Have a Heart – Save a Tree!

Have a Heart – Save a Tree!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Sorry. It didn’t stretch to YouTubes this week.
But next week I shall be back in the saddle again.
However, I do know that a lot of people have been waiting for this 
Groovi little Tree to become available.
In fact, it was so well received, I called Sylvia Marshall – our Clarity Parchment Expert Extraordinaire – who designed the tree.
“Sylvia”, I said, “how about a heart like the tree?”
“Like this one?” She pinged me back the perfect pic!
Great minds think alike!
We both thought you might enjoy this 
They are available separately.
Ooooh that Barbara Gray!
Always enticing us with new things.
Just when you think things are going to calm down, 
off she goes again!
Blogged the tree last week….
will blog the heart this week too…
Love and hugs,

56 thoughts on “Have a Heart – Save a Tree!

  1. Good morning Barbara your up and off early this morning! Love the heart it's beautiful and so many ways to use it! Haven't got my groovi set but one of my daughters has put an order in to Santa for the offer last week. So patiently waiting and learning till then . Just been diagnosed type 2 diabetes so with goodies off the menu my hubby and other 3 girls are all saying right mum get your crafty orders in, which is great as I can add some extra plates to my set . So roll on Xmas …. Have a lovely day x
    Ps . Sorry about first comment made a mistake which I never noticed !

    1. Such thoughtful daughters Cannot your Santa present come early it will help you deal with your diabetes diagnosis thinking of you as I have it too xxx

  2. These are beautiful, had my first go at Parchment on Sunday at Stoneleigh show, and enjoyed it, so I think I might have to get these, there are beautiful. Where can I order them from?

  3. Oh heck, just found the section on the website, I feel an order coming on. How about a Groovi Club Barbara, I've had the Gold one this year as a Xmas pressies, but a Groovi one next year would be great…………..

  4. Likie the the heart to too oh barbara we are all going to be bankrupt. Thanks Sylvia to great idea I will be good buy later she says will try. Have a lovely day Barbara love and hugs Joy xxx

  5. Hi Barbara. Wow, so many gorgeous cards and stunning parchment pieces over the last week or so. Thank you for giving me such great inspiration. I am spending today with Pat S, Witney playing with her Groovi plate (I am hoping to get one at Christmas), I can't wait : ) Sorry to hear Dave is still not feeling 100%, please give him my best wishes. Look after yourself too. Take care xx

  6. Quick question to Maria Simms. How did you do the Christmas snowflake card? Stamped merry Christmas onto parchment then groovied the snowflakes? Coloured from front ? Back? Whatever it's lovely on a Gelli mount!!

  7. ich habe meinen Weihnachtsbaum heute bekommen. oh, wier ich mich freu…..ich kann nicht abwarten ihn zu benutzen….. die neue Herzgroovi ist auch wieder so schön…..oh weh Barbara…..mein armer Geldbeutel…

  8. What are you doing to my struggling bank account, Barb? Carol Morgan and Jane Telford pointed me to this gem last night so my order went in double quick. Really beautiful design, Sylvia. Looking forward to using it. I hope you and Dave are taking things easy for a while and not allowing stress to take over. Love and hugs to you both. xxx Maggie

  9. Gosh I can't keep up. The heart is beautiful, better wait a little while before I buy though as I spent quite a bit last week. I know it won't be long though before I am tempted, as I need, need ,need. xx

    1. Thanks Maggie. I was showing the system to my daughter today, who really is not keen on cardmaking. You guessed it– she wants to have a go. Reckon that might be her Xmas pressie sorted. x

  10. Hi Brb,
    Ooh, you are awful – but I like you! This heart is another one that I need now! It is gorgeous – well done to Sylvia! I can definitely feel a purchase coming on. Love to you and Dave, Alison xx

  11. Hi Barbara I too spotted these last night so my order went in for the tree and square deckle ,the heart is on my wish list (well done Sylvia ) don't stress over you tube you have so much to do and time spent looking after Dave is important too love and hugs too you both xxx

    1. I think we need an emergency meeting of CCA! Perhaps there should be a spouse/animal support group too for all those poor members of the family on bread and water to support the Clarity Craft Addiction! Lol xxx

  12. Both the tree and heart are really lovely, and look very versatile. I haven't done that much parchment craft but did buy a Groovi border and am delighted to find that it works a treat with thin card/thick paper (160 gsm I think). So, first the tree…….
    I think we have plenty of YouTubes to re-enjoy and I'm glad you're able to just let it go by when other things dictate. Carol x

  13. Both lovely designs – not getting onto that Groovi train until there is some platform space in my craftroom! The stash is reducing in this year of using stuff up, but it's still the size of a small mountain! Susan x

  14. Placed a groovi order for the layered square and circles, the lacy borders also 'slipped' into my basket. Now I may have to pop back for these two as the design is beautiful!
    Thinking of you Dave hope you are on the road to recovery soon. Xx

  15. Nae worries Barbara, Dave, and you not over doing it are more important. I did notice the heart design on your website yesterday, but I'm sitting on my hands, I don't know if that is 🙂 or :-(!!! I'm going to watch your shaving foam youtube instead ;-). Didn't manage to get up until 3pm today, body not playing today 🙁 But I'm going to see if I can muster up something to have a wee go, if not my Groovi stash is sat beside me here calling to me!!!! Take care both of you, thinking about you both, big bear hugs, love Brenda xx

    1. That's wishful thinking Sheila, you know me I never listen to my body!!! Not got any choice in the matter today unfortunately 🙁 Just hoping I feel a bit less bad tomorrow as it's garden visit day, and Nicola is bringing the new guy, at last. Little does he know the huge list of jobs I've got lined up for him, if it works out, I'll keep quiet about that for now though!!! 😉 Did you have a nice time with your friends today? I see your partner in crime has fallen off the wagon with you!!!! What are you pair like!!! xx

      What have you been up to today Donna, apart from emptying your bank account into Clarity's!!!!? It's been cloudy all day here, nae sun, nae rain either, so I'm going to have to water tomorrow :-(. You'd think mother nature could oblige with a wee bit rain with all those clouds above eh, I only need a few minutes worth to tide the gardens over!!! xx

      I'm being a total numpty again – can someone please tell me, the Groovi border plates, there's one that goes XOXOXOXO is it just a decorative border, or does the X and O mean something? I'd hate to use it in the wrong setting if it does. Thank you xx

    2. Just pottering around today, nothing special. Yeah weather here has been a bit overcast and a few spots of rain…………….just after there was a line full of washing! Luckily it blew over. I blame Sheila for my spending 😉

      The pattern of XOXOXO can be used to send someone hugs and kisses (the O being the hug and the X being the kiss). I have used it just as a border because I liked the pattern. Hope that helps. Xx

    3. I didn't know a O meant a hug, thanks.
      Sheila does seem to always be the first to fall off the wagon, nae willpower, or she's got the meaning of CCA back to front!!!!!!! 😉 But, that doesn't mean you have to jump right after her!!!!!!! 😉 You're both totally incorrigible!!!!! Dot and Diane will back me up!!!!! xx

    4. Hello Brenda good to see your back on form you will be following us soon on the CCA wagon with all the new groovi hi Dorothy and Diane hi Donna big crafting hugs xxx

    5. Brenda they are shockers aren't they, but just think we will be eating bread and jam and they will be on bread and water! Sheila and Donna you've got no will power! , mind you Donna once school starts again in September time will be short so you are sort of allowed! I just happen to be looking at Barbara's blog each day when hubby brings me a cup of tea in the evening so he's now seen several Groovi plates and has commented how lovely they are so I'm gradually sewing the seed of an idea to him – he will soon think he thought of it all on his own! Brenda is your new garden man the one who has lots of experience? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that he is a like minded soul who knows just what you need. I shouldn't wish for rain but I know a little shower each day will help you followed by some sun. Crafty hugs to you all – Dot I hope you are ok too xxx

    6. Ha, ha, yeah, I'll think of them while eating my bread and jam!!! One bonus of living alone, I can do what I want with my money, I don't have to be thinking up plans to get someone else to agree!!! Yes this is the guy with landscaping experience, he also drives
      and likes the outdoors, cycles everywhere so must be fit too, for digging and heavy work! Thank you Diane. I'll let you all how it goes tomorrow xx

  16. Wow you were up with the larks this morning! This heart is just gorgeous and my shopping list for Catterick is growing nicely! Hope you're all doing OK and managing to take a bit of time out! Remember to look after number one! AND two! lots of love. Vanessa

  17. Got the tree last week as my freebie and hope to have a play later but think that I might save the heart for a Catterick buy so please take lots of stock so you've got some left on Sunday as I'm sure the gorgeous heart will be popular x

  18. Hi Barbara
    Makes a perfect heart. I will add it to my shopping list. I hope things a calming down for you now. See you tomorrow for Mindful Wednesday.
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh what are you doing to us! Such temptation! The tree is gorgeous and then you added the heart – so beautiful for weddings/ anniversaries. Sylvia you are a star. Barbara we all understand YouTube has taken a back seat for a while, we all wish Dave well and know you need to look after yourself too so don't worry. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  20. That heart is fantastic and I simply must have it. My tree arrived yesterday, withe lacy borders and a few others. They are so beautiful. But Barbara, I need a storage system. I've got most of them, and I'm wondering should I buy another Really Useful box, or might there be something in the offing??? x

  21. That heart is fantastic and I simply must have it. My tree arrived yesterday, withe lacy borders and a few others. They are so beautiful. But Barbara, I need a storage system. I've got most of them, and I'm wondering should I buy another Really Useful box, or might there be something in the offing??? x

  22. Love Sylvia' s heart. Have to have it next time got to get over what I spent on the order the other day first. Hope you and Dave are still taking things slowly Barbara. There's lots if uTubes for us to research so don't worry.xx

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