New stencils, new ideas….

New stencils, new ideas….

So here we are, it’s Wednesday, and for me, when I think of what’s NEW, I think Claritystencils. There are loads of fabulous designs now, but the latest ones, the aperture stencils, have to be the most useful in my stash.
It was Maria Simms who made the shapes suggestion, and am I glad she did! Sometimes we get all caught up in complicated, when simple is perfect.
The shapes are pretty self-explanatory: a square, an oval, a circle and an arch. But what’s really, really useful is the inners, the dropouts, as I like to call them! They are fab for making groovy backgrounds.

One of the best things is that the 7″ x 7″ stencils fit exactly on the square white Gelli plate card we use so much. This makes everything so much easier! 
So let’s take a look at the square one, and let’s add a little brickwork with a Slate Adirondack. 
You literally just load the stencil brush with ink and sweep over the stencil. It’s that easy. 
Don’t underestimate these brushes though…
So let’s see what happens if I set the round one on a Gelli plate…it clings, which is handy!
Now let’s place the Leafy swirl stencil strategically… cool. It clings, too. But I think I will use some masking tape to hold the 2 stencils together…
Well, since the Stencil brush is on the table, I guess we may as well just load it with ink from a Bottle Adirondack and sweep the circle.
Could I use a brayer? Yes.
Don’t be deceived by the faint colour on the Gelli; it always yields brighter than you think.
See what I mean? I will get rid of the stencil before I pull the print though.
And the best thing is you can usually pull a second print, too. A ghost print…
So there’s another really simple background, using dye-based ink on your Gelli-plate.
I think I would like to cover this with doodles and Zentangles. What think you? 
Now the show season is over, Jim, Mel and I can concentrate on more new Stencil designs. We have got loads in the pipeline, sketched, in our heads, half done. Now we can start moving them forward. That’s the one drawback being so busy. Not having time for design and play. 
Mind you, I’d rather have it this way round, eh!
See you tomorrow,  for something blue. I hope I can go back to work tomorrow. 
Bored with this flu now!

39 thoughts on “New stencils, new ideas….

  1. Firstly hope you're feeling better. Second, Wow, it's only just Wed, and you've done your blog! How organized. I've been playing with my new stencils tonight (bought all the shapes at NEC), love them, even i can come up with good ideas. My new favourite stamp is Douglas, and he works beautifully with the stencils, must try inks on my gelli tho'.

  2. Don't be in too much of a rush to get back to work. Take time to get really well and rested. Love those new stencils though. I was very tempted on Thursday, but had to resist till later. Need to pay for my new raised beds first, and the flowers to put in them. xx Maggie

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. I just received these new stencils yesterday in the mail, they are fantastic, looking forward to the new ones. What a treat to wake up in the middle of the morning hours to find your blog. Thank you. Take care and get healthy.

  4. Yet to buy the newer ones…I like them, takes me back to the 90's when stencilling was all the rage for walls, I did the bathroom with ropes, seagulls and lighthouses!..still have that stencil brush but not the stencils! Hope you feel better soon, its your body saying slow down!

  5. Morning Barbara, I love the new stencils and dare I say find them great for quick cards…you know the ones that you have forgotten about….the birthdays that appear out of nowhere !!!!…oh when family and friends say…can I have a card….."when for?" ….oh Now…..
    Hope your flu gets better soon………hugs….Jo. X

  6. I love the masks, but please don't forget those of us who have the 8 x 10 Gelli plate. I have one, and I have two friends who also have one. We get together every so often so that we can share the masks we have between us, but wish there were more!

  7. You always give us great info Barbara! It's right what you say about ink on the Gelli! I had my first go with it on Sunday and didn't think there was much there til I pulled a print!
    The stencils are fabulous and can be used in so many ways! I can't wait to see what you come up with once you're all better! love and hugs! Xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, you've done it again, this is wonderful. I wish I had a little bit of your talent. I really love Clarity products and the masks are just magic. Thank you for being you. Zena x

  9. Love, love, love these new stencils and the ones in the clarity club are a wonderful idea. How thoughtful to make last months stamp fit inside the heart aperture, pure genius! Jane x

  10. Love the look of theses stencils….and the stencil brushes are a definite NEEED….have to put them on my Christmas list as I've already spent my birthday money…and its not until December!! This flu thing is awful Barbara…I hope you're on the mend real soon xx

  11. what fab stencils, another must have for my Christmas list, it's going to be very easy for my family this year πŸ™‚ can't wait to get hold of them and have a play

  12. Hi Barbera,
    Thank you so much for the above. Since I met you all at the Glasgow Show my mojo has been low. You sorted me out with all these lovely products and I have been taking them out and looking at them and then putting them all away. Especially the stencils, I tried using your favourite inks and your lovely brushes but the end product was so patchy, that I packed everything away again. Your lovely Heather told me about the blog which had just started and I did go and have a look when I returned to the hotel but I have not had time to look since. Today it just popped into my head after looking at my box of goodies again last night and the inspiration on the blog has helped greatly. I hope you can keep it up as I know you are so so tired after all the shows etc the past couple of months. We do appreciate the help.
    I got your club letter yesterday and stencil, which I added to my box of goodies not knowing what to do with it. I will be able to have a go after my pilates class tonight.
    I hope you are all well, say hi to Heather for me and Maria. We had a super anniversary weekend at Glasgow and meeting you all, including Dave was fantastic.
    I promise I will start to use your lovely products.
    Take care of yourself and thanks again for the inspiration.
    Lots of love
    Lesley x

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