Film and Fibre rules! CLEARANCE SALE

Film and Fibre rules! CLEARANCE SALE

Hello there!
Thursday’s Blog is something blue, so here’s another lovely lady: the Geisha.
Yesterday, we went all Autumnal 
with Suede and the Maple Leaves;
today with are going Japaneasy again, 
but with the Fusible fibres and film.
Mmm…have you noticed?
Both yesterday and today we have gone back in time to Clarity techniques a few seasons ago. A trip down Memory Lane, eh.
If you check out yesterday, you will quickly realise that you can mix and match the techniques.

(This lovely lady made an appearance 
on the 19th October blog, too!)

We are moving forward, with stencils, paint and all sorts!
That’s not to say we can’t go back in the archives and revisit our cherished past. Still as nice as ever. 
Let’s have a closer look at the lovely Geisha again….
Dab some Stonewashed and Wild Plum on bubble wrap,

and spread/blend the colours with your brayer.

Lay the bubble wrap down on the card inky face down, 
and you get this.

Roll over it with the ink brayer, and it tones right down.

Now we’ve practised, let’s make a panel with masking tape and roll straight through her midriff!

Nice and Japaneasy.

This sign says Luck in Chinese. 
I know it’s not Japanese! I just told YOU!

Now for the dress.
Ink up the Geisha with black Archival, 
and perch the stamp inky side up on the Perspex riser.
Place some Fusible fibres directly onto the stamp. 
Don’t worry! Our stamps can take the heat!

Cover with a sheet of Baking Parchment and iron medium hot.
A travel iron is perfect. A flat hot iron, no steam please!
The image will be visible through the parchment paper when it is working.

Peel the image off the stamp, cut her dress out
and attach with double-sided tape.
Glue just soaks in and doesn’t work well.
Stamp the parasol but not the handle into place on the card.
Now do exactly the same for the parasol as you did for her dress, but instead of fibre, use fusible film and set the iron a little cooler.
Cut the film-parasol out and use glue to attach.

Trim the white card to a tall panel.

and mount on a lovely complimentary blue card.
Now this fusible film and fibre may be yesterday’s fad, 
but my goodness! It is beautiful!

I want to put together a bumper pack of Fibres at a super price, 
with 3 metres of film and a free riser!
Let’s say 7 different colours
£43 worth for £19.99
(and Clarity club members get an additional 10% discount)

Because we’re kind and generous and giving…
and because we need the space in the warehouse!
Warehouse is a big word; it smacks of BIG!! 
But we aren’t big!!
We work out of farm buildings and are climbing over stuff, 
with more stuff on the boat! Yikes!!!
So these seven big boxes have to go! That’s why!
Call it a clearance if you like. Literally.

much love

37 thoughts on “Film and Fibre rules! CLEARANCE SALE

  1. Yikes!!!! – what have you got coming on the boat I wonder!!! It must be fun to climb over those boxes in your warehouse (big or small) and discover what gems you have there!!!!
    Love todays blog – love the colour combo – isn't a brayer a clever thing that it picks up the textures!
    Much love
    Kim x

  2. Morning Barbara! Beautiful card there! And what a fabulous deal you have brought us today!!!
    I can't wait to see what you're bringing to us next! Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Hi Barbara this is enchanting and yes the old ones are the best and it is good to revisit. After all , there may be some people who have just found you and haven't seen this magic yet. What a bargain too. I'm sure a lot of us would like a rummage in your warehouse and would help you to make room for new things. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  4. OMG! what a fabulous offer. How can I resist at that price. Think I might just pop this lovely Geisha lady in too. She reminds me of my dad who passed away in 2003 because he had a geisha tatooed on his forearm from when he served in Korea. So thank you for sharing this beautiful card and brining back lovely memories.
    Right of to buy some fibre now so you might be able to clear out another box lol. Live Jeanette xx

  5. What a gorgeous card to lift my day. Thanks also for the stunning offer. Need to renew my club membership so might just take the opportunity and order them. It is nice to be able to help you "cleaning" the warehouse…..Lol!!!
    Laurence xx

  6. This is so lovely – the subtle background is perfect with the geisha! I just love film and fibre, and I know I shouldn't buy any more (my craftroom sounds a bit like your storeroom), but it really is a bargain price! Thanks Barbara, Susan x

  7. What a fab technique! I have never used the fibres before but have put in my order for them (and the stamps!) so I shall be giving this a try. Love the rainbow colours of the film. Please demo them again as I would like to see them used (to remind me how to) even though you are clearing them from your warehouse. Can't wait to play! XX

  8. Lovely card again, geisha girl gorgeous with the fibres. You make such tempting offers Barbara, can't wait for NEC must take you up on it now, also the pear tree & partridges. You are so generous. xx

  9. I love the film and fibre and the result you achieve. I had to smile at Jackie's comment. I too have a lot I bought before, after doing this with you at Cowden, but have hardly used it. Still tempting though. What I love about this blog today is how you've changed it slightly with a fabulous different technique for the background with the bubble wrap. Always something a bit different and terrific! Carol

  10. Really lovely Barbara. Another offer I can't resist. I already have the full set but this means that I can use it for my next class and have one of the pupils do it in tandem with me.
    I love that you revisit techniques and stamps, you always bring us fresh inspiration. Hugs x

  11. Hi Barbara, how very generous of you to offer us such a great bargain. Thank you so much. Me too happy to help you out making space in your warehouse!!! I've seen you do this technique on the telly but wasn't sure as I think it's something you need to see in real life to get it's true effect. But with such a great offer I thought I'd treat myself and have a go, an early Christmas present to myself. Love the finished artwork today too.

    I too think it great that you go back to old techniques and stamps as it shows us how to incorporate them into all the new techniques and ideas you are teaching us. It's helping me to start thinking out of the box too.

    Please can someone tell me if I can use baking paper to cover the fibres, or is baking parchment something different? Thank you

    Sorry, can someone also tell me how much fibre and how much film to use? Thank you so much

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, baking paper is the same thing I think! And how much? Enough to cover the image so you can't see the stamp. It's best to loosen the fibre up and make a little pile before you ink the stamp up. X

  12. A lovely card and such a clever idea with the bubblewrap and brayer which I will try. The geisha looks extremely pretty with her fibre kimono and film umbrella. That is a lovely technique and the colours look so pretty. Thank you for another fabulous offer too. x

  13. Hi Barbara,
    As it would be rude not to help you clear out the warehouse, I'll be placing another order this week….so with the NDC goodies coming shortly that'll be 3 parcels winging they're way to me.
    I love the effect that the fibres give, never tried them before so with such a good offer I'll give it a go.
    Take care,
    Jackie. x

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