An evening with another man….

An evening with another man….

Friday’s blog, a private peak…Well, I may as well start as I mean to continue, and level with you. Last night, I spent the evening with another man. I’ve known him since I was a teenager, so it was great to spend a few hours with him again. The last time was back in the 70’s! He’s still quite handsome. We weren’t entirely alone mind; there were a few others there, at the new Hydro, Glasgow. But Peter was on form as ever. Peter Gabriel, that is. He was quite busy, so there wasn’t much time to chat. But what a night!

Maria, Heather and Dave were there, too.

What a fantastic venue! The sound quality was phenomenal!

Saw Genesis at the Hammersmith Odeon a million years ago, and d’you know, he still has it. Whatever it is that makes a man a unique superstar, Peter Gabriel has it.

I remember, years ago, when I lived in Germany, I bought Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. Couldn’t wait to get back to my little flat and put it on the turntable. I remember so clearly doing my ironing whilst listening to my Genesis Hero, and thinking, “ooh, Peter, I’m not sure about this one. Blimey, what’s happened?” It was really depressing and wierd. About 5 minutes in, I realised I had it on the wrong speed! Playing a maxi single on 33 was never going to sound great!
They played it last night. And all the memories came flooding back. Isn’t the mind amazing? A song can spiral you back 30 years in a split second.

This was part of the spectacular encore.

Red Rain….

A night to remember. We bought tickets back in March when we were at the SECC! And I have been the keeper of the receipts all those months! Lose the receipts, lose proof of purchase. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house.

Food for the soul, that’s what it was. To sit among good people, to share the magic with good friends, to just escape into 3 hours of the most superb music and dramatic entertainment.

It just doesn’t get much better than that x


16 thoughts on “An evening with another man….

  1. Well Barbara you have such a way with words!
    A short time ago I was sitting at my table finishing a card off and now I'm transported back in time to when I saw Peter Gabriel when I was at uni right at the start of the 80s. Your writing really opened my memories!
    I'm very jealous that you saw him last night but glad for you that you were able to spend such a marvellous evening and in such good company!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and so glad you enjoyed it! Xx

  2. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves, I have to say I totally agree how music can strip away the years and bring back all the memories and feelings from years gone by. Peter is a great artist and I love his music along with many others of this era xx

  3. Very glad that you had a wonderful time with Peter. When a girl works as hard as you she deserves a little bit of entertainment. Enjoy your time in Scotland and hope to see you next year xx

  4. What a fantastic night am a bit jealous
    …oh I remember when I went to see them many years ago at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. So glad you had a great night x

    1. David said you were going to the Concert, love Peter Gabriel's music, also his days in Genesis & Steve Hackett saw them in Oxford in late 70's, funny how a Song can evoke such memories. Xxx

    2. I agree Carol, I was heartbroken when he left, only bought one other Genesis Album after that, just wasn't the same !! ….and I too saw Genesis Barbara at Hammersmith Odeon, he certainly knows how to do a finale….I remember him being hoisted up above the audience dressed like a sunflower…and that funny shaved parting he had seemed to make him even more attractive somehow!! xx

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