A bit of 3-D journaling…

A bit of 3-D journaling…

Good Morning Wednesday!
Something new today, so I am going to give you a step by step of the Journal and Word Chain demo I did on the telly on Sunday. 
Let’s take a closer look, shall we?
I used:
Using Low-tack masking tape, secure the tag from the Banner Panels Stencil.

Stamp your words into the aperture, using a good earthy colour. I used Potting Soil – pretty earthy!
The words fit like a glove! 
I am so delighted with this Word Chain Collection. 
Load the Clarity Brush with Butterscotch and dust through the hole. Sorry, aperture…

This vintage harlequin stamp is brill. Ink it, blot it and plant it in the hole. Sorry, aperture.

You know when you don’t know how to fill a boring area, 
this works beautifully, anywhere, in any colour, behind anything.

Use a make up sponge and some Espresso to add a little shade.

Remove the masking tape and stencil, 
and the centre-piece is done.

Stamp the swift in Butterscotch with the solid one.

Go over it with the outline one in Espresso

Do that a couple of times.

Cover up the tag with a Post-It and stamp the flight trail into place.
Although you do get the inny part of the tag with the Banners stencil, I think it is better to use paper thin Post-its for masking.

Again, cover up the tag as you need to with a Post-It, ink up the Burlap in Mushroom, and stamp it so that I looks as though it is behind the tag. With a make-up sponge, add some shadow with Espresso. Starting to take shape… 

Same trick at the top, too, 
so that the burlap piece looks twice as long as it really is.

Dust the whole thing with the remains of the Butterscotch on 
your stencil brush.

Plant Celebrate with Potting Soil again. I had to laugh yesterday. One of our European readers saw this word as if it were French : Ce Le Brate, and was trying to work it out! 
And I spent hours designing each word – actually, I so enjoyed doing it, too. My goal was to make a word be able to stand alone, like a little piece of art.

 Time to use a blending tool around the edge 
with the blending mat.

This is where the other elements in the Journaling set 
come into play. 
The sprig is great for framing and edging.
There are a couple of photo frame corners include, too. 
I didn’t want to overfill it, but you could add them to the corners…

Doesn’t this look 3-D?
 Almost looks like you could slip your hand underneath the tag, doesn’t it…let’s add some string. That will really add dimension!

So what now? 
Well, mount it on complimentary card, cut it up into panels,
add more bits.
I think the adding of bits is a question of taste.
Personally, I like to be able to run my hand over a card, 
and it look as though there are layers, 
but there aren’t.
That’s what Post-Its, make-up sponges and brayers were born for!

We have a special offer on the 4 new Word Chains.
You can buy them individually.
or you can buy them as a whole set for less, and we include a pack of matching mounts FREE.
Here are the word groups, so you know what’s what.
The Journaling Set looks like this:
is like this:
I have loved looking at altered art and mixed media work for years. Have wanted to have a go, but didn’t know where to begin. 
Just as the Gelli Plate has served as a launchpad for Acrylic paint, these Word Chains and Journalling stamps, coupled with the Grunge Paste I used with the Washing Line blog on Saturday, are what I need as a base for moving forward in my little arty world.
Maybe you want to have a go at that kind of art, too. 
Together is good.
 much love,

68 thoughts on “A bit of 3-D journaling…

  1. Having originally thought that these stamps weren't for me, have now just HAD to order them! Looking forward to trying this one out when my order arrives! Sorry bank manager… 😉 Thought the show on Sunday was fabulous – had me in absolute fits of laughter! xxxx

    1. So glad I saw your comment Judy. Tried to order Sunday, but was too late, didn't realise they were already available on the website. ( mind you, I didn't look ) Anyway, ordered now. Can't wait for the Typography style greetings to come, they really are my style at the moment. xx

  2. Loved the show on Sunday, love the blog today Barbara. These are lovely sets, so imaginative. A huge thank you for your encouragement and sense of fun in all you do. I got my monthly club pack yesterday with the beautiful flower stamp. xxxxx

  3. Morning Barbara. I love what you did with these sets. The show was fab and funny. Hope you have them at the SECC. I especially love the Journaling Set. Thanks for sharing another great tutorial xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara yes the Tag Aperture (sorry hole) does look like you can pick it up. I love this look too where you think its layered and it isn't. Its like when people used to glue a penny to the floor and you thought you could pick that up too! I have been practicing this technique over my Gelli Prints too, but not with inks?? AHa You should be proud of these letters/words they are spot on. I love them. Just about to try some in white on black. Which there was a descent white ink pad. xx

  5. Middle if the night to you Barbara, I am awake so catching up. I watched you do this on Sunday, loved it the words stamps are ace but I reckon the journaling set is fab too..waiting for them to arrive can't wait to play and as Sam says I think I could have fun with the words and gelli prints. Ooo I can hear an owl hooting.. dont hear that very often living in a town near a busy road.xx

  6. Hello Barb, and fellow 'middle of the nighters' such a beautiful piece of Art, I loved watching you do this on Sunday, and it would look great in so many other colours too. Have a good day! Xxx

  7. Good morning,
    I can't wait for these to arrive in my home so I can give them a try. I enjoyed this demo on CC but appreciate having the step by step here. Thanks great idea,,,,

  8. Hello Barb, I love this card, and the demo on the show was fantastic, great to have the step by step. I will have to sit on my hands a bit longer before ordering the word chain stamps, as I have to wait for 2 C & C flexi pays to finish before I can buy more, but cannot wait, as they will be so cool for so many things. Have a great Wednesday everyone. Bx

  9. Loved the show on Sunday. It's funny how I pick up different things when you repeat cards on your blog. The step by step instructions are great to refer back to. Thank you

  10. Glad you have done a ste-by-step on this one as I missed the end of this demonstration due to Mum phoning me to let me know to go ahead and book the tickets for the NEC on Sunday 23. So hope to see you there.

  11. Love this one Barb! Another one on my " must try this one list" . I will soon need a small mortgage for all the stamps I want to add to my collection.. X

  12. Morning Barb, this was great on the TV and really great in this blog – it really does look 3D – that burlap really seems to help give it that depth.
    You have brought us so many goodies in this year and its on just the beginning of March … what will you bring us next!! 🙂 Kim x

  13. Hi Barb,
    Saw this demo on the show but great to have the step by step especially with a memory like mine! It certainly looks 3D – very clever. Love the colours you have used as well. I didn't buy either the chains, the journaling set or the banner stencils as I wasn't too sure about them but now I've seen them I need them! Oh well, I'll never be rich!!! Thanks again Barb, love Alison xx

  14. Hi just loved this demo you did Sunday really did love the way the tag looked seperate as though could pick it up just love love the whole show was so funny but so much info also thanks have a great day how's the neck xxx

  15. Great demo on Sunday and good to see it again step by step.
    Love the journal set .
    The 3d look is great and a card you can post is always good!
    I really like the burlap effect and the colour is soft and soothing , little birds and what more do you want?!

  16. I loved this demonstration at the weekend and this step by step is fantastic, love the idea of the word chains and you have made them look so cool. I really like the burlap effect stamp too, it gives the card great dimension xx

  17. Morning Barb, I thought the show on the weekend was great, I love the Word Chains and the other sets too – I have to get them, they'll work really well on my coasters. Trying to convince myself not to come to the NEC but I'm not winning!!! Thanks for great step by step, have a great day. Jx

  18. Hi Barbara. Love to see a step by step from the fab demo from Sunday. The word chains are beautiful. I´m going to fill my basket, so to speak, when I see you at HSNW at the end of the month.
    Love Val in Spain x

  19. I love how you get that 3D effect using the inks. Really must practice that myself. Resisting the temptation to head straight to the Clarity shop but need to be sensible this month – went a bit mad last month! Still there is always the wish list!

  20. Oh wow – this is amazing. I love your 'step by steps' and I'd really love to be in the same room as this piece of artwork – just so I could stroke and turn it this way and that to take in every detail.
    Beryl xx

  21. I loved watching he demo on C&C, but more I'm so glad it's on the Blog. I really like the word chains so when I've convinced myself that I really don't have to save up anymore then I'm off shopping on the website. (again).

  22. Morning Barbara,
    I love these new stamps and I am hoping that they are at the SECC tomorrow so that I can get them right away. The journal set is an absolutely must.
    Lorna D

  23. Morning Barbara… loved your show on Sunday… such hilarity!!!! love this step by step too.
    Looking forward to my order arriving to try this out. Thank you.

  24. Watched you do this on tv but nice to have it on blog to go back to it looks stunning what a beautiful set to use will have to go on my wish list xxx

  25. Hi Barbara I love the card I watched on Sunday but the step by step is just great I tape all your stuff at c&c because I can't remember everything but step by step is brill thank you for sharing love always June xxxx

  26. WOW, this card looks seriously 3D. It's amazing how shading with ink achieves this look. Great demo, which I also watched on TV……..you and Dean together are very entertaining.

  27. Morning Barbara. My stamps have arrived this morning so, as soon as my water leak is sorted and my stuff back in my craft room again, I can have a go with them. I love the swift. Another endangered bird to add to the Clarity family. I used to feel that when the swifts screamed through our driveway between the houses, that was the real start of summer. Now I might see the odd couple of birds occasionally on their way elsewhere. Sad! I love this technique which can be used with so many of your stamps, of creating the illusion of depth on a flat card. xx Maggie

  28. Hi Barbara. I love all of the new goodies! The word chains are wonderful, so handy. I love the card. It really does look 3D. Take care.

  29. So many wonderful new things, my list is getting longer. Love the new stamps and stencils. The journaling set is a must have, can see it being used so much. XXX

  30. I loved this when you demoed it on Sunday and it's great to have the step by step here too.
    Journaling is something I've wanted to have a go at for ages along with mixed media but I don't know where to start so this is great
    Jackie x

  31. Good Afternoon, fab show on Sunday, thank you for doing the step by step for this demo, love it and the new stamps. The tag/banner stencil is brilliant, the 3d effect is fantastic, just going to revise my shopping list for Harrogate xx

  32. Need some more guests to book in so that I can buy these lovely word chains and journalling set! Of course, I won't have time to craft if I have guests, but can't afford to craft if I don't…life is a balance isn't it!! Off to clean, then make a 50th birthday card with a piece of my gelli print, inspired by your mother's day card. Thanks, Susan

  33. It is so true I work to craft but then lack time to craft, nightmare! I was hoping you would demo this on your blog I just love these sets. I will definitely be ordering these thanks again Barbara, hope you are able to enjoy some of this sunshine here in Kent x

  34. I didn't think I needed these items until I saw the demo at the weekend. My list of things I need is getting longer and longer and longer! Great to see this step by step. x

  35. Thankyou lovely demo. I am beginning to like the idea of tags and banners on cards, they look really good. So these might have to drop through my letterbox. Lynne xx

  36. This is such a clever card Barbara, and the tag with all the shading looks as though it is floating above the card. The colours are just right and the Journaling Set and the Banner Stencil are on my wish list. Thank you for this great demo. x

  37. Very excited when a large box with my order arrived today. Love all your new stamps and yes, this tag really does look like it's floating-very clever shading. Looking forward to seeing you at Harrogate x

  38. Brilliant card, it is definitely my favourite. It is so wonderful to have a list of ingredients to get out before one starts crafting. We will be away next week and my craft bag goes with me. I usually find that I have left a piece of vital equipment with me, hopefully it wont happen this time. xx

  39. I loved this when I watched you demo it on C&C so thank you for the step by step. I think the word chain stamps need to go on my 'must have' list along with the fab burlap stamp. Pat x

  40. Despite seeing the demo on C and C, I was convinced that the tag at least must be a separate layer till I read your instructions more carefully.That level of dimension is really impressive. I too like fewer or no actual layers, but the effect of depth. Great colour scheme too.

  41. The good times come with your blog every day and are a cause to CELEBRATE! Great instructions to show us how to create a 3-D effect. Thank you.

  42. Well, I have just spent ages trying to copy this card, practicing shading and shadowing. All I can say is Barbara makes it look so easy but it so much harder! The journaling word chains are fabulous.

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