Home sweet home…

Home sweet home…

Hello there,
And welcome to our 

It’s a really neat Framer Stamp. You can pop any picture in it. 
Let me show you how.
You start by stamping the Home Framer and the pets directly onto a sheet of double-sided adhesive, using Black Archival
We used to have 2 beautiful black Labs, Dutchie and Duke, 
and two beautiful black cats, Romeo and Juliet.
Dutchie, Duke and Juliet are already on Rainbow Bridge. 
Faithful Romeo is still here with us.
Now we need a picture for the O.
In our garden there is a little Wendy House, which is my haven, my sanctuary. No electric, no phone. Just a propane heater and candles. My idea of serenity.
Do come in…

And in this little house, I put all my trinkets and treasures.
You know, all those little things, dust-catchers, which we usually hide in drawers?
Yet each one tells a story, reminds us of somebody special.  

It’s where I go to think. 

So maybe I should get out there more often,
and ponder.
I think I’d like to write a book out there.
It’s a safe place.
So this is what I did. 
I took a few photos of the Wendy House.
In my computer, I sized one to fit the O.
Printed it out.
Stamped HOME so that the O framed the little house.
Cut the O out.
Once you have got your photo ready, put it to one side.
Lay a sheet of A5 acetate down on the sticky picture,
and dab alcohol inks onto it, using a blending tool.
Flip the picture over and peel the wax paper off the back.
Lay the cut out O with the little house into the O, 
with the picture facing to the front.
So when you flip back to the front, the photo print is in the frame.
Easy when you know how! 
err…try to get it straight…
You’d need crampons here!
I love it my little Garden house.
In fact, today being Sunday, 
I think I will take a book out there for an hour and finish reading it. Clarissa Dickson Wright’s autobiography: Spilling the Beans. 
My Dad gave it to me. Great read. 
What an amazing life that woman has led! Hardcore.
There were several times in her life where she would have been grateful for a safe little place like this. 
And so I am full of gratitude today. 
Was yesterday.
And will be tomorrow. 
Thanks for dropping in.
Much love,
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44 thoughts on “Home sweet home…

  1. Hi Barb,
    Can't believe I'm the first to visit this morning! What a gorgeous little "Wendy House" you have. I would love one – I think it would be my crafty den! Love the Home stamp with the pets and the alcohol ink technique really makes the whole scene "pop". Hope you get your book read in peace. Have a lovely restful day. Love Alison xx

  2. Really understand why you feel safe and happy to sit on your garden House. Just the view of your garden, with a cuppa is paradise. My craft room is also facing my garden, and it's so relaxing to be there, looking out now and again, listening to the birds……Paradise!!!! So enjoy your book, and have a nice Sunday.
    Laurence xx

  3. I love your Wendy House Barbara what a great sanctuary, I hope you get chance to get out there today to finish your book. I love your card too the alcohol inks work so well to make a background

    Jackie x

  4. Your Wendy House is lovely, I do hope you manage to get some time out there today. I love this stamp and have used it on a number of occasions though hadn't thought to put a picture of a house in the O!! I'll have to give it ago. xx

  5. Good morning Barbara, your summer house is beautiful and I can see why you find it such a relaxing place to be. I hope you manage to grab some lovely 'down' time and won't be disturbed by anyone. The card is lovely and has reminded me to revisit my alcohol inks, it's been a while since I 'played'. x

  6. Good Morning Barb!
    I too have had times when I could of done with a Wendy House..to be safe where no one could hurt me!
    I hope you manage to finish your book out there today Barb!
    I really like this stamp so useful for cards and scrapbooks
    Have a lovely day Barb..the sun is shining here today in Bristol.
    Llets hope it manages to remember that's what its suppose to do!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  7. Morning Barb! I love your Wendy House – what a lovely place to go and just be quiet…… We built something similar and call it our Log Cabin. The intention was that it should be a workshop for my hubby to work on his antiques and a place for me to sit and contemplate…….. At the moment – five years later – it is full [floor to roof] with "stuff" – boxes and boxes of it from when we refurbished indoors and still haven't brought it back in!!!!! Maybe we don't need it so off to the charity shop with it? Decisions, decisions!!!

  8. What a lovely idea for a personal card. Could adapt & use the love stamp for a wedding/valentine card & photo of the couple or your loved one. I'm very jealous of your lovely retreat. What a lovely way to chill x

  9. What a beautiful haven of peace, and clever idea for a card although the computer bit…….scary. I too am full of gratitude I went to see 12 Years A Slave, now there's a film to make you think. Have a great Sunday x

  10. Hi Barbara. Love how you have used the Home stamp, great idea to put your own photo in there. I think it would also make a great change of address card using a photo of the new home. How lucky you are to have such a pretty Wendy house all of your own, we don't have room for one but if we did the Granddaughters would hope it was for them : ) Isn't it nice to be able to see all of those bits and bobs that often don't have any monetary value but are priceless to us rather than hiding them away (and you don't have to worry about the dusting too much either : ) ) Enjoy the book, I have read it….what a life Clarissa has had, definately not all good, bless her! Take care.

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Love today's project not sure I'm ready for this having never used adhesive paper but I'm just off for a walk with my two dogs whilst the sun is out here in Bucks. I will be thinking about your project whilst I'm out and gathering up umphh to have a go. Thank you for your inspiration. Frances

  12. I love that little retreat, wish we had room in our garden for something like that. Modern houses don't have large gardens. We have a lovely sunny morning here in the Midlands as well, makes you feel so much better. The card is beautiful, lovely idea. Hope to have chance in a while to have a play with my alcohol inks, not quite got it right yet. Enjoy your Sunday and good book. Lynne xx

  13. Hi barbara everyday a wonderful project and a fantastic insight into your day love the card got the hope stamp see what I can make im lucky enough to have a corner summer house as only have a small garden have a lovley joiner who made it specially for me .just popping to see a lovley crafting friend so another day might just pop in their with a good book .have a lovley day sheila xxx

  14. What a lovely Wendy House, all we have is a empty swimming pool which we started to renovate 15 years ago and are still no further forward. Now we sit inside the empty pool in the summer (with loungers of course), but in the winter it's too cold so there's no where to hide. How I envy your hidey hole. We are enjoying a lovely sunny winter's day Hope that your rain has relented and the sun has come out to play.

  15. We have one of those but it's full of garden stuff! Wonder where I could put the garden stuff? In the garage if hubby would clear the stuff from there. Do you see the theme here – yes – stuff! Yours looks like a cosy retreat and I hope you get to finish your book today. I hope to make a card but things keep getting on the way! Lovely idea with the home stamp and especially the black cats – pour cats and next doors dog!

  16. I didn't have time this morning to read through today's post before going to see my little grandchildren, so it was good to have something to look forward to when I got home. Thank you for sharing your little retreat with us, and another great tutorial. I almost have enough desk to get my inks out and have a go. It is a beautiful way to personalise a card for someone. By the way, I did get some crafting in this morning with the littlies. I finally remembered to give them their nursery rhyme initial letters, and they could not wait to get the inkpad out and learn how to stamp for themselves. They also had a go with the Watchbirds, aand they were then put on the back of all their thank you letters. I am about to log on and treat them to the seahorses for their birthdays and an Archival pad to go with them (it is safer to stamp with the Archival so they can then colour in safely with watercolours) Hope your cellar is clear of water now, and the floods go down soon in the area. xx Maggie

  17. Great project Barbara. I too have a summer house and use it throughout the year. Sadly we move house at the end of this month and will be leaving it behind but on a lighter note I will be getting a proper craft room so fair exchange me thinks! xx

  18. looks so tranquil there. i wouldn't be able to keep it so tidy though and i know it will end up overflowing with crafty stash. would love to spend some time in there. gives me the sensation that you are so far removed from everything in there and hence the feeling of safety,,,,, hugs xx

  19. How lovely your garden house is! I don't blame you in the slightest taking your book out there to sit and switch off from the hustle and bustle of life!
    I liked your card too! That technique of the alcohol inks really makes a great effect. Love and hugs! Xxx

  20. Love your garden sanctuary, looks so peaceful. . Just converted spare bedroom into craft room and tomorrow is my 'new beginning' for crafting. Have never used the alcohol inks or the double sided adhesive so must put those on my list. Thought the card and tutorial was fab. thanks Jx

  21. Such a lovely piece of artwork, please can you do a silhouette shape stamp of a Gsd?

    Love how you have enhanced the "home" stamp with your own personal touch. Must get some alcohol inks.

    What a lovely little hideaway your wendy house is and in such a beautiful setting, I can see why you like it so much xx

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