5 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

5 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

Hello there.
It’s the Saturday before Christmas,
Dave is doing battle with the marauding shoppers in town,
 and I’m very happy NOT to be out there,
but in here in the warm with you.
So here’s a demo which I did at the NEC this November.
I was on Gelli Plate duty, which was very enjoyable.
In fact, the next time I’m on Hochanda – January 3rd 2-4pm.
I shall be getting out the large 8” x 10” Gelli Plate. 
it really is a key piece of kit for me. 
Anyway, to the artwork I would like to give away today….
I used the Festive Christmas Stencil shapes to achieve the aperture.

And the lovely Leafy Swirl Stencil, to add the lovely pattern.

Just in case you can’t remember how this went,
let me copy & paste a blog I did in November, 
using the same technique,
but with a different stencil and different colours. 
Hope you don’t mind,
I have just realised how much prep has to be done for the 
next TV shows. You see, from January, I shall also be doing 
the Monday One Day Wonder as well.
But I really, really want to spend my time with the kids.
It’s fine. I have a plan !!!
or should I say, Paul does !!!
First day on the job….
Place the Gelli Plate on a Mega Mount, 
and then place the bauble inny of the stencil onto the clean plate. 
Spread a thin layer of China Blue paint over the plate and bauble, 
lifting half of it off again, 
with crumpled paper. 
Next spread Inky Pool paint over the Gelli Plate and the bauble stencil with the brayer,
place the Leafy Swirl stencil on the wet paint, 
blot with copy paper and lift the punchinella. 
Wait for the paint to dry before you lift the leafy swirl stencil,
Then lift the stencil and blot immediately.
See how the paint underneath the stencil was still wet ?
Now for the 3rd layer.
Spread a layer of Caramel paint over the Gelli plate and bauble stencil with your brayer.
Remove the bauble stencil,
place the card on the wet paint, 
Rub the back, and pull your print.
Rub the back, rub the feet, rub the neck….
Using the other part of the stencil,
cover up the outside area. 
Use inks and our fabby brushes to create a lovely night sky.
Torn paper for the snow.
White paint on a mini blender through the punchinella 
for a great sky effect.
Now for the 3-D trick…
Use a black pencil along the upper edge on the inside of the aperture.
Snowball fight using the kids from the 
Wee Folk Christmas stamp set.
Tuck him in behind the stencil…
Add a few trees behind the hills 
using the same Black Archival ink pad.
All done.
Oh, hang on! Snow!
We need a little snowfall.
Dib dib dib with white paint and a small Groovi tool.
Hope you like it. 
This was done at the NEC.


So where were we today?
Ah yes, the giveaway.

And to the person who receives this card, 
I shall also gift my own Stencil Folder, 
loaded with the shape stencils and the leafy stencil.
Lovingly used.
Oh, and a spare half-finished piece, 
for you to fill in at your leisure…

Leave an uplifting comment below, and you never know –
a set of my stencils and a signed piece of art may be yours.

love & hugs

199 thoughts on “5 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

  1. Can't believe I'm first! Just sitting here, neighbours coming in for drinks etc this evening, washed the kitchen floor, made sausage rolls and have a selection of cheese so – all done and dusted! Lovely sample today. I had planned to have a go at the alcohol inks and laminating but I might try this first! Would love to be one if your lucky winners – any of your works of art would be something to treasure and be inspired by. Hope everyone is having a good day without too much Christmas stress!!

  2. Oh wow…think this may be just the project to try out my new gelli plate….thanks for sharing the tutorial… Enjoy time with your family..much more precious than anything else in life xx

  3. Afternoon Barb, I did laugh about the Weekend face….just how I feel too. Somehow I must try to remember how you use the gelli plate, so will be looking forward to the shows in January.

    Just love the technique and the images in the picture look so "3D" fantastic.

    Well crafty hugs – and by the way had to make my Christmas cakes again as the first batch yesterday went as flat as a pancake, going to blame it on the flour…. but Den likes them.

    Making Christmas cakes (half pound cakes – half pound of everything) for the Children – today's have worked.

    Once again Crafty hugs Pen x

  4. You never cease to amaze me with art work they are all truly works of art. I know people will have said this before but Barbara you really are a breathe of fresh air and a truly talented lady who has and will carry on being an inspiration to the card making world, and also now the parching world which you are taking by storm with your brilliantly created groovi plate range.

    1. I agree! I have just received these stamps and have the leafy swirl stencil and am dying to try this technique. Barbara, you make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing your talent with us you are an inspiration. I would love to have this autographed card to frame for my craft room.

  5. Absolutely magical. So, so pretty. Thank you for all your blogs and perfect inspiration. It would be magic too, to win this card.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  6. Each day gets better and better ! My news years resolution is to use the gelli plate and I think I'll be pinching your design and have a go at next years Xmas cards – now that would be forward planning !! Good luck with your prep – having more family time is definitely an incentive – I'll be watching . Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  7. WOW….you make it seem so simple! Do you have a DVD with this technique on that I could watch rather than you tube? I too think this will be my design for next years cards.New Years resolution – do a few back grounds each week!! Hope you get all your jobs done, how fab to be spending time with your children and that you still care about blogging for us!! Special lady!!!! x

  8. I really love this card and technique. Stunning… Love all the giveaway cards having missed. Couple of days away from wi fi !!how did we cope before it.
    Hope you have a really fab Christmas with Mark and Grace, enjoy every moment. I shall look forward to your show on the 4th Jan a great birthday present!
    Happy Christ mas to your brilliant team too X X X X x

  9. Oh, this is a really magical piece today. I absolutely love it. Was Dave christmas shopping for you today? My husband always goes out christmas eve. The shops are quiet as everybody is food shopping. The only problem is I can't suggest anything crafty. Looking forward to your January shows.

  10. Wow. Just Wow. Absolutely stunning techniques and results. I wonder if the landlady at the b&b I'll be staying at next week would mind me making a bit of a mess with some paint……? Delia x

  11. I don't have a gelli plate…..yet!! This project is starting to inspire me to get one…. 🙂 Just waiting for the 36 hour day to give me the extra time to do it. lol. Barbara, your blog is always so inspiring, cheerful and fun! Have a fabulous time with the kids home 😀 Jo xx

  12. Hello I read your blog everyday but have not commented before but I would really like to win a Barbara original and I do watch all your programs and try everything.mind you I have a long way to go to be as good as you,perhaps one day!

  13. Stunning work as always and i look forward to seeing what you come up with next, I am a huge fan and enjoy the versatility of your stamps merry Christmas and a very happy New year x

  14. I have had my first play with my gelli plate today (which I bought from you months ago) and I realise I need a lot more practice to achieve the effects you get!! However I shall persevere and use your stunning colour schemes for my inspiration. Thanks for your generous ideas and I appreciate you spending time out of your VERY busy schedule.

  15. Hi Barb,
    I really do like this card and must use my Gelli plate(s) more. I think I'll have to give this a go as I have all the bits and bobs I would need. The pack of Christmas stencils are terrific – used them on quite a few of my cards this year and they do emboss brilliantly. Hope Dave has survived the crowds! And that you've managed to start your prep for the shows. Looking forward to the one day wonders – mind you , you are a glutton for punishment putting yourself through that as well!! Thank goodness for Paul and Maria! Love Alison xxxx

  16. Beautiful, must very hold of some Punchinella. Thought I had finished Christmas card making til my darling son asked me to make cards for the other members of his band. By this evening Oh and a card for the drummer who is leaving on New Years Eve. Think some great stencil backgrounds will be needed and some bright chalkpaints will make a splash. Here I go again. (Got to love a bit of Whitesnake on a Saturday night)

  17. Lovely, super, spiffy, great!!! These are beautiful and what a treat for today's give away. I have just had Gelli out too making a couple of very special cards which I will post on Monday. Happy crafty Saturday. XX

    1. Hi Donna
      "While shepherds washed their socks by night whilst eating fish and chips, the angel of The Lord came down and charged them 2/6!" Can I have a choc lit miss? Good to see you enjoying yourself, have a great holiday with lots of crafty playtime xxxxx

    2. Chocolate waiting for you. I used to sing a slightly different version that went "While shepherds washed their socks by night while watching ITV, the angel of the lord come down and switched to BBC" ! Xx

    1. Evening Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot. Sounds like you are doing well with the gelli plate Donna, I have had a couple of goes with it but definitely need more practise. Didn't get my backgrounds with the colour bursts done today, we went to our Son's to look after our grandchildren so that they could go shopping, so had a lovely day. Hope you've all had a good Saturday. Love and hugs to you all.xxx

  18. What a lovely peice of art work as usual. Really insprational. Just add fairy dust.

    Merry Christmas to one and all, and may 2016 see health wealth and happiness Barbara, the Clarity gang and all her followers.

  19. I remember the Hochanda demo of your giveaway today. It was wonderful to watch you bringing it to life with the shadowing and all the techniques that create the 3-D illusion. The NEC bauble is just as lovely!
    Tonbridge Sue

  20. Barbara does it again. This one feels so Christmasy. Braved the shops early today and got the tree, don't like to get mine early and it not look its best on Christmas Day but downside is not much choice. With weather so not Christmas yet, need some art to get in the mood. Have a fab weekend. Lots of hugs and much love Karen xxx

  21. Just fantastic, must get those Christmas shaped stencils and get the technique mastered for next years cards. My order arrived this morning thank you to all the team. Looking forward to the new shows.

  22. I really like the effect of these type of cards with the little scenes, just wish the ones I tried to do looked as brilliant as yours – still your inspiration is all it takes for us all to keep trying. Great card.

  23. Hi Barbara! Hope Dave has made it home safely from his shopping expedition! He was very brave to venture out on panic Saturday!!! I myself am leaving the last minute bits til Monday morning so I've spent the day making things!
    Today's card give aeay is fabulous! I must have a go at it!
    I bet you're getting excited about your babies coming home!!!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara! Hope Dave has made it home safely from his shopping expedition! He was very brave to venture out on panic Saturday!!! I myself am leaving the last minute bits til Monday morning so I've spent the day making things!
    Today's card give aeay is fabulous! I must have a go at it!
    I bet you're getting excited about your babies coming home!!!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    I read your blog every day but very rarely make a comment. However, I think at this time of year I need to make an exception and send a big THANK YOU to everyone at Clarity. To you for all your inspiration and time and especially to your dispatch team. I sent 2 orders over the Gray Friday weekend and yes I had to wait for my orders to arrive – but good things are worth waiting for aren't they? – but what really impressed me was they both arrived in the same parcel. Big Brownie points earned there.
    Have a well deserved break.
    Here's to a Happy Christmas and successful 2016.
    Love Shirley G

  26. I tried this technique in November with the window shaped stencil and made a few Christmas cards with it. Not as good as yours but will keep practising! Would love to have a go with your xmas stencils. Hope I'm lucky. Lovin the blog.

  27. These apertures are great – lend themselves to more than just Christmas. I hope you spend as much time as possible with your family over Christmas! You're good enough to be able to wing it a wee bit on Hochanda 🙂 K x

  28. That is beautiful! Perhaps my New Years resolution must be to get my Gelli plates our of their packets! How wonderful to have the chance of winning stencils used by Barbara Gray! Have a wonderful time with your family xxx

  29. Ooo I love both of these! I wanted to order the Christmas stencils set on Gray Friday but couldn't find them on the website. Ah well if I've been good perhaps a lovely Christmas surprise in the shape of your beautiful artwork and the stencils will arrive! And if not they are on my Clarity shopping list for next year!

  30. I have fond memories of sitting and watching you doing this card at the NEC, several times, and being christened as your number 1 stalker. I loved just watching and learning the technique. As far as Christmas is concerned, I am going nowhere near the shops till after New Year, and will do my best to keep off the roads too, with everyone rushing to grab the last pint of milk etc. Right now, I am trying to dry out. While washing the patio, the end flew off the hose. I am soaked right through – don't laugh, it was very cold water, and it was dripping off my hair and nose. The dogs managed to stay bone dry. And I still have to finish the job tomorrow when I can see what I am doing!!! Then after Sunday lunch with the family, it is down to wrapping everything. I am looking forward to seeing what Paul has in mind to ease the burden on you in the New Year. I bet he has all your prep sorted already. Get everything else done so you can spend every possible second with your lovely children. . That is the most important thing of all. xxx Maggie

  31. The Christmas stencils are fabulous. We used the gelli plate at our Clarity east workshop with Janet recently. Very messy but great fun. I am so pleased i bought the wee folk Christmas stamps, i look forward to using them next Christmas too. So inspiring as ever x

  32. Lovely piece of art Barbara – someone will be very lucky to win it! I have half my craft room re-installed, but another half to do tomorrow … hope I will be able to locate my gelliplate in the second lot, as I didn't see it at all today. Did find my DVD collection though which I will try to watch again at some point over the winter for more inspiration! Susan x

  33. Lovely technique Barbara. I need to practice more with my gelli plates. Mine never seem to work as good as yours. I am so hoping to win a piece of your artwork.
    I'm so pleased that you've found a gem like Paul to help you. He seems like a very calm person to have around.
    Amanda. Xx

  34. Barbara that is so very, very wonderful! I love it and I need to practice more with my Gelli plate next year as I've not created anything near as pretty as that. So happy you've now got Paul on board hun. Hopefully you will be able to spend time with your lovely children. That's the most important thing right now: be around and with those you love. I hope to get back every day before Christmas but just in case I don't I want to say a huge thank you for everything you have shared and taught me over the years – it means more than you can ever know Karen xx

  35. What a beautiful piece of art. I have never attempted the gelli plate, but this project sure tempts me, thing is where do I store all my Clarity stash? Everything is manic this time of year, then hey ho it's Christmas, and things we don't find time to do does not really matter. Enjoy
    Mary xxx

  36. Pooh I love this what a fantastic Christmas card. Thanks for the reminder of the aperture technique too.
    What a fab giveaway you are such a generous lady. Not long now until the family arrive and I'm pleased to read you have a plan so you can spend plenty of time with them .
    Jackie x

  37. Know the feel of the weekend face.haha. did see your demo at NEC. Brilliant,Stencils and wee folk on my wishlist. Hubby stopped panicking today, Gray Sunday parcel arrived. Roll on Xmas day to see which groovi' s he chose from my proffered list. Guess what I will be doing, can't wait. Seriously, would really be chuffed to succeed.Happy days x

  38. I love this aperture effect and the gelli plate, I just haven't got around to trying it out myself as yet! I will put this right in the new year, especially if I am lucky enough to win the stencils in the great giveaway. Enjoy your precious family time.

  39. Well what a lovely & generous offer today. I do love this idea – my two favourite aspects combined. Gelli plate plus scene-building. How could we go wrong! (unlike the shopping this afternoon where everything seemed to. Still, at least the petrol i went to buy when the warning light flashed on, was still in the pump when i realised that my purse was still at home! Even more thankful that i had enough left to get home and back before running out!)
    You've gotme worried though. What on earth are you going to do without your stencils?!! I wouldn't be able to bear parting with mine.
    Right, you've reminded me that i have a card to enter for the clarity challenge, so i will nip & do that before i forget again!
    Enjoy every minute with Grace & Mark. Xxxx

  40. WOW – love that! New Year's Resolution: I will use my gelli plate – no point in it lurking in the Den unused! Although I only have a couple of Stencils – I do have the wee folk to feeling inspired.

    Wishing you a lovely Christmas with all your family. xx

    I know it is going to be hard for us this year without my husband, but I shall be with my daughter and her family and my son and his girls and the usual traditions will prevail of silly parlour games, board games and card games (the bags of Xmas pennies are all ready for a wee bit of gambling). I may even get my grandfather's Escalado out ( a family heirloom from the 1930s) – that will cause a riot and a lot of laughter!

    Finally: Happy Christmas to all your followers and the hope that 2016 will bring you everything you wish for.

    Mags xx

    1. Hugs to you and many thanks Dorothy. A lot of people don't know that you have to add into the mix the fact that my son's wife decided she no longer wanted to be married as she had met somebody else three weeks before my husband's death, so poor chap has lost his wife, lost his father, and had to find a new house to live in so he can have his daughters at the weekend, all in a matter of weeks!

    2. Hold on tight to your precious memories and traditions, Mags, but also make some new ones. Don't worry if emotions overwhelm you. You must take everything at your own pace, the pace that is right for you. There are no rules. This is my third Christmas without Geoff and I am still finding things very emotional. I am so sorry you have the added distress from your son's wife. Take care of yourself and take comfort from the love in your family. xxx Maggie

  41. Oh wow! How generous is that?! I'm really enjoying this Advent Blog series (though the daily countdown is a stressful reminder of how close the big day now is!) – haven't managed to comment every day so far, because we've been having some internet problems, but I'm playing catch-up. Thanks for revisiting this technique – when you first demo'd it, Mum & I hadn't ventured into acrylics, but we're just beginning to take tiny steps in that direction now, so it's a very useful tutorial for a very beautiful result.

  42. What an amazing giveaway! A perfect piece of Barb art work. Every time I feel stressed by Christmas I count my blessings. Without family and friends it must be a very sad time of year. Jillx

  43. I had a dinner party for 8 last night with friends whom I have known for many years . They are like family to me and such a blessing and joy. I would be so honored to have this artwork .
    If your are reading this blog let it be known that you too are blessed in many ways . Joy now ,jan

  44. A beautiful card. Can't wait to see the bigger gelli plate on Hochanda. If I am the lucky winner I'd like to donate the stencil part of the prize to someone else; I already have each of those stencils and bought a folder in the Gray Sale – parcel arrived yesterday so have been oohing and aahing over the calendar.

  45. Love your artwork…. and in fact my little great grandson loves your Weekend face he thought it was so funny , Also we done that at Janets workshop other week ,enjoyed doing it now need corrage to get it out and do it on my own, havent had mine for long ,would love to win itxxx

  46. Oh I have to get my geli plate out & work on getting a better technique but I am loving my Groovi plates too much at the moment! So much to do in so little time! I would be honoured to win this wonderful piece of art & the homework so will keep everything crossed. Have a lovely weekend.

  47. Just love love this one think my favourite one with tree on jelly plate would be delighted to receive this would be framed. I have been in clouds insplading panic would swap places with you but think pressies done at last time for feet up and pizza for are tea two more sleeps so excited for you big hugs xxx

  48. Lovely. I have made a couple of these and enjoyed making them.
    Today I am wrapping pressure in a very quiet house as everyone is out! The plans changed from going to my friend's annual get together as a family, to Hubble working, daughter gone for a day out in Edinburgh and checking her flat there, and son to going out with his friends too. My friends party has also been curtailed as her hubbie has to work from 2am now.
    So I am now wrapping and wrapping and more wrapping. It has been fun and peaceful to have time to me, and reflect on how fortunate we are.

  49. Ooooh Barbara what a fab prize!! That wonderful piece of artwork and your personal stencil folder, how wonderful, and another piece of half finished artwork too!! I don't know whether I would want to finish it though as I might spoil what you have started. Glad you have a plan to help you to be able to spend more time with the kids whilst they are home which is essential when you don't see them all that often. x

  50. Love this technique. A tree within a tree….great. Thanks for my Gray Friday parcel which arrived yesterday. Now all I need is a few uninterrupted days to play. Not likely to happen this week, but may do after the Christmas weekend. Will be having a go at this…..but not with a Christams theme… Maybe still winter though.
    Have a great weekend Barbara and Dave

  51. Beautiful card, Barbara,

    and again… the wee folk.
    These stamps are so useful. I´m so glad to have them.

    I was busy baking "Vanillekipferl" today… yummy

    a nice Advent weekend to all of you

    Rolf xxx

  52. Hi Barbara
    Been thinking about the Gelli plates for a wee while noo but I didn't think I would any be good at it ..but hey ho never thought I could stamp either till I found you and clarity and now wouldn't buy anything else so I think I might just give it a wee go next year.
    Thanks for the chance to win and see this.
    Bet your getting the wee beds ready for the bairns coming on Monday and wrapping there wee parcels;
    Good luck Dave with the crowds this last Saturday so glad your well enough to endure them.
    Take care…Love Dot..XX

    1. Hi Brenda had a great day yesterday wish you could have seen wee Amy on the stage with her wee angel wings you would have loved it I know ..take care miss you..XX
      Hugs Sheila Pam and Diane hope your no stressing to much this last Saturday me I'm Grooving away here might even get it finished … take care..XXX

  53. I love the 3D effect around the edge. I genuinely thought it was two layers! Sometimes I think I could do with a pen to make me feel 3D when I feel a bit 'flat', but that's where your blog and my craft room come in – they are the black pen to my flatness!! Make any sense?!?!!

  54. I saw you demonstrate this at the NEC and it was wonderful. It's so enthralling to watch it come together with your own eyes – stunning artwork. I haven't yet invested in a gelli plate, but the more I watch it being used the more I think I need one !!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win – Merry Christmas �� Xxx

  55. I'm amazed that you are able to come up with a different idea so readily for each day. Even if today's has been done before in another guise, now we have two different versions to choose from.
    Thank you for being 'the' inspirational part of my day!

  56. Oh Barb, these giveaways just get better and better….such gorgeous textures and designs. I can't win Strictly,which I'm watching at the moment but I would love to get a 10 and win this! Keeeeeep Crafting xx

  57. Oh Barb, these giveaways just get better and better….such gorgeous textures and designs. I can't win Strictly,which I'm watching at the moment but I would love to get a 10 and win this! Keeeeeep Crafting xx

  58. Loving your creativity as always. Family is everything, hope you have a brilliant Christmas with the family around you and Dave well and truly on the mend. Big Hugs lovely lady. xx

  59. Another cracker and I love the colours, thank you. This is the kind of card I am planning for next year so it is great to be able to look back over the past few days for the finer detailing.

  60. What a gorgeous piece of artwork, I love the composition and colours.i need to get back using my gelliplate so will try and get something similar looking. I would be so chuffed if I was lucky enough to win this. Have a good Xmas and lots if fun with Dave, Grace and Mark.Wxx

  61. Love the stencils ,the picture is great but I've just remembered that you design all the stencils too( with a little help from your friends)it really is amazing how you keep coming up with new ideas and I love how you recycle old ones

  62. What a stunning card. Don't blame you for avoiding any rush
    at the shops, we all have to gird our loins to face the mayhem to stock up the fridge and cupboards for a whole DAY!!! I have decided to hang up the inks for a few days, but I'm keeping the alcohol, Its for calming medical purposes, and I'm willing to share my inner calm. Yum. Enjoy your precious time with all your family around you. Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas. Xx

  63. Wow so many posts in front of mine! You are loved Barb! I was there for the original bauble design so BLOG! I think is. the appropriate calling.
    love this one. Thanks for sharing

    Love Jillyxxx

  64. Wow Barbara – yet another fantastic piece of artwork, and such a generous gift too! I am sure that we would all love to own a set of your stencils, just think 'the Barbara magic' might rub off, so that the lucky winner could produce a masterpiece or two!! xxx

  65. I think this blog is what you call a 'twofer' – two for the price of one. I love both versions so to show how the step by step instructions were used to create both pieces of art is a great idea.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and fabulous week to follow with your family around you

  66. Once again this has inspired me to get my hello plate out to play . Have a few days off so will def be giving this one a go not as yours as don't have the stencils but something similar.

  67. I love these looking through the aperture prints. I'm not so good with my little gelli plate but I do try . to have a go with it, the person that receives today's gift shall be very lucky indeed X

  68. Wow, what a fabulous gift you are offering today Barbara. Love the artwork and saw you showing how you did this. It just intrigues me but haven't had the courage to give it a try myself. Now, to not only be the winner of this beautiful piece or should I say pieces, but also to have the supplies that the great Barbara Gray used to work this magic would truly be magical. If that doesn't give me inspiration, I don't know what would. The days are ticking away until your "little kiddies" will be home for Christmas. You are going to have the best time ever this year. Sleep well and try and rest up before the children arrive home.

  69. Watched you do the tree one at the NEC, brilliant. Bought the stencils but not tried it yet, was too busy trying some of your other creations hoping to have a go when there's no pressure. Love to win the card itself though if I could be that lucky. What a generous lady you are with your time and offers. Loved your weekend face Barbara.xxx

  70. I watched you do this and photograph it for the blog, I was really impressed at how easy you made it look. Could do with something to make me smile as I have the dreaded lurgy, bang on time for Christmas. Fingers crossed it clears in time.

  71. Stunning art work Barbara it's beautiful how you make the stencils and your wee stamps into such amazing cards oh how much I would love to have this set and the stencil you have used your such a wonderful thoughtful person I know I will never be able to meet you in person as I'm now mostly home bound so having something you have used or made will be outstanding xxx

    1. Hi Sheila I'm late again! I've met the lovely Barbara a few times and she is as lovely 'in the flesh' as she is on here, very genuine and down to earth oh and lovely with it. Hope you are ok xxxx

  72. Oh how awesome it would be to win a piece of your artwork!! I watch and read your tutorials and just love what you do. Well, I watch a little too much as I don't spare enough time for the plate, but this could also be due to being a little intimidated by it. Yes, by a Geli plate! You did a fabulous job on this card and what an honor it would be to have it in my home. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  73. Oh how I love your ramblings and your art. I will be looking forward to the draws. Hope to be one of them. It would be a pleasure and an inspiration for my craft space. Thank you Dorothy.

  74. Another stunning piece of artwork. Hope Dave got home in one piece from his expedition! Lol. Have a nice Sunday – getting excited for Monday. hehehehehe xxx

  75. A lovely card , I just want to say I got my parcel today had a little play and made hubby's Christmas card ,,.so a big "Thank You ", a lovely bargain from black Friday,,. Xx

  76. I am using my daughter's bedroom as my craft room while she is away at university. You would not believe the mess covering all the horizontal surfaces – or maybe you would 😉 However, there is plenty of room on the wall for one of your wonderful pieces of artwork – oh, if only I was that lucky! I have just finished delivering my Christmas cards today and thought that was it for this year but your card today has inspired me to start on next year's!! Wishing you a wonderful time with Dave, Mark, Grace and the rest of your family. Mxx

    PS My Gray Friday parcel arrived yesterday, thank you all. Two orders in one box!

  77. Still very mild here in Scotland and just cannot believe Christmas is only a few days away. Then up pops your blog and Christmas is upon us. I think I will start on next years Christmas cards in January when all the pressure is off, and I am sure it will be cold by then, and I can revisit all your wonderful art projects and have a go.Kindest regards.

  78. What a wonderful day we have had at the Clarity EM Christmas worksop. Such a fabulous group of people. I love them all. Saz always has amazing demonstrations.

    This card is truly stunning. I love this stencil and as I have recently bought the large gelli plate I am going to give this technique a go. xxx

  79. Barbara, I am very new to the whole stamping and stencilling scene and only "discovered" you a couple of months ago. I have also become obsessed with the Groovi system. I love reading your blog every day and following your tutorials. I have been caring for my mum full-time for the last two years – she has dementia and often doesn't know who I am. It can be very difficult at times and I don't know how I would have got through the last few months without my new hobbies. So, thank you for helping me and I wishe you and your family a lovely happy peaceful Christmas.

  80. Hi I have just got back from a fabulous weekend away we got to see the Bootleg Beatles who are always such good fun. This is such a stunning piece you are just so talented. Look how many comments we all want your art work. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  81. A wonderful description of the Gelli/ stencil work. I'm afraid mine was a cop-out when I used the Gelli – Gelli, Distress ink, scrunched paper, Clarity circle aperture stencil, print, stencil removed and square print pulled thus two prints from one application. My sister's cards featured the inked circle and either the little girl and the tree or the boy and girl snowball 'spat' as the stamps so reminded me of her little two year old grand-daughter, my great niece, who is a little poppet. Have a number of Gellis and love how easily effects can be achieved. Very much looking forward New Year shows and a variety of ideas. ;~}

  82. Barbara, you are so generous with your give-aways. A lovely piece of art work, definitely one for the more experienced crafter. It has given me the inspiration to get a gelli plate and have a go, must put 3rd Jan in my diary.

  83. Hi Barbara
    What an amazing piece of artwork today, haven't used my gelli for ages, think it needs to come out for a play. Your stencil gift with the signed artwork is so generous , thank you. I'm so please for Paul that he can finally start with you, no train journey and silly hours, well, no train journey and silly hours doing something he loves! I hope Dave got all his shopping – there's a brave man! We've had a lovely day with our daughter home again. Lots of chatter and laughter until the 15 hour journey took it's toll and she curled up fast asleep. It's good to have her home, I'm sure you are really looking forward to the airport pickup on Monday. Take care
    Love Diane xxxxx

  84. I love the effects you can get from the Gelli plate, but I have a confession to make. Other than the class I had with Maria when they first came out, I haven't played with mine. But this art work makes me want to try. Alas, no time, still too much to do. I will watch your shows on Hochanda, and then I'll be reinstated! So glad you have a plan, enjoy your Christmas with Grace and Mark x

  85. You are an inspiration to us all Barbara both in your art work and your attitude towards life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with everyone. May God Bless you in abundance you so deserve it.xx

  86. Hi Barbara
    Lots of exciting things to look forward to next year. Enjoy every moment with Grace and Mark and all will be fine for your TV shows. You have a fantastic team so never be afraid to delegate!!!
    Hugs from Chris xxx

  87. Love both these cards – must get my gelli plate out . Today was my mums birthday and my daughter and her husband came up and we all spent the day together at my mums nursing home – she has dementia but today her sparkle returned when she saw my daughter – family is what life is about – take care jx

  88. oh my Barb this is so lovley still not got to grips with gelli etc but going great guns with groovi ,enjoy your kids this xmas so happy for you they will be in uk hugs to you all x x Pamela Kehoe

  89. Hi Barbara,

    My son Tom is home today from South Africa where he works. We've not seen him for a year so like you I'm excited but also nervous.
    Love the art work what a talent you have. I hope you have a lovely time with your family.
    Margaret x

  90. Love this card Barb reminds me of when my daughter was little and tried to place the fairy on the top. Your card has a very good 3D effect. Glad you got to ave time on your own while Dave shopped – maybe he even got your present. Please enter me in the draw. Enjoy the day, after church I am spending it with my DD, DGD and friends at a vintage tea/craft afternoon at my DD.

    Hazel c uk

  91. Absolutely love this. Never doubt your talent and the inspiration you give to others like me. Now I just have to convince myself I can. It would be lovely to win this, fingers crossed. Have a lovely, peaceful Christmas with your family.

  92. Hi Barbara,
    Love this artwork. I bought a large gelli plate some time ago, but really haven't mastered it, so it languishes in the cupboard. With this inspiration I might be encouraged to try again.
    Happy Christmas

  93. I'm a bit late reading the blog as I'm away visiting family and friends before Christmas. Stayed up way too late last night talking! Lovely technique on this piece of artwork. I've already borrowed it to make some of my Christas cards and they've all turned out very nice indeed!

  94. Guten Morgen Barbara,
    mit der Gelli Plate kann man so tolle Sachen machen, wunderschön.:-)
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben einen schönen 4. Advent.
    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine

  95. Love this artwork Barbara it's beautiful I have got to get s grip with stamping this year. My son is on his way to visit today not seen him for a while as he works away. He's got s four hour drive to see us from Wales
    Can't wait to see him love always June Horrocks xxxxx

  96. Wonderful piece of Artwork Barb. I am delighted that you are spending Christmas with ALL your family. It is so special to have your children with you at this time of year. Enjoy every moment. Di xx

  97. Gorgeous card Barbara – it just conjures up the innocence of children, and the wonder and magic of Christmas. Definitely need more practice with my gelli plate. Looking forward to watching on 3 Jan. Meantime, have a fabulous Christmas spending precious time with your family xxx

  98. A beautiful way of demonstrating the Gelli plate and stencils. I'm sure whoever wins this will love it. So pleased to hear that Grace and Mark are home for Christmas this year, a special time made even more special when with loved ones. xx

  99. Hello Barb, both images are just gorgeous and make you think of how children love Christmas. I think I am going to use this idea for hubz Christmas card, don't have all the shapes, but am thinking my heart stencil will look good. Good luck to everyone for being in the draw for this generous and lovely draw. Bet you are so excited and counting the hours until tomorrow Barb. Love to Dave too. Bx

  100. thank you for all the super amazing ideas. crafting is fun but you make it fabulous. good luck all for the draw everyone. Hope it might be me. Merry Xmas to one and all x

  101. I'm glad your leafy swirl stencil looks like that, mine does too, I've only had it a few months, but it's had good use. It works for pretty much anything, whoever designed it is a genius!

    So glad to hear the gelli plate will be out on Hochanda in January! It really is crafting alchemy. All the versions of this artwork are beautiful, just so effective!

  102. How you find the time to post these just before Christmas amazes me……..still so much to do and I keep finding more jobs along the way, we will get there as you will too. I'm looking forward to seeing our kids (40 and 44??). They have busy lives and only a couple of hours away – still don't get to see them as often as we'd like, especially our little two year old Grandson as he'll be the only one we get….he is adorable and a joy in our lives, particularly for his GreatNan and Pop, both 85 years young and they just love to see him. It feels special spending time with all the family at Christmas and I wish you all the joy of spending time with your family xx

  103. Wow Wow Wow – I am really going to try and be more adventurous with my Gelli plate after the New Year. I am always impressed how the layers all come off in one go and give such a tremendous affect. I laughed at the weekend face cause we are going as a family to buy our tree today. You see I dropped a scaffolding pole on my foot on Halloween and I suspect it has been broken because I still can't walk on it properly and it is still swollen and painful. You know how it is though no time to do anything about it so I just keep hobbling on!! Painful so my weekend face will be pasted on today. Will definately have to visit the hospital in the New Year. Am getting excited for you for Monday when your kids arrive. Much love Jayne

  104. i love the way you make it sound so easy!!!My New Year Resolution is to do more "inky" projects, so wish me luck!! you might even find me entering some of your competitions!! I hope you have a Happy, Fun Christmas with all your family, Barbara, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. xx

  105. so pleased you are going to be doing some more gelli plate work on tv Barbara. This art work is just beautiful I am definately going to try this technique. I'm too late for the giveaway but just had to comment on this post….love it xxx

  106. Love your gelli prints and stamping mix. So pleased that you now have Paul on board to share the load. I hope you get plenty of time with the children and Dave to make more wonderful memories together. x

  107. Not only a piece of your art, but a piece of your heart goes into everything you do. Sharing pieces of your heartfelt art tools – how generous of you! Your technique is second to none. The dimension you create is impressive. Thank you for beautifying our sometimes dark and dreary world.

  108. This is absolutely one of my favourite techniques, so thanks for showing it again, and reminding me I must give it another go. The little girl with the star is a perfect complement to so many Christmas compositions. Claire x

  109. A very belated response – how did I miss this day? I absolutely love this artwork, so many thanks for taking the time and trouble to include the instructions when you're so busy with everything else. What a star you are Barbara!

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