The day I learned to embed You Tube videos on the blog….

The day I learned to embed You Tube videos on the blog….

OH BOY!!!!
I am sooooo chuffed. I am so NOT a techy. But if we are going to launch You Tube videos on this blog, then I really did have to figure out just HOW to embed them. What’s more, I figured it out all by myself. With the little help of a You Tube Tutorial….
How ironic that I can find out about You Tube on You Tube!

And therein lies the secret, and I believe also, the POWER of the internet and You Tube. If I don’t know the answer to a question, or I have to figure something out, I either Google it, or I search for a solution on You Tube. My vision is that we will create a whole little visual reference world for folks, for all things stamping and stencils, inks and art. 

So let me try another one, just to be sure it wasn’t just a fluke…
Hah!!! Happy Dance!! Here’s the TV Show with Dean and the Shrink Plastic….

So all I can tell you is this: Now I know how to embed these You Tube videos, this blog is going to literally come to life! Watch this space!

But today we are doing today, which involves setting up in readiness for the Harrogate Show this weekend. Promises to be a busy one! Hope you can join us .

Lots of love 

91 thoughts on “The day I learned to embed You Tube videos on the blog….

  1. The blog just gets better and better. I think the Barbara and Dean comedy team cracks me up every time, you could not have scripted that. Love the launch, looking forward to many more, good Job!

  2. Hi Barb, congratulations on becoming so techy. Love the clips, and looking forward to many more to come. You and Dean make a good combo, and there is always some hilarity. Hope the show goes well. Bx

  3. Oh Barbara! What a start to my Friday. I always have such a giggle when I see the Shrink plastic show. I should save it and watch it when I need cheering up!
    I am looking forward to coming over to Harrogate on Sunday and meeting up with some of the other DT members and seeing you, Dave, Maria and the rest of the Clarity Family. Love and hugs xxx

  4. So funny, it made me laugh when I watched it live and it still makes me laugh now. Well done you on getting techy. Have a great weekend Jx

  5. Oh WOW! Check you out! Amazing and perfect! This so makes me smile! Have a fantastic show this weekend, I'm really looking forward to seeing you next weekend at the NEC.

    Jane Telford… Give everyone a massive hug from me xxx

  6. This is one of the funniest C&C moments ever – I kept the whole show and watched this bit on YouTube several times and it always makes me giggle – you have an infectious giggle – and Deano – well he is a missed talent where stand up comedy is concerned – so you learning how to embed videos is just fab – you must make sure you put the funnies on as well as the tutorials!!! Hope the set up goes well as well as the show itself xx

  7. Ooh get you, Barb! You little clever clogs!! I posted my very first blog post this week and I did It all by myself, too! Great feeling especially as I had to link it to another web page! A few hiccups and only a simple post but I did it!! Yay! Have a good day, Helen xxx

  8. You see just because your label is Gray (Grey) doesn't mean we have to be that, in what we do, Gray by name inspirational by nature> Cant come to the Harrogate show which I am really upset about but wish you well and have a great time.

  9. Morning Barbara. Well what a to do at thus time in the morning. Great to laugh at this all over again. Great job embedding too. Congratulations. Enjoy the show. X

  10. What would we do without the Internet to find out how to do something. I also use Google when looking for best practice when implementing new procedures/policies at work. Congratulations on learning a new technique and look forward to seeing what you bring us in the future. Good luck in Harrogate, hope to see you at the NEC in a couple of weeks time.

  11. I bought some shrink plastic after a workshop and then couldn't remember what we actually did with it. Mine is coloured though and can remember putting it in hot water over a burner. then my mind is blank.
    Had a laugh this morning then clicked on to the broken potty – wondered what happened to it.

  12. I remember seeing you and Dean doing this live and have never laughed so much! Have found it on you tube before so its good to have it here,I had tears and everything when I watched. You two need a disclaimer! Well done for learning a new thing, I always go to you tube if I can't work something out, the wealth of information is staggering. Have a good weekend. Xx

  13. I remember seeing you and Dean doing this live and have never laughed so much! Have found it on you tube before so its good to have it here,I had tears and everything when I watched. You two need a disclaimer! Well done for learning a new thing, I always go to you tube if I can't work something out, the wealth of information is staggering. Have a good weekend. Xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Well done for getting all techy with embedding the videos. I love this clip of you and Dean it is hilarious. Have watched it many times and has to be one of the funniest shows done on c & c. The videos will be a great bonus on the blog and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us. Hope Harrogate goes well and have a great weekend love Alison xx

  15. I haven't laughed so much in ages thank you Barbara, you and Dean work so well together . Now we have even better ( if that is possible!) blogs to look forward to thank you . Ironically I have been using my All You Need is Love Heart stamp this week with shrink plastic to make embellishments for favour boxes …….. Didn't have as much fun as you and Dean though. ,!!!

  16. Hi Barbara. Aren't you getting clever. I am just the same, You tube saves the day so often : ) I love you and Dean together,but the shrink plastic clip is the funniest : ) What a great way to start the day, laughing so much my hubby wondered what I was doing. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  17. Well I'm impressed. I 'sort of' set up a blog and then forgot my password and that was the end of that! I have a solution for heating shrink wrap but it's no-where near as amusing as the video. I put it on one of those splatter guards (for the frying pan) and heat from above and below

  18. Well done you…isn't it satisfying when you do something techy yourself? I started my blog yesterday and wow did I feel good. Needed lots of wine afterwards as I was shattered. It'll be a long while before I would even think about video but one step at a time.
    Absolutely loved the video of you and Dean, especially when you said you could have knitted it quicker (and you don't knit!). Looking forward to more videos. xx

  19. As others have said what a great way to start the day. Looking forward to seeing your videos. I to turn to Google, You Tube and Pintrest when stuck for ideas or when I want to know how to do something. Just love the video of you and Dean, absolutely iconic, and I also find your comment about knitting it faster a classic. Hope you have a great time at Harrogate. xx

  20. Oh wow how exciting I can't wait to see what you will share with us, what a brilliant way to start the weekend.
    Have a great show, it was at Harrogate that I first saw you demonstrating many many years ago
    Jackie x

  21. Oh how clever……you have taken blogging to the Next level…..pure genius….and what a laugh you, Dean and shrink plastic are….I never get tired of watching it…hope the set up goes well today…and look forward to seeing you and all the Clarity gang on Sunday…hugs….Jo. X

  22. You are one impressive lady. Nothing defeats you. What I need to learn now is how to save those YouTube videos so I can take them anywhere on my tablet, even if I don't have WiFi access. This is like taking you wherever we go.Hope you have a good show at Harrogate, but please make sure you have plenty left for the NEC next week. Can't wait for that. Take care and get as much rest for that poor neck as you can. Grab members of the DT to do off the cuff demos for you. xx Maggie

  23. Help! I hope this doesn't make me sound really stupid but I can't get sound on these videos. Please could you tell me what I need to do?? I'm so looking forward to watching your videos too!!

    1. I know the feeling, Caron. I spent ages the other week trying to play my music, as usual, on my craft computer. I tried downloading software updates and all sort of other things, only to find I had not switched the speakers on. Dohhh! Glad you have got it sorted anyway. xx Maggie

  24. I'm going to love watching your You Tube videos Barbara. The beautif of it for me is that I'll be able to watch you while in the craft room and not glued in front of the TV.
    Beryl xx

  25. It doesn't matter how many times I watch the shrink plastic show, I just cry with laughter. Best medicine there is if you need cheering up. Delighted that I'll be able to watch your videos on the lappy Barbara. Any time, any place anywhere . . . remember the ad?? Pat x

  26. Morning Barbara dean is my favourite presenter with you every show is brilliant the shrink plastic is so funny you miss it with laughing a good tonic to start the day .have a great show at Harrogate only sorry I cannot be there .you tube fantastic xxxx

  27. Such fun. A great way to start my birthday, I laughed so much. Thank you so much for your enjoyable/ entertaining/ educational blogs. I look forward each morning to reading it. Have a good weekend.

  28. fabulous Barbara and well done you! Its always fun to find something new out! great giggle. looking forward to more – hope the weekend goes well – I'm sure it will! Hugs rachel xx

  29. Oh Barbara how clever are you and what a great idea. For some reason on my Samsung Tab 2 which uses Android I only have sound but no picture but I can normally watch You Tube on here so not sure what the problem is. Unfortunately Harrogate is too far away for me but hopefully at some point you may come to the South West which would be great. I hope Harrogate goes well. x

  30. Hope you have a great time at the show, and thanks for sharing these clips – how clever are you to do it by yourself! I just love that clip of you and Dean and the shrink plastic – makes me laugh every time I see it! Susan x

  31. I read this first thing this morning, but have only just had the time to sit down and watch the shrink plastic clip. So glad I did, it is brilliant! Definitely one to watch to guarantee a laugh! Like the other video too. Well done on embedding the videos. x

  32. I think this is my very, very favourite. We all need a good belly laugh now and again, more now than again I think and this was magical. Have a great time at Harrogate. Didn't manage to Glasgow this time but hope to make it in October, always great to see you at the SECC. xx

  33. Brilliant way to start the day, shall be smiling all day long, thanks. Gosh there really isn't anything you can't do if you really set your mind on it. Look forward many videos in the future Jane x

  34. Well done for learning to imbed video on your blog you have had me crying with laughter got to be one of best clips from C&C you and Deano are fantastic double act thank you for that laugh xxx

  35. I really enjoyed watching the You Tube videos especially the shrink plastic. I hate shrink plastic, mine always turn out crinkly and minute, just can't be bothered with it at all. Looking forward to all the demos with spoken words and moving pictures, although I like the current style because I can follow at my speed which is really slow. Thank you again for a really good laugh.

  36. OMG that is so funny! You and Dean are always great together but this is just classic! Congratulations to on working it out with u tube, brilliant Blog just got better! Have a great weekend!Wx

  37. Well done sorting out your video. Internet is a wonderful tool when we need to find out how to do anything. I love being independent and answering my own problems. Your blog is amazing and is obviously set to just get better. Hope show goes well, my daughters and I are looking forward to the NEC next week. Take care Lynne xx

  38. You're so clever getting on with embedding You Tube videos on your blog. Well done you!
    This shrink plastic video was so funny, thanks again for the good laugh. Have a great weekend.
    Alexandra x

  39. Clever you. Love the clip … very funny. Like you I recently had an epiphany regarding downloading you tube clips and other online videos in order to embed them in to my teaching resources. My students have been really impressed with my fancy presentations and it's great they can have access to them at any time. I love it! X

  40. Congratulations on your new skill! Thank you for the shrink plastic video, I had such a laugh it bought on a very rare (and mild) asthma attack! x

  41. Well done! Isn't you tube fantastic? I turn to it to learn allsorts and my husband spends most evenings on it, doing what, I'm not sure! Looking forward to the new, improved blog and learning lots of new skills from you. Thank you, Jan

  42. Fantastic, I spend ages on You Tube watching tutorials. It's a great way to learn techniques and always there to refer back to. Hoping to be at Harrogate tomorrow, am really looking forward to it as the other bigger shows are really too far away for me to get to. I have my list ready!

  43. Love your blog Barbara. Its fun and not too serious. Hope Harrowgate goes well. I was at Glasgow last weekend and as usual bought lots skint again but will have fun xx

  44. I'm just catching up on the last few days blogs….This is Excellent! I'm sitting chuckling to myself… my other half is not up yet & must wonder what I'm up to if he's awake! What a great double-act you & Dean are! Thank you for a great start to my Sunday. Hope all is going well at the show this w/e. Take care, Carole x

  45. I watched the Shrink Plastic video again last night, it still makes my cry, sooo funny. I love your promotional video too, I have watched it loads of times, the music is perfect for it too. We could embed it on our Blogs? This is really exciting stuff, I thin You Tube needs you! xxx

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