It’s a Jungle out there!

It’s a Jungle out there!

Hi there!
It’s Saturday’s Blog a New Technique. So let’s take a look at a collection of very cool animal stamps we designed a while ago, which I have to say, I absolutely love. 
You can clearly see that the animals are created with their spelling – a big educational plus. Also, from an arty point of view, they all come in pairs: outline and silhouette. This is so super to use. 
Let me show you a neat card, then explain how I got the mottled effect. See how the elephant is grey and yellow?
Let me explain.
I used Claritycard for this one,
But here’s how…
Ink up the Elephant Silhouette Stamp in the Butterscotch Adirondack ink pad, but before you stamp it into place, screw up a piece of paper, unravel it a little, stamp the elephant onto the screwed up paper and then stamp it where you want it on the Claritycard. 
This will give you a mottled yellow elephant.
Now do exactly the same thing, but with the Slate ink pad.
Stamp the grey straight over the yellow.
Good job you can see through the Claritystamp, eh!
But now comes the outline. 
Ink up the Lineart Elephant in the Slate grey ink pad and stamp an outline around the letters. This defines the shape brilliantly. 
The low-lying fruit and leaves can be added next.
Then the Low-tack masking tape round the edges,
and lastly, the ground cover can be added next.
I personally find it takes longer to successfully add a couple of eyelets and raffia than stamp the entire ABC Safari Collection!
We have several safari pairs like this.
The Giraffe is cool, the crocodile is fun.
Here are a few others:
This time, I stamped the outline stamps in black, 
and then added the stripes,

or spots,

or colour.

Then I stamped the silhouette stamp (the full-surface stamp) with Versamark over the top, added clear embossing powder and glazed the animals.
That makes it really easy to add the background, once you have glazed or covered the animals. You can just wipe them clean afterwards.
And this strip of textured animal paper? 
Amazing optical illusion, using the DTP technique. 
Direct To Paper, not Desk Top Publishing!

Remember that screwed up copy paper we used earlier, to get some texture on the elephant? That’s what this is. Screwed up copy-paper, which I have simply rubbed the Butterscotch and Black Adirondacks over. The inks stain the creases in the paper. 
Unbelievable, isn’t it, how effective and dimensional this little strip looks.
Every time I use these stamps, I can see them on T-Shirts, mugs, posters – the full merchandising upsell range! 
Maybe one day…
Tell you what though. If you do fancy any of these ABC Safari Animals, and I think we can apply this offer to all of them,  
Buy One Get One Free.
If you order the outline stamp, I will include its silhouette absolutely FREE. Can’t say fairer than that. 
(Offer ends Tuesday 21st January)
Have a great weekend. 
with love,

44 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle out there!

  1. I had forgoton all about these stamps, I think they are great. Particularly good for these days of doodletangle!!? If you colour the back of the doodle with bright colours they make great kids cards too. I am really impressed with your Strip, no matter how much I look at it I can't see it as screwed up paper print? Its brilliant. BOGOF is always a good deal. x

  2. WOW!!!!! Love these – am going onto the Clarity website now to grab a bargain!…… & thank you for the inspiration at this hour of the morning xxx

  3. What a lovely tactile card this is – you made me laugh saying that the eyelets etc take you longer than the stamping! What a great offer too Barb…another of your new year looks – thank you from us all I think! Love the colours you have used here and what a steady hand you must have to stamp over the top – clear handles aside ! Wonderful xx

  4. Always have a little giggle to myself when you are on TV – how much copy paper do you get through.
    Love the stamps had to look twice to see what it said but then I have just got up and eyes not focusing yet!

  5. Hi Barb, love the card, and the ideas for all the other animal stamps, and what a fab offer, will have a look. Great idea for using the copy paper up. And another great blog post, with a lighter look at the things we do. Bx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Lovely stamps – saw you demo them when you were on C&C when you introduced them. I think the lemur,elephant & cheetah are my favourites. Love the crumpled up copy paper – it looks fantastic. I certainly have plenty of that!! Thanks for the great offer too. Have. Fabulous weekend. Love Alison xxx

  7. I like this card as it is so unusual. I especially like the strip at the bottom of the card and would never have thought of this technique. You are such an inspiration Barbara and long may it continue.

  8. Hi Barbara. I love these stamps, especially the elephant (my favourite animal) What a fabulous idea, using the letters to make the animal shape! And as for the strip at the bottom, you would never guess how it was made would you, simply brilliant. Sadly can't take advantage of your great BOGOF offer as payday isn't until next week 🙁 but I will be getting at least the elephant very soon as I know several people that would love cards like this : ). Have a good day. Take care.

  9. Very cool mottled technique – must have a go. I do love these stamps but I'm not sure how often I would get the opportunity to use them myself. Should have had kids and grand-babies I suppose…

  10. Wow how different you can make these animals adult or children how many textures too you can use and what a fantastic offer so much inspiration in your blog thank you barbara big clarity hugs Sheila xxx

  11. Just lovely, have not noticed these stamps on website but I love the zebra. Your ideas are great would not have thought of using copy paper like that especially the coloured strip at the bottom. Thankyou just great. Lynne xx

  12. What a gorgeous card that would be great for males and females alike. Love the clever mottled effect and the background paper is another wonderful way of not throwing anything in the bin! x

  13. Love both of the cards you have done today! The one with the three animals is my favourite! Hope you are having a good weekend and that Janice had a great birthday yesterday!
    Love and hugs! X

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