We have the cure for jetlag!!!

We have the cure for jetlag!!!

Hi there!

I know. Late again. 
I will get my act together again from tomorrow.
But I’ve locked Wurka and Hollick in the suitcase until then.
Just spent an amusing hour with Grace and Dave, watching last month’s TV show. 
I very seldom watch myself on telly. 
I did do back in the beginning, to see what could be done better.
But then I stopped. Not because there was nothing to improve on! Good God! 
But I just decided not to spend 2 hours going over what I had already done,
and what I had spend a week of my life gearing up to!
Watching them trying to work out how the DVD player worked was pretty amusing too.
Romeo the cat trying to help too, of course….
Anyway, I watched from the sofa, and knew better than to interfere.
Finally, I went upstairs and got the baby TV which the kids used to watch DVDs on.

Tiny telly, but hey. And the big telly is not very big! Haha.

So yeah. We are chillaxing. It’s good to get Grace’s impression of her Mum’s TV Sundays.
She only gets to watch sporadically, and I value her input greatly.
We went to a 60th birthday party yesterday evening. One of Dave’s old friends. To be perfectly honest, the last thing I fancied was a night in a village hall with a load of strangers and a couple of Dave’s Ex’s.
But a gal’s gotta so what a gal’s gotta do, and Grace was up for it, too.
So after flying 12 hours or something, spending a good hour looking for Purple Parking at Terminal 2, and sitting in traffic on the M25 for hours, we had a cuppa, got our glad rags on and headed off to Dorking for a ding dong.
Jet Lag? Pah! We danced all night. We were the first on the dance floor, and didn’t miss a single dance. Grace got collared by some bloke who fancied himself as a bit of a John Travolta…

Got home at 2 in the morning. And slept through until 2 this afternoon. Wow! 12 hours!
Jet lagged? Whatever. 
Just had the holiday of a lifetime, sitting cuddled up with Gracie, watching Into the Woods, a delightful film with a quirky spin on the Grimms Fairy Tales.
And tomorrow, it’s back to work. 
Actually really looking forward to getting back into it. 
Glad of the break.
Glad of the work.
Tomorrow begins the countdown to the New Parchment Product being launched next Sunday morning on TV.
The very first TV show I ever did was on a Thursday morning, the 7th May, 2009. 
Funny how you never forget the first time….
Back to the woods…..
Much love
Barb xxx

42 thoughts on “We have the cure for jetlag!!!

  1. Wow Barbara what stamina you have all got I admire your courage ,
    Easy yourself back into work looking forward to next Sunday's show
    1st June where has this year gone .
    Enjoy your time with grace crafting hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barb better late than never. Love the cure for jet lag. Really enjoyed your travels almost like being ther with you all. Mentioned to hubby this morning that next weekend was Barbara morning on Sunday. Looking forward to the new products. Take care.

  3. Oh my. What a tonic for jet lag that was! Nice to see you enjoying time with Grace and nice that you are looking forward to work. Best get counting me pennies for the show next weekend. Lol

  4. I love a good dance Barbara. Sounds like you had fun with Grace. I have set my recorder for Sunday in case I miss it, but hopefully I will be able to watch the show live. Looking forward to seeing you on the box again. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Emma hope you've recovered from your Ben Nevis adventure..was just thinking the new parchment products may be right up your street cause your brilliant at the real thing…take care..Dot

    2. Hi Dot…Thank you very much for the compliment. Yes I do love parchment work, it was what I started doing when first making and selling cards….in heaven now, Clarity Stamps and Parchment….Yeah!!!

    3. Brenda and Dot, thank you both….Hugs….what an adventure I had…thought that I might have to get the helicopter out on the way back down….never been so sore, wet and exhausted in my life….got up slowly but ok…had a lovely picnic at the Lochan (a glacial lake up in the mountains) then up and into the boulder fields ….Looks like Mordor from Lord of the Rings….then upwards some more…took a while as by this time we were on the so called tourist path….there were a lot of them, none dressed for rain and 10 feet of snow…..there were a lot of stone slabs laid out as steps, well me and stairs don't get on…never mind uneven wet and slippy ones . It was a total whiteout at top, have picture of being surrounded by cloud, rain and snowfall – it looks as though I have taken a picture of a bit grainy white paper. So disappointed that I couldn't get better up top….hoping son and daughter's pics are better….
      I think maybe you were nudging me on a bit too much Brenda as I managed to fall quite a few times on the way down lol.
      I will be doing a blog about my trip along with pictures, hopefully next week….been non stop since I got back. I am still a bit sore and stiff but nothing broken so that's a bonus!
      Had a marvellous time and I will never forget being up there amongst the clouds and the going on to look down on them before the bad weather surrounded us. Hugs again to you both xxxxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you have had a lovely family day, but oh boy do you know how to burn the candle at both ends with your all night partying! I hope you all had a giggle with last months show, I chuckle just thinking about it "no way!" Was your favourite saying I think!! I'm looking forward to seeing the new parchment things but do take it easy this week if you can, I would misplace that suitcase key with Worka and Hollic in if I were you.
    Night night sleep tight.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. 12 hours??? you must have needed that sleep!
    Nice to see that Grace has settled into village life!
    I'm back to work too tomorrow… Full teaching day and a meeting at the end of the day….but I know it makes a difference! To me and to the students I teach so I am thankful that I can!
    Have a good day! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  7. So glad your home safe and sound and still got the strength to dance well done sounded like a good doo that sleep would have done you all good love you all June horrocks xxxxxx

  8. Its been lovely to share your adventures, but its great to have you back again. Enjoy your precious time with Grace. Looking forward to a weekend jam packed with Clarity: crafting with Maria Simms on Saturday and you on TV on Sunday. Wonderful! Love to you all. Xxx

  9. Hmmm Technology ! Explanation(1) Someone once decided you could use an XBox to play DVD's and its never been right since. Explanation (2) My 'Ex's' , well it was nearly 40 years ago !!! . Best of all Barb, was that you and Grace started the dancing and finished it ! thanks to Paul Cox and his excellent band.(Yes ' the' Paul Cox !) Great night, Great holiday, Back to it tomorrow ! xx

  10. Amazing how we can keep going when we feel we must and I bet Dave's friend appreciated your making the effort.
    I shall record next week's show. My initial reaction was that Parchment is not really for me, although I used to like using vellum. Then I remembered that you always surprise me with a different twist on tried and tested materials and techniques. So I'm looking forward to some Barbara magic x

  11. Hello Barbara

    I am not surprised you slept the clock round! You must be exhausted but I am glad you all enjoyed your evening in Dorking. Looking forward to next Sunday.


  12. Glad you have had a good weekend but don't know how you had the energy to go out partying after your long flight home but a good long sleep in today has obviously been good for restoring equilibrium. Must be great to have Grace home again and lovely that you all went out together to party. If I were you I would keep Wurka and Hollick on a tight leash for a few more days! x

  13. What a great ending to your hols and a good start for Grace's wee break..still love a wee boogie myself nowadays usually when no ones looking…can't wait for Sunday to see what your new parchment products are like take care…xx

    1. So that's where you ains were in yisterdays blog…..well like I said I can boogie a bit am no bad at playing the comb or maybe just sing the wee friends song…
      I'll be there for you
      When the rain starts to pour
      I'll be there for you
      Like I've been there before
      I'll be there for you
      Cause your there for me to

      right girls altogether now..munch munch pack pack dance and sing
      Gets big fat YES fi me lol…!!
      What will we call ourselves ?? how about The Clarity Girls ??
      Night my friends…xx

    2. Somehow I get the feeling Dave will be running for the hills as we speak, denying all knowledge of us!!!!
      Dot comb's out, already been done! How about twanging the string wi beans on, the twangs would make different pitches depending on length of string and number of beans!!!! xx

  14. The best nights out are often the ones that are last minute or ones we dread. It is good to dance the night away every now and again! Sounds like Grace is enjoying her home time.
    Looking forward to seeing what new things you have planned for us.

  15. Hi Barbara, glad you're having a great family time, hope you're taking lots of min photos of all the things with Grace that you normally wouldn't even consciously notice 🙂
    If it's not possible to clone Dave /Steve and sell them on clarity, could you bottle some of that energy you've all got and sell that!!!!
    I Know everyone's eager to see and get stuck into what new parchment products you've got up your sleeve. Well, I'm kind of – oh no, is this going to be something else new that I'm going to want to have a go at, trying to convince myself I won't like it, while knowing in my heart I'm probably already sold to the idea of whatever it is!!!! 😉
    I hope you can make as much time as possible for spending with Grace this week, and that tomorrow you're not faced with any new problems to sort out. Love Brenda xx

  16. Pleased to read you're safely back in Blighty, and fighting off the jet-lag big time in Dorking.(Almost bought a house there, many moons ago!)
    How I identify with an earlier comment 'the parties you dread are those you most enjoy!' Those 'do's' I've attended, arriving with a plastered-on smile, expecting the worst, have always turned out the best but then the Mr Negat Ive voice says that is because my expectations were low to begin with, however I do like to think that Mrs Posy Tive is right in saying everything is all that you make it.
    As for Parchment next week, well – for this – I will need Mrs Posy Tive to work her magic! ;~}

  17. Welcome back – sounds like you are totally chilled out! Looking forward to Sunday – my spot in front of the telly is already booked!
    Hope today isn't too bad for you. Have a good day, take care, Carole xxx

  18. Hello Barb, wow what a way to get over jet lag, you all seem to have so much energy. Glad that you had such a great holiday, love the pics posted, made me laugh to see them trying to work out the DVD player, and it seems Grace has another admirer 🙂 Take care today and ease back into it gently. Bx

  19. Hi Barbara. Blimey, how did you all manage to dance the night away after so long travelling? You really are made of some special stuff. I'm not surprised you slept round the clock. So good to see Grace snuggled up on the sofa, I bet your heart was full to bursting on seeing her smiling up at you wasn't it : ) I am looking forward to seeing just what you have up your sleeve on Sunda as I love parchment and know you will be putting a new twist to it : ) Try not to let Wurka and Hollick out of the case. You will be pushing yourself hard enough without them too! Enjoy your time with Grace. Take care xx

  20. Hi , glad to see you home and enjoying yourself , after a wonderful holiday , looking forward to seeing what you have got in store for us , thumbs up,,,,, Annie ,,xxxx

  21. Oh how I miss telly snuggles with the boys, funnily enough they're not into it now they've grown up! So looking forward to grandbabies so I can do it all again. I'm glad you can spend some time with Grace and as you know it's the quality not the quantity of time spent together.

    I can't believe that you've been on create and craft since 2009, I always watched and rang Mum to remind her too, then we rang each other afterwards, we were always amazed with your beautiful pieces of art and marvelled at your finished pictures that you conjured up with a brayer, torn paper and stamps. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be a member of your design team, it's a funny old world isn't it Barbara, much love xxx

  22. Don't know where you all get your energy from – I'm just up from an afternoon snooze after a couple of days of earlier than usual breakfasts for guests. Just haven't got the staying power any more, sadly!!! Your party looks like fun and I love the photo of Grace being twirled by John Travolta – if only, eh? I met him once, years ago, when I was nursing his manager's mother in a private hospital in London – lovely chap…those were the days. Looking forward to watching your shows on Sunday, albeit on the recording, Susan x

  23. Glad your home safely with you beautiful Grace have some lively mummy and daughter time. What a crazy 24 hours no wonder you sleepers 12 hours . Lots love Joy x

  24. Sometimes the best nights are when you have to drag yourself out and you surprise yourself by having a good time. We'll done Grace for taking one for the team lol x

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