A Silver Birch ‘neath the Shimmering Moon….

A Silver Birch ‘neath the Shimmering Moon….

The Silver Birch. Of all the trees in the forest, isn’t it the one which stands out?
Here’s a piece of artwork I did a while ago, using the Walter de la Mare Poem. 
But let me tell you how I found the verse. I didn’t. It was given to me.
Years ago, I was doing a demo at a show somewhere, and there was a lady to my left in a wheelchair, watching intently, whilst I did this technique with the Silver birch. There I was, with my embossing pen and my brayer, when out of nowhere, in the most beautiful Scottish accent, she recited this verse.
Silently, silently now the moon
Walks the night in her silver shoon
This way and that, she peers, and sees,
Silver fruit upon silver trees.
Absolutely perfect. Thank you Esther Higham, if you are reading this. Every time I use this stamp, I think of you xxx
The trees are stamped with black Adirondack and embossed with clear powder.
Then they are filled with a Versamark Pen and clear embossing powder. 
This is how they stay white when you add the night sky with a Brayer. 
You can literally wipe the trees clean.
I used Claritycard. You can see the glossy finish here. Best to polish right at the end.

The verse is stamped with a Versamark Pad before adding the Juniper, Denim and Black night sky with a brayer. This resist technique, as it is called, only works on this type of coated Claritycard.

You can see here, I used 2 pieces of A6 Claritycard, and made 2 panels, to spread the artwork out and give it room to breath. I think sometimes things get lost if they are too cluttered…

The Moon was made with a large Post-It moon mask, placed after the trees were enamelled, but before the sky was loaded!
And the snow? Simply added at the end with a very fine white pen. 

If you are reading this blog the day it was posted, there is a great 30% off sale on our website for all things trees and leaves, and this Silver Birch and both little and large leaves are in the sale. 
Sale ends at midnight.

72 thoughts on “A Silver Birch ‘neath the Shimmering Moon….

  1. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful card, looks so peaceful. The words are gorgeous too. I can feel a visit to the Clarity shop coming on – my bank manager will be pleased!!

  2. Beautiful card again today .. I love that we are re-visiting some old techniques and using some of the stamps we've had for a while it's like re-visiting old friends again…feels so good. I remember having to learn this poem as a child in school, I didn't really understand how beautiful the words were but I loved the lilt of the sound as you said it out loud . What a gorgeous start to my day.. xxx Annie

  3. So beautiful, and I love how you have spread it out. I would be framing this for the wall, you just look at this and feel like talking a calming breath.

  4. Yet another beautiful card. I like the way you got the verse and have acknowledged the lady who recited it during your demo. Your blogs great rwad and I look forward to each one. Keep up the good work!

  5. a lovely peaceful card 🙂 thanks for the tip about the versamark pen and clear embossing powder, it's solved a problem i have with a different card 🙂

  6. Hello Barbara,
    Just found your blog, spent the last hour looking at your previous postings, what wonderful cards. Love the one you are showing today, it's very serene would make a nice sympathy card.
    Thank for the inspiration.

  7. Beautiful Barbara, and so crisp….I think the sheen on the card finishes the design off really well.
    I love the way you are re-visiting techniques and stamps…just like a school reunion….
    Hope you are fully recovered from your flu….hugs…Jo. X

  8. Ive looked at this stamp several times and pondered – seeing it set out so beautifully makes me want to get it…the words are beautiful. I live in Silver Birch Close… I think this is a sign!!!

  9. I love this card and Birch tree stamp Barbara! The image always takes be back to my childhood as my grandad and grandma lived on a road called Birch Avenue! It was lined with siver birch trees and as a child I was always fascinated at how white the tree trunks were and as they grew they used to peel revealing even whiter bark underneath. So easily entertained we were as young children!…I have such happy memories of that avenue and of the house they lived in so thank you for bringing them flooding back to me! love and hugs xx

  10. As usual another beautiful card from yourself Barbara, also clear instructions for us to follow. Your Blog stands at # 4 now, give it a few more days and you will be at #1 and rightly deserved too.
    Hugs xx

  11. I love the silver birch. I have just one at the bottom of my garden. When it dropped its leaves in August a few years ago the tree surgeon told me it was a gonner. I didn't want to believe him, so asked him to give it a severe hair cut, which he did. The next year it came back to life and is taller and stronger than ever. Next year I will have the pleasure of calling the surgeon back out to give it a trim.

    I love the verse and the stamp is in my top ten favourite Clarity stamps, it has such a great perspective. I am lucky to have one of your demos of it from the NEC a couple of years ago. So pleased to see it today on your blog. Beautiful artwork x

  12. Well Nov 2011 was the first time me and my Hannah stood in front of you watching you do this, I was amazed at how much the tree trunks stood out and Hannah was really happy that you gave her the picture, "do you want it signed" you said, "no thank you", "are you sure Hannah" I said? "No Mam it will spoil it" she said!!! She was only 6 at the time, bless her. x. Anyway I got a lot for it on Ebay!!!! Kidding it is treasured in her Photo Album. Sam xx

  13. Gorgeous!! I love the simplicity of the finished product! The Silver Birch is a beautiful tree – I have 3 very large ones which divide our garden into two halves and they bring so much pleasure.

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