Albuquerque Turkey!

Albuquerque Turkey!

Took a while to get to you.
Been packing and shutting up the house,
and now we are at the Albuquerque Airport, 
waiting for our flight to Houston, Texas.
What a magical place this New Mexico is.
The Land of Enchantment.
Even the airport is delightful.
In fact, they call it the Sunport.
Fabulous art everywhere.
It’s more like a gallery than an air terminal!
What’s even more interesting though, is that
although I have been through this Sunport many many times,

this was the first time I really consciously soaked up all the 
beauty and style.
There was even live music…

So getting back to my awareness; 
I had decided to blog about it on the way here,
and straight away I was of course looking at it 
through YOUR eyes as well as mine.

Saw this tin clock for the first time in the centre.

Look how long it has been here though!

Have seen this magnificent bronze dozens of times-

today was the first time I discovered it is call 
Dream of Flight.

So you see, that’s what blogging does for me.
It actually makes me look at what I am seeing.

I love the word Albuquerque, too!
So much so,
I even ordered an Albuquerque Turkey sandwich!
Makes me smile…
See you on the other side !
Lots of love

37 thoughts on “Albuquerque Turkey!

  1. Hi Barbara
    What fabulous artwork, would have thought you were in a museum rather than an airport! Love the inscription on the statue, quite poetic. Thank you so much for sharing your return journey with us. I'm loving this travel, don't need to pack and worry about getting to places on time, just need to sit back and take it all in. Safe journey home to you all.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  2. Glad you are now finding the time to really look at your surroundings instead of rushing to get to the next panic. Keep it up, girl. This awareness is doing you good. Safe journey and wave at Gill and Debbie on the way. xxx Maggie

    1. Me to Brenda not the same without you read your post on yesterdays blog and hoping you get over your bad days soon as for the something from nothing crafty bit mine is totally rubbish but you know what I enjoyed making it so go on Brenda gather up your wee bits and keep your mind of the bad stuff bet it will be 100% better than my effort don't think I'll be asked to join the design team any time soon lol sending big cuddle as were here every day for you xx p.s. my turn for the nightshift tonight…xx

  3. Hello Barbara

    What beautiful things travellers have to look at at Albuquerque airport. The bronze reminds me of your boy with birds stamp.

    Have a safe journey home and 'see' you on this side of the pond.


  4. Hello Barbara

    What beautiful things travellers have to look at at Albuquerque airport. The bronze reminds me of your boy with birds stamp.

    Have a safe journey home and 'see' you on this side of the pond.


  5. Barbara, just saw your blog about the Sunport – I was referred to it by an on-line friend in England who knows I live in Albuquerque. There are also lovely pieces of outside art along the short drive from the freeway to the airport. I think living in Albuquerque is the best, but I will admit to a certain bias!

  6. Hi Barbara. Wow, I wish all airports had beautiful pieces of art like Albuquerque does. Thank you for taking the time to share some of them with us. Thank goodness they have kept the tin clock at the airport for all to enjoy too. I love the Dream of Flight, bronze pieces are a real favouriteof mine, it looks stunning and the verse with it is beautiful. Wishing you all a safe and trouble free trip home. Take care xx

  7. Safe travels my friend, red eye home and a cuppa xx sometimes we don't appreciate what has been around us for some time, it's like waking up and seeing them for the first time xxx
    Thank you for sharing
    Much love

    Kim xx

  8. Hi have enjoyed reading about your road trip life is to busy sometimes to really see whats all around us but thanks for showing us what you have managed to take time to admire on your travels wishing you a safe journey home…. Dot xx

  9. Wow I wish Gatwick had all that artwork. Have a safe trip home. I think the beauty of blogging is that we look at the world from a new perspective and find joy in even simple things. After nearly 5 years I still can't wait to write new posts and share new things. I've really enjoyed reading your holiday posts thanks for sharing x

  10. Hello Barb, what stunning artwork, you certainly capture the beautiful and unusual in your pictures. A person certainly would not mind travelling if this is what greeted them, instead of miles of glass. Thank you for sharing your fabulous holiday with us, hope the trip was comfortable and you arrive home safely. Bx

  11. Hi Barabara, have just spent an enjoyable hour catching up with your blog from the last few days. I have really enjoyed reading about your wonderful holiday. Safe journey home. Kind regards Joanne K

  12. Hi Barbara had to go to bed early last night fatigue hit ,
    So lovely to be able to read today how wonderful yor seeing this beautiful art work and sharing it with us beautiful memories you will have to keep ,safe journey home ,hope your Albuquerque turkey sandwich,
    Lots of traveling hugs xxx
    See the club sales on lots to keep me busy xxx

  13. The world around us is a truly beautiful place and we often overlook things especially when we are rushing about at top speed! Lovely photos again Barbara and so good that you have shared your holiday with us all! Hope you have a safe journey and see you soon! xxx

  14. Mum always says to me that the best things is life are free, just look around. Mum's are so wise….happy travelling and can't wait for the next instalment. Hugs xx

  15. How lovely that the authority has taken the time and trouble to share and invest in the airport decor. I'm afraid departures at Houston may be a bit stark in comparison if it's as I remember it, although I did purchase some of my best ever books there. Safe journey! ;~}

  16. Thank you for always allowing us to share your interesting travels Barbara. You keep us inspired even when you're thousands of miles away. I hope you've all had a trouble-free journey home. Katy.

  17. Safe journey Barbara. I do hope that the airport in Texas is fully functioning. There have been terrible floods in Texas & Oklahoma. We have family out there surrounded by water – but not a drop of drinking water. Their local river is 33 feet above normal!! But never fear, the local beer factory has stopped production so they can produce 50,000 cans of drinking water – that's amazing to me. Everyone helping each other out. Great community spirit.
    Anyway; safe journey & thanks for the interesting blogs.

  18. How is Albuqurque pronounced? Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I am 99.9% sure I shall never travel that way so it was nice to do it with you. You make a great travelling companion.

  19. Great artwork – I know just what you mean by seeing things through the eyes of others. Today I was in our local shopping centre when the clock struck the hour. All the little kids stood pointing up, smiling and transfixed by the mechanical animals and movement on the clock, and it was a joy to see! Safe flight home x

  20. I can see what you mean about the wonderful arty atmosphere they have conjured up in this airport Barbara, quite different from anywhere else I'm sure. I think we all look but don't see especially when travelling you are thinking about leaving the airport either to start your holiday, or when a holiday is over often you are sad at leaving or conversely really just want to get home as quickly as possible so things like this go over our heads, but it is good to take a closer look and enjoy. Hope you had a good journey home. x

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