YouTube Tuesday – Spot the Caddy!

YouTube Tuesday – Spot the Caddy!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Is it Tuesday already?
How time flies when you get older!
Today Rosie is in the driver’s seat again, answering a few questions around tracing Groovi line art and simple whitework. 

This time, there are not one but two little videos:
one demonstrating the Groovi tools Vs Pergamano embossing tools, one demonstrating the Pergamano shader tools. 
I watched the first one with interest, because Rosie used a much larger than usual ball tool for her line art.
And I had to chuckle at the strategically placed new Pergamano Caddy we also make now. She does make me laugh!

No. 1 embossing tool

No. 3 embossing tool
I found the second video entertaining too, because by now I was very aware of the set. And on the opposite side to the caddy, she had popped her pink Pergamano bag, too!
Don’t get me wrong. The How to lesson with Shaders was very informative! But I just had to laugh at Rosie’s marketing nouse.
Next week, when you see the new Youtube I have done, you will probably notice my handbag and a cardigan stuck on the chair in the background! Now that’s marketing for you!

Don’t forget. We attach a 20% discount to whatever is being showcased in the video.
So this week, until next Tuesday at noon, when the new Youtube is posted, there will be 20% off the shaders and the embossing tools which Rosie used. 

She’s a busy bunny this week!
Join her tomorrow on Hochanda at noon at 4pm, when she will be showcasing a brand new set of Tina’s plates. They are super !

Love & Hugs,

22 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Spot the Caddy!

  1. Great youtube. I am sure my white work will improve.
    Quick question – I have got embossing powder and glitter on the back of one of my favourite stamps! I have washed it but the glitter is not moving. Any ideas welcome. I will certainly be more careful next time.
    Love to everyone in the Clarity virtual world out there.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. I had that problem with my craft mat, nothing was moving the glitter. I used sellotape to pick it off in the end, press it onto the glitter and the sticky tape lifts it off. Hope it works. XX

  2. Great you tubes, like the look of the shader tools so will add those to my Groovi list. Cut up all my mini word chains and put them in my Clarity folder, they all look so sweet together! XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Had snow to wake up to but it has been a sunny day but freezing. Didn't go swimming as Dave isn't very well today ( man flu otherwise known as a bad cold!) Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  3. Great videos, clear and concise, nice small bites of info. I love the shaders. They have always been my first go to tool for embossing. So easy to use. I think the caddy will be of more use at workshops to stop the tools flying off the table and getting lost. Even the old blue Pergamano tools will sit happily in there. Just had a thought, I wonder if my watercolour paintbrushes would fit. They are very good at vanishing at workshops too. xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I've got some brushes in mine and also the Perga liners that I'm using for a project. I love the caddy as it keeps everything in one place! Love Alison xx

  4. Not watched the new videos as yet, but sure I'll find them both useful and entertaining! Got my caddy and pink toolbag and love them both. Recorder set for Rosie's shows tomorrow, doubtless Tina's new plates will be added to my wishlist as have just received my Art Nouveau Florals in today's post… playtime tomorrow me thinks! xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Watched the videos and enjoyed them. Found it interesting that Rosie used the No 3 embossing tool. Love my shaders, they're my go to tools for whitework. I did notice the caddy and tool bag as well. I have both of them and love them – especially the caddy when I'm working on a project as I can find my tools, Perga liners, snips easily. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  6. This was perfect timing for me, as I recently bought the shaders and have just started to try them out. Thank you Rosie. I also bought the frilled circles plate, but I am struggling to get a nice effect with the shading. I obviously need more practise, as my shading does not do it justice.
    Any suggestions as to how I can improve my technique with this plate will be gratefully received!
    Annette x

  7. Hi Barbara
    I haven't watched the videos yet, I think that will be tomorrow's fun with a cup of tea, sounds like I'm in for a treat. Oh you do make me laugh, I'd be the same as you, handbag, cardie and probably a half eaten sandwich not product placement! Had a lovely afternoon playing with one of Tina's plates, traced out the mandala then decided to put on a border. Three sides worked fine, I ran out of room for the forth side typical isn't it. Oh well I managed to draw a border inside so all was saved. Lesson learnt, put the border on first! Haha. Must record the shows tomorrow, I'm off to the hairdressers weather permitting.
    Love Diane xxxx

  8. Hello Barb, well obviously Rosie is not just good at Parchment art, but marketing too. Good to have multi talented team members 🙂 A good laugh from your comments this morning. Off to watch the videos, don't have many of the tools, but I am sure I will get inspiration and tips. Take care all. Bx

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