Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
I turned the blogs round – 
Step by step yesterday, private peek today.
Read on…
Greetings from the NEC on day 3.
Up and at it early today, because Saturday is usually 
the Big One.
So if the last two are anything to go by,
hold on to your hollyhocks!!!
The only downside is it’s Dave’s 60th today,
and he’s at home,
and I’m up here in Brum.

This is when I wonder what I am doing with my life,
when I cannot celebrate such a milestone 
in my best friend’s life with him on the day
because I’m WORKING again.
He is on the mend, but the NEC is gruelling,
and knocks even the fittest back.
So we made the decision to not risk it.
Turning it round in my head though,
we shall celebrate next week, when we are together again.
He understands. Of course he does.
Don’t enjoy it so much without him either.
But we do what we do.
I hope you will join me in wishing our Dave 
a very very happy 60th Birthday today,
What a difference a Dave makes 

love and kisses,

96 thoughts on “HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!!!

  1. Happy happy birthday Dave. Thank you for being a part of all our lives but a special thank you for putting the sunshine into Barbara's life – you are the perfect compliment to each other. Enjoy your day and the rest of your lives together. You are a lovely couple. Xxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy big birthday Dave. Enjoy your belated celebrations next week. I know how you feel. Tomorrow is my eldest son's birthday and the first that we won't be celebrating together as he is away with his friends. Will be celebrating when he gets back.

  3. A very happy birthday to your Dave…..he must be very proud of you Barb….enjoy celebrating next week. It's tough when this is a case of needing to be in 2 places….could you clone yourself. ..lol. Hugs xx

  4. Wow Barbara, that made a mess of my mascara! We all wish you were together but this is how it has to be for the moment. We just want the old Dave back and know that each day, he will get better and better. Xxxx

  5. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes ! Sorry I'm not with you Barb…..but I am in spirit and oddly enough I will be in work this morning making more Groovi Plates …Why? Because I can ! Birthday celebrations can wait for a couple more days… Have a great day. xxx

    1. Happy birthday Dave- hope you've had a Groovi day! Pork pie for lunch and a meal of your choice tonight or are you being spoilt by friends and family? Xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Dave, a milestone achieved indeed. Have a great day, I know the lady has one or two surprises in store, when wouldn't she. She is on great form and in her element at NEC and we all missed you from the stand but would much rather you are fighting fit for your break next week. How about a limerick to celebrate.

    There once was a fellow called Dave
    Who was absolutely a Clarity fave
    Tis his 60th birthday this day
    So we hope that this may
    Be as special a day
    without his lady Barbara
    Whose working so harda
    At the NEC today

    Sorry not so great but maybe someone can do better!
    Have a fab day, we are all thinking about you and it just means the party needs to carry on until Barbara is back on Sunday.
    Hugs and all Karen xxx.

  7. Wishing you a very Happy 6th Birthday Dave, so pleased you've turned a corner, who says your birthday only has to last one day anyway. Enjoy your break when Barbara is back, speaking of which have a fantastic day at the NEC :-)xx

  8. Hello dear Dave,

    today is your day,
    although you are far away,
    I want to congratulate you for your birthday.

    I wish you wealth, health and happiness.
    May you start this new part of your life with success.
    Hugs Silvi

  9. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Dave happy birthday to you……xxx

    And I so agree with what you say Barbs "what a difference a Dave makes" as I feel that way about my Den "what a difference a Den makes" to me and my life.

    I see that Sunshinepens has changed to my name now…think its as I have a blog and it changed for that. So its still me…..

    Have a great day and know that you will be thinking of your Dave

    Big hugs Pen x

  10. Happy 60th Birthday Dave. I was so pleased to hear that you've found out what the problem is and are starting to feel better. I hope you and Barbara have a lovely time when you get the chance to celebrate. Lots of love. x

  11. Happy birthday Dave! It was so good to meet you in Crowborough. Such a helpful person. Now every time Barbara mentions you I picture you behind that till! So glad that they have found the cause of your ill health. Similar thing happened to a friend with her rheumatism medication but she has made a full recovery at 85 from being very poorly so hopefully you will soon be back to full strength too, although taking life a little easier I hope. It makes you stop and take stock anyway this big birthday doesn't it. I know I am as I approach it in January.! Enjoy your day and hopefully the celebrations will continue all week when Barbara gets home. X

  12. Happy, happy birthday!! And as 60 is the new 40 (believe me!!) you can go out and dance all night!! Well, maybe not all night but 'till at least 10.30! – which is quite late enough in my opinion!! Have a great day and look forwards to your 'official' birthday celebrations with Barb. Best wishes to you both.

    1. Hi Donna yes starting to put together a card need to post Monday
      If I can might try one of my groovi plates for a birthday card I need to send for the end of November hope you get to craft too xxx

    2. Hi Sheila and Donna
      Horrible and wet here today too, we were going out to watch fireworks tonight but decided as the rain lashed at the windows to have a night in with M&S goodies instead. Typical once we came out of the shop the rain stopped ! Oh well, we will watch them from the window instead! Hope you are both ok xxxx

  13. I do wish Dave a happy birthday – I have met him twice – once at a workshop and one at an open day and both times he struck me as a kind thoughtful person – I have put a photo on FB ( don't know how to here ) but it is so true jx

  14. A very Happy Birthday to Dave. Such good news that he is recovering so well. When you get home, Barbara, you will have to pretend that his birthday is when you are together, and celebrate with a vengeance. Positiveness means that you will be able to concentrate on enjoying the time with each other without all the rest of us demanding your attention. Dave can follow the example of the Queen and have two birthdays. Love Maggie xxxxx

  15. Happy, happy birthday Date, it's a biggie!!!!! What a shame the NEC had to coincide. But, look on the bright side, you've got next week to look forward to, and your health is improving! Life is good!!!! Wishing you very many happy returns 🎂

  16. Happy Birthday Dave! It must be difficult for you Barbara not to be with your lovely man for his milestone birthday but I know you will celebrate to the max when you are back together and what a relief for you both that he is feeling so much better. x

  17. Happy Birthday to a lovely Dave. So pleased you are feeling better and hope to see you at the next show and in Crowborough.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi my friends on here I will be back with you soon and let you know why I'm not here. . but for now for tonight this is a happy Blog but I'm glad our Brenda is here …love you all ..take care…Xx

  18. Happy Birthday Dave! Barbara stop beating yourself up you know he understands and we all have to make a living. I have no doubt he is really looking forward to you coming home and then celebrating next week. A 60th birthday means that you can celebrate for a whole week so there is time, love and plans to be made and followed. Let go of the negative and concentrate on the positive days to come Karen xx

  19. Happy Birthday Dave. If 60 is the new 40, and it is, then life begins……
    We've had to postpone our silver wedding celebrations as I am tied up with concerts all this week. My lovely, patient husband understands, and even comes to the concerts! Enjoy your reunion.
    Carol x

  20. Happy Birthday 60th Birthday Dave, I am sure you will have the chance to celebrate properly when Barbara returns. I hear they say being 60 is 18 years old with 42 years experience…. Really pleased to hear you are well on the road to recovery….
    best wishes
    Moya x

  21. Hi Barn
    As someone who turned 60 this summer I had a quiet actual birthday in the week, and my family came for a party at the weekend which was smashing and the real celebration. So I'm sure Dave doesn't feel hard done by (just so long as he gets that celebration once you are home and recovered).
    Loved the video
    B xx

  22. Have a very happy birthday Dave and I'm sure you and Barbara will celebrate the day in style next week and it's great news that your on the mend so you'll enjoy the day even more.
    Hope you've had a great day Barbara at the NEC, just one more and it, s over.

  23. Hi Barbara
    Glad to hear all is going well at the NEC for you. I think Dave should celebrate his birthday for at least a week, in fact it's compulsory ! Happy birthday Dave, it's good to hear you are on the road to recovery and I'm sure you will find mischeif to get up to tonight – is Barbara's brother in charge of festivities by any chance? Enjoy your celebrations when you get home tomorrow , I know it's hard to be away from eachother when there's something major to celebrate but FaceTime is brilliant. You two do make a lovely couple . Love to you both
    Diane xxxxx

    Hi Dot, hi Brenda hope you are both ok xxxxxxxx

  24. Happy Birthday Dave. Celebrate in style next week. Wonderful day today at NEC, spent a lot but got some pressies so that is good. Rather a lot of new Clarity goodies as well, plenty of Groovi plates. Hope last day goes well. xx

  25. Well ! Thank you all so much for your lovely messages. ! I am very grateful to have made it to 60 !!!
    With greetings from The Faroe Isles, Scotland to the USA , Germany , France and many other places I feel quite overwhelmed … Looking forward to seeing Barb tomorrow. xx (And all the rest of the Clarity Team at the NEC) Thanks for your continued help and support. Au revoir mon Amie a demain ! x

  26. Hi Barb,
    It must be hard not to be with Dave on today of all days. Still, you will be together very soon and think of all the celebrating you can do then. Wishing you a very happy 69th birthday Dave – welcome to the club! At least you can now get free prescriptions – got to be some perks! Love Alison xx

  27. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you've had a great day today, and enjoy repeating it all, even better, when Barbara is back home and able to share it with you. Love to you too Barbara, great to see you on Thursday. Claire x 🙂

  28. Happy, Happy Birthday Dave! I hope you have had a fabulous day – you will have an even better time when your Barb gets home! So glad you are on the mend. Take care! xxx

  29. Happy 60th Birthday Dave sorry it's so late, hope you've had a good day even though you've been working. You and Barb will soon make up for today when you get back together tomorrow. So pleased that you are feeling better, long may it continue. Hope today has gone well Barb and that you aren't suffering with your neck and feet. Get a good night's sleep, safe journey home to your Dave.xx

  30. You are one very special bloke Dave and I missed my hug today! I am so very pleased you're on the mend! Hope you have an amazing birthday holiday with our Barb soon, you both deserve it so very much! HAPPY 60th dude! Xxxx

  31. Hi Barbara, It was lovely to see you yesterday and today at the NEC…although my purse didn't think it was so lovely, I bought more groovi plates and borders and then after speaking to Paul, bought another set of the storage system as I have filled my first lot. 🙂
    Thank you and all your team, you all work very hard but always with a smile, you have a wonderful team.
    Happy Birthday Dave, hope you are having a relaxing birthday so you can celebrate in style when you have your loved one back home. xx

  32. Happy Birthday Dave. I am sure you will make up for lost time when the NEC is over. Have a few special days together-you both deserve it. I bet today was busy for you Barbara. Only Sunday to go and the packing up of course, which must be a huge task. You work so hard and it is appreciated. Enjoy some quality time with Dave next week.
    Hugs from Chris x

  33. Belated Happy Birthday Dave – 1955 was a good year (I was born then too so hit 6 in a couple of weeks time – lol!) Hope you and Barb have a great time in France – celebrate in style. Xx

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