What a mess!

What a mess!

Hi there!
Better late than never, eh!
Well, it’s Saturday evening,
we really should have left for Peterborough by now, 
but I wanted to blog before we go.
So I came upstairs to make a card,
and right at the last hurdle, 
completely hashed it.
Don’t you hate it when that happens?
And it was going so well, too!
“Oh drat!” I said, (or words to that effect).
So rather than lose my hair over it,

because let’s face it, it really isn’t that crucial, is it,

I decided to just post a close-up of a nice Valentines project 
I shall be attempting in the morning!
But then my Ipad started playing up. 
“Oh double drat!” 
Keep smiling.

Turn Ipad off. Turn Ipad on again.
Success. Works every time.

I’d better go and do my hair ready for tomorrow.

See you in the morning, bright and early!
Create & Craft. 9am-11am
And if I can’t get the blue and white paint off my hands 
from this holy mess that I’ve made here, 
you understand.

much love,

53 thoughts on “What a mess!

  1. Love the hair do Barbara! Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow. Will be there with my cup of coffee and a DO NOT DISTURB UNTIL 11.00 sign.
    Gayle x

  2. Oh you do make me giggle! And yes I hate it when things go pear shaped right at the last phase! Looking forward to seeing what you do tomorrow! Safe journey! XXxx

  3. Hahahahahaha. U crack me up Barb you really do. Love the pics you add in – brilliant. All set yo record all tomorrows shows. Hope it all goes well. Xxxxc

  4. Yup I hate when that happens too! I will be sat on the couch, coffee in hand in the morning and have also got it on record just in case my family get in the way. Looking forward to seeing the Maestro at work xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Had a peek at the new stamps and I'm not disappointed there lovely, can't wait to see the demo's although I doubt we'll get to see all the demo's due to the sell outs you'll have.
    Have a safe journey.

  6. You are so funny Barbara. Have a good show tomorrow, I'll be watching and recording too.
    Its so frustrating when that happens. I am working on a project, and have reached that make or break stage. Fingers crossed I don't make a hash of it. I will be very happy if it works out like I have planned and imagined it. I shall bear more than a passing resemblance to that sheep if it doesn't! Xxx

  7. Looking forward to seeing that blue and white hand colour scheme tomorrow morning. Giggles!!!
    Easy breakfast and coffee all lined up and the tv aerial ~ which parted company with our chimney pot yesterday in the very strong winds overnight ~ is all back up and running today in plenty of time! ~~~

  8. It's always the sam when you don't have a lot of time. Your blogs always make me smile though. You need to have a nice chillax ready for tomorrow. Have a good time in the shows, we'll all be with you. Xxxx

  9. Remember to breathe and relax. We have all been there, messing up at the last moment, so it encourages the rest of us when we know you do exactly the same. A nice glass of wine and an early night and you will be right on form for the morning,. We will all be there watching you with our cups of coffee or hot water and lemon, and cereal and toast. Knock 'em dead, Barb. xx Maggie

  10. Oh Barbara know just how you feeling, my project just gone wrong as well. Except in your case you have a schedule to stick to. Love those pictures. Good luck for tomorrow, will be watching. xx

  11. Oh Barbara, I do hope you manage to get your hair under control before 9am. Thanks for the entertainment. Will be watching for the blue & white paint but also looking forward to my monthly treat. Good luck with the shows xx

  12. What a hoot. As my knitting machine pupils use to say when I went wrong ……. "we are so glad it happens to you as well. It makes us feel better when it goes wrong for us." Lol.


  13. What a hoot. As my knitting machine pupils use to say when I went wrong ……. "we are so glad it happens to you as well. It makes us feel better when it goes wrong for us." Lol.


  14. Just hoping that i can catch you be tomorrow – sky has been playing up with the weather! I have had a day of cards going wrong; layering has ended up being squint, ink going wrong places! Had fun though! That is what it is all about though!

  15. You know what they say about a poor dress rehearsal – usually means a fab first night. Sorry to hear it went wrong at the last moment, soooooo frustrating especially when working to a deadline. Have a great time tomorrow, the new stamps are lovely – looking forward to seeing what you and the DT cone up with. xx

  16. LOL, great shots. Same happened to me with the challenge blog. Thankfully the wordchains are marvelous for cover ups. Recorder all set up. I'll be watching from my craftroom. Looks like it's gonna be packed shows.

  17. Hi Barb,
    Love the pictures! This sort of thing happens to me all of the time – in fact I had to have 3 attempts at a thank you card yesterday before I was happy with it! There was ink everywhere and I have to say most of it was on me – Dried Marigold I believe.you need to have a nice hot bath, a glass ( or three) of wine and a good night's sleep and everything will be fine tomorrow. The new stamps are fabulous and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Love Alison xx

  18. Hi Barbara. Oh your pictures do make me laugh. The valentines card looks interesting! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, hope you arrived at the hotel ok and have unpacked the car! Take care. Love Diane xxx

  19. Sorry you hsve had creative catastrophes Barbara. It is generally when we are short of time that things tend to go wrong! I am looking forward to tomorrow's programmes. x

  20. Terrific photos, really made me smile. I wonder if your 'mess' will be resurrected sometime as a base for a different artwork. You have such an interesting store of pieces. I hope you had a good journey and that the show is a knockout – again.

  21. You always make me smile Barbara, thank for the giggle. I look forward to the morning show and more art & crafty, gorgeous makes. I never imagine you getting messy your art is so pristine even when your doing messy stuff, if that makes sense, lol
    Have you tried the Ranger Craft Scrubbie for removing ink and paint from skin? It works really well. I'm a messy person and often use this for removing distress ink etc it even gets rid of computer printer ink after changing a cartridge when it spits a blob over your fingers and it's very staining taking a couple of days before finding this magic, kind to your skin, reusable bar with a wee bit of liquid soap or lather from bar soap works too. My hands quickly return to clean and tidy & don't look like they belong to a messy crafter immediately after using it.
    Alexandra x

  22. Hi Barb, you are a laugh a minute, even in the aftermath of a disaster. Must say that your hair stylist does a good set! Love the look of the Valentine piece, looking forward to the demos on the shows, just do what you normally do, explain patiently that even in the event of a sell out that you will finish the demos. Hope you had a safe trip and a good nights sleep, see you in just over an hour. Bx

  23. Blue and white hands and the odd mishap make you human! Better though that they happened in the safety and privacy of your own studio than on live TV! I'll watch the shows now that I have the house to myself – a little treat for a Sunday afternoon!!! Thanks for making me smile, Susan x

  24. This is so rich and elegant looking Barb, great for people who are nervous about using lots of colours too. I'm looking forward to 5pm show, hope you are managing a bit of rest until then xx

  25. Hi Barbara, you make me laugh and then I feel guilty for laughing when you've been having such a rotten time of it. That's a really good skill you have to be able to see the funny side. We only live once and shouldn't be beating ourselves up when stuff happens or doesn't go to plan. I try to see the funny side of the bad stuff that goes on for me, don't often manage to at the time though, so I know how difficult it is to do. I haven't watched your am show yet, could only keep my eyes open for a few minutes half way through it, and wasn't awake enough to see if your hands were still blue!!!! Looking forward to your 5pm one and watching the recording of this morning's. Better get today's wee bit of housework done first though, better late than never I guess, not long up – does anyone know where I can get a new body transplant?!!!
    Love Brenda xx

    1. When you find out put me down for a new hand! Been cutting out my Mum's hexagons and my hand feels like it might drop off! My cutting hand isn't too bad but my left one is the one I have been holding the template in place with, think I might be permanently stuck with a hand set into a claw position. Mum did make me cups of tea throughout the afternoon and even had chocolate on hand………… Im very easy to please! How's your weather? Xx

    2. So you did get roped in then! That's funny, you poor soul. Hope it was posh chocolate for all that cutting out!!! Hope your mum is giving you the finished quilt after all the effort you've put in! It's been a lovely day here, sunny and still, looks really cold outside though. Have you used your wee 'pope' stamps yet?!!!! That was funny, when you emailed Barbara's show last month, the presenter, was it Martyn, didn't know what to say. That's one way to keep them quiet!!!! Maybe we should all start a rota system for sending in weird emails to keep the presenters quiet for Barbara to do her demos!!!! Watching The Jump, just to see Graham Bell – he's a coach on it, how sad am I!!!! xx

    3. That was funny, I haven't had an email read out before and that one had Dean stumped!! I did laugh. I haven't seen the Jump but have heard lots about it, mainly the injuries! Sounds like they all need danger money. XX

  26. Loved the photographs, some of them look like my hair in the morning! Watched the morning show, looking forward to the pm. Managed not to spend anything, but I've got a voucher to spend tomorrow, can hardly wait, it's the country stamp for me and other bits and bobs , of course. Thank you for a good show.

  27. Hi Barbara. Sorry to hear that the card went wrong at the last minute, so frustrating isn't it!
    I do love the great pictures you find, they always make me laugh. Your hair looked fine on the show so you must have done something right : ) Take care.

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