YouTube Tuesday – Retrospective

YouTube Tuesday – Retrospective

Clarity YouTube Tuesday has been going for just over a year now, and in that time we have created 11 hours worth of footage for your enjoyment… that’s longer than all three Lord of the Rings films put together! It took them 8 years to make those films! Now, admittedly the acting isn’t quite as good… and the cast is A LOT smaller… and the special effects are rubbish…
But I think we’ve done alright and it only cost a fraction of the $300 millon it cost them!
(Also, we now have over 5000 subscribers, so we must be doing something right!)
This Tuesday I thought to would be a good idea to go the back of the cupboard and pull some of the most popular videos out for a little retrospective.

You don’t have to watch them all!
Just pick what rocks your boat,
what flaps your flares.
Thanks for watching, and enjoy!
YouTube Tuesdays

YouTube Tuesdays

Gelli Plate
YouTube Tuesdays

much love,

49 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Retrospective

  1. Hi there Barb, Please do you have a video of the washing on a line. I have the stencil but am not sure how to get the best out of it. Thanks for the reminder of some of your great videos.
    I may just put the kettle on and refresh myself again. x

    1. I'm pretty sure there's a blog demo using the washing line stencil, I think it's using grunge paste. If you put washing line in the search at the top it might come with it. Hope that helps xx

  2. Hi Barbara, wow, that's some resource you're very generously creating for us all :-). I was just sat here in my craft room, needing to hear human voices, trying to work out what I was going to watch on the laptop. And, you've just supplied me with a whole afternoon's worth of the perfect viewing. Hopefully they'll help me get creative and making while I have a wee play on my sewing machine – nothing arty, the old one I want to use for this is about to be heading to the repair shop! And then I've planned to start the first of the wee ideas I got from cards you've been showing us πŸ™‚ My 'art from nothing stuff' needs to wait until after the garden tomorrow. By the way, you've got me in trouble with Daisy, I raided the house yesterday for anything I could find for this challenge, dumped it all in the middle of the craft room floor, it is a rather large pile, and when I opened the door this morning Daisy stopped in her tracks, had a good look, turned her head to look at me (I was standing behind her) and gave me a look, a resigned look of 'not again'!!!! πŸ˜‰ Hope your enjoying a relaxing time, and recharging the batteries πŸ™‚ Love Brenda xx

    1. Circus top done! Art project done! Sitting here with smug grin!……….although to be honest my art project wasn't the best as the wind kept blowing it away! XX

    2. All right then smarty pants, you can go off some folk you know!!!!! I think, since it was so easy for you, you need to make another art from nothing stuff, and this time put a bit more effort into it!!!!!! πŸ˜‰
      Well done you. I did my roof though. And I got my wee bit sewing done, waiting on Nicola's opinion tomorrow – she's coming to do my garden visit πŸ™‚ I've benefitted from sickness and annual leave. Hopefully we'll get caught up on loads of the backlog jobs, my blueberry still hasn't had it's end of winter prune! Wee bit too late now, it's covered in flowers, but I'll need to see what I can do as the plant won't like trying to put so much energy into all those fruits! Going to go see if I can start the wee artwork idea now, before I forget what I've worked out, just basic stuff, but it's a start! Actually better finish ordering my shopping first or I'll no be getting what I need when it comes tomorrow!!!

      Are you on holiday just now, someone on telly mentioned half term, our kids don't get half term for this one, but then they finish at the end of June.

      Do you want the next teapot instalment, you'll like this one, maybe…… πŸ˜‰ xx

    3. Yes half term week down here, and then we finish for summer holiday at the end of July. I agree I needed to try harder with my arty project, it was only as I was doing it that I came up with improvements, first one being to wait for a non blustery day!
      Yep ready and waiting for the next instalment of colouring bring it on! Xx

    4. I've just found out my lovely local garden centre is closing down :-(. Which means no chance of sneaky me getting out of here to go, no chance of Nicola picking up plants etc. for me. Very slim chance of replacing the gentian the worker decimated, which I'm having to fork out for myself! I've already done exhaustive searches online for seeds, can't get the one I need (plants are too expensive to buy online because of the huge P&P costs). the only other nursery is much farther away and not on route to here at all. And to top it off, it seems it's Aldi that's taking over the site. I can't access any form of cheap shop as they don't do online /deliveries. And it's literally right across the road from the Tesco that I need to do my online shopping from, which is already being squeezed by a new Morrison not that far away, who also don't deliver! So my Tesco is likely to shut down, and the only other two that deliver stock even less of the dairy free, gluten free ingredients I need! See what I mean about struggling so much to get my head above water and keep it there, being me in this world is a constant battle in all ways to just survive! And it's made me run out of time to start my new wee card idea today!

      Donna, if down there is on the same path as up here, the wind is set to get worse!!! But that will give me time to try catching up πŸ˜‰
      Right, see the 2 wee triangles of stormy sea you got us to colour in? Directly above those are bumpy lines with wee dots in the bumpy bits, do you see where I mean? Well those are Pacman ghosts!!! So the bump colours, just the bump parts are red, aqua, orange, pink (a bluey pink), and royal blue (that was the scared one). And colour the rest bright yellow πŸ™‚ Are you up for that? xx

    5. Oh dear it is annoying when shops start shutting down, especially if people rely on them to deliver. Maybe if a new grocery shop opens they will do internet orders and delivery fingers crossed.

      Ok I see the bits you mean, thought it could be sand, a bit more water or fields, I did not see Pacman ghosts coming at all, but OK we will go for the ghosts as this sounds like fun to colour! Will get onto them now. By the way how are you feeling about the colouring now? Are you enjoying it? Also don't think I've forgotten about those boots, I'm just biding my time! XX

    6. The most frustrating thing about the food shops that do deliver is they only offer online the most popular items, so if you eat very healthy and /or have allergies you're very limited with what you can order but if I could get just a wee bit along the road I'd have far more choice and all sorts of stuff available to me! Morrison's might start delivering, especially if Tesco closes.

      Aye, I'm enjoying the colouring in now, it's just the extra blurry eyes just now that's the problem, but I've just resigned myself to it taking longer to do until they improve so it's fine. mm I was keeping my head down re the boots, thinking you'd forgotten! πŸ˜‰ Should've known better!!!! Right, pacman ghosts, looking for a suitable sentiment /word stamp, wee bit knitting, that's the rest of my evening sorted. xx Thanks for being a friend

    7. Can I give you a laugh Brenda and Donna – my lovely husband has bought himself one of the posh colouring books, even though I had told him about Barbara's tea pot. He's now found my spectrum noir pencils, I don't mind, it's good to share! He's telling me now how lovely they are to use! What is he like! He's having fun though. Donna I was chuckling to myself when you said you were having problems with wind when putting together your art installation – I thought you had borrowed Dots beans!!! I must read the blog comments slowly in future! I keep colouring ladies. Love Diane xxx

  3. Just finished a two mile walk , it's lovely day in the USA but hot later . I need to walk because it does help with depress and anxiety . Oh Barbara , I can see why you have so many subscribers . You do so much to encourage us to craft and help to make it easy for those of us severly
    challenged . Thank you so much . Remember ladies, the goal is Happiness . Chose it Joy now ,jan

  4. What a fantastic choice of tutorials! So many I want to try but if I start watching them all I'll never get any work done πŸ˜€ Think I'll choose a few favourites at a time! Thanks, Barbara, they're really inspiring. Hope you're still having a great holiday and weren't affected by the storms in Mexico.

  5. WOW, what a lot of demos you have done and I have watched every one, not today but over the year. Its good to have them in one place on the blog…………..actually as I typed that I realised that they would be in one place on your You Tube channel wouldn't they? Oh dear! Shall I now admit I was looking the other day for the torn gelli plate demo and clicked through every Tuesday till I found it!!!!! Hmmmmm I think I will blame my age πŸ˜‰ XX

    1. Well Donna, you're one better than me, I do exactly the same, and only recently discovered Barbara's search box in here, I thought I was doing well finding that!!!! I'm going to show how much of a dinosaur I am now – what, where's the youtube channels? I know about youtube and I've searched for individual things on it, but how can there be different channels, how do you find a channel, Barbara's channel? xx

    2. You can loggin to You Tube with your Google account, and subscribe to a certain channel like Clarity. Then you see all the videos that that person has uploaded. Lots of inspiration on there. I know my mum uses it all the time to find out how to do different things with her quilting. Xx

    3. Is it like logging in here, but doing it on Youtube? And will they want address and stuff to do it, I'm too scared to do anything that wants that, like when Barbara wanted us to do the follow thing on here, I clicked the button to do it but it wanted personal details so I chickened out! xx

    4. I use the same google account on both, I don't upload or comment on You Tube though. Funnily enough I was thinking that the other day, I looked at my profile on here and haven't filled in much just the bare minimum. xx

    5. HI Brenda and Donna that's like me if it jumps to fill in name address and stuff I just hit the back button my wee grandson done the google account thingy so a wouldn't know how to update that either but he did relate my daughters words about not talking to random people but me im glad I did think Im safe here…xx

  6. Hello. Glad you are ok. Saw the news and thought of Texas and how close it is to New Mexico and then realised I was looking at a very small map! Mad weather though poor things. Thanks for giving us a reminder of how useful you are! Will have many happy hours having a refresher course on gelli plate techniques. xx Margaret Col.

  7. You really are amazing – when I look at all those varied and inspired projects it makes me feel so grateful that somewhere along my crafty journey I bumped into Barbara Gray and Claritystamp! Thank you for the daily blog and thank you too for introducing YouTube Tuesdays – I love 'em X

  8. Hi Barbara
    I love them all. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I have never gone to sleep while watching them but have tried to watch Lord of The Rings twice and dropped off both times!!!
    Hugs from Chris

  9. Thank you so much. I have been sitting watching them all (bit off colour and off work!)
    It has cheered me up no end and also given me so much inspiration and ready to get going again.
    Hope you are enjoying your road trip.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  10. Thank you for You Tube Tuesday Barbara and the content is always worth watching and the great expression on your face when things go slightly awry, or there is waiting time for things to dry and impatience sets in, really makes me smile. There is definitely an actress in there so we can see who lovely Grace takes after. Anyway so looking forward to many more YT Tuesdays. x

  11. Hi Barbara Gosh where has that year gone?! Thank you for the reminder, especially the blue tits as I now have the stamps. Thank you so much for your tutorials, they are a great sorce of inspiration. Keep enjoying the holiday. Love Diane xxx

  12. Hello Barb, love Youtube Tuesday, what a great review of a year, full of ideas and inspiration and laughter. Hope you are still relaxing and having a great time. Bx

  13. We think they are all brilliant and yes I have watched them all! I looked at one you made a little while ago and I was trying to find it the other day without success, a bit like losing the page of the book your reading! It was the one where you split a circle and used the Wee Folk 1 set with people on a bench, can anyone direct me please? x

    1. Hello kimaccle, I think I've found what you're looking for – If you type into the search box on the top right hand side of this blog page ' Poldark and Dave, Dave and Poldark, then it should find you the blog for Monday 23rd March, 2015 explaining about the split circle, sentiment and wee folk. Hope this helps x

    2. Thank you so much that is exactly what I was looking for! I should have remembered when it was as it was 2 days before my birthday but I don't have those anymore lol πŸ™‚ Thanks again You put a Spell on Me x

  14. Went to see the first Lord of the Rings and i was so scared of the faceless horse men I never went to see the rest. Can't say that about your blog i love going back and there is actually one here I don't think I've seen. Thanks Barbara

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