8. Happy New Year to you and all your family, I would just like to thank you , watching you do your demos has given me a new and happy life again, I am just getting over a break down and I have just started rubber stamping, with your help, making wonderful cards. Thank you so much Barbara xxxx

  9. I think MASKED but I also think maybe new stamps coming.
    Daughter No 1 going out with her boyfriend, daughter No 2 playing violin at a ceilidh so just me and husband staying in watching tv. Would like to wish all at Clarity a very happy and healthy 2016.

  10. MASKED can't believe you'd cut them that would be too fiddly wouldnt it?! I've got to make a new year card and was just thinking I must have these words but, obviously not! Still I know what to do now! We're at home this year with some Bucks Fizz and bread and cheese! It's been a sad last week for us but not tragic so we will count our blessings. Hubbby has some long treatment ahead which I'm sure he will see through in his steady way.

    Good luck and happiness in 2916 to you and Dave, the Clarity Team and everyone who visits your blog! It's brightened my year! thank you x X x

  11. Cut – I think you are a hacker! Just finishing my poppy wreath Groovi plate parchment with a glass of wine & the musical Oliver on DVD whilst singing my socks off! Now that's what I call multi-tasking! Will be in bed before 10.30 pm until the fireworks wake me. Happy New Year Barbara, Dave & all Clarity team & bloggers. May 2016 be the year of your dreams xxx

  12. Happy New Year to you and Dave and all your loved ones. Thank you for making my year better with the Groovi system and broadening my horizons.
    Oh yes CUT!
    Looking fwd to seeing you on tv at the weekend.
    Big hugs

  13. Hmmmmmm Cut 🙂

    Happy New Year, thank you for the amazing crafty inspiration, loved getting Groovi and so looking forward to being a Diamond member from January. Thank you.
    We have decided to chill at home, a nice Indian for tea and cuddles with the pooches, enjoy your evening xx

  14. Have totally enjoyed reading the blog both from the artwork and the personal.
    Like many I am so pleased Dave is back to normal. I can only imagine greater things for 2016. Happy New Year to all xx

  15. Masked, well thats what I did with one of my word chains. I'm hoping the old year slips out and the new one slips in quietly, lost my lovely dad this year, and mums in hospital, and unfortunately will have to go into a nursing home. Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year to everyone.

  16. Cut !! We was going to be home but are eldest daughter plans changed so invited us around for takeaway grandchildren boys Jacob and Jonah just gone to bed men gone to collect takeaway so just waiting to little boy shouting down one looking for dark vader great Star Wars fan age four and such a knowledge of Star Wars and all Charictors happy new year to you all lots love Katie says barbara is the best love you Joy and Katie xxxx

  17. Masked You are too …errrm… "Thrifty" to chop up several stamps to create a Frankinstein stamp.

    Staying at home slowly chomping through a Chinese take-away. Probably be in bed before the witching hour.

    1. On second thoughts, it could be masked AND cut. The New looks like a shortened News, so masked 's'. The Year is a combination of several words, so cut.

      Happy New Year to everyone.

  18. Masked! Happy new year when it comes! We will be at home having a quiet time at the Bells as husband has been suffering with flu and an ear infection. However, our daughter has gone to the Edinburgh Street party tonight. As there are no trains tomorrow we are going to collect her tomorrow morning so we can all go to the in-laws for dinner.

  19. Barbara I would like to tell you a story about my day I went to have my second acupuncture today
    I came home to my postman delivering my 2nd calendar oh I was so excited my partner took it out of its packaging and passed it to me I took of the plastic covering opened it up to find the most stunning card made using the groovi signed by Barbara you yourself the tears started to fall I said to Tom I've got a card from Barbara signed with love I said take a photo inside and out
    Dear Barbara you have made the last day of the year so special words cannot express what the card means to me its been a tough year like so many on your blog here
    So a very special thank you to you and all your clarity family all at clarity towers all the very best for 2016
    I will buy something I will always treasure with the £50 voucher and will be framing my card to hang in my craft room THANK YOU CRAFTING HUGS XXX

    1. I will say CUT as you can always make some more xxx
      Evening Donna
      Evening Dorothy
      Evening Diane
      Evening Brenda
      Evening pam
      Crafting hugs to all on the blog
      All the very best for 2016 xxxx

  20. I think MASKED. I don't get the impression (no pun intended) that you'd be vandalising a good word stamp.
    So pleased to receive my gorgeous, signed Clarity calendar this morning – just in time for tomorrow. It is even lovelier 'in person' and I have exactly the right place in my craft room to hang it for daily inspiration.
    Happy New Year Barbara and everyone here!
    Tonbridge Sue

  21. Happy New Year to you and all your family. I shall be spending this evening playing some board games with my dear friend Sassie who is staying with me, and watching the coverage of the fireworks avidly in the hope of catching a glimpse of my son who has tickets for the embankment right opposite the Eye (nah I am not jealous really).

    As for the question I think MASKED as the letters appear to come from different sets, and I don't think even you would ruin more than one set!

  22. If I were you I'd CUT! Life's too short too do that much masking in a day.
    I'd like to wish you all the very best for 2016, may it treat you well and give you joyous memories to make and share x
    Tonight I'll be watching too many Disney movies and munching a treat or 2 🙂

  23. I think you CUT just because you can. Still able to make the original word anyway. I am glad the year has ended better for you. It did not start well for us as this time last year we were waiting to find out what was wrong with my son-in-law. Was not brilliant news but he is keeping well and that is the main thing. We have ended it with a family wedding being planned so here's to a very Happy New Year to you all. xx

  24. I was wondering if there were some new stamps, but I would say CUT. I have cut some of my words stamps, but not yet been brave enough to cut word chains. Wishing one and all a Happy New Year. Will be hoping to do some night sky observing as the rain has passed and the sky is clear, but currently waiting for a five year old to fall asleep!!!

  25. Hi Barbara,
    do you know "Dinner for One" which I watched on TV as every 31st of december since years? For sure!!!
    It´s a sketch with british actors Freddie Frinton and May Warden filmed in Hamburg many moons ago. I heard only a few british people know this but it´s so well known here in Germany.
    Just arrived from "Musical-Starnights" a musical mix with british and german singers and dancers from the London West End. It was amazing and now I watch the celebrations in Berlin on TV until 2016 is here…
    All the best and a healthy happy New Year to you, your family, the Clarity-team and all blog readers
    Rolf xxx

    1. Yes, Barbara,
      absolutely right, he gets totally pissed and he always stumbles upon a tigers head of a tiger carpet… Unthinkable today but so funny…

  26. I'm not sure… it could be both! Masked for news and cut for year? If it's only one, I'll go for masked I think… ummmm, still not sure 😉

    A happy, healthy and peaceful new year to one and all!! Mxx

  27. For me it's the saddest day of the year. But this blog has made such a difference for me. I wish you, your family and all at Clarity a Happy and Healthy 2016.
    I say MASKED!

  28. MASKED.

    Oldest daughter has gone out to boyfiend's. Youngest daughter is out playing a gig but will be home shortly. Husband and I are watching telly. The three of us will be having a dvd night with some nibbles and a glass or two of something fizzy. First time I've stayed in for many a year. I wish everyone a happy new year and hopefully 2016 will be an improvement on this year.

  29. I'll vote for CUT. What's the point of owning the company if you can't take a few liberties with the merchandise occasionally?!!

    Many thanks for all the inspiration and new products this year. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday.

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016.

    Ruth x

  30. What a great clarity year its been! Here s to 2016 can t wait to aee what you come up with. Very excited about your new platinum club. Also looking forward to Hochanda on Sunday and monday. Quiet new years eve for us after v hectic Christmas……i reckon new words?! X x x x

  31. I think masked, no need to cut when you can mask. The word "NEW" is taken from NEWS on word chain 9, just masked off the S. The Y in "YEAR" is from the word HAPPY in word chain 2, the E and A are from the word CREATE in word chain 1, and the R is from the word REMEMBER in word chain 5. No problem when you have all of the word chains, lol xx
    Happy New Year to you Barbara, to your family, to team Clarity, to the Design Team, the Challenge Team, the Tutors (especially Maria Simms), to Let and Heather, and to all the lovely ladies, and men, who read and comment on here. (And to anyone I may have missed out)xxxx

  32. I'm going with 'CUT' as I'm quite sure you could lay your hands on another set quite easily and also because I, too, am guilty of cutting up stamps – trees from the tree rows set, butterflies from the butterfly tree and Santa's sleigh and reindeer have parted company.
    Wishing one and all a healthy, happy and contented 2016. ;~}

  33. I've been out for dinner with good friends and I'm now at home watching a film in my PJs – bliss!!
    Whilst I know that you can easily lay your hands on a new set of chains, I think that you have MASKED as you don't like un-necessary waste.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the shows on Sunday and Monday and wish everyone at Clarity a very happy New Year and a prosperous, healthy and calm 2016 xx

  34. Happy New Year to you, Dave & the Clarity team.
    I think Happy is from word chain 14, New is News masked from word chain 9, Year is made up of Y word chain 2, ea & r cut from word chain 5.
    Here's to 2016 & more crafting !!

  35. I don't know but I'll guess masked as it's what I would do – cutting seems so rebellious! I'd be nervous of ruining the stamps.

    Happy New Year to everyone here, and wishing you all a happy, healthy and creative 2016.

  36. Wishing you and both your family and Clarity family a fantastic 2016 – may it bring good health, lots of happiness and success in every way possible

    PS – Cut – i'll go for cut – a bit of rebellion for the end of the year and of course you can get those new machines working to cut out some new word stamps for you

  37. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you at Clarity, your family Barbara and all of the crafty blog members! I am spending New Year with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandsons – very blessed to be able to do this.
    I would guess that a New Word Chain might be out soon!?!? xxxxx

  38. Awe the Best Barbara to you Dave and your family and may Clarity grow from strength to strength in 2016 you deserve it.
    Think I will go for cut just because you can and didnae want to faff about wi masks ….xxDot..xx

  39. Hello Barbara

    First of all I wish a Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. I am already in bed as I have two of my grandchildren staying the night. Isabella (2) is snoring away in the travel cot at the foot of my bed and Isaac (4) is snoring away in bed with me. Snoring despite both of them having their tonsils out at the beginning of the year!

    I am not sure which you did but I have plumped for CUT as ii makes life a bit easier, but it would be more frugal to mask!


    1. Oh Dot, it must be like flinging jeely pieces oot a 20 storey flat!!! Or the seagulls intercepted it!!! Dinnae know aboot baffies, mare like wellies to step oot onto that sodden ground! xx

    2. Happy new year to you too Dot, hope it's a good one. Was talking to my sister about black bun today and she could remember eating it at our posh aunties house too! Xxxxx

  40. I have a vision of your cutting them up with your special expensive embroidery scissors! Happy New Year to everyone – should have been out at a concert and fireworks, but my guests all went to bed after a lovely meal, so looks like we'll be having an early night!!! Susan x

  41. If I had the resources to hand (i.e. as many word stamps as I needed, if I was in charge of the company and could take what I bloomin' wanted!) then I would CUT up the stamps and make new ones rather than faff about with masks.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Barbara. I hope 2016 is a great one for you and everyone at Clarity. xx

  42. A guid new year to ane an' a'
    An' mony may ye see,
    An' during a' the years to come,
    O happy may ye be.
    An' may ye ne'er hae cause to mourn,
    To sigh or shed a tear;
    To ane an'a baith great an' sma'
    A hearty guid New year.

    lang may yer lum reek

    love Brenda xx (you're resident first footer!!!)

    p.s. I know you already cut up stencils and stuff, so I’ll go with CUT (and the bits will fit back together for using the stamps as originally intended, so no harm done)

    1. Brenda my lovely lady happy new year to you and Daisy and big squishy crafty hugs to you too. I've brought a lump of coal with me. Love the poem. Xxxxxxx

  43. Happy New Year from Canada,even though you are 5 hours ahead of us, and already past midnight. Like your picture very much and I think you have masked the letters. Thank you Dorothy.

  44. I'd say CUT just because you can and masking takes a lot longer, but on the other hand you do like a challenge so could be MASK. Had a super evening, meal out with great friends then playing Uno Spin until an hour ago. Wishing you a Happy Healthy and Successful New Year to you, Dave and your family and all the Clarity team and to everyone on the blog. Love and hugs to all.xx

  45. Barbara happy new year to you and Dave and Grace and Mark and I hope 2016 is a happy healthy and amazing year for you all and everyone at Clarity. Have had a lovely meal with my sister and her husband and have opened our Christmas presents to eachother. Many a laugh has been had, some reminiscing and a stack of silly games to play tomorrow. Finished by watching the fireworks on TV with a glass of fizz.
    Now this is tricky, you are the queen of masking but then we all saw your fairy lights!!!! I think cut, too much else to do! Happy New Year to everyone on the blog
    Love and hugs
    Diane xxxxxx

  46. Happy new year Barbara to you and yours! I'd say CUT and you either arranged them individually on their own little handles or together as a word on your Clarity Mount.
    Neil and I watched Jools too at our friend's house. A lovely couple with two young boys. My friend's having chemo and has received an anonymous doorstep gift of a hamper of goodies. Proving that there is still kindness and generosity in this world, especially when so many locals have suffered in the recent floods. So we welcomed in the new year with some fizz and I thank the anonymous donor for making the evening special for my friend. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  47. Happy New Year to you all. Know how you feel with the wind being taken out of my sails too. Wishing you love and laughter for 2016. Wee people and word chains are my favourite and I'm hoping there might be something new? Hugs Kim xx

  48. Happy New Year to you all!!! I think you CUT…. I know you are not above cutting, I remember you cutting up the mask for the Christmas Jumper last year…so I copied your idea and then bought an extra mask for the jumper!
    Congrats Sheila, great start to the new year. Hugs to all. xxx

  49. Masked, defo!
    Wishing you, Dave and the Clarity team a very happy new year. We like you stayed in with Jools and enjoyed being back home after our own disaster this year. We had a house fire back in April and finally got the keys back to our home just before Christmas. We moved back in on the 28th December (we couldn't wait) and although we have no curtains or pictures up, it's home to us and we are so happy. This year will be about making new memories to fill our home with, I may even start with some canvas artwork! ….I'll keep you posted. Big hugs to you all xxx

  50. Happy new year to you all X oooo it's a hard one but I'm going to say cut because I don't think you'd want to waste too much time fiddling about and plus being the boss you can just go get another set of the ones you cut! X

  51. Happy New Year. Until the fairy light incident I would have said masked but perhaps it inspired you and I will say CUT cos it might have been a eureka moment and you have created a new alphabet range

  52. CUT I think you cut the stamps Barbara, because you can!! Happy New Year to you and yours. Looking forward to the demos, and CHILL, you can do it!!

  53. I think CUT Barb. Happy New Year to you and Dave – hope you have a wonderful 2016. Thank you for all the inspiration you have given and continue to give us. Di xx

  54. Happy New Year Barb, Dave, all the family, the Clarity Crew and all the blog followers, may 2016 be a year of Dreams becoming reality. And just to add I think it is MASKED. Take care all. Bx

  55. Happy New Year to you and all around you!
    Well… actually there is a third possibility….. the words New and Year could be part of a new word chain you will show on Sunday.

    Looking at the stamped words it is very difficult to say wether they have been masked off or cut off other words. I know you are darn good with both, but the spacing is just too perfect…..

    Greetings from grey and rainy Germany

  56. Hi Barb,
    Happy New Year and may it be a good one for you, Dave, your family and all at Clarity Towers. Not forgetting everyone here on the blog too.
    I think you've probably cut , but there again you could've masked – in other words I don't know! Whatever the answer, I think you should make new stamps for us mere mortals! Bet you've already done it!!! Looking forward to the shows, love Alison xxx

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