Such A Fruity Gift!

Such A Fruity Gift!

Hi there !

Thanks for popping in. Huge box arrived today at Clarity. Big sign on it read β€œDeliver me today and open me straightaway!”

So we did . And what a glorious treat we found inside from dear Tina Cox! An edible bouquet!

I ran around the building and gathered everyone together, so we all got to enjoy the moment.

What a generous gift! And what a creative gift! To build a bouquet out of chocolate strawberries, pineapples & melons plus grapes is ingenious.

Thank you Tina! Always original. Always thoughtful.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Such A Fruity Gift!

  1. What a super surprise !!! Tina is a lovely, generous person.
    I am sure everyone enjoyed the fruity feast.
    Had a problem with the elf hunt this morning, moaned my brain wasn’t working properly, and hubby cracked it straight away. Lovely man.
    Received the new background stamp bundle today. They are better than I imagined as grunge is not really my thing, but I am delighted with them. Thanks Barb.
    Christmas prep all done now, only the turkey to collect on 24th. Only a week to go till Santa calls. πŸŽ… Wonder what he will bring?
    Have a good evening πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Tina. After all the stress you’ve all been under lately I bet you really enjoyed it. She is one lovely

  3. What a typically wonderful and original gift from the lovely Tina. How nice to have something to share with the team. I hope Tina has a wonderful holiday with her family.
    I love the top in the picture above, which says β€˜I am not short, I am a tall elf’! I went out for lunch with friends today and spent the whole time with my legs dangling, as the chairs were too high for me. I am 5 foot nothing! πŸ˜‚
    Hugs. Annette X

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