A bird's eye view of Rye…

A bird's eye view of Rye…

Here we are in the beautiful historic town of Rye,

Enjoying lunch at the Mermaid Inn,
A real favourite among smugglers and Japanese tourists over the years.

It’s Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary, 

So Dave and I have come away with them,

To celebrate.

Mum is looking fabulous,

And the Mermaid is steeped in history and art.

Our room is upstairs here; Mum and Dad are in a four-poster fit for the Queen.

Time for an afternoon walk. Mum shoots off and Dad brings up the rear…

Cobbles. Lovely in the right shoes!

Check out the slope on this chimney!

Very perfect.

Dave is herding us up the hill!

To Ypres castle, prison, museum.

Head em off at the pass!

Simple Simon…

Glorious sunshine,

And my best friends in the world.

Life is good in Rye today x

Much love,

48 thoughts on “A bird's eye view of Rye…

  1. Rye is a lovely old town. We were there a couple of years ago with a load of Morris men and long sword dancers (my hubby dancers with Barnsley Longswort team). We had a fabulous weekend touring the local area including the mermaid. We weren't lucky enough to be staying there but I said I would like to go back one day and soak up some of the lovely history there. Glad you are having a nice relaxing weekend and happy anniversary to your mum and dad x

  2. Love Rye…..Steve and I was there last week whilst on Holiday. it's just like stepping back in time. It's such a fantastic little old Town that draws you back time after time. Have a fantastic time Barbara, Dave, Mum and Dad xxx

  3. beautiful…… not been there for years which is really bad seeing as its only an hour or so away….. glad you are having a good time… happy anniversary to your mum and dad xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Looks like you are all having a fantastic time. Rye looks gorgeous. I've never been there but it looks like my kind of place being steeped in so much history. Happy anniversary to your Mum and Dad. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love Alison xx

  5. Hi Barbara. Glad you're having a wonderful time. Most of my childhood holidays were spent camping near Rye. It's a beautiful town. The cobbles are fab…but not on a push bike! The Mermaid is so quaint. Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad, you make a beautiful couple and hi to Dave too xx

  6. Hi Barbara,
    thanks for posting these great photos. You must know that I´m a real fan of Great Britain. When I look at your photos they remind me of the Cotswolds. Oh my god, I think I have to visit the UK next year again… Have funny relaxing days with your parents and Dave.
    Best wishes
    Rolf xxx
    To your mum: Liebe Frau Gray, ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrem Mann einen wunderschönen Hochzeitstag und passen Sie gut auf Barbara auf, dass sie sich nicht zu viel zumutet. Sie sind ihre Mutter, geben Sie ihr eins hinter die Löffel, um sie zu bremsen. Ich befürchte, sie macht sich manchmal zu viel Stress.
    Haben Sie alle vier noch sehr schöne Tage in Rye.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland
    Rolf xxx

  7. I had my Honeymoon (1972) at The Mermaid in Rye. Our room had a little door by the side of the bed with steps leading down to, I don't know where, I was too scared to look.
    Hope you all had a wonderful time.

  8. What a truly wonderful and special time you are all having in a stunning part of the country. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and lots of love to your Mum and Dad on their special day! xxx

  9. Idyllic – what a wonderful place to spend a few days relaxing. Have fun with your loved-ones and enjoy your break. Happy Anniversary to your Mum & Dad.
    Take care and mind the cobbles! Carole x

  10. We went to Rye a few weeks ago – it is a truly wonderful place.So glad you are enjoying yourselves. We had to make do with afternoon tea in a quaint tea shop garden as we had our Great Dane with us! None the less it was a lovely day out.

  11. Happy anniversary to your mum and dad! What a lovely place Rye looks! And a beautiful day!
    You are a good mix of your mum and dad Barbara!!
    Memories made to treasure again! Love and hugs xxx

  12. Rye is lovely, and you are obviously having a great time. Funnily enough we nearly stopped there for a night on the way back to Somerset from the tunnel on our return from France a week ago, but ended up in 'Bexhill instead, I think Rye would have been nicer though. Hope the rest of your weekend is good. x

  13. Hi Barb,
    What a wonderful post. I've decided to book up at The Mermaid for our 50th Anniversary in October 2016 (God willing). George does not like to fly now and this would be just up our street.

    Talking about cobbled streets, when we were first married we lived in a flat on a street where the road was cobbled. When we could eventually afford a car, we used to go down it about 10 mph as it was like being all shook up, in fact I think Elvis must have gone down our street before recording his hit record!!
    I hope – no, I know – you will be having the most wonderful time there. Treasure every minute with your parents – and Dave, of course. xx

  14. What a pretty place so beautiful buildings a lovy place to relax and enjoy just what doctor ordered for you all. Time to unwind from your busy chedule , benn whith Sally-ann Hanes to day clarity East Midlands was another fantastic day so glad you have those group the time for this group was fantastic and such wonderful friends think we are more like a big family enjoy rest of your holiday xxx

  15. what great pics. and i can see you resemble both your parents – something from each. your parents are looking fab, god bless them. look after the people you care for and that includes yourself. hugs xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for sharing Rye with us, what a beautiful place. We haven't been there but I think you be sending lots of visitors their way. Looks like you have got some lovely sunshine too so relax and enjoy yourself, have fun and unwind and happy anniversary to your mum and dad. Love Diane xxx

  17. Oh Barbara, thank you and thank you to you parents for the private peak. I love Rye and your photos bring back some happy memories of a trip there with my Mum. The cobbled streets and the tea shop being two of my fondest memories.
    You all look like you have had a great few days!

    Much love as ever to you all

    Kim xx

  18. You showcase Rye beautifully, Barbara. Great pictures. We live in Winchelsea, another Cinque Port 2 miles away and also delightful, but it was in Rye that we started house hunting 7 years ago. I love the sign at the Mermaid ( very posh) that shows it was REBUILT in 1420. So, quite new for these parts!
    You mum and dad look in great form and I'm glad you are all enjoying yourselves.

    I've just seen your article in Cardmaking and Papercraft. The torn strips give a lovely effect.
    Carol x

  19. Hi Barbara. Thank you for sharing the lovely pics of you and yours in Rye. I have never been there but it looks beautiful, just the sort of place me and my hubby would love to spend lots of time. Wow, that is some chimney stack! I hope today is just as wonderful for you all : ) Take care.

  20. Such lovely photos of you all, thank you for sharing them , and letting us be part of such a special day. Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad. Take care ….Jo. xxxx

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