So much to do! So little time to do it in!!!

So much to do! So little time to do it in!!!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
How has your day been?
Mine has been full on!
Talk about back in the driver’s seat!
Had a brilliant planning day today;
the next TV shows, with a new twist,
the “Classroom” in the New Year,
A new Groovi Club,
a new Groovi DVD,
4 lines of new stamps – very beautiful,
in fact, a whole load of new ideas and designs,
our Artist’s colouring book, which is oh so close to perfect now,
so much looking ahead to where we are going!
But so much fresh energy and joined up thinking today;
I should go away more often!
The NEC really did knock the stuffing out of me;
but there you are –
none of us are getting any younger, are we?!
It was great today though, sitting with our Clarity creative team.
Such a competent, switched on young team.
Mind you, sometimes I think they do wonder what I’m on!
Or what planet I come from!! 
Anyway, here’s a quick techy demo, just outlining the technique Paul showed us on the TV yesterday, on how to line up border plates.
I thought it was very clever, and well worth looking at again. 
Let’s fast forward:
A5 parchment and a deckle frame, 
Let’s weave the Line sentiment into the inner deckle line,
we had a super offer on the telly yesterday, so let’s extend that offer to you now.
4 line sentiment borders for the price of 3
Now slot the Square Nest Plate into the Plate Mate, 
and then lay the line sentiment where you would like to see it.
Tape the Border to the Mate, then flap the parchment down, 
so that it is sitting where you want. 

Just trace out the word.
See how the square nest in the background helps align everything?
Very clever.

Now connect the ends of the word and frame 
using the deckle square.

Easy when you know how!

Next, let’s add the beautiful heart, 
which Sylvia Marshall designed for us. 

Finally, add a little flash of colour to the back, 
using Spectrum Noir Pencils or Distress Pens. 

The little Groovi Punch is a must have.
It makes mounting so easy. 

So there we are,
a trick for alignment and an easy mounting solution.
If you watched Paul Church on HOCHANDA TV yesterday, 
you will surely agree he did a cracking job.
I am counting the days until he climbs aboard full time.
So is he though, I think!
That commute to London and 4am get up must be gutty.
Off to bed;
lots more to organise tomorrow!
I must strike while the iron’s hot and the brain is in gear!!
Love & peace,

47 thoughts on “So much to do! So little time to do it in!!!

  1. Groovi 'Nesties' make it so easy to create rectangles – discovered this when I made my mum's Xmas cards in Kuwait! Also great for lining up word stamps – an improvisation as I'd nothing else! Know all about the early commute – used to do the station run for Mike to catch 05.45 Bath to Paddington then pick him up at 21.10! No wonder we still have a habit of eating late at night! ;~}

  2. Wow Barbara so much to look forward too wonderful you and Dave feel so refreshed after your break away ,I have a feeling I'm going to need my CCA cushions in the next few weeks .soon be the clarity club sale soon too xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, it took me so long to type my post I went from second to 10th! Oh yes Clarity sale, something to look forward to in January – definately need the Clarity suit and cushions for that! Hope you are ok xxxx

    2. Get those cushions strapped on, I feel you will be joining me down here pretty soon! I managed to get one birthday card for my mum finished (step dad asked me to make one for her), now I need to get my own one done. Then I need to get back to Christmas! How are you today, managed any craft? Xx

    3. I had a emergency Podiarty app this afternoon to sort my naughty toe with me been diabetic but came home rested then did some crafting soooooo good to loose myself in crafting takes my mind away .
      Pleased your crafting and singing too xxx

  3. Evening Barbara glad to have you home wow did Paul do brilliantly yesterday great shows really need to get some round spuaregrooveshapes shopping list is never ending but learning so much about groove on the shows lots love night night xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Do you know the penny only dropped last week that you can make the square bigger or into rectangles ! How silly did I feel – that's taken me months to work out! I do like the look of the work chains, another thing to add to the Christmas list. Wow exciting times ahead by the sounds of it and you are definately back firing on all cylinders, that's good to hear. I do feel for Paul having that commute, mine used to be the 6 o'clock train many moons ago with my dad to keep me company. He used to call me his draught excluder! I used to sit in the window seat and keep him warm! Those were the days. Hopefully he will have stopped the cumute by the time the really bad weather kicks in. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Sheila xxxx
    Hi Donna xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxx
    Hi Pam xxxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hope you are all ok and have had a craft session today xxx

    1. Hi Diane, yes I have had a go at crafting today but not very successful, tried the Fairisle jumper, didn't line it up on the sleeves very well, two attempts failed, try again tomorrow, otherwise I'll just not stamp on the sleeves see if that look ok, don't like giving up though do you? Have you had a good day? Hugs to you.xx

      Hi Donna, yes looking forward to all the new groovi and stamps especially the in the classroom in the New Year. Hope you've had a good day. I was going to order today but the list was so long I'll have to review it. Hugs to you.xx

      Hi Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a good day and have had a craft play today. Hope you are ok Dot looking forward to you joining in when you feel up to it. Hugs to you

  5. Hi Barbara
    Exciting times ahead, Paul's tips for lining up were so useful and a big help to me who has difficulty getting anything level. That's why I love Groovi so much. It all fits together beautifully. I am looking forward to the classroom and the Groovi club.
    Hugs from Chris X

  6. Evening Brenda, have you eaten tonight?. Xx
    Evening Pam, lots if exciting things to look forward too. Xx
    Evening Dot, hope things are starting to get a little easier for you and your family. Sending hugs. Xx

  7. Good when the day goes well. I had a parchment lesson and coming along nicely with my white work. So enjoyed Paul's programme, but struggled to extend the lines to make an oblong – always been my trouble walking a straight line. Had a fab day with Debbies and Gill and so the week looks good (even if work gets in the way – no-one can take away lovely friends and great inspiration from you and Paul etc. Do tell him the "green blob crafter"!! was asking after him.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  8. We've lots to look forward to then Barbara. So pleased that you have enjoyed your break and that you're feeling refreshed. Love the groovy line sentiments they are a must have. Trouble is there is so much I want at the moment have to be a bit selective. At the NEC I mentioned, would you be doing words for the anniversaries such as: Silver, Golden, Sapphire and Ruby for the groovi, you implied that it was in the offing, were you referring to the new line sentiments. Hoping you will do the anniversaries they'd make such an addition to the parchment cards. Be great in stamp form too. Still cant see Rangers Adirondack blending solution on the website Barbara, only the Spectrum Noir one. I'll be patient as I know you must be full on at the moment. Don't forget your me

  9. Great blog again today, have just order the groovi sentiment bundle ! Going to relook at Paul's groovi programme to pick up what I missed the first time around. I always see something I missed! Managed to enter the challenge today as well, only my second time!

    It sounds busy but positive times ahead ! x x

  10. Well I'm not at all,in the groove . Just trying to learn all,the other wonderful stamping techniques . Hope you will do just some regular stamping techniques nc stamps . Too much emphasis on groove for me .

  11. A great idea for an anniversary and the line sentiments with all the different options are fabulous. I'm afraid I can't invest in the Groovi yet but may do in the future but I do love the results you get and can see how people have become hooked on it as it is a clever concept. I did see a little of one of Paul's programmes but unfortunately had to go out and I don't have the facility to record so hope maybe it may be repeated. I hope Hochanda may at some time in the future have the programmes available to watch on the web site for a while after the programmes have been aired. Great to hear about all your plans for new stamps and Groovi Club and also the colouring book. Busy and exciting times Barbara! x

  12. ooh a Groovi club!! am very much liking the idea of that one – that I am!
    Paul on board full time will be great – I know my own long day with my commute from Peterborough to Northampton and back every day is gruelling enough so do admire his early starts I have to say!
    Keep the ideas flowing!!!
    Much love

  13. Morning Barb, sorry a day late in commenting. I too absolutely loved Paul's show's especially the groovi one, I just had to purchase the 4 for 3 borders plates, and the Ken Oliver Mat. Hurry up Mr Postie, I am eager to play.

    Any idea when the special occasion borders will be back in stock, I have ordered one already and would like to catch up on my Christmas Cards.

    Brilliant blog, I don't always get a chance to comment but believe me I read it every day.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  14. Hello Barb, I loved Paul's shows, especially the stencils, I love my elephant stencil and was so excited to see the stag, alas it must wait a bit longer. great blog post today, where do you get the energy and can I borrow some? Glad to hear that Paul's going to be on board full time soon, commuting is a nightmare at the best of times. Take care. Bx

  15. Thank you to you and your fantastic team for coming up with all these wonderful ideas. I am so looking forward to all the new ideas that you mention, you make crafting so exciting. I also know that when I go to your blog (a ritual every day) I am going to be entertained in so many different ways.

  16. Loving the Groovi shows and very much looking forward to hearing about the Groovi club. I think I may be just a tad addicted to the Groovi system! Keep up the good work. x

  17. So pleased to hear you've had a good break. All sounds really exciting but could do with a monthly payment for the design clubs – maybe direct debit or would that be too much admin to warrant it? Can't wait for the new year to see all your new ideas. Much love to you both … take care xxx

  18. Glad you've had an organising day Barbara, there's nothing better than ticking off a list, I do it all the time, well, more writing lists than ticking 🙂

    I'm looking forward to seeing all your new ideas for 2016.

    Love and hugs,
    Julie xx

  19. Very proud to be a part of your 'kooky' Creative team.
    love how we all bounce off each other.
    Lots to look forward to!
    & lots in store for your lovely clarity customers xxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Gosh I'm really late commenting today, but better late than never! Pleased you've got back relaxed but it's not going to stay like that with all of these things you've got planned. Loving the sound of a Groovi Club. Paul did really well yesterday, I really enjoyed the shows and the DT did you proud yet again. Love Alison xx

  21. Just relaxin in M and S cafe starting the day with a cappuccino and reading your blog, which also is a Groovi one – my favourite! So all is perfect X……..and looking forward to midnight, you know why! x

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