Say it with Flowers…

Say it with Flowers…

Mondays are often dull days, so let’s brighten today with a burst of floral magic.
Happy Monday!
The card is easy peasy. All you need is
Spiced Marmelade Distress Pad
So start by cutting the card back to 12cm x16cm. When in France…
Then simply stamp out a simple composition with the black Adirondack. Use the small Gerbera around the edge. I drew these Gerbera flowers many, many years ago, when I first started making Claritystamps. Still think they’re lovely. But they would be! Flowers are!!
Colour in the flowers with Promarkers. I used Gold, Pumpkin and Apricot.
Sometimes, when we are colouring in flowers, we forget just how vibrant they can be! I have an idea! Let’s take a walk around the grounds here, and spot the flowers! Coming? I think we should dress up warmly though; it’s pretty chilly….
9th December? Really? It is so warm in the sun!
That’s it, you see. When you actually take the time to stop and stare, you see so much more than when you are tearing around. On our walk, we didn’t see a soul or even hear a car. “Imagine what’s going on at Bluewater, or Tunbridge Wells Victoria Place right now, in the run-up to Christmas,” I said to Dave, “and here we are, in the middle of nowhere, taking photos of flowers!”
I can’t help thinking we got it right…
Dave just made me laugh. “What now?” He asked, as we came back in from our walk, “Barb’s Bot Blog?” (As in botancial!) Hardly, I am no gardener! Wish I knew more. But maybe that’s something to get good at in our golden years. We can’t do it all, can we?
So load the stencil brush with Spiced Marmelade and dust to and fro around the edges of the card for that wonderful airbrushed effect.
The dew on the flowers? Simply add tiny drops of glossy accents in the centre of the flowers and allow to dry.
Check out the dew on the flowers here this morning…
Let’s get in a bit closer. By the way, these pics are taken with the new Ipad Air. I bought it for blogging because it has an amazing camera. Point and click brilliant.
Mount on black card or run a black Sharpie pen around the edges.
So there we are. A very simple Gerbera card, with a very real greeting from beautiful Bretagne.
Isn’t nature wonderful, Boo Boo?
Christmas presents? We have decided to go and buy a few lovely French baskets, and fill them with wonderful specialities from France, then top them up with some lovely British fare, and call them hampers. The job’s a good’n!
A demain
Barbara xx

53 thoughts on “Say it with Flowers…

  1. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful card and one that I can try straight away as I have the stamps – yeah! Love the blog today and your photos of the gorgeous flowers – nature truly is a wonderful thing. You seem to be having a fabulous time and really enjoying yourselves which I'm really pleased about. You certainly to be recharging your batteries. The baskets/hampers are a fabulous idea too. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Alison xx

  2. Bonjour,

    Very cold here but already sunny, and you're right the nature is stunning with the frost on it. Our roses are also in flowers, and I think it's the first year I haven't trim them. You're card is stunning, and your idea of "Franco-Anglais" hampers just perfect I think. I have one of those basket, and put my crafty goods in when I want to create at my Dave's home. Have a great day and thanks for sharing your card and pics.
    Laurence xx

  3. We too have had the most beautiful morning…Just right to start the week. With Rose Campion and Laurel Bushes heavy with bright red berries providing the colour on our dog walk. To often "THING'S" get in the way and the important things become lost …Enjoy the rest of your break x

  4. Certainly brightened my day. My daughterd birthday today. Caitlin met you at Glasgow and was so impressed with not. Not sure if you'll remember her she got her picture taken with you. Beautiful card and brilliant blog

  5. Received the 'New' New Designs Newsletter this morning and just had to say how much I love it. Step-by-step instructions are much appreciated, thanks. Thoroughly enjoying the blog too.

  6. Wow, what a difference a few miles can do – I've had late flowers in my garden, but the last of them finished about 10 days ago (an ornamental poppy in a second flush). Your pics are great too, and I love the card.

  7. bonjour. those pics made me feel quite nostalgic about home. that's exactly how things look in my mum's garden or yard! hopefully not long now till i see everybody again.
    i love that verse on that card. it is lovely. and this card is simplicity itself but soooooooooo niiiiiiiice!
    enjoy the rest of your escape Barbara au revoir xx

  8. Beautiful pictures from your new toy, and how lovely to be able to walk round in December just looking at the flowers. Great card too, and I have all the stamps to have a go at that one. Reading your blog this week is giving me ideas of a project for next year – to do some bed and breakfasting round that area of France. The only problem is that I would have to put the dogs in kennels, but they are getting used to that now. I would like to revisit some of the places I was taken to in my youth. Enjoy the rest of your break and then have a more relaxed Christmas with the family. xx Maggie

  9. Love the card and the pictures, thanks for your reply yesterday, sunshine is lighting my day today for sure. Enjoy the rest of your break before the madness of Christmas decends.

  10. I love how you are so excited about the camera on your IPA Air!! I haven't worked out how to Blog from my new, second hand IPad off my Sister (she has just bought the Air)!!! Anyway, I think this was the First Clarity stamp I bought and I love it, I love all the detail in it because it doesn't matter what you do it looks it looks great so you can just enjoy colouring in it. I can't believe there are so many bright flowers out at this time of year??

  11. This would be a lovely card to send a bereaved parent . I lost my eldest son 16yrs ago and now help other bereaved parents , through The Compassionate Friends.
    At Xmas its hard ,but the sentiment would l et them know they are in our thoughts thanks so much for sharing Barbara -lovely card

  12. This would be a lovely card to send a bereaved parent . I lost my eldest son 16yrs ago and now help other bereaved parents , through The Compassionate Friends.
    At Xmas its hard ,but the sentiment would l et them know they are in our thoughts thanks so much for sharing Barbara -lovely card

  13. Great photos of the plants and flowers. Looks like you are having a calming time there is France. Really like how your blog is going with lots of techniques and can't wait tomorrows post – always look forward to that now.

  14. Here I was… Stuck in the office! But not for long, a visit to your bot blog and I was whisked away for a walk in the sun! Thank you; that was just the right 'pick me up' I needed! It was quiet considering the numbers of us who when with you, wasn't it! Lol xxx

  15. The card is a delight and the beautiful flowers in the French sunshine, although its sunny in Manchester today too. I've been fighting all morning trying to load a new printer onto my lap top not knowing that you have to be some kind of genius to do it.. but hey I got there in the end. I love the beautiful baskets too. Joan x

  16. What a delightful card, and thanks for taking us out for a walk in the garden too! We still have a few pink roses in our garden up here in Inverness – I noticed them the other day after it had snowed. Susan x

  17. Thank you once again for not only a great blog but for the pictures of thoses flowers too.
    I feel as I'm out there with you and all around use is at peace with one another.
    Enjoy the rest of your break and I look forward to tomorrow's blog xx

  18. Beautiful photographs of those flowers – not something we expect to see in December. Gorgeous card. More stamps to add to my want list. I love the bags they are such lovely warm colours xx

  19. Looks so beautiful and peaceful where you are Barbara – here it is manic – shoppers everywhere. Sometimes we all need to step out of our busy lives and just enjoy the moment. I too have a rose in bloom in my garden. It is in a very sheltered spot so I think that's why it has been fooled into flowering at this time of year.
    Enjoy your peace.

  20. Lovely card, I have not got these stamps but I am sure will be able to use the idea with some others. What beautiful photos of flowers so vibrant, missing all the colour in my garden at the moment. I am not able to garden much due to arthritis but always ask my gardener(husband) to plant me a few brightly coloured flowers each year. Make the most of the last few days of your break and that precious time together. Love the idea of the baskets by the way. Lynne xx

  21. I look forward to reading your daily blog after a very long day at work – today's was a wonderful read and what beautiful photos! You truly are an inspiration. Since taking up crafting and buying many Clarity stamp sets, I've become so much more aware of my surroundings and how wonderful Mother Nature is with all the vibrant colours and naturals patterns around us. Thank you Barb 🙂

  22. Another great blog post Barbara, stunning card and such lovely sharp photos…thank you for taking us on your walk…it is amazing how uplifting it is…oh and I love the French baskets too…especially the pink one…enjoy your evening….hugs…Jo. xx

  23. Fantastic photos with that IPad Air I have to say…and such wonderful blooms for this time of year!! I loved these stamps when you had them on C&C recently so did treat myself to them..been too busy making christmas cards..especially after receiving that lovely Robin!! So post xmas card making I will have a go at this one!!! Bluewater!!! went there yesterday..made my mind up which shops I was going to and stuck to the plan…after I found a parking place that is! So enjoy that kick back you two are having and keep clicking away so that you can draw some more flowers and trees on your return! xxx

  24. A beautiful card with great detail in the dew drops. The IPad Air's camera is certainly impressive, your pics are incredible and it looks like you're having an amazing time, enjoy! x

  25. Gorgeous card for a Monday – I love the detail that you have incorporated in to the stamp, the flowers have real dimension! Lovely pics of real flowers too – beautiful colours 🙂

  26. Beautiful photos of flowers especially with the morning dew. Quite the antithesis having spent the evening decorating MDF baubles using your winter wonderland set (pictures to be shared on my blog shortly). Thanks for sharing another beautiful card. Pam x

  27. Absolutely beautiful, these stamps are on my christmas wishlist. Loved the photos of the flowers on your walk, I often do that myself, Mother Nature is a truly amazing artist. Lovely bags as well, lovely christmas gifts with all the extras xx

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