Walking the Brayer and Friendship Trees

Walking the Brayer and Friendship Trees

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.
Had a wonderful day at Port Sunny today!
Can’t keep my eyes open here,
so will keep it short – before I nod off.
Met so many lovely people today – old friends and new.
It was a delightful way to spend Saturday!
This lovely group accompanied me during this session, which was great.
Here is the Friendship  piece I did.
Tomorrow I will write out the instructions, but you must forgive me; if I yawn any wider I’ll dislocate my jaw!!
much love,

37 thoughts on “Walking the Brayer and Friendship Trees

  1. Hi Barbara, glad you had a lovely day. Hope you are nodding off with a smile on your face and a warm feeling inside :-). Night night love Brenda xx

  2. This is lovely Barbara but even better in real life! The colours looked amazing together!
    Glad you enjoyed your day…I know I did! Hope you have a good day tomorrow and safe journey home! Xxx

  3. It was so good to see you today Barbara, and to see you do your magic with your brayed……sleep well and have a great day tomorrow….hugs…xxx

  4. Hi Barbara sounds like you have had a great day today and you have been on top form. Night night sleep tight, tomorrow is another day.
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Glad that Mum & I managed to get there, albeit not until the last half hour of the show (thanks to some poor soul threatening to jump from Scammonden Bridge, part of the M62 had been closed and we found ourselves stuck for hours in nose-to-tail crawling traffic on the winding A-roads over the moors, to cover the few miles from Huddersfield to Rochdale, before we were finally able to join the motorway, only to hit further congestion – so that, in all, a journey that normally takes us around 90 minutes took over five and a half hours!!). We knew we wouldn't have time to look round the whole show – indeed, most of the stalls were soon starting to pack up – so we made a beeline for the Clarity stand. Sadly, we missed out on seeing any demos, but we did splash out on the stencil offer and some Wee Folk, so we're looking forward to having a play with them.
    Couldn't face getting back behind the wheel after only a 30 minute break, so we took the opportunity to take a stroll round Port Sunlight – what a peaceful village it is! And, in contrast to the rain and mist of our journey, a lovely sunny afternoon.
    Happy to report that our homeward journey was completed without incident … and we can still say we had an enjoyable day, even though it didn't go quite according to plan! Hope we can look forward to seeing you there again in October?
    Best wishes, Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn, we were stuck on the M62 as well, had to admit defeat in the end , by the time we got off at junction 24 it was 12.45 , traffic was horrendous and reluctantly ( we wouldn't have got there until after 2pm at least) we decided to head back home as on a good day it's a 3 hour journey from Scarborough, well done for persevering x

  6. so enjoyed your demos today Barbara – it was a wonderful show – had a great day myself! You were very busy everytime I saw you so didn't get chance to say hello but it was lovely to see the work both yourself and maria produced and also to catch up with Jo too! Hugs rachel x

  7. So glad you had a good day at Port Sunlight Barbara and look foward to your instructions to go with the photo of tnis gorgeous card. Hope you sleep well. x

  8. Hi Barbara. Glad to hear that you had a great day yesterday. I hope you had a good sleep and woke up feeling refreshed 🙂 Take care xx

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