Lucky three Magpies

Lucky three Magpies

Hello there,
Thanks for stopping by today.
Thursday’s blog is always blue;
so will 3 blue-black Magpies do?
Here’s what I used….
Stamp the Magpies onto Theuva Card, using Black Adirondack.
Mask off the sides with Post-Its.

Add some Lettuce around the birds…
Colour in the birds with Promarkers…

Work on the shade in the feathers…

Add some Stonewashed round the birds now.

Trim the card back.
Add the fabulous Maya Angelou Verse. My Shero…

Brayer in a Stonewashed border.

Run a black embossing pen around all 4 sides.
Emboss one side at a time with Detail Clear powder.

 Very simple.
Hope you like it!
Few words. More pics today.
Been a long one. But the good news is:
We recorded another 4 You Tube Videos this evening!
YAY! We live to 
Much Love
(aka Tired and happy of Edenbridge)

50 thoughts on “Lucky three Magpies

  1. Beautiful card. You have been busy in the studio…4 videos in one go! The bloopers must be getting shorter …shame LOL! Best get to sleep now as Mr Moany (MM) is complaining about the light from my phone keeping him awake. Suppose it is 12:13am and I've been up since 4:18am. Best wishes, Jeanette xx

  2. Lovely card as always. Four more videos does sound like you have been very busy! Hope you get some well deserved rest after your busy evening. x

  3. Hi Barb, well the very early birds, have some great comments from the other early birds. Love this stamp and the verse, they are on my wish list. The card looks lovely, need to practice the masking off. Have tried the borders on the card, but yours is much neater than mine. Looking forward to the new videos, hope you can rest a little. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Lovely! When I first looked at this I thought it was a bit unusual for you to be adding decoupage to the card and then when I read the instructions & looked closely I realised it was flat! It looks so dimensional. Love the embossed border and the verse is just beautiful. Love to all Alison xx

  5. Managed to connect to the bus wi-fi this morning so not as frustrating when trying to read your blog. I really like this artwork and think there is something majestic about Magpie's.

  6. Another stunning card Barbara thank you for sharing. I do like these stamps and the way you colour them. Hope you have time to relax today after your marathon session last night. Love Diane G xxx

  7. Beautiful card, beautiful verse – a worthy shero – hope you have rested up – four videos! exciting!!!! I now have to go and look up a black embossing pen as I did not know there was such a thing – and you mentioned the word 'pen' – I love Pens!!!! Kimxx

  8. Lovely card Barbara. Like Kim I did not know you could get a black embossing pen, I will have to investigate. I think most crafters are a bit like magpies, collectors and hoarders of stash! x

  9. Yay I love the you tube vids they are great and I cannot wait for the next fabulous and funny, I love the fun element although I still learn loads. Nothing better when you are enjoying learning, it stays with you longer.

    I love your magpie card and I especially love the techniques you show like finishing off a card or a picture. You are so very thorough and this I love and I think that is one of the elements that makes you so good at what you do and teach.

    Love it all Barb and thank you for the fabulous tuition and fun.
    Denise x

  10. 4 videos! I think you need a rest! Not sure if today is rainy or not so sitting in the garden with your Clarity mug of coffee may not be a good idea. I have liked those magpies since I saw them on TV. the card you have made with them is simple but beautiful. Xx

  11. I love this design and the softly blended colours are perfect. I must practice more next time I get time to craft. Unfortunately that won't be today as I will be at work but I shall be thinking about it 🙂

  12. Hello Barb. I think you have taken a poetry pill. They just keep on coming :). Looking foward to the videos. I have had these stamps for quite a while now and do love them. Thank you for reminding me to get them out and have another play. xx Margaret Col.

  13. Hi Barbara. Beautiful. Love the depth this has, the magpies look great. Thank you for giving the details of finishing the edges etc. too. I, for one, find that really helpful. I hope you got a good nights sleep because you must have been exhausted after doing 4 videos! Will be watching those : ) Take care.

  14. Beautiful stamp that makes a lovely card. lovely tutorial Barbara and to top that 4 more You tubes too…no wonder your tired. Feet up for a bit and have a cuppa and cake. xxxx

  15. Magpies, my husband loves them. I bought this stamp at NEC ready for his birthday in October so got plenty of time to practice. Thankyou this is beautiful, wow you must be tired all those videos but must admit looking forward to watching. Hope you got the sunny day that we have at moment .Lynne xx

  16. the magpie stamp is one of my favourites I love Magpies and they often come and visit my wheelie bin/bird table their feathers are such beautiful colours – not just black and white

  17. Beautiful card Barbara – and I do love it when you use a stamp I have! I acquired this Magpie stamp at the Stevenage show, will get it out again now you have re-inspired me! Moi

  18. I don't like magpies as birds, they are just so vicious as a genus,but this stamp is a great one. You do not realise how beautiful and almost iridescent their feathers are. Lovely project. xx Maggie

  19. This is a lovely stamp Barbara, as are the words from Maya Angelou. This is a beautifully clean and elegant card and I love the blue shading around the edge. Unfortunately Magpies seem to be the bullies of the bird world as they are so much larger than most of the other birds. When we lived in Surrey there were lots of them about in gardens, but down here in Somerset we do not see as many. Thanks for the demo Barbara. x

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