Real Gold at Christmas….

Real Gold at Christmas….

So here we are, in very sunny France, and since we are over here, across the water, I thought we’d take a closer look at the new Clarity Christmas Carol stamps from this season which depict three ships!
Very straight forward.
I used the square white card we use with the Gelli plate. It’s excellent for brayering on.
Speedball Brayer and Stream Adirondack
Black Archival ink pad for the images
The Christmas Carol and the 3 Ships to match.
But here’s the key for me: 18ct Gold Krylon Pen for the edging.
But let’s take a look at the card first, before we study the edge.
I stamped the carol into place first and covered it up with a mask before I brayered in the sea – appropriately with Stream. Remember to place a sheet of copy paper where you want the horizon!
The moon mask was next. Then brayer the leftovers on the brayer into the sky. If you have a strip of sequin waste or punchinella, lay it over the sky. Run one of our fabulous stencil brushes over the Stream ink pad, and lightly dust over it to get the bubble sky effect. You’ve just got to know when to stop!

Stamp the ships into place and add a little shadow around the music bannerwith a make up sponge, and we are done. Well, almost.
The gold edge is the best bit…
I have been using this technique for years, and it works very, very well. And it doesn’t hurt the nib at all.
You place the artwork on a piece of cardboard for stability, and make sure the edge you want to goldify is just protruding a little over the cardboard. You take an 18ct gold Krylon pen and you literally nuzzle your art into the nib, and then slowly drag along the entire side. Go to the next side and repeat. Go around all four sides. Simple, classy and a lot less expensive than always layering on gold card, just to get a gold edge!
The Krylon pens are the best. They come in several metals. We stock gold, silver and copper. They aren’t cheap, but the thing is they actually stay beautifully metallic on matte card, too.
If, after a year or two, the nib gets tired, you just need a fresh nib, not a new pen! You can buy packs of spare nibs.
But when the sun hits the gold…
Happy days!
Love from

52 thoughts on “Real Gold at Christmas….

  1. Bonjour from another sunny part of France. Gorgeous crad, really like the effect you've created on the sky. And you're right, so effective that gold pen. Worth the investment. Enjoy your sunny week-end.
    Laurence x

  2. Hello Barb, happy for you that you have sunny weather, bit cold and grey here, but this lovely card has brightened the day. Methinks I will have to get some Krylon pens. Bx

  3. Barbara I just love this piece of art, I had already decided to do the tree ships for our eldest daughter because when she got married I read the poem about three ship! "Which relates to my three children growing up and leaving home, yet knowing that they can always return.
    That you for these stamps Enjoy your break Xx

  4. Beautiful card Barbara and I love the trick with the gold pen – I have used it many times since I first saw you do it – but what have I learnt from you today? – well that I can buy spare nibs – I didn't know that. Have a very relaxing break and enjoy your time together xx

  5. stunning card Barbara – the gold does look amazing – but I suspect its too dear for me to justify! Love the punchinella effect – looks brilliant xx

  6. Lovely card Barbara. I have used the
    Gold krylon pen for a few years now. It was a good investment. And the new nibs work a treat too. Hope you and Dave are having a lovely time in France. Lx

  7. Great card!!! Will try the pen as you are right it is silly layering with expensive gold or silver card just to cover the entire thing, not sure if i'll manage such a neat looking line but, practice makes perfect!! Thank you for taking the time to do the blog this morning but remember you are on holiday to relax!

  8. Well Hello!! thought you were having a break!…. but I love this card…simple..clean…beautiful. Have just received this months NDC Robin stamp…he is just lovely and I will be breaking the inks out later after my chores…don't you just hate it when chores get in the way! Love your newsletter and love the new look work sheet – just fab— one of your changes I guess! Dave…its it trigger finger???? A steroid injection can help xxx Glad he was not bleeding out…can only imagine how frightening that was…but hey a ruined set of bedding versus bleeding out?? Glad the outcome was an uncapped sharpie!!! Enjoy the sun xxxx

  9. Lovely card, I've now got to get some of the pens, they'll certainly save me some money on mirri card for matting, love the effect. Enjoy your break. Hugs xnx

  10. Another amazing card Barbara! Now that my Clarity Christmas Hamper has arrived, I can have a go at something similar with my gelli plate and stencils! Santa said it was OK to open it early…. :o)

  11. Oh crumbs now I got to invest in those pens what a fab result I am always layering work onto gold mirri to make it stand out. This technique will be better if the card needs to be posted not so heavy. Thanks Barb wonderful as usual but make sure you getting a break. Just adore the robin stamp in the NDC pack this month they were always my dad's favourite bird, so just know I am going to use it a lot. Lynne x x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Thought you were supposed to be having a break! Still great to read the blog and I hope you are both enjoying yourselves. I love this card, everything about it. You are right that the gold border really finishes the card off. I have had Sakura gold leaf pens but wasn't happy with them , but I've seen you use these Krylon ones before and they always seem to work well for you, so I think I might have to invest in one.

  13. Great card Barbara, and so good for a male Christmas card…( those males can be difficult to make for..) ..hope you are having a lovely time…enjoy the sunshine…Jo. xx

  14. Bonjour ma ami, What a lovely clean crisp card. I use those pens too but like Linda Page I didn't know that you stocked the replacement nibs…thank you for that. Hope you take time out to enjoy the rest of your trip in France. Au revoir! xx

  15. lovely composition. and the gold edging is so crisp. i see another purchase come on pretty soon. I didn't know this carol at all until i heard you mentioning it. this week i heard it sung for the first time and it is a beautiful song. it is the only music banner i don't have! xx

  16. A lovely fresh card and that gold just finishes it off perfectly. From watching you to do that, I often use the thick end of a Promarker to do a similar thing. I started doing that because I could not get the hang of digging it in and just running down the edge. Enjoy the rest of your break over the water. xx Maggie

  17. great stamp set gain geli plate made a fab background ,love the texture effect it creates ,who would have thought that a waste product could look so good !.love the gold gives it that perfect finish. enjoy your break in France

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