And so to the church!

And so to the church!

Good Morning!
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s the crack of sparrows here, but I am loving this time of the day; may just have to make a habit of getting up in the wee small hours – even after the retreats are over.
I regret to say that today is the last day of all the workshops.
All the days have been enjoyable, and the guests delightful.
I do hope that they all enjoyed it, and got what they came for. 
I am quite looking forward to tomorrow too. 
I shall pull the phone out of the wall, listen to classical music, tidy the house and maybe even pull a few weeds. 
Potter, I think they call it.
Thursday’s Blog is blue, so let’s light a way to the church with some fabulous new Lamp Posts.
Set of 4 remountables; great price.
We are using A4 Theuvacard cut back here, 
and making a tri-fold card.
Dee helped me with this sample for the TV show on Sunday, but we ran out of time, so couldn’t show you.
Stamp the church in Black Archival, cut a mask and cover it up.
Add a moon mask and a path mask too.
Let’s make the background. 
Using a Claritybrush and Sailboat Blue, a lovely bright blue,
and a sheet of copy paper, 
start brushing back and forth along the edge of the copy paper.
Move the copy paper down, step by step.
When you get to the base of the church, swop colours and brushes to Meadow Adirondack.
Keep going, right to the bottom of the page.
Great perspective…
Remove the masks and put them somewhere safe for next time!
Now for the Lamp Posts. They are just perfect for adding depth.
Ground them with a little dark ink and a make-up sponge.
Sore the card now, with a Bone Folder or Scoring tool 
and a Scoreboard/Embossing board. 
Wet the lamps with water and pull out the background colour.
Now add yellow light with a pencil.
Let’s set a path with a Micron Pen.
Lovely even stones all laid out perfectly.
No cement; just sharpsand.
Hope they can open the church door once the cobbles are in…
But if they can’t, it’s ok. they’ll be able to take it all up again, because fortunately, they only used sand. 
How does she know these things? 
Ask her about the new garage and the new drive 
they just had built. 
(No. 1 Golden rule: make sure the doors open!)
 Add a flash of yellow to the church and path.
Then fold.
Then open again.
Great funky Wedding Card!
Or change the colours and go Christmas.
 If you go to the Website gallery, you will see some splendid artwork which the Clarityteam created using these stamps. 
Well worth a visit!
Must go and get ready for our last day at the Rugby Club…
much love,

50 thoughts on “And so to the church!

  1. Good morning Barbara! Have a lovely day today then time for you to relax a awhile!
    Love this card you and Dee came up with. It reminds me of the church that Colin and I got married in 32 years ago today!
    Love and hugs to you xxx

  2. Fab card, love these stamps. I had a great time at the worksop, it was great fun and I learnt lots, already looking forward to next year. Enjoy your day, thanks Janet x

  3. Lovely card those are on my list think will be a very usefully set enjoy the last day today of retreat. And enjoy your pottering day tomorrow make sure you have some me time and relax. Xxx

  4. Good morning Barb,
    I hope the last day of the workshop was awesome. This is really a great card and imam so happy we ordered these stamps, can't wait to use them.

  5. Hello Barb, this card really has the wow factor. love the perspective of the path to the church, further enhanced by the lamps. Have a lovely last day at the retreats. Bx

  6. Hi Barbara wow I love this and what a great idea the deliberate stripes with the copy paper! It does give perspective doesn't it. I have seen a moon like that behind winchester cathedral it looked amazing and everyone was trying to take photos. Is the church based on one you know? It's really pretty and has a great spire. Oh no I hope they didn't have to relay too much of your path! What a pain ! Would it have been easier to take a bit off the bottom of the door? Oh no wait they would have had to get the door open first!!! Enjoy your last day at retreat and have a perfect pottering day tomorrow you deserve it. Take care love Diane xxx

  7. Great card Barbara, especially as I have the dies on order. I'd never have thought of folding it into three. I hope you have a bit of down time now, you seem to have been rushing around a lot these past few months.

  8. Hello Barb. This is such a pretty card and could be used as a sympathy card too I feel. This copy paper lark works a treat to make a stunning background. Have a lovely day and enjoy your feet up tomorrow. No weeding or cleaning, just listening to music. xx Margaret Col.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant way to use the stamps. Love the path and 2nd golden rule is "Don't go into the garage before the cobbles are laid, then find out you can't open the door!" In fact I think that should be the 1st golden rule!!
    Enjoy your down time with Dave, Mark and anyone who happens to be hanging around. xx

  10. Hi Barbara. Fantastic cardtoday, love it : ) Have a great last Retreat day. Woops! Who realised that the garage doors coudn't open? Was the air blue or full of laughter? Take care.

  11. Lovely card and very apt for me as my daughter gets married tomorrow.I will have to improvise with the small traditional church and lamp! Yes I always leave something to the last minute but I did do all the wedding stuff on time – using clarity stamps of course, made to order by your lovely team. Thank you. L hope to get to one of your retreats next year.

  12. Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for a most enjoyable, wonderful retreat. Enjoy your potter time as it's richly deserved Lovely, versatile card today, great effect with the copy paper. You made me smile with your tale of the garage doors. I can just see poor Dave standing, hands on hips and head hanging with you saying in Michael Cain's style "I told you to check the bl**dy doors open" Lol! Treated myself to a lie in after the drive home so getting my fix a bit later today. Time to get up and do the holiday washing then it's crafting time, yay! Xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, hope the last day goes wonderfully well. I'm sure they all will enjoy themselves as we did. Super card, love the effect you have achieved with the brushes. Fab stamps. Oh dear as you say at least they were not cemented in. Have a lovely relaxing weekend. xxx

  14. Stunning card Barbara. I haven't made a tri-fold card for ages and they look so effective! You have inspired me again! Thanks for a lovely blog and enjoy pottering this weekend.

  15. love the crispness of this card. that sailboat blue is a beautiful blue. i'm tempted to buy it. need to get this set of stamps but might wait till ally pally. hugs xx

  16. Oh dear! Doors that open are always quite useful, although I'm sure there was a window or two you could climb through! I love lamp posts (I want a Narnia lamp post in the garden) so couldn't resist this set when I saw them. I think they will certainly be making an appearance on my 'C' cards later in the year. I love the stripy sky effect, will have to try this. Glad to hear your retreats have gone well and you have enjoyed them. XX

  17. This card is beautiful Barbara, and I love the ornate lamp posts on the path leading to the church, and the lined background too. The clever shadowing gives the look of pretty pleats all down the card. Have a great last retreat day, and so glad you intend to take it a bit easy tomorrow, a bit of 'you' time. x

  18. What a lovely card and fab stamps! The background is amazing!!! Do enjoy your day "pottering" tomorrow – maybe a massage is in order after all those workshops…Best wishes, Susan x

  19. this is lovely and really shows off the use of depth with the stamps.
    Workshop seemed to be in full flow when me and baby Dot popped in to say hello.
    All beavering away and keeping Paul on his toes!
    Im sure everyone has enjoyed it,
    and can't wait for there to be more.
    Wont be long till dorothys making the tea and giving jane a break 🙂
    Enjoy taking a day tomorrow.

    love and hugs..
    Ani & Dot

  20. Lovely. I have a blind spot when it comes to perspectives., you make it look so easy. Going to try your method when it comes to the Christmas card panic season in September! Thank you for a fab tutorial.

  21. Thank you very much Barbara for a very inspirational Retreat on Monday and Tuesday with a fabulous bunch of ladies, not forgetting Paul who was a star and Dave chief washer of all brayers! Hope you have a peaceful pottering weekend and soon enjoy your new art studio xx

  22. Love the stripy sky effect and the church seems to be a very versatile stamp, judging by the gallery.
    I wish I could enjoy getting up so early but I'm too much of an owl. I hope the day went well and you can get some relaxation now. Pottering sounds like good therapy.

  23. Well good evening Barbara ….. how are you feeling at the end of the last day??? Elated that it all went well, exhausted, sad because its over????? I know I didn't want to leave the other week!
    This card is lovely – I really like the way you have folded it to give that extra dimension too.
    The early part of the day is lovely isn't it…peaceful and serene, the rest of country hasn't quite woken….just you, the cat, a cuppa and your thoughts….lovely.
    I for one will truly look forward to the next retreats you plan…
    So I raise a glass in your direction and say 'Well Done' !!!
    Now have a 'potter'
    Much Love
    Kim xx

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