My stencil‘s shrunk !!!!

My stencil‘s shrunk !!!!

Hi there.
Just finished watching the Ireland-Scotland Rugby.
Now it’s time for France-England.
Got all the Grays here; I love it when the whole clan is together.
Even if we do lose!
So tartan away now, and out with the roses.
At least we get another reason to cheer!

Thanks for popping in. I wrote this one up yesterday, 
because I knew the rugby was on today!

Thought we could take a look at an old fave : 

We have started selling a super sample pack which includes 
white, clear, black and translucent.
Top quality from the States. 

click here

Let’s use one of our lovely new Stencils illustrated by Mel. The Woodland Animals will be perfect for this. 


Attach the stencil to the shrink with a strip of low-tack masking tape.  Using a blending tool, dab dab dab black Archival ink through the apertures of the stencil. 
Pounding is good. Inkpad to stencil, Inkpad to stencil, Inkpad to stencil etc building up the black. 

Remove the stencil to reveal the image in shrink.
This is clear shrink.

Cut out around the image.

Punch a little hole at the top.
Then, if you like to live on the edge, start to heat on a craft mat using a heat gun. At some point it will look like this!
Keep going, keep going. 
If the plastic has melted together, pull it apart.
And yes. it is hot.
It may look like it is going totally wrong, and it may well end up like a pork scratching, as my old mate Dean Wilson affectionately called it. BUT. If you keep going, keep heating it, it usually uncurls. Then flatten it with a large flat object, like a stamp mount. 
#keepthefaith #loveit
I mounted it on a piece of our Northern Lights Topper Cards.
I found the perfect spot for the hare’s head too!
Another little bonus is the new Pergamano brads, the tiny 2mm ones. They fit through the shrunk hole like a treat. 

So there we are.
Shrink plastic Woodland animals, using an A5 stencil. 
And if you prefer, you can always place the pre-shrunk cut out piece on a teflon tray and pop in the pre-heated oven for a couple of minutes. Medium heat does the job. 
Works much better, but not half as much fun!!!
England! Your 80 minutes coming up next !!!
Love & Hugs,

37 thoughts on “My stencil‘s shrunk !!!!

  1. I know I have some shrink plastic here somewhere ! as soon as I find it I must try it but I wonder where it is – with my little embroidery scissors no doubt and the lily of the valley groove plate ! Yes, feeling a bit lazy as it’s rugby and ruby watching, catching up with the footie results and then stuck in this chair when I should be doing some Easter cards ! Come on England ! I do like the new stencils just trying to be good ….. xx

  2. Hi Barbara, hope you enjoy the Rugby .
    Well i placed an order last weekend , and as i said you had been having lots of problems with the weather and also phones.
    Well i must say what a brilliant surprise i had yesterday my order was delivered , well i just had to get on the phone and thank all concerned for you superb customer service i spoke to a lovely lady as i just phoned to thank all your staff for the excellent service just did not except this delivery for at least another couple of weeks due to circumstances with the weather.
    So Thank you for all you have done and please let your staff know they are amazing.Once again thanks
    Lynn xx

  3. Love It didn’t think of using a stencil .i received my clarity parcel today thank to all at clarity towers.we are watching the rugby too enjoy xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, my lovely – so nice to have you back here with us all. I hope that your pain isn't preventing you from doing a little bit of crafting. Love & hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Shrink plastic – one of those things that always looks brilliant but we don't use it nearly enough. I watched the shrink plastic you tube the other day – gave me a much needed laugh so thank you for that. Now I know I have some shrink plastic……. somewhere!!! Enjoy the rugby. Xx

  5. Watching the rugby as well with a catch up of the bake off SUTC in between !! love what you have done with the shrink plastic. Have all the ingredients so must give it a go.xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Would never have thought of using a stencil on shrink plastic, but hasn't it worked well? Whenever I feel like having a bit of a cheer up , I watch the you tube of you and Dean – gosh it is so funny! Sat watching the rugby at the moment. Well done to Ireland earlier as well. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi blobby friends,
      Hope you're all as well as you can be and that you've had a good day. Miserable up here but fortunately didn't have anything special planned for the day. Did a bit of colouring and whitework on the card I started yesterday. I'm going to be good and let it rest overnight and probably tomorrow as I'm at Linda's Groovi class tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison – what's this with 'blobby'!! I for one haven't put on any weight – mind you I haven;t lost any either unfortunately. Have a wonderful time at Linda's Groovi Class tomorrow. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Alison, not so much of the blobby, just because you've lost all that weight, some of us are struggling to lose just one pound, you know Ha ha. Have a great day at your Groovi class tomorrow, love and hugs Pam xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    We are watching the rugby too, oh dear is all I will say, but our fortunes might change! Would never have thought to stencil onto shrink plastic but it looks good doesn't it. I too have some somewhere, I must dig it out and have a play. Oh yes the you and Dean and shrink plastic you tube is definately one to watch. Enjoy your family time.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barbara – sounds like a lovely time is being had by all. I have just caught up on the shows from last weekend and I remember you showing this, as you had run out of time. By the way – it was also SO funny to watch when you were in the shot tidying up and then coming back to tease them. You are such a natural on tv! It's so good to see shrink plastic again – I too have fond memories of you and Dean on C & C. It has to be one of the funniest things seen on tv ever. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we had some sunshine here today and it was SO much better than yesterday. I have now completed all of the craft tidying and came across a few pleasant surprises along the way including some shrink plastic! It is now all packed away in boxes and duly labelled – and put into the storage unit which we are renting – so that we can empty the cottage to have all of the messy repair jobs done! I have just kept out my Groovi things to use. Tackling the bookcase tomorrow! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  9. Shrink plastic, brings back some memories of a certain TV show. Have not seen any of the rugby been enjoying myself at Maria's workshop in Shrewsbury. Quite a trip for me but worth it. xx

  10. I still smile when I think of you and Dean in a former life chasing shrink plastic around with a heat gun. Thank you Barbara for yet another great demo. As you say you could use a pre heated oven but where is the fun in that. Grandaughters (8 & 6) have been over today and made Groovi cards for Mother's day. The end result was very pleasing. I hope the rugby went well, I am not a fan myself. Have a good evening xx

  11. Good evening Barbara
    I love today's post. But shrink plastic always reminds me of you and Dean and makes me laugh
    Brill project. Have a lovely evening with your family

  12. That looks really good Barbara, I too have some shrink plastic somewhere, haven't used it for yonks so coukd be anywhere. Not into Rugby, Pete is but we've been out for a meal with my Uncle, cousin and her hubby up from Okehampton, which was a lovely change,xxx

  13. Hi bloggy friends, Hope you've all had a good Saturday, bet it's better than the last one with all the snow. Been crafting this afternoon, dare I say the C word, well only a couple of cards in between birthdays and anniversary cards. Just fancied something different.Ha

    1. Hi Pam,
      Glad you had a lovely meal. I’m impressed – starting c cards already! They don’t even enter my thinking until October at the very earliest ( usually it’s the last week of a November and then panic sets in!) . Sending love and hugs to you and Pete ,Alison xx

  14. This shrink plastic piece using one of the beautiful stencils looks great on the Northern Lights paper Barbara and the plainer side of the paper frames it perfectly. I haven't heard anything about the rugby so hope it went well. x

  15. You take shrink plastic, add Barbara and Dean for the best tonic and pick me up if you are feeling down. So so funny, crack up every time I watch it. Magic…love the latest idea x

  16. Hello Barb, love the idea of using these new stencils with shrink. Your little card is beautiful. Pity about the rugby result though. Take care all. Bx

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