Collage de Paris…

Collage de Paris…

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, right?
And since the Gelli Plates are on sale at a really great price on our website until Sunday,
let’s take a look at my Gelli Plate background stash, 
which I made and age ago, using 
and the 8″ x 10″
and a bunch of Daler Rowney Acrylic System 3 paints:
Before you wonder, Dave is in good company;
my brother Steve came over after work to cut the grass and strim along the front fence, so that it doesn’t frustrate Dave more than he is already frustrated, not being able to do it himself.
So no worries about spending an hour up here with you.
I enjoy it, I really do.
Just to switch off and make a piece of artwork is the best tonic!
Ok. Here goes:
Here’s a pretty dire print I did last year on the 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate.
Not great, is it…
Bubble wrap, punchinella and way too much Phthalo Blue paint!
But hey!
Let’s work with what we’ve got. 
I like the colours anyway…
Red, white and blue….
Rummaged around for a Paris collage stamp I designed many years ago…
I know it’s here somewhere….
(Now unmounted and less expensive)
et voila!
Zut alors!!!
(loosely translated: darn, damn, blast!)
So why, with all that expanse of blank white card, did I stamp it into the area where you can’t read what it says, or see the top of the Eiffel Tower???

And trimming it hasn’t made it any more legible.
Aha! J’ai une idée…

Stamp the portion which is lost onto a scrap of the card I just trimmed away. Oh the joys of transparent stamping!
Just fits!

Before I cut it out though, 
I am mounting it on a double-sided sticky sheet.
Oui oui…
upstairs pour le thinking
downstairs pour le dancing..


Added a little Milled Lavender to tone it down.

Then roughed up the edges avec les ciseaux.

Now have I told you about my bounty? 
My Gelli Plate stash?
This was a while ago, when Perfectionism still tormented me;
when I was trying to create a lake with hills in the backgound, but it wasn’t really happening! As you can see!

Great as a backdrop for the Eiffel Tower pic though…
just need to work out where to position it..
That’ll do.

Looks pretty cool when you mount 
and separate with a little black card.
And squint.
Go on.
Squint. It looks fantastic!!
Trés bien. 

You’d think I had a plan when I started.
Well, I did! To blog something blue!

And the moral of the story is 
Because in a year or so, you will be so happy you didn’t!!!

If you haven’t got a Gelli Plate yet, 
you really don’t know what you’re missing.
Save £4 on the little one and £10 on the big one!

I love Paris.
Would enjoy a long weekend there again some time…

Not going via the tunnel though.
And certainly not to Disneyland.

Am I being contentious?
I don’t think so.
Would you like to have this card?
It’s not bad, honest guv!!
Leave a positive, uplifting comment, 
and on Saturday I’ll pick a random winner.
Oh. And I’ll pop a £20 gift voucher inside! 
love and hugs.

PS. The clever Winner of the Card Instructions competition 
last week is…..

You were pretty much right on the money.
Well done Jenny. You really nailed it!

109 thoughts on “Collage de Paris…

  1. Loving the vintage stamp with the modern print Barbara, it's stunning. I can't wait for the retreat next week, I'm coming on Mon and Tues!
    Can I ask a question please…the tumble drier sheets I've bought for the groovi plate parchment are very wet. I used one and it made the parchment go funny and curl. Do you let yours dry out a bit before you use them? Or do you use a brand that's drier than the o es I've bought? Thanks in advance!

  2. A great use of your Gelli prints and thanks for sharing how to overcome a stamping 'disaster'. It's great that Steve has come over to help Dave with the lawn etc. – family are so special and they come into their own when needed. Hugs to you both xx

  3. Oooo last laaaaaa j'taime vote piece de deresistance lol. I really need to have a good gelli session, I love making my own backgrounds and this is lovely inspiration.
    Very pleased to read that Dave is behaving himself, must be frustrating if you're used to tearing about all the time but a little down time is very beneficial and then you find time to smell the flowers and read more too, love to you both and Steve xx

  4. glad to hear you and Steve are looking after Dave, hope he is soon his happy bouncy self.

    This card turned into a triumph ……not of the l'arc variety lol. Xxx

  5. glad to hear you and Steve are looking after Dave, hope he is soon his happy bouncy self.

    This card turned into a triumph ……not of the l'arc variety lol. Xxx

  6. So much loved the way you turned your trash or almost trash prints into a treasure. I do have 2 plates , but used them maybe twice. I really need to take your inspiration to try them again and maybe my trash will become my treasure. Thanks

  7. Hi Barbara
    I don't remember ever being first to comment before. I love my Gelli plate. A surprise every time. I too have a stash of prints as I often have a gelli session. I never throw anything away! I am definitely not a minimalists . All that space scares me. My old boss used to say " a tidy desk means a tidy mind" I used to reply " a tidy desk means you have nothing to do" Today's artwork is lovely and the colours are just right. Nice for Dave to have company today. Steve sounds like a wonderful brother. Look after each other, enjoy each other's company and be happy.
    Hugs from Chris x

  8. Hi Barbara
    This is fantastic, love the way you corrected the 'mistake' it's as though you meant that bit to stand out, tres bien ( oh that's going back a bit, haven't done French for years!). Oh I agree, never throw anything away you never know when you will need it. Thank you so much for sharing this little treasure with us.
    It's good to hear Dave has got some company ( are they doing the male bonding lark again?). It's great that you were there for Steve last year when he had his op and he can return the favour for you and Dave. That's what families are for, so go join them and gave a bit of family time and a laugh – perhaps look back at some of those amazing photos from your trip, just what you need. Take care
    Love Diane G xxxx

    Brenda hope you have had some sunshine today, a bit if warmth and sunshine makes you feel just a bit happier with the world. Small steps. Sending you and Daisy a hug xxx

  9. Love it,so clever. Glad Steve is keeping Dave company giving you a little break. I have a few gelli backgrounds maybe I should see what I can create. I am not terribly good at planning projects they usually evolve. Take care both of you, so hope Dave is soon over his present illness.xx

  10. Well Barbara that's just perfect! Gelli stash is always a great place to look!
    Glad to hear Dave is doing as he should and what a top brother you have coming to help out like that!
    I can't believe it's a week since the retreat. I'm still buzzing from coming down there and spending a little time in your company! I wish it could have been longer!
    Keep improving Dave and lots of love to you both! Xxxx

  11. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich finde den modernen Hintergründe mit dem Paris Stempel zusammen sehr gut.
    Die Gestaltung gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Ich danke dir für die Möglichkeit diese tolle Karte gewinnen zu können.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  12. Lovely as always, I have quite a stash of gelli prints, time for a play methinks.
    Hope Dave is getting better, take care of each other it is what we are all here for.
    Warm wishes.
    Linda x

  13. Good on Steve, you can't beat family. It's the little things that count. I was struggling last week, and yesterday I had an unexpected gift in the post from my sister. What touched me the most though was the gift note she enclosed – to the best sister in the world. I think she might have got that one the wrong way round 😉 Hope Dave continues to go from strength to strength xxx

  14. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful vintage-modern card mix…
    With this clever method I rescued a lot of failed cards…
    I never threw a card away so I have to think about what to do if a stamp is not quiet right.
    I stamp parts of it again on another sheet, look where to cut and with glue pads I have a 3D-card at the end.
    And if someone looks strange I say it has to be like that ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  15. I love this Barbara, I too have a stack of gelli prints of which most are not brilliant. I may have to take another look.
    Glad you had a bit of you time tonight without having to worry about leaving Dave alone. I do hope he is feeling better. Take care of yourselves.
    Amanda xx

  16. very nice it is too! I really like how your using the new products and techniques with a much older stamp, but it still works together so well. Shows us that we should combine our old Stashwith the new stash. I'm glad Dave is still taking it easy but hope your brother doesn't get too worn out! Wxx

  17. How clever to be able to work round your little mishaps. I think i would have given up when I stamped it in the wrong place. I bought a gelli plate a few weeks ago and keep looking at it and then putting it back in the drawer. I will really have to be brave and have a go as I think the end results look fantastic and it doesn't have to be perfect so what am I worrying about.

  18. Pleased to hear Steve visited to help with the gardening so Dave could take it a bit easier and you got some crafting time to share with us (thank you to Steve from me)

    I took my sister to Paris many years ago when she was studying GCSE French at school – she's 12 years younger than me so it was nice to be big sister in a grown up way. It is a lovely City and one day i'd like to go back but for more than a few days

    Your card is lovely Barbara – of course it is as it is one of yours. I love the colour mix, the bubble effect and I especially love the tip to get past a stamping 'oops moment' – I make plenty of those so this tip will get plenty of use – THANK YOU

  19. Now Barbara, you know it wasn't a mistake – it was a happy accident that made you think out of the box and create perfection! Now all I have to do is find my punchinella, and my stash of bubble wrap (I know where my paints and stencils are – with my Gelli plate in the Den, where it has been for months since I bought it) and stop being a Gelli plate virgin. So I promise to stop being a wuss – it's only a Gelli plate, paint and paper for heavens sake (gives self a kick up the proverbial!)

    Mags x

  20. How great it is to have family nearby. I understand Dave's frustration (being not as hands on as I would like at the moment) but rest is sometimes the only way to improve. Has he tried being 'Groovi'? That could pass the time nicely 🙂 He might even find himself as part of the design team!! I really must get over my 'fear' of the gelli plate: I love the results!

  21. Great card and made using left over gelli prints! I never throw any gelli prints away as like you said even if at the time it was a disappointment that what you intended didn't work, when you look through them at a later date you can pick one out that fits the bill. I have the butterfly collage and the New York one (ready for when I have been… day) I feel a fall off the Clarity wagon coming on as I really like this Paris one!
    Pleased to hear Dave is recuperating well, is he a better patient than you were when you had the flu? XX

    1. Hi girls eyes screwed up still on phone never thought I'd ever miss a computer are you off soon then on your hols Donna have a good one…By the way girls don't know about the bin raid looks like Barbara keeps all her stash so one day she can make lovely art like above….# because she's a crafter….x

    2. Off Saturday morning so tomorrow will be spent packing my craft supplies. Groovi is definitely coming but the tougher choice will be deciding what colouring things to take! Hmmmmmm you are right, Barbara always says she keeps everything! What will we do now? Xx

  22. Evening Brenda, hope today was a good one for you. I did my packing ready for Wales and gave Phoebe a bath so she is all ready too. Hope your garden visit goes well tomorrow, I will be thinking about you. XX

  23. Perhaps you and Dave should have a little trip to Paris once he is feeling fit again. Just the tonic you both need and in the meantime your lovely piece of artwork will give you both something to look forward to. xx

  24. Absolutely fabulous – from a muddle came perfection. You are amazing Barbara, I will stop throwing my "geli" messes in the bin from now on.
    Glad to hear Dave is doing as he is told. I wish I was back in Kent – struggled on my own with the groovi but a little or loud voice in my ear said "Keep going" Was it Bill or was it Ben. No it was Barbara and Paul. Such encouragement from you both. Off to bed – up at the crack of etc for my wonderful, relaxing day with my lovely, enchanting customers coming for comeupance at the MOJ. Sorry – too much vino – vive la France as you say and dog tired.
    Keep smiling – weekend nearly here.
    Thank you so much again for a really wonderful retreat.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  25. Hi Barb,
    This is probably the push I need to get my Gelli plate out again and have a play. It's ages since it's seen the light of day! I really like what you have produced – I would probably have put it in the bin when I went wrong! So pleased that Steve has come round to help out as well. To me that's what family is all about. Love to you all, Alison.
    Ps congratulations to Jenny too – enjoy spending your prize.

  26. i thought it was very good and i didn't need to squint. it looks pretty fab mounted actually and that milled lavender gives it depth. glad you still feel like blogging in spite of everything but then it's a good hour of respite. take care and regards to Dave, hugs xx

  27. Good evening Barbara. What a very lovely card… My favourite colour too. Unfortunately my stash of Gelli prints have all been used up. I shall just have to make more!! Glad my order of Gelli card arrived this week along with a stash of canvases. I too can feel an arty session coming on. Thank you for the inspiration you give us all. Give Dave my best wishes and I hope he continues to take it easy. Hugs to you both xx

  28. A great card Barbara and it does just show that we shouldn't throw anything away even when we aren't happy with it as you never know when you will find the perfect use for it. You have inspired me to get out my gel in,plate at the weekend and make some backgrounds ready for,using in the future.
    Jackie x

  29. What a lovely piece of art, and a stroke of genius to decoupage the top of the tower! Glad you are still getting a little 'you time'. Not only is it good for us followers but gives you a little respite too. Hope Dave is on the road to recovery. Hugs to you both x

  30. Hi Barbara, just catching up on the last 7 days of blog posts. 1 week in to my recovery of hysterectomy surgery and being told i have endometriosis i can honestly say your blog has brought a smile to my face tonight, Barbara you write as you speak, such a real thing for people to do these days, but one that should never be forgotten. Once i am feeling bit less sorry for myself and test results back next week, i plan to make the most of my 5 more weeks sick leave. I brought a gelli plate oh way back then ( probably middle of last year!!) and i have never had it out of the packet, well time to get messy i think!!!! Barbara, family comes first especially when its health related, so missing 1 sunday show im sure we can cope. Hope Dave makes a full recovery very very soon (bet thats what my hubby is saying bout me as well!!) Keep the blog posts coming, one very happy follower of such a talented lady xx

    1. A little bit of gelli art therapy sounds just what you need! Watch all the gelli you tube demos of Barbara's that way you will get a good idea of what to do. Good luck XX

  31. Brilliant you always make good out of what we would through away as disarster and make it lovely thanks again for showing us another way love to you and Dave and Steve xxx

  32. Hi Barbara, love the way you are putting perfectionism in it's place but it is still there as anyone who watches you or listens to the way you get round 'mistakes' and make them happy accidents. Personally I like this piece of artwork and like most others hope that Dave is feeling a bit better now. Take care, both of you xx

  33. Wow Barbara stunning your fantastic at improvisation would love to receive the card The voucher would be a lovely bonus so pleased Dave is still resting I understand the frustration of having to watch others do the things you want to do but you have to learn to delegate you too Barbara your health is so more important I wish I had listen to my body telling me enough is enough now I haven't got a choice been as ill as I am please rest up hugs xxx

  34. Pleased to hear everyone is resting except Steve lol.
    I had a little crafty day with friends yesterday and we decided to do your torn paper gelli print off Tuesdays YouTube. Well I made a right mess of mine, but not to be beaten I added more paint a little bit of bubble wrap and with the help of my mega mount made a superb print, oh I do love my gelli plate. I also love journaling so now that I can afford the large gelli plate with £10 off, I will be ordering it tomorrow. I can't wait to journal some prints.
    Thanks Barbara…. Happy days and much love xxx

  35. Hi Barbara, really admire the way you can pull together different elements and see a common link – red/white/blue,= Paris stamp and salvage an error by turning your correction into a feature. Think your finished card is beautiful.
    What a super brother, Steve is. I understand Dave's frustration at not being allowed to do things; so Steve s help must be such a relief for Dave and also allow you to do things knowing that Dave's in safe hands. Hugs & love, Jeanette xx

  36. Hi Barbara another beautiful stamp I didn't know you had or missed it but just love the quote on it so true… Life is a journey not a destination ..may your journey with Dave be a long and loving one….take care … Dot..x

  37. Magnifique! What a clever way to "rescue" – sure it wouldn't have looked as good if the stamp had gone lower on the white area to start with.

    Need to start playing with my gelli plate and building up a stash of backgrounds – I really like the effect of a background to match the art work, much more special than a plain colour. And great recycling – nothing wasted!

    Aren't brothers the best? Mine is an absolute rock too, great and practical support and help.

  38. oh la la…. what a beautiful stamp!!! I love your background and the color combo! Thanks for sharing it and have a nice weekend, dear Barbara!

    Tini from Germany!

  39. Absolutely brilliant and so inspiring making this lovely card from a scrap. The stamp is lovely, must remember to get it after my holiday. Desperately need to make an order by then. So glad your brother has helped Dave out with the grass cutting takes a ton of Dave's mind, yours too knowing Dave's worrying about it. What would we do without family they are always there in a crisis. Keep on getting better Dave I'm sure you've got a wonderful nurse. She just needs to slow down

  40. See! this proves you should never throw anything away, you never know when it will come in handy. You've created a masterpiece out of this background, I love it. You should see my loft, hardly an inch to spare, but I'm sure I'll find a use for everything one day,

  41. Hello Barbara

    I am a terrible hoarder of things 'I might use one day'. I know that the day after I throw something away I will find a use for it!

    What a lovely brother you have.


  42. Wow yet another totally stunning card Barbara.
    You are such an inspirational lady, I am sure whoever wins the beautiful card will treasure it forever.
    Can I just say how much I love the groovi plates that you have brought out I have been doing parching for nearly 2 years and had some templates that worked in a similar way but since buying the groovi plates I have sold them (to fund more groovi's) as I much prefer your plates I am now saving up like mad to buy the latest ones you have on your website the different size circles etc.
    I have even converted 2 of my parching friends into buying and using your groovi plates and they love them to.
    Keep up the good work will miss you not having a show on Sunday how dare they not have you on our tv lol.
    Take care and look after yourself xx

  43. Just goes to show why, we as crafters, never throw anything away. I still have a stash of geli plate backgrounds that I made about a year ago when I first got it and was trying it out – goodness knows if I'll ever find a use for them but… never know. Seeing your creations always gives me hope. Can't wait for Monday and the retreat xxxxx

  44. Well done on rescuing your card! It turned out really well. I've become a dab hand at doing a bit of that ……. I've done a groovi card today, very simple but effective and quick as needed for tomorrow! I'm glad to hear your brother has put Dave's mind to rest over the grass – silly little things like that are the ones that irritate us. Also good for your to have a space to spend time clearing your mind. xx

  45. Fabulous card made with that lovely stamp and your rescued Gelli print – love the idea of adding the extra piece of paper with the stamping on. It looks really cool! I must browse through my own Gelli plate stash! It's cool your brother is with Dave and sorting the grass. It must be frustrating for him but rest is what's best! Take care both of you! xxx

  46. I know this will not win me an uplifting comment , but you are so funny and since I was just put to dinner with friends and had two glasses of wine the first I thought that came into my mind was — barb has been hitting the wine bottle . That is what we say in America that you have had a couple of glasses of wine . And it is soooo good for you and your spirits ( no pun intended ) . Love it all and the French tres bien et merci beaucoup mon Cheri . I don't speak French Bonne nuit

  47. This was the first stamp of yours I ever bought.( I'm so not telling how many I have got now!!!!), and I still love it. It's lovely to see how stamps are so versatile, and the different techniques you can use to freshen and expand your creative juices. Must dust mine off and start playing. Good to hear Dave is keeping his pecker up. Keep smiling. X

  48. I have to smile its 3am in the morning and cant sleep so reading your blog …and I thought I had won the last competition but see it Jenny not Penny haha

    I would like to say that the inspiration you give me is just wonderful. I am just so happy to have found you and your family.

    I now have extra friends to turn to in the early hours when I can't sleep (smiley face )

    Pen x

  49. I really liked this, I have a small gelli plate but haven't really got into it , a bit wary of inks ! However this really encouraged me to try . So beautiful to see something which seemed nothing transformed into a wonderful card. So later today after my Dr appointment I think I'll get it out and give it a go. Keep well both of you x love the blog x

  50. Hello Barb, I love your stash of gelli prints, mine probably is not quite as large yet, but do have some rather weird ones. Love the card you made, the collage stamp is fab. Thank you for the idea of cutting the piece out, a great rescue. So many of your blog posts make me laugh, and this one with the mixture of English, French and German is a giggle, just what I needed this week. Bet Dave was supervising Steve's handiwork. And before I forget, well done Jenny, hopefully Barb will post the outcome/recipe. Have a great Friday everybody. Bx

  51. Fabulous card Barbara – I am of the "got it but never used it" variety with the Gelli Plate, but am hoping to get to grips with it during the retreat next week. This is so timely as well, as my niece is currently travelling round Europe, and Paris is her absolutely fave place – she is 18 and I can see her going into something to do with travel. Would love to do her a card like this to welcome her home on 12 August. Been thinking of Dave and wishing him well – it's such a worry when these men get poorly, but he is in good hands, and I am sure he will soon come bouncing back. See you on Wednesday, love Alison x

  52. Love the Gelli plate as it is so unpredictable. Recently bought the little one to accompany my other one. Will have to look up the you tube where you use both. Your artwork is so inspiring. X

  53. Love your backgrounds, as they look beautiful and there are no rules, and I have a thing about Paris, loads of my t shirts have similiar Images. You have got me thinking, could I make my own? They would definitely be one offs! Mistakes and all

  54. Love it Barbara , and if i was to win might spend it on jelly plate ,as i dont have one yet ,then again still such a lot of stamps i want perticily the little people ,but would love the Paris stamps as well ,oooo dear what could i choose would be very hard desision xxx

  55. Went to a jelli (note the different spelling!) class at my local craft shop – the wonderful Birds in the barn at marks tey, essex, on Wednesday, to release my inner Gelli mistress!! Everyone bought their own plate – and they were all Gelli's! Same message from our teacher tho- never throw a print away as it will always be just what you need in a years time!! Now I can't wait to spend an hour or so just playing!! Bought more coloured paints, have loads of card, just need to 'book' the time in my craft room /aka OH's model train room! So uplifting when it works and especially when it's not quite what you planned but even better! Glad to hear Dave us making progress! Tempt him to add comments here more often! A gift voucher for clarity AND a BG original – what could be better!!

  56. It's beautiful Barbara and looks like you meant it to be that way, I've got a Gelli print mountain that I don't like but can't bare to throw away and waste all that paper, I'll have to dig them out and squint at them!

    I'm so glad you started your blog Barbara, I love reading it and feel like I'm having a chat with a friend, it seems unbelievable that we've only met once 🙂 xx

  57. A good lesson you've taught us Barbara, hang on to those backgrounds that haven't turned out quite as you expected and wanted them to. Love this collage stamp, I've had it for a while now and it stamps beautifully. Pat x

  58. A lovely card and I love how you got out of your oops moment. I have been busy making cards this week and have been really happy at how they worked out. I haven't had much to craft though this w as my cousins are over from Denmark and i have been tour guide for them visiting highland games, the Kelpies, Culzean (pronounced "kull ane"!!) castle, and yesterday we had a lovely sunny day at Milport on the Isle of Cumbrae down the clyde. It has been fabulous to spend time with family and catch up with the stories we miss out on as we don't see each other very often. We forget sometimes that family is so important as we get caught up in the daily grind. I hope to be able appreciate family more and accept their help when needed and not stress out about stuff that isn't really important.
    I am glad that you have Steve to share stuff with and that Dave has accepted his help. Sometimes that is the toughest thing to do, particularly if you are used to being the one who usually gives help.
    Thank you for giving food for thought and sharing how you cope which helps me see that I can too.

  59. Don't be scared to try your gelli plates! I never throw anything "useful" away and used the backs of old calendars when I first had a go so as not to waste good card. I ended up being pleased enough with the results that I used them as backgrounds to cards; after all nobody can see what's underneath when it's stuck down!

    Thanks for your excellent blog – I'm sure this is a lifeline for many people and an inspiration for us all.

  60. Hi Barbara. The first instinct is always to tbrow something straight in the bin whilst muttering under one's breath, but you have shown that something can always be salvaged and what a wonderful resurrection here! I love that collage stamp and the background blue piece is just great with it. I must get my gelli plate out again soon! Glad Dave is ok and taking it easy and familiy are always there when needed. So great of Steve to sort the garden to stop Dave fretting about it. I would love one of your creations so fingers crossed! x

  61. Bright pink hot air balloons.

    Well, they're positive and uplifting!

    Jokes aside, although I didn't see much wrong with the gelli prints in the first place, you've shown and to turn disaster into triumph in you own inimitable way, as usual, and that's why we stick around to read your blog…. 😃

  62. Grass cut, garden tidy, blog-blogged, loved ones together….what more could a girl ask for eh?
    Great piece of artwork as always btw…..Hope you're having a lovely day and looking forward to the weekend 🙂 Take care, Carole xxx

  63. I am loving the vintage look of this card. Can't wait to see what is coming up on the Clarity show on Sunday and all the inspiration both you and the design team bring us.

  64. Glad to hear Dave is resting a little. Love the card and the fact that you went wrong a little but it still worked out. I've stopped worrying about getting it perfect and just work with what I have, it seems to work most of the time. Thanks J x

  65. WOW! This is stunning. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and you have already given me so many hints, tips and ideas. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to stamping but you make it look so easy. Would love to give this piece of art a home. Many thanks.

  66. Hi Barbara, I love love love my gelli plates and have bought your 6×6 and A4 plates. Like you I have accumilated a stash of 'experiments' ! Your abiltiy to see beyond the obvious is amazing. Love the finished result.

  67. Sorry I'm very late commenting…. just been one of those weeks & I'm trying to catch up with a little craftiness before the weekend chaos takes hold. Ingenious way to patch up some unreadable stamping. That idea will come in handy one day during a "not going to plan" session – thank you

  68. Sadly Barbara my rejected gelliprints are nowhere near as lovely as yours! I'll keep practising though, as I find it ridiculously addictive. Great tip about covering up the booboo too – thanks, Susan x

  69. love your way to make cards and especially your comments while working 🙂 and I know what you mean when you say: nix wegschmeißen beim basteln…or so in english
    hugs from Austria,Erni

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