Saturday’s Question: do stencils and parchment work together?

Saturday’s Question: do stencils and parchment work together?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in on this sunny Saturday.
Saturday’s blog a new technique, right?
The question which has been on my mind all week
Do stencil and parchment work together?
Only one way to find out,
and I even procured a brand new stencil for the occasion!
Introducing the lovely, arty and oh so useful 
The question I wanted to answer was whether parchment would pick up the stencil design when run through a mangle 
i.e an embossing machine, like my E-Bosser.
So an R & D session was called for.
Here are my findings:
Works a treat.
Using a rubber mat underneath the parchment, 
so you literally squeeze it through the stencil.
(E-Bosser) Plate sequence, from the bottom up:
rubber mat
3 or 4 sheets of copy paper


Trim back the parchment.
I used my Fiskars trimmer.
 So now what?
Time to get out the Groovi Plate and his Mate.
The new Nested Squares Plate comes in very handy –
even if it’s a rectangle!
Just line up and make a frame with the No. 2 Embossing Tool.

Now we can fill the outside of the leaf….

The Skeleton Leaf design is beautifully delicate,
so I decided to go with writing which is just as delicate.
I attached it as an extension to the Groovi Plate Mate.
He’s in the Starter Kit,
but you can get him alone too…

Then I decided to just think about my darling Dave,
who went off to work this morning, 
to keep up with Groovi production.
And I just started getting in the groove, 
writing what I wanted to say to him.

Thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Very simple, very calming.

Is it Parchment Craft?
Hell yes !!!!
Of course it is.
It’s just different to the traditional style.
It’s MY style. 

Could I add to it?
Should I add to it?
Not today.
Time to get on a summer dress and go find Dave.

I can tell him I love him all day long;
but I believe we are judged by our actions, not our intentions.
So a country drive and a nice walk together are in order.
love and hugs,

46 thoughts on “Saturday’s Question: do stencils and parchment work together?

  1. Lovely! I'm inspired again……going to get my E-Bosser out again tomorrow and see what I can do with my stencils and parchment….don't want to get left behind lol 🙂
    Have a lovely day and make the most of the lovely sunshine xxx

    1. It works with embossing folders too. I used it for a diagonal Christmas sentiments on one of my cards that I did for the tv show. It gives it a lovely effect. X

  2. So lovely – both te idea and the sentiment behind it. Lucky Dave! I do have a question though. I tried running one of the stencils through my big shot using the plates provided to transfer ink like you showed in a blog the oter day. It didn't work – the traction wasnt there. Do I need a special extra plate or something? Works fine with my usual embossing folders…

    1. You need a rubber mat and maybe a couple of sheets of copy paper. the rubber mat, then the card, then the inky stencil facing towards the card should work. xx

  3. Aww Barbara, that's sooo touching
    I think that's all I need to say today, except I'm sooo happy for you that you and Dave managed to find each other, seems you each found your soul mate. Hope you enjoy your special quality time together today love Brenda xx

  4. Lovely piece of art for a lovely man! I'm off to play with my gelliplate and a canvas after I've watched the tennis – have bought some disposable gloves ready for the messiness! Susan x

  5. Hi Barb. Yep actions speak louder than words, but put them together and it is deafening! You two have found your Kismet! Thank you for sharing today's work. See you in 8 days!
    Love Vanessa X

  6. Hi Barb,
    You are so right that actions speak louder than words. I really love what you have done here and am sure that Dave will cherish it. You were made for each other. Love Alison xx

  7. This is fabulous Barbara. Dave is a very lucky man. Hope you enjoyed your walk.
    So pleased you are happy, you deserve it.

  8. Wow Barbara just had to give this ago, I've just used a a5 clarity stencil as same size as the parchment used the 3 birds one and one of the heart ones wow it works brilliantly as you say in the e bossier the bird one gives it its own frame too will be able to put something from the groovi plates on to them fantastic groovi groovi groovi thank you for the wonderful inspiration enjoy your time Barbara with Dave two special people crafting hugs xxx

  9. Hello Barb, how lovely and thought provoking. The stencil is beautiful, your words to Dave are beautiful. Hope you had a great time together on your drive and walk. I don't know what I would do without my hubz or where I would be. I love him to the moon and back and tell him every day. Bx

  10. You have done what I was thinking of trying so will have a go enjoy your day out drive walk must enjoy the weather while it's here heard something about a cold spell coming any of to cook Bob' s dinner he has had a twelve hour shift today so sure will be hot and tired tonight lots love hugs Jou xxx

  11. How fab that you have each other to love and support. You really are an inspiration Barbara!
    I have a question, will the Groovi work on paper or card? I suspect it might in which case it opens up even more possibilities! It is on my wish list……. xx

  12. You old softy! Dave will love the fact that you've created real art for him so well done you. Love your new stencil and will use that again and again. Fabulous. xx Margaret Col.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Love the new stencil and the piece of art work you have created for your lovely Dave. I'm sure he will cherish this. Thank you for having a play with something I had thought about but hadn't had a chance to try! It's good to know it works so well. I hope you and Dave had a lovely walk together, it's great to find time for eachother when life is so busy.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx
    Oh yes thank you for my sale order, it arrived whilst we were away but the lovely man at the post office had it safe and sound xxx

    1. Hi Donna I'm not too bad I have manage to do a little crafting which is my goal for each day, did what Barbara showed us on today's blog only put through e bossier but still accomplished it .how are you doing have you manage to do some groovi -ing ? Xxx

  14. Great idea I was thinking you'd lay the stencil on top of the parchment paper then go round all the edges which could take a while so I really like this technique for the more detailed stencils. A lovely gift for Dave too, hope you enjoyed the rest of your day together xx

  15. Technique – great; result – wonderful; but the sentiment – well – what an impact it has had! Body blow, in fact. And – unusual little rivulets seems to be running down both sides of my face. Phew! ;~}

  16. ooh lovely – there's so much to do with this parchment isn't there?!

    You've reminded me I wanted to order the border plates – forgot them when I ordered other things this morning. Back to the website. Had to make a quick card for lady across the road this morning for her son to take to a little girl's party – too quick for parchment – though and she wants 3 thank you cards for teachers so I might have a go with the words on the parchment. I really need to get a supply made …… Thanks, as always, for the inspiration! x

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