Thinking outside the box…

Thinking outside the box…

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
Well the Doncaster Dome Show is on, 
so I hope that Dave and the Clarity Crew are having fun.
I stayed behind because my neck is spreading to my back – as it does…but I will get there next time I hope! I love that show, and I love the organisers, Paula and Gary from Whichcraft. 
You couldn’t wish to meet a lovelier family. 
Anyway, after yesterday’s Tulip Express, 

I thought I would just revisit a simple Stamp & Stencil demo from last Sunday’s TV Show, which Dee and I cobbled together. We had sold out of the stencil before we even got to the demo, 
so I whistled through it! So a recap might be welcome…

Abstract Square Stencil
Farmyard Animals

Lone Tree Stamp
Square White Gelli Card
Lowtack Masking Tape
Distress Ink Fired Brick
Distress Ink Wild Honey
Distress Ink Broken China
Distress Ink Mustard Seed
Black Archival Ink Pad
Stencil Brushes
Black Micron Pen

Attach the stencil to the Square White Gelli Card
with Low tack Masking Tape.
Dust colour across the stencil in various areas.
Build the areas up gradually. Try not to overlap too much – you may get more muddy colours than you bargained for!
You can wash the brushes with warm soapy water afterwards if you like. I can’t recommend them enough.

When you remove the stencil, hey presto! 
Fabulous pattern background.

Stamp the farmyard animals into the various window boxes, and then connect them with a black micron pen.

See how lovely and white the sheep are?
Well this was what I was trying to do with the tulips yesterday, when it all went peektong!

This white card takes the water perfectly. 
So here, see the sheep is the background colour, right?

All you have to do is paint the sheep with a little water 
and blot him/her. 


Then, so that the animals aren’t all floating, just run a fine black line from one side to the other catching their feet as you go, and going behind the framework if you know what I mean. 
i.e. Stop when you get to the white stencil lines.

Draw/Tie little knots at either end.

Layer up on black, or run a black Sharpie pen around the edges. 
Mount on an 8″x 8″ card.

I like it. I like the remountable farmyard set.
Brilliant for a lot of our landscape designs. I mean, here we’ve used a load of the images, but how often do you think, “I could just do with a little horse in that field”, 
or “it’s missing a duck near that pond.”

Here’s one using just the sheep and the Twiggy frame.

Anyway, food for thought. Have a great day.

If you get a chance, do leave an uplifting message.
I feel I should be in Doncaster, pedalling away as usual!

And one more thing….
If you don’t follow/subscribe to this blog or the Claritystamp YouTube yet, then believe you me – that’s pretty uplifting to see that somebody actually wants to be notified when you write, post or publish! It makes all the time, work and energy feel worthwhile.   
Tomorrow’s blog is Trees and Flowers…

much love, 

77 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box…

  1. Sorry to hear about your neck problems, Barb, hopefully taking some time out will help. I love reading your blog and it's the first thing I go to when I log on each day as I find so much inspiration from your designs. Be kind to yourself x

  2. Just waiting to go to Doncaster. You will be missed! Love the new stencils and the you tube videos. Take it easy, I know what it's like to have a lousy neck sometimes you just have to avoid what's going to set it off! Have a lovely day.

  3. This stencil is so versatile either as the main image or as a background, but then so are the farmyard animals too! Great piece of artwork Barb 🙂 “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa xx

  4. Morning Barbara. Hope you're not in too much pain this morning. I love that stencil. The colours you have used together really look lovely. Xx

  5. I loved this card when I saw you demonstrate it last week, Barbara. Saving up for the animals and stencil as well as other items on my ever growing wish list!

  6. Hi Barb. brill card , just love it . Sorry you have missed the show , hope you will be feeling a bit better soon . I have been working with the bauble stencil this week , it's just great .Love using the stencils Don't need backing papers any more although I have a drew full . Have a great day . xxp

  7. Such a clever idea! Hope your neck improves, you need to REST! I know, I know, impossible! I am struck down with shingles so having to rest, watching your videos and dvd's is helping me through it. God

  8. Really liked this idea when you did the demo, glad you've posted it. Hope to get to Donny today, think that stencil may be coming back with me!

  9. Great to see this card up close and personal it really is fab. I hope you had some time out yesterday from filming and blogging to sit on your new day bed. Rest and your lovely sense of humour will get you through. Enjoy the sun today. Love Diane xxx

  10. Loved this demo on telly very summery have the other stencil that's more triangular shaped so will try with them, look forward to your YouTube Tuesdays love watching them. You rest up your neck and back could you have cortosine injections to help with pain as I just had mine in my knees used to work brilliant but not as good as use to but a little is better than no help have a lovely rest full day xxx

  11. Morning Barbara on this wonderfully sunny morning!!! I love the stencil – it is one with so many uses and you have demonstrated beautifully just one to give us all the taster! the animal set – so like the little Christmas set and the woodland set – they have so many uses – so extremely useful in so many ways!
    Do not fear about Doncaster – the team will do you proud and will feel honoured to be stepping in to your shoes to fly the Clarity Flag – you made them this way – they will do fine!! So do not worry – we all understand – it means that when you are at a show – seeing you and talking to you becomes even more special – its only two weeks to the open day which everyone who is lucky enough to be going to, will see you there – you would not want to miss that weekend! so resting now and filling it with blogs and YouTube videos is equally important – though please do find some time for that garden, wendy house and couch xx
    Chill Baby!!!!! We dig it!

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  12. Thanks for the great post … just letting you know I always enjoying reading your posts, and that I follow you via feedly (which might not sure up in your follower count, but I am following you none the less). Have a great day!! 🙂

  13. Morning! I feel your pain as I have a bad back as a result of an accident. Hope you start to feel better soon – if the sun is shining lay on your day bed in your shed. Another lovely blog – I loved it when you showed in on c&c. Such a clever way to use the stamps and stencil. Today I'm going to make some summery cards – all bright and cheery – and uplifting. Have a lovely Sunday x

  14. Hi Barbara try to rest I find it helps I've been disabled so many years with arthritis rest helps when it flares up. I love the stencil and the stamps what you have done with it is brill I'm going to get it with some of my birthday money. My son came to see me from South Wales yesterday 8 hours on the train. We had 5hours together it was great but I'm very blue today so crafting for June methinks love always June xxx

  15. Hope you are taking things easy Barbara, everyone has to take time out and recharge their batteries, it makes us stronger! I love this card, beautiful pastel colours with the versatile farmyard stamps. I feel that this stencil has to go on my very long list of Clarity products to buy, even though my dining room has been taken over by Clarity already! Have a lovely day and don't worry I am sure your team will have a successful day!

  16. Morning Barbara, sorry your back and neck are sore , I sympathise a lot as I have back and foot problems and it can get tricky.
    You just have to listen to your body and let it heal. It means lying low and missing out sometimes but then you can get back in there!
    This stencil is great and the way you have used it sets the mind working as to all it's possibilities.
    I also love the sheep and twigs card -I just love sheep!!
    Have a peaceful day and hope the sun is shining where you are,
    XxxxGod Bless

  17. Hi Barb loved this when u did it on C&C and it looks even better here. I think I may have to have shares in Clarity as it seems to be one of only a few places I shop these days. Lol. I follow all the blogs and will follow you tube tuesdays too. I am sorry to hear you are once again in pain and that it has prevented you from going to Doncaster. I am sure your team will do you proud as always. Take care of yourself and partake in some R&R in your lovely summer house. Big hugs xxxxxxxxx

  18. This stencil is so useful Barbara… Mmmm I can feel a playtime coming on! Kim's right, rest up for the open day (i'm so looking forward to the weekend!) it's going to be a blast! XX See you real soon Barbara! Clarity Gang… Enjoy Doncaster and have a great show! X

  19. Ordered this stencil from Clarity after seeing your demo & all the very different & wonderful sample cards from the DT.
    I've been off work for 4 weeks now & mri has show 2 misaligned vertebrae in my lumbar region plus I've got pain in other joints so I feel your frustration. Pain can be managed but lifestyle restrictions are worse. Don't feel guilty but look at it as delegation, after all you have been filming You Tubes for us haven't you. Xxxx

  20. Hi Barbara. Thanks for showing this. I loved it when you did it on C & C. I would never have thought of adding the pen lines but they really ground all of the animals and pull it all together, I sit and shake my head in amazement when you show us tips and tricks like this, thank you so much. I learn something from you every day. So sorry to hear that the neck/back are still not good, and I hope that you can get to rest them a little. You must be feeling at a loose end with the others at Doncaster, sometimes you have to be sensible, boring and frustrating as that is though. Rest now and you will be up and running quicker. Take care.

  21. Get well soon Barbara, I love it now when what we watch on C&C you now do us a step by step guide, so much easier for us to do, as bless you, you have only 2 hrs on C&C and this way we can see the demo every day. Have ordered stencil so will get to work soon, the ideas are endless with all the little sets which will fit in. Thank you.

  22. Thanks for sharing this on here Barbara, I loved it on C&C so it's great to have a permanent record on here of how it was achieved.
    I share your frustrations at not being able to do what you want to, I have back issues and have had to adjust my lifestyle accordingly but it's worth it to not have the pain. I hope you can get your neck/ back sorted soon and that you are pain free before too much longer.
    Enjoy the sun today
    Jackie x

  23. Hi all

    Barbara your blog is the first thing I go to after a cup of tea, every day. I work full time but you are so inspiring, making the effort to see what gems you have is worth it. Hope your back gets better soon

  24. Hi Barbara

    Hope you are able to give your neck a rest today and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

    I saw the show last Sunday and loved this stencil. I am now waiting for it to arrive – along with lots more goodies from Clarity.

    Have a good day.


  25. Its a shame you have to miss Doncaster, I'm sure that everyone there will be missing you too but your body is telling you its time to slow down a bit. Try to enjoy the time, just chillax and enjoy the peace. I love the you tube Tuesdays, your a special lady and it comes through in your writing and your tv appearances. Thanks for making my life a lot more crafty. Love this demo the background is so beautiful. Joan x

  26. This is my first stop every morning as I can't wait to see which lovely design you will be showcasing each day. The style in which you write is lovely and maybe it is time you thought about sitting on your cushions in the summer house and starting your what I am sure will be a best seller. Enjoy the sunshine. x

  27. I have recently learned this life lesson – if you don't take care of yourself, and make yourself ill, then you're no help to anyone. My god, I tried so hard to do it all, everyone, including doctors telling me that I needed to stop, I was ill, and I needed to look after myself. And do you know, they were absolutely right. It wasn't easy to step back, but I feel and look so much better in myself. And now I can see clearly, as it were, prioritise, and still help and do stuff where necessary. Funny thing is……..the world hasn't ended, no catastrophies, my world has kept on turning. Yours will too xxx

  28. Barb Doncaster will be fine without you, they will miss you but Jo and Maria will be great. When I was in Glasgow I did chat to Jo on several occasions and she was great, yes it would have been lovely to see you but people understand that you need to rest. ((Hugs)).

    I love your little farmyard animals and as you say you could just have a field of horses or cows. Anything really, they are fab and your little white sheep.

    I love your honesty in your blog, showing that it doesn't always go they way you think, but also not to give up when you feel this way, as you did with the water on Theuva card, thank you for that, I love it in your blog, someone so experienced and still showing that you are learning. Every day is a learning day x

    I hope you get your neck sorted soon Barb or at least you can get something to ease it better because if it is travelling into your back now, then it is time to get some relief. If they have offered you an answer it is probably time before it gets any worse. I would rather be laid up for a couple of months than be in a permanent state of pain. I should know 🙁

    I wish you a peaceful day and try not to work too hard as you are meant to be resting 🙂

    Have a good one

    Denise xx

  29. Hello Barbara
    If, for some reason or other, I miss reading your blog in a morning I feel that there is something missing from my day. I love today's card. It is different from anything else I have seen and I learn from you all the time. I do hope you are free from pain soon. Enjoy your quieter day. x

  30. Morning Barbara, I love this stencil and will definitely be adding it to my next order. I really liked this card when you demo'd it on TV last week so thanks for the close up.

    Sorry to hear that your back is also affected. I'm sure the guys in Doncaster are missing you as much as you miss being there. Sometimes though we just have to listen to our body and rest. Maybe today is a great day for sitting and chilling in your Wendy house on your fab new sofa? Hope you feel better soon. xx

  31. Hello Barbara,
    Love this stencil. You have made me look at all the stencils I've got. Spent the afternoon yesterday making backgrounds with different stencils. So relaxing. Keep up the good work. Hope your neck is better soon.

  32. Hi Barbara, I hope you are having some sort of treatment for your neck/back? I hope it feels better soon, I can sympathise an oesteopath helped mine. I read your blog every day, just love all you do. See you in a few weeks!wx

  33. I loved it when you demo-ed it last week Barbara, I would like your whole stock, and if the lottery came up, that's exactly what I'd do! I come here every day, even if I don't have time to comment every day, so I don't really need to subscribe.

  34. Hi Barbara, love the stencil.
    I empathise with you about pain. I have it in both shoulders. Try and relax as much as possible. Have you seen a Chiropractor?

  35. I love what you have done with this stencil, can see it will be very useful. So guess what- I need it. Will put it on the list for Open Day shopping. Neck pain is so wearing so best to rest it. They will manage fine in Doncaster, of course you will be missed but you have a wonderful team. Plus you treat them good so they happy to go that extra mile for you. Relax enjoy the day. xx

  36. Love your Blog Barbara, makes me smile every day. You are one in a million! And love all your work, it's inspiring, interesting and always makes me want to craft. So thank you, for all you do for us out here logging on. Crafty love n hugs xx Ruth

  37. Hi Barb,
    As Bette Davis once said "getting old aint for sissies". Not that I'm suggesting you're getting old, I must be at least 20 years older than you!!
    And remember the old saying "The graveyards of the world are full of indispensable people". n On that happy note I'll congratulate on your usual daily masterpiece. You never fail to amaze and delight.
    Just read through my comments and if that's uplifting, I'm in need of a brain transplant – but I mean well!! Take care and lots of love xx:-)

  38. I loved this stencil when I first saw it. You have reminded me that I haven't ordered it yet! Great to see this card again. It looks lovely. It makes such a difference grounding the animals too. The farmyard animals set looks very useful. Another set to add to my wish list! x

  39. Love this stencil and admit to being one of the people who were responsible for it selling out! I am one of the more silent followers as I don't post very often but love what you do and how you 'say it' you often make me laugh which is good as think we all probably need to do that a bit more. So thank you for the time and energy you give us it is appreciated.
    Jane x

  40. Hi Barbara love the stencil the card is so cute with all the farm animals you can do so much with a little set love the twiggy frame .you give us so much each day on your blog the you tube is fantastic hope your pain eases away have a good day xxx

  41. Can't wait for my square stencil to arrive so I can play. Don't feel too bad about resting your back. I'm sure Dave and the gang will be doing a great job. I have subscribed to your blog and YouTube channel since the beginning, don't get e-mails notifications anymore though, I even checked to see if I was still subscribed by doing it again and it said I was – very strange! Not a problem though as I always check in daily. I think you are such a talented person with your craft and your positive spin on life is truly inspiring. Much love Donna XX

  42. Love the stencil – so useful.. Looking forward to mine arriving them I can play with loads of different stamps. The artwork is just fab.

  43. Love this design! I would never have thought to use this stencil in such a way but you've created a beautiful card in lovely soft colours. x

  44. I really love this stencil and any small stamps could be incorporated so very useful to have too. Sorry your neck is still twingy but it is best to rest up a bit, and not push yourself to the limits all the time. I'm sure that although you will be missed everyone understands that being fit is equally important so don't be too hard on yourself, and we need you to be in good health to keep blogging and giving us all the inspiration via here and your You Tube videos. Thank you. x

  45. Sorry you have to miss the show but taking care of yourself is more important! Love today's post, that stencil is awesome, I have to have it! The animals are lovely too! Take care! xx

  46. Great blog yet again. cannot get anything else done for trying out your ideas! Can't wait to go on the July workshop. Everyone who does not follow your blog is missing so, so much
    Best wishes

  47. Hi Barb,
    I love this stencil, another one great fro backgrounds and the gelli plate, love how these cards have turned out, beautiful as usual.
    Take care of yourself and rest that back/neck of yours ready fro the Clarity weekend.

  48. Hi Barbara. Loving the stencil and the card looks brilliant with the farmyard animals. I love the one with the twiggy frame too. I had to do a double check to make sure I had subscribed to You tube…I had…terrible memory these days – old age. I do hope that you can find some relief from your neck pain, as someone who suffers from a degenerative condition in my neck and spine I feel your pain. The one thing that has seen me through most of the past few years is my crafting and now that I am so in love with Clarity Stamp my days are even better. I can always pick myself out of a funk just by playing with all my Clarity Goodies or reading your Blog and that of the other ladies on the Design Team. The response that I have had from yourself, the wonderful Design Team and other Clarity Fans about my own art work has lifted my spirits no end. It is lovely to feel part of this community. So I am sending Big Hugs to you today and as I am only five feet tall they won't hurt your neck. Big Hugs xx

  49. Hi Barbara, hope you are resting in your Wendy House on your cosy couch, just letting you know that Dave and the team are doing brilliant, just got back from Doncaster, with my lovely Horse stamps, and a few more lovely goodies. The girls were busy restocking the stand and Jo and Maria had some lovely samples to show. All in all a lovely few hours with some lovely goodies, but had to leave as I ran out of money, hee hee. Enjoy the rest of your day and give Dave a huge hug, he defifinitely did you proud. XX

  50. My battery ran out as I posted and then had to leave to go to Doncaster. Shame you could not make it but better to rest up and get your shoulder right. Bought this stencil among others and finally signed up to the New Design Club, been procrastinating far too long. Had a lovely chat with Maria, and the stall seemed to be surrounded by people looking for different stencils.. Can't wait to get crafting but the sun is shining so catching some of that just in case he does a disappearing act tomorrow.

  51. I've just got back from the Doncaster show too. Yes, the team were doing very well, Barbara. I now have this stencil (along with a few more goodies with the prices taken off!!) and look forward to playing with them all once work is out of the way 🙂 For anyone near enough to Doncaster: the Stamp Magic show is well worth a visit, It's not too big and every stall is worth visiting – especially Clarity Stamps, of course. The next one is in October I believe. Take care of yourself, Barbara x

  52. I was away for Sunday show but remembered to record. Loved your use of this new stencil, yet more inspiration. Don't think will be too long before I make a purchase. Do hope your neck pain doesn't last much longer. Take care.

  53. Just got home from the Doncaster show. The very first person I saw was Dave…then Len then Sam.. Maria was surrounded by people spellbound by her demos, so was Jo then Heather popped up from nowhere and hugged me….it's great to be part of this team!
    It was quite busy but I do like that show….it feels just right! Worked wonders!
    Sharon had a basket full of goodies and had a few things I found that I needed!!!
    This is a fabulous card and that stencil was in great demand today! Everyone who got it will be glad when they see your blog today!
    Love and hugs as always! Xxx

  54. Hello Barb. A late reply today as just back from Leeds myself. Not a stamping show but the WI AGM. Can you imagine doing a demo in front of five and a half thousand women? Might have improved the day a bit although it was great fun. Lovely stencil this, can be used for so many things. A great background but also so wonderful to use all those little stamps. So clever. xx Margaret Col.

  55. Hello Barb, what a pity you did not get to the Doncaster show, but I bet the team did a fab job. Loved this demo, and the abstract stencils are on my wish (need, must have ) list. Glad I got to read the Sunday Blog. Late Thursday my NDC stamp and Stencil arrived, just before I had to travel for work on the weekend, so looking forward to trying them out this week > Take care everyone. Bx

  56. Hi. Just love the combination of this stencil and the animals, it makes a fab card. I too have a neck, back, shoulder problem and know how painful and frustrating it is as it really limits my crafting time! Such a shame you missed Doncaster. Hope you feel better soon x

  57. Hi barb,
    Loved this when you did the demo on C&C and so pleased that you've done the step by step today. I ordered the two abstract square stencils and the tulip and vase ones yesterday along with the flower stencil and filigraphy stamps so am eagerly waiting for them to arrive so I can play. Sorry to hear that your neck pain is now travelling to your back – do be careful please and don't overdo things. You have a fabulous team behind you, so just take things easy for a while. Love Alison xx
    Ps already subscribed to your u tube site. Xx

  58. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork. Missed you at Doncaster show today, but the Clarity Team and Dave did a sterling job. Think I scared Dave a bit, told him you might be out shopping on your own again lol xxx Know you weren't really, and would just like to say I hope you are soon on the mend xxx Crafty Hugs to you love Karen xxx

  59. Love that stencil. Perhaps it will fall into my basket with my next order!!
    I have been unsettled all day as I hadn't read your blog as it has been really busy with Church and family stuff today. Now i have taken time to check your blog and feel 'better' for doing so.
    I hope you are taking time to relax and feel better for taking the time out. Take care. xxxx

  60. Bought this stencil today from Dave!!! Hurrah!! You were missed, but the team did a sterling job. The demos were fantastic enough to get my hubby interested while I browsed. He then joined me with another shopping list of what had been demonstrated. You'll be glad to know that I spent a fortune, tried my new stencil brushes with this stencil as soon as I got home and was thrilled with the result.
    Hope you rested and feel better soon. Thank you, Jan

  61. Really like the way the soft colours have blended into the background of the stencil – so clever! I'm sure you were missed at the show, but sometimes you have to look after No 1, and everyone would miss you more if you weren't able to design and inspire us with new products and ideas. You have a talented team, who I'm sure did you proud. Hope that neck improves soon, and that you're getting some proper treatment for it? Take care, Susan x

  62. i really loved this demo on tv. the colours looked great and that little trick with the micron pen is pretty neat. hope your neck gets sorted soon hugs xx

  63. Louis very demo and I am looking forward to trying them out. Hope your rest at home has done you good and given your sore neck and back a rest. XX Maggie

  64. Hi Barbara
    Love this price of artwork. It's a fab idea. I also like the tame and sheep one. I hope your neck starts to improve soon love your blogg
    Debra x

  65. Great show yesterday at Doncaster, your team did you proud. I bought this stencil yesterday, can't wait to have a play. Hope you're feeling better x

  66. Hi Barbara, the show was great, had a nice chat with Jo, a lovely lady.
    Love the mask and can't wait to start using it.
    You are so right about followers, there is nothing more sad than posting your efforts and no-one bothers to leave a comment.
    Hope the neck is easing.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  67. Really missed you at the show but your team did an amazing job, just wish I had more pennies to spend but then you never have enough at a craft show do you?
    Big hugs
    H xx

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